The Lucky One Ch. 03

Hi, Loxley here. Make sure you’ve read the previous two chapters. Plot matters here, and it will make the sex scenes better, I promise. All characters are 18 or older. Enjoy!

Chapter 3

Back at his hotel room, Lester took off his bloody, cum-encrusted clothes and took a shower. He ached all over from the beating he’d taken, and he thought he might have a cracked rib. Also, it felt like one tooth was loose, but maybe it just hurt terribly.

The hot water helped to sooth his wounds, and he started thinking about the single most amazing sexual experience he’d ever had. It was incredible! Impossible was more like it. He’d heard jokes about that kind of thing, but it had actually happened. She had literally tripped, fell, and landed on his dick!

So that’s why the wording was important. He’d asked the gypsy for “fucking luck!” His eyes went wide. Was that it? He had a very specific kind of sexual luck?

And each instance of “luck” seemed to have equal and opposite bad luck associated with it. He would have to be careful. He pulled his completely drained and beaten body out of the shower and went to lay down.

He thought about checking facebook, but decided he wanted to get a couple hours sleep before work. He fell into a fitful sleep filled with dreams of sex and violence.

* * * * *

He showed up about fifteen minutes early to make a good impression. The beautiful Latina was there. Turned out her name was Zee. Short for Xiamara. He couldn’t tell if she was being flirtatious or if she was just that way with everyone. She gave him a belt that had a walkie-talkie, a can of mace, and a set of keys.

“Your preliminary criminal check came back clean,” she said with a faint Spanish accent. “We’ll send your prints in for the full work up tomorrow. You hiding any deep dark secrets?” Her dark eyes flashed.

If she only knew!

“No ma’am,” he said shyly.

She spent the first half hour showing him around the mall. “The main mall will close at 9pm. That’s when my shift ends.” Lester was walking behind her and could not seem to pry his eyes from her beautiful, curvy ass. Each stride made the opposite buttock jiggle very pleasantly.

“We’ll make one last sweep to make sure everyone is gone, then we’ll radio up to the CIC and they can close the gates remotely” she said as she walked. “You just need to make sure you’re on the right side of those gates.”

She turned and faced him. “For the five hours after, you’ll be patrolling the entertainment area alone. Don’t worry, all the bars have their own bouncers and security staff. Your main job is keeping common areas clear and deescalating any altercations.”

He nodded, kind of lost in her big brown eyes.

The next thirty minutes passed fairly quickly, and he found that he liked Zee’s upfront nature and sense of humor.

The sexual luck magic only surfaced briefly and in a small way. They were touring around the movie theater, which was one of his main patrol areas, when a popular action movie let out. A crowd of energetic young people swarmed around them, excitedly chattering about the movie.

Suddenly, Zee was pressed against Lester, who had his back to a wall. Her face turned pink with embarrassment as she was forcefully pressed, full-body, against him. Her huge tits were pressed against his chest, and the angle was such that the front of their slacks were aligned.

The kids leaving the theater must have been bumping up against her ample ass, because her pelvis kept jostling forward, grinding against his quickly growing cock.

He was fully hard in seconds. He just couldn’t stop it. Here was a beautiful, lush Latina, rubbing her tits all over his chest, while simultaneously grinding her little taco against his cock!

Suddenly she felt him. His face reddened as her eyebrows went up in shock and… was there a bit of fire in those lovely eyes?

Soon the crowd passed and she was able to step back. She glanced down and her gaze froze.

Lester was slow on the uptake, finally glancing down himself. What he saw embarrassed him to the core. The top two inches of his cock was sticking up out of his waistband! He was used to this, but usually his shirt hid it. Somehow he’d had the bad luck that his cock had somehow worked its way above his tucked in shirt. He too was frozen in shock.

Zee couldn’t seem to snap out of it. What a gorgeous fucking monster! The head was purple with need and positively throbbing. At the very tip was a large drop of pre-cum, that she longed to dip her finger in to lube up that…

What the hell am I thinking? she mentally chided herself.

But as she looked at his arousal, she couldn’t help but reflect that it was her body that had made him that way. At this thought she felt a flash of heat in her tummy and a gush of warm liquid in her pussy.

