The Making of a Mistress Ch. 02


Reading notes:

1. This spin-off fictional story of a character first introduced in the ‘Coming Home; Coming Out’ serial continues with Marie meeting her mentor and starting to get Charles used to the idea of a Female Led Relationship.

2. It is written jointly with my new sissy friend, Simon(e).

3.All characters are over the age of 18, and all sexual practices described are consensual.

The alarm clock woke Marie from a deep and dreamless sleep. She lay in bed for a few minutes, smiling to herself as she recalled last night’s events. She never realised how much fun could be had out of disciplining her husband to be. She’d actually made him cum by first hand spanking him and then using a fallen tree twig to beat his pitifully small cock and balls. She had a lot to tell the woman whom she had arranged to meet later on today. Sara had been a customer at the restaurant where she worked, and had offered to mentor Marie when she let slip that her fiancé, Charles, was into cross dressing.

She got out of bed and had a quick shower, and then, still in her bathrobe, she made herself some toast and coffee for breakfast. Having loaded the dishwasher, she went back to her room to dress.

“Now what sort of impression do I want to give this Sara?” she asked herself out loud.

“Confident and sexy, definitely, but not brash and slutty. Although I’m the pupil here, I want to show her that l know a few things myself! And she needs to know that l’m very proud of my figure, especially these two beauties.”

She took off her bathrobe and cupped her 36DD tits, rubbing her thumbs over her nipples which immediately stiffened and swelled. She smiled at her reflection in the dressing table mirror. She loved having her tits and nipples played with.

Finally she decided on a flesh coloured bra and matching panties and a cream silk blouse that clung to her body and showed her tits off nicely. She put on a black midi skirt, hold up stockings and black shoes with a Cuban heel.

She applied eye shadow and mascara, and a hint of lipstick, and was just brushing her hair when she heard the toot of a car horn outside.

“That must be the taxi,” she said to herself, and grabbing her black jacket and her shoulder bag, she hurried out into the street.

Half an hour later, the taxi drew into the main street of the town where Marie was due to meet Sara. The taxi driver seemed not to know exactly where to drop her off.

“It’s the Costa Coffee House on Upper High Street,” she told him, and he shook his head sadly.

“That’s pedestrianised love,” he said. “Best I can do is to drop you near the steps on Lower High Street. lf you go up them, you’ll be on Upper Hugh Street.”

Marie shook her head in amazement. What was the point in calling somewhere Lower High Street, for fuck’s sake. She was worried that she was going to be late, and that would never do.

“By the steps will be fine,” she said, thanking her lucky stars that she’d got a price when she’d booked the taxi, and had pre-paid over the phone. The taxi drew up to the kerb, and she thanked the driver and jumped out smartly.

She rushed up the flight of steps, and to her relief, she saw the familiar sign of the Costa Coffee House chain about thirty yards up the road on the opposite side. She began walking towards it, and started to cross the road.

A blast on a car horn nearly made her jump out of her skin. People stared and she felt foolish at not having looked before stepping into the road.

“Hang on,” she thought, “that bloody taxi driver said this part of Upper High Street was for pedestrians only.”

She carried on up the street until she was opposite her destination. Anxiously, she looked at her watch.

“Don’t worry, Marie, you’re not late!”

She spun around to see a smiling Sara standing just behind her.

“We’ve only just arrived ourselves,” she continued. “During the week, High Street is closed to traffic, but cars can use it on the weekend. That is if you know how to negotiate the one-way system! Paula clearly doesn’t!”

“Hi Dr Walters,” Marie smiled, proffering her hand to Sara.

The older woman frowned.

“How did you know my surname and my title?” she asked. “I only ever told you my name was Sara.”

Marie blushed.

“l looked up the booking in the restaurant’s diary,” she confessed. “A party of three, Dr and Mr Walters and a Mr. Thomas. Now that I know that you and Paula are married, I deduced that you must be the doctor, and that the hunk must be Mr Thomas!”

Sara laughed.

“l must remember to tell Julian that you consider him a hunk,” she teased. “I’ll let you into a secret,” she continued with a sly wink, “he’s bloody good in bed!”

Sara threaded her arm through Marie’s and they crossed the road carefully.

“I thought you said Paula was with you?” Marie said as they entered the coffee shop.

“She is, but there are a few things l want to chat about before she’s allowed to join us,” Sara said with a grin.

“She’s waiting in the car, and I’ll text her when we’re ready for her.”

Marie istanbul travesti shivered with delight.