What in the actual fuck is this?

However, she pulled herself together and turned away, clearing her throat. This broke the spell and Lester was escort bursa able to tuck his still rock-hard cock back into his pants. When she turned back around they just pretended nothing had happened.

“So as you can see, people can get hurt in here,” she said with a lame laugh, “and you need to swing through here every twenty minutes at the least.”

They finished up their tour each with highly excited sex organs; his throbbing and hers dripping. That night she went home and made herself come three times while visualizing that massive purple cock head.

After the CIC had closed the internal gates, she said goodbye and rushed to her car and an appointment with her vibrator.

Lester had a pretty good idea of what to expect. He’d had a parking lot security job a few years back, and there were no surprises here. A few loudmouths had to be settled down, but over all things were calm. This went on until around midnight.

At midnight, Zee had warned things got a little more rowdy. The movie theater closed, and the bars really got humming. Still, he didn’t worry too much. He had back-up in the CIC if he needed it, and they also monitored the area with dozens of cameras.

Still, he managed just fine until 1:00am. It was at that point that a group of three extremely drunk girls emerged from one of the bars and turned the wrong way. They were singing loudly and off key, with their arms around each other’s necks, swaying and staggering away from the mall exit.

Lester was just making his rounds when he saw them pushing through a door leading back into a utility hallway. It took him a few moments to get to the door, and by the time he pushed through they were half way down the hallway. The enclosed hallway amplified their laughter and terrible singing.

“Excuse me, ladies?” he called out. They ignored him.

“Excuse me!” he shouted louder.

Finally, the redhead turned and saw him and started laughing drunkenly. “Eshuse me!” she shouted drunkenly, “eshuse me eschuse me hahaha!”

Her friends turned and saw him too and they all three began screaming drunken variations of “Excuse me!”

Lester rolled his eyes. This was going to be difficult. He approached them slowly and tried to reason with them. “Ladies, this is a service hallway, this is not an exit.”

But every time he said something they just mocked him and fell into drunken giggles.

So he tried to gently pull one of them by the arm, and that’s when things got weird. When he touched her arm, he felt something similar to an electric static shock. But there was no carpeting outside of the theater!

But the brunette, who he had touched, tilted her head and stopped laughing. For a moment she looked puzzled, then she straightened. “I’m so hot!” she announced. She promptly began to take off her shirt.

He reached out to try to stop her, but immediately the other girls followed suit. “I’m hot too,” said the blonde. “Me too,” whined the ginger. He tried his best but there was no way to stop all three from peeling off their shirts. Soon all three were standing in their bras and they were singing and laughing again. He noticed that one of them had a flask and was sharing it around.

“Hey, you can’t have that here…” he started lamely.

“I’m still hot,” said the blonde, and Lester almost had a heart attack as she shimmied out of her miniskirt. Naturally the other two immediately shed their lower clothing as well.

Now he found himself in a hallway with three beautiful, drunk, and scantily clad women. He knew he had lost control of the situation. How to regain it?

He found himself looking at their fine feminine bodies. He couldn’t help himself. The redhead was a curvy beauty, some might say chubby, but he liked curves. She had freckles all over her face, shoulders, and upper breasts. The brunette was super skinny with what had to be fake tits. They were way too big for her skinny frame. And damn, they looked good.

Something else was going on with the blonde. She had shapely medium sized breasts, but what caught his attention was the sizeable bulge in her panties! Did she have some kind of sex toy up there? He’d heard of women doing that. What a sex fiend!

He had no idea what to do. The best idea would be to radio for help. He was contemplating this when things got a bit weirder.

“Arn shoo hot too?” the ginger said to him, slurring her words. She was hammered!

But the idea caught on. Suddenly all three were pulling at his shirt and laughing. He didn’t know what to do! If he resisted violently, one of them could be hurt. He glanced up and saw a camera. It wasn’t being monitored live like the others, but there would be tape.

Not being able to risk real resistance, they had his shirt off in twenty seconds. But they were on a roll now. They began tugging at his belt and ripping at his pants. Two of them had somehow removed their bras in the scuffle and he found himself being rubbed bursa yabancı escort all over his torso with hot young breasts as they wrestled around. He could feel his cock getting longer and harder as the play continued. He struggled as long as he could, but they had their way.