“I can’t thank you enough for this,” she said, “l am really looking forward to learning from you!”

“lt’s my pleasure,” replied Sara sincerely. “Too many people are so judgemental when they hear about the sort of lifestyle that Paula and I live. You accepted it straightaway. You are ‘one of us’ to quote that bitch Thatcher!”

They sat down at a table, and Sara asked Marie what she would like to drink.

“I’ll get these,” answered Marie. “It’s the least I can do to say ‘thank you’ for what you are doing for me.”

Sara smiled and said that she would love a flat white, so Marie went up to the counter and ordered two. She came back and announced that there was waitress service in this cafe, and that their coffees would be brought to them.

Whilst they were waiting, Marie related her experience of the previous evening to Sara. She left out no details, and was pleased to see that Sara seemed impressed.

They broke off their conversation as their drinks arrived, brought by a very friendly middle aged waitress.

“Two flat whites, ladies,” she smiled, wiping their table with a cloth from her tray before setting a large cup in front of each of them.

“Can I get you ladies anything else?” she asked.

Sara smiled at her.

“My partner is supposed to be meeting my friend and me here soon,” she smiled. “Can I have a filter coffee for him, please?”

“No problem,” smiled the waitress.

Marie looked at Sara.

“You referred to Paula as ‘he’ just now,” she said. “That waitress is going to be expecting a man.”

Sara smiled, winked at Marie and picked up her coffee. She took a sip, smacked her lips appreciatively and sighed with pleasure.

“Now l see that you are wearing a ring,” she said. “So your man has proposed to you then? Have you set a date for the wedding?”

“No, not yet,” answered Marie. “I think he’s waiting until I’ve met his parents. I’m due to go with him to the family home a week on Saturday.”

Paula’s coffee arrived, and Sara smiled at the waitress.

“Thank you my dear. No sign of him yet. Still I’m sure he won’t be long!”

They resumed their conversation, and Sara was interested to hear about Charles’s reluctance to engage in any form of sex until after he and Marie were married.

“You mentioned that you wanted a cock lock like the one I make Paula wear,” Sara said conversationally. “Do you intend to allow him to fuck you at all?”

Marie considered this question carefully.

“I think I will,” she said, adding “but I will certainly limit the number of times a week he gets access.”

Sara shook her head.

“Take my advice, my dear,” she said quietly.

“Deny him any access except for his tongue and maybe a finger or two. I used to allow Paula to have sloppy seconds when we were first married, but now he only gets to do clean up after Julian has fucked me.”

“Are you intending to become a real HotWife and get yourself a boyfriend?”

“If I can,” admitted Marie. “Ideally, I’d love someone like your hunk. Charles hasn’t been willing to fuck me up to now, but having seen his cock last night, I hardly think he’s going to make the earth move for me!”

Sara smiled.

“I think it’s time Paula made an appearance,” she said, taking her phone out of her pocket. She was busy texting Paula when the waitress appeared again.

“I see your friend’s partner still hasn’t turned up,” she said. “Have you two ladies finished?”

Sara put down her phone and looked at the waitress.

“He’s on his way,” she said, “so that won’t go to waste.”

“Could you manage another coffee, my dear?”

This question was posed to Marie, who took the hint and readily agreed to a refill.

“I could warm this up for your partner,” the waitress offered, but Sara shook her head.

“Don’t bother,” she smiled. “Tell me,” she said, “do you have a smoking area in this cafe?”

“Yes,” replied the waitress. “There’s an open air area around the corner to your left. If you want to smoke, I’ll bring your coffees out to you. “

She picked up the two empty cups and put them on her tray, adding the still full cup of cold coffee as well.

“I’ll bring this with your fresh ones,” she smiled, and went to clear some more tables.

Sara and Marie made their way to an empty table in the open air smoking section and sat down. Paula, no doubt alerted to where they were by Sara’s text soon joined them. She stood at Sara’s side until given permission to sit. She smiled at Marie.

“I’m pleased to see you again, Miss” he said politely. “I hope you are well?”

“Very well, thank you, Paula,” replied Marie. “Dr Sara has been giving me some valuable advice for when I’m married.”

Sara took a cigar out from her cigar case and handed her lighter to Paula. She put it between her lips, and Paula sparked up the lighter. Sara sucked life into her cigar and exhaled a cloud of blue smoke.

“Are you a smoker, Marie?” she asked.

“I travesti istanbul used to smoke when I was in University,” she replied, “but I gave it up, although I do have a craving every now and again.”