The redhead, who was shirtless, was behind him and had his arms pinned. (And her huge breasts pressed against his naked back.) The other two were kneeling in front of him, each with both hands on the waistband of his slacks. He was holding them, but all at once his grip slipped.

Suddenly, they yanked his pants down and his semi-erect cock was freed. Although he was wearing boxers, his penis bounced forward with the force of its sudden release. The shape of it was clearly defined beneath the thin cloth.

Both of the girls fell silent, with the only sound the giggles of the plump ginger behind him.

The brunette turned to the blonde and said, “Wow. That’s WAY bigger than yours.”

Lester couldn’t process that comment, he was so embarrassed to be exposed like this in front of three strangers. The girls yanked his trousers all the way down and pulled them off along with his shoes. Then they stood up.

Suddenly things got a bit awkward. Perhaps the new element of sexual tension was countering the alcohol a bit, but they just sort of stood there looking at each other for a few seconds, breathing hard from the exertion of their wrestling. Then the brunette calmly reached back and undid her bra uncovering magnificent huge titties. Lester’s eyes went wide. He could detect no scars around the areola. Could those massive melons possibly be real? Holy shit. He felt his cock twitch and grow longer.

“Listen ladies,” he said in an unsteady voice, “this has to end now.” He looked around at three pair of glassy stares. “I could lose my…”

But now they were kicking off their panties. Oh sweet Jesus, the ginger had a full fire-red bush, her rosy pink pussy lips just barely peeking out from within the foliage. The brunette was shaved bald and apparently had been for a while, there was no sign of blemishes or irritation, just smooth tan skin leading down to thin, dainty pussy lips.

And the blond, well, yep she was different. When she pulled off her panties, her penis sprung forth. Although it was thin, it was probably five inches long, and still not fully erect. Lester’s eyes flew wide open and he said, “Now listen here…”

But they were on a mission. They were still giggling drunkenly, but their antics had become more focused. They began to pull at his boxers, and once again, he could not violently resist, and soon all four were naked. Lester glanced at the security camera and silently said goodbye to his job. This sexual luck really was a curse!

He thought perhaps he could still salvage the situation, so in the brief respite after they tugged off his boxers, he bent down to pick up his jeans. He figured if he could get them back on, he could run deeper into the service area and the women would lose interest and leave.

But bending over was a mistake all three girls pushed him down and jumped on top of him.

He suddenly found himself face down on the floor, covered with warm giggling girl-flesh. It was half wrestling, half sensuous gyration and it was driving him crazy. He tried to get back up, but the sheer weight of the girls prevented it. But he was able to turn around and face up so he would better be able to defend himself.

When he turned around he found that the ginger was directly above him, and the other two girls had positioned themselves on either side of his torso. Suddenly they both grabbed an arm and held tight. It was as if they had practiced the move.

The redhead said, “Hold him, girls,” and reached down to grasp his huge, rock hard cock. “Let’s find a home for this big boy.”

Lester shook his head. “You’re going to make me lose my job! You can’t just…”

But he stopped short as the mushroom tip of his straining cock slipped into the ginger’s hot wet pussy. It felt so fucking good! But he knew he had to stop this!

He struggled with his arms, but once again they held tight and he shied away from violent force. He decided to try to buck her off. He knew if he could get her plump weight off, he might be able to escape yet.

He suddenly bucked his hips upward, but the result was not what he might have wished. The ginger, unprepared for the maneuver, absorbed most of the violent motion directly into her pussy. Lester’s raging fuck pole, which had only been an inch or so inside, suddenly slid six inches further inside her clenching cunt in one quick motion. Her eyes flew open and she let out a shriek of pleasure/pain and orgasmed on the spot.

Then, in the downward motion of the bucking, his cock suddenly withdrew completely from her pussy and flopped rigidly against his stomach. For his part, the pleasure of suddenly burying his meat deep in the strange bursa escort woman’s pussy juxtaposed against the sudden cessation of sensation was paralyzing.

The redhead had rolled off him and seemed to be curled in a ball as orgasmic spasms racked her body. Lester had never seen such a thing!