“Paula has a smoking fetish ” Sara smiled, “and when I smoke his cock lock gets awfully tight! Doesn’t it, cucky?”

“Yes Goddess,” Paula answered quietly.

Sara puffed away luxuriously and smiled at Marie. She offered her cigar to the young woman.

“Have a drag and blow some smoke in her face ” she said. “You’ll be surprised at the effect it has on Paula!”

Marie took the offered cigar and put it between her lips. The first impression she got was of the taste of Sara’s lipstick. She inhaled gently and her mouth filled with creamy smoke. She held it in, savouring the hint of chocolate in the smoke. Turning to Paula, she blew a thin stream of smoke directly in her face.

Paula coughed and her eyes started to water. Marie giggled.

“I see what you mean by smoking having an effect on her,” she said to Sara.

“That’s not the effect I meant,” Sara replied with a grin. She turned to check no-one was in the vicinity and said to Paula,


Paula lifted up the hem of her dress and Marie saw that she was once again wearing a cock lock. She giggled.

“Last time I saw her, she was wearing a clear plastic one,” she reminded Sara. “This one is a lot prettier, but I can’t see her cock. What’s it made of?”

“Silicon,” replied Sara, “and you’re correct. Pink is such a suitable colour for a sissy, isn’t it?”

“Miss Marie’s husband-to-be is as poorly equipped in the cock department as you, Paula,” Sara informed her. “She needs to see how small you are, so that she can compare you with her intended.”

Sara took out a chain that she wore around her neck, and removed a key from it. She handed it to Paula.

“Go and unlock yourself, and come straight back,” she instructed.

“Miss Marie wants to inspect you. Hurry up! We don’t have all day!”

Paula trotted off, passing the waitress who had taken Sara and Marie’s order earlier. The waitress brought the two fresh flat white coffees over, together with the original filter coffee, which now had a skin of cold milk floating on the top.

“Sorry to be so long, ladies,” she apologised, “but I’m here on my own today. At the weekend, they won’t employ more than one to make the coffee and one to serve it. Bloody cheapskates!”

Sara and Marie smiled at her and waved away her apologies.

“I brought this back,” she said, “but it seems that your partner still hasn’t turned up.”

“On the contrary,” said Sara, looking over the waitress’s shoulder, “here he is now!”

Paula sidled up and Sara and Marie laughed at the look on the waitress’s face.

“Sit down, Paula,” ordered Sara. “you’re embarrassing this lady!”

Paula sat down blushing furiously. The waitress stood staring at her, with her mouth open as if she was catching flies.

Sara indicated the cup of filter coffee.

“I bought this for you,” she said, “so I hope you’re not going to waste it?”

As Paula reached for the cup, Sara glared at her.

“Have you taken it off?” she asked sharply?

“Yes, Goddess,” came the whispered reply.

“Put it on the table! Miss Marie wants to see it!”

With a trembling hand, Paula put the small pink silicon cock lock, complete with locking ring and padlock on the table. She handed the key back to Sara, who replaced it on her chain, and tucked it back out of sight again.

The silence was broken when the waitress gasped,

“Oh my good God! Does he wear that thing on his willy?”

“Yes he does,” replied Sara. “and my young friend here wanted to see it, because she’s getting married soon, and she wants one for her husband to wear.”

“I should have known you pair were going to be trouble when I saw her smoking a cigar,” the waitress said huffily.

“You’re bloody mad, the three of you!”

She picked up her tray, spun around on her heel and stalked off.

As she retreated, they all heard her say quite clearly, “Mind you, that shade of pink matches the sissy’s lipstick perfectly!”

Sara and Marie were still laughing as they made their way back to the car. Sara had insisted that Paula would drive her home, because as Sara put it,

“We still have a few things to discuss.”

Sara had been impressed with Marie’s attitude, and the unfazed way that she had dealt with things that had arisen during their first meeting.

She had told Marie to finish her cigar, if she wanted to, and the young woman had chosen to do so, walking back to the car with Sara and Paula, whose dress couldn’t conceal the fact that she had a real hard-on.

Back in the car, Marie watched in fascination as Sara put Paula’s cock lock back on, swiftly and efficiently. Digging her nails into Paula’s frenulum, an action that caused a shriek of pain and an instant floppy cock, Sara slipped the locking ring under and around Paula’s ball sac and slid the silicon sheath over her cock. There was a satisfying ‘click’ istanbul travestileri and Paula was once again locked safely away.

She shuffled over into the driver’s seat, and Sara and Marie got into the back.

Marie gave Paula some basic directions, promising to be more specific as they got nearer to her home. Paula drove carefully out of the car park, and the two passengers settled down to discuss Marie’s future.

“I think that after you’ve met Charles’s parents, you should insist on getting married as soon as possible,” Sara said.

“He seems to have accepted that you are going to be his Owner. The next step is to get him used to the fact that he is going to be a cuckold!”

Marie smiled.

“I like that idea,” she said. “Can you give me any hints as to how I’m going to find a boyfriend who will be happy with the fact that I’m married?”

“There are fetish clubs, of course,” replied Sara, “but that’s very much a hit-and-miss option. I’ve been thinking and I might just have a solution to this problem.”

“Starting at the beginning of next month, I have to be out of the country for a month. It is to do with a project my daughter and her wife are involved with, together with two friends of mine.”

“Mary and Clarice, her wife, are out on the island now. They alternate with Paula and me, one month here, one month there. I’m due out there on the first of August.”

“I know you said that you are going to meet Charles’s parents a week on Saturday. It is going to be a bit tight, but do you think you could bring Charles to my house for the weekend on the following Saturday?”

Marie got her phone out and checked her calendar.

“That would be Saturday and Sunday the twenty ninth and thirtieth of July?” she asked, showing Sara the dates.

“That’s right,” Sara confirmed. “Paula and I are flying out on the thirty first. Do you think you can make the visit?”

“Most definitely!” grinned Marie, entering the details into her diary.

“Can you send me the post code so that I can give Charles directions?”

Sara pressed a few buttons on her own phone, and moments later a ‘ping’ confirmed that Marie had received Sara’s text.

“I’ll draw up a basic list of things that a new Owner will need to start dominating her man” Sara said in a business like tone, “and I’d advise you to go along with Charles when you buy them. In my experience, the submissive in question enjoys the humiliation of being accompanied to purchase these items.”

“You’d advise against buying them on-line then?” Marie asked.

“On-line is fine in the last resort,” replied Sara, “but then the HotWife doesn’t get to experience the feeling of power that taking her cuckold shopping gives!”

“Well, I am certainly going to make Charles buy a cock lock like Paula’s,” Marie said with a smile. “And I love the idea of keeping the key on a chain around my neck!”

“Some HotWives wear an ankle chain with a symbolic key on it,” Sara said, “but that’s a bit ostentatious for me. I like the feeling of Pala’s key snuggling cosily between my tits!”

Marie giggled and cupped her own shapely pair.

“I think mine could just about cope with a necklace and a key as well,” she said.

Sara smiled and thought to herself,

“I’m going to get my hands on those puppies before the weekend of your visit is over, my girl!” But she kept that thought to herself.

“We’re almost there,” Marie said suddenly. “That didn’t take long!”

“Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself,” Sara murmured. “Now then, where do we go at this junction?”

“Left, then down the hill and my flat is on the road of the second turning on the left after the petrol garage,” Marie recited.

Paula followed her directions, and three minutes later, she pulled the car into a very convenient parking space between Marie’s flat and the Jameson’s next door.

“Thank you so much for a very informative meeting,” Marie said warmly. “Would you like to bring Paula in for a coffee?”

“Thank you, my dear, but I’m caffeined to the max,” smiled Sara. “And besides, all this talk of mentoring you and introducing Charles to the HotWife and cuckold lifestyle has left me with an urgent desire to get myself well and truly fucked!”

“Unless you’ve got a strap-on dildo and a harness, I’m afraid I’m going to have to decline your invitation, and get back home to Julian! He’s my hunk, by the way!”

Marie smiled.

“I don’t actually have a strap-on or a harness, I’m afraid,” she said sadly, “but after a cock lock for Charles, that will be number two on my shopping list!”

She looked at Sara meaningfully, and the older woman smiled and licked her lips.

“Now that is something to look forward to,” she smiled, and she leant forward and kissed Marie.

When they’d finished kissing, Marie was flushed and gasping for air.

“Fuck me, you’re a wonderful kisser!” she gasped.

“You’re not bad yourself,” replied Sara with a smile, “and yes, I certainly intend to fuck you before very long!”

“That is something I’m looking forward to already!” Marie said with a smile. “And if he’s a good boy, I might even let Charles watch!”

Marie could still hear Sara’s laughter as the car pulled away, and she made her way up the garden path. She realised that she had a decision to make.

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