The shock of her sudden orgasm and dismount could have afforded a chance of escape, but the moment passed and the brunette swung a leg up and mounted him. Lester found that his will to resist was fading. His cock was raging for release and all three women were drop dead gorgeous.

Suddenly, the petite brunette grabbed his cock and rubbed it against her slick pussy. His cock was already slick with the ginger’s slimy cum, but it was still a difficult fit. She rubbed and pushed and gyrated her hips, but it wouldn’t go in. Meanwhile the blonde was stroking his chest and tweaking his nipples, having sensed he no longer required binding.

Lester just gave in. Fuck it. He was fucked anyway, both literally and figuratively. He reached up and began to massage the petite brunette’s massive tits. Good god, they were natural! Soft but firm, and pleasantly jiggly in the way only natural tits can be. He began to squeeze and kneed them, pinching the hard nipples from time to time.

Suddenly she leaned down and offered her magnificent tits to his mouth. He didn’t need to be forced. He happily buried his face in her heavenly globes and licked and sucked in a paradise of warm tit flesh.

Perhaps the new posture, or her elevated excitement made a difference, but Lester felt the final muscular resistance of her tiny pussy give way, and the knobby head of his cock slipped into her trim little body. She gave a little squeal and laid her hands on his chest in a sign to be still.

Lester longed to churn her guts, but he held back, knowing she was adjusting to the impaling size of his invading cock. Her tight little cunny held his cockhead like a hot slick fist.

She held her hands firmly against his chest while she adjusted. After a minute or so, she began to make little rocking motions, moving just a tiny bit but generating a little of the friction that Lester so desired. At that moment, he felt someone fondling his balls. The ginger was back!

Meanwhile the blonde had sidled sideways and leaned forward and kissed him. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that, but the sensations around him took over. With the ginger now licking his balls and shaft, and the brunette’s little cunny squeezing and jerking on his dick head, he was lost in bliss. He began making out deeply with the blonde, and she was as hot and needfully feminine as any biological female. He gave in and enjoyed the mad make out session.

Meanwhile, the brunette began to take more of his massive pole as she grew more excited and her poor little cunt stretched out. Still, he bottomed out after only six or so inches were sunk into her tiny body.

They both groaned as his cock head grinded against her cervix. She sat that way for a moment, enjoying the rare sensation of being completely filled with thick pulsing man meat. Then she went about the business of fucking. She lifted herself almost completely off his throbbing member, the slammed her tiny body back down, all the way until his cock slammed against the deepest most secret part of her.

The ginger could no longer fit her head in there with all the violent motion, so she had gripped the base of his shaft and was fondling his balls. The sensations were incredible. Meanwhile, the hot little tongue of the sexy blonde was flickering into his mouth and driving him crazy.

The brunette reached a fever pitch, and Lester felt the cum rising in his balls. The crazy nympho was literally jerking him off with her tight little snatch!

He could feel his orgasm rising, but suddenly the little tramp clenched up and let out a deep roar. He could feel her tight little twat clenching and spasming as a huge orgasm swept through her body.

She collapsed onto his chest, trembling and mumbling nonsense, completely blasted out of her mind with the waves of pleasure washing over her. The blonde was pushed away, and the ginger had stopped her ministrations.

The sudden cessation of sexual stimulation maddened Lester. He had been so close! He pushed the brunette off him, and she collapsed in a quivering pile on the floor. He stood up and looked around, his massive cock standing rigidly at attention, its head purple with frustrated need. He turned and saw the plump ginger sitting with her back against the wall, legs splayed wantonly, her fire-red bush matted with slimy cum.

In that moment he stopped being a man. He lost all veneer of civilization and he simply took what he wanted.

She saw something in his eyes that scared her, and she lifted an arm and said, “Wait, I…”

But he was no longer capable of human communication. His cock was harder than granite, and her little flower was open and dribbling. He was surrounded by the hothouse funk of excited pussy, and there was no way he would be denied.

He got down on his knees and pulled her away from the wall. She tried to resist but for naught. With his left hand he pinned both her arms above her head, and with his right he reached down and positioned his cock at the sloppy entrance to her body.

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