The Look Ch. 05


They had arranged for her to visit him at 8 p.m and she was right on time. As he opened the door let her in, he noticed she was carrying a small bag.

‘Been shopping?’ he asked.

‘Actually, yes, I have. You’ll see you later hopefully,’ she said with a mischievous look.

The rest of that day had been a challenge for both of them. Although she’d had a great start to the day in the office, what she wanted, really wanted, was to feel his cock sliding in and out of her, filling and stretching her.

He’d also struggled to concentrate since he left the office, several times finding himself embarrassingly hard and erect whilst out delivering.

After he closed the door their longing for each other took over. She kissed him hard on the mouth, slipping her hot tongue between his parted lips, while he squeezed her waist and cupped her breasts, brushing his hands over her erect nipples which jutted out of her red floral patterned dress.

He broke away from her lips and moved his down to her neck and shoulders, kissing, biting, sucking all of her perfectly scented skin on show. His hands moved down to her bottom and thighs. She quickened her breathing as he squeezed and pulled her closer towards his groin. She couldn’t help but feel his large throbbing cock pushing against her stomach.

He found the hem of her dress and lifted it up and over her head with a bit of help from her. Underneath she wore matching cream silk lingerie, which framed her ample breasts perfectly and just covered her smooth pussy. From the growing damp patch just below her lips, he knew that she was as turned on as he was.

He led her into the dining room where he had cleared the table, ready for her. His mouth was exploring every inch of her exposed upper body. It seemed she particularly liked her shoulders being bitten while he ran his fingers over the front of her silk panties, tracing the outline of her pussy lips.

As he continued to savour her sensitive skin, he slipped the straps of her bra from her shoulders and unfastened it at the back. She put her arm through the straps and it fell to the floor exposing her full breasts and hard nipples.

He cupped them both in his hands and tweaked her nipples, şişli escort continuing to bite her shoulders. ‘Pull them harder,’ she whispered in his ear, hungrily.

And that’s exactly what he did. She responded with shudders of enjoyment and deeper, rapid breathing. He moved his lips and tongue away from her shoulders and worked them down towards her breasts. His tongue and teeth found her pert nipples and sucked on them, biting them. As he sucked and bit one nipple, his fingers rolled, rubbed and pulled at the other.

She was breathing heavily now, clearly enjoying the attention her breasts were receiving. ‘Fuck, you’re gonna make me come if you carry on doing that.’

‘Not just yet,’ he replied and pushed her gently down on the dining room table.

‘There’s something in the bag you need to have,’ she said suggestively.

He opened the bag and found a set of cuffs which were not ordinary cuffs. There were 4 restraints which he could see could be clipped to restrain the person’s wrists and ankles in different ways.

He also noticed a pink dildo in the bag, which was funny because he’d also been shopping and bought something similar ready for this occasion.

He took out the 4 way restraints and fastened one to each wrist by her side and then pushed her legs back so her feet were flat on the table, before attaching the two remaining collars to her ankles. He then connected each wrist to the ankle on the same side. It meant that she couldn’t close her legs and that her pussy was wide open and his to torment and tease.

He positioned himself just in front of her glistening pink labia to savour the aroma of her arousal. She smelled divine and he couldn’t wait to bury his face inside her.

Gently, he ran his tongue up and down her juicy pussy lips, lingering longer each time above her clit. On each occasion she groaned in pleasure, inviting him to go further and deeper.

Using his forefinger and thumb on his right hand, he parted her lips to expose her swollen clitoris. He licked it gently before sucking on it. He swirled his tongue around it, tasting her delicious love juice as he did so. Everytime he sucked on her clitoris he did so beşiktaş escort harder and she got closer to her climax.

He moved his tongue down away from her clit and sucked her lips hard. He could see her tensing up and her fists clenching, he knew that she wasn’t far away from her first orgasm of the night.

The he buried his face into her creamed pussy, stabbing his tongue into her love canal as far as it would reach before moving down and rolling his tongue around her arse. With his left hand he caressed her breasts and pulled on her nipples so they didn’t feel left out.

He lapped up her juices as her back arched and her legs pushed out wider. She was his to do with whatever he liked and she was loving it. ‘Fuck, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna …’

She never finished the last part of her sentence because he pulled on her nipples and sucked her clit hard so hard he brought her off in waves of ecstasy.

‘Fucking hell, fucking hell, fucking hell,’ she called out as he continued to suck her sweet bud. She wanted to close her legs because of the sensitivity but the cuffs didn’t allow her to. She shook from being tortured mercilessly by his tongue and forefinger.

Eventually he pulled away from her. She lay panting and breathing hard as he looked at her. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly, with red flushes over her chest and face.

‘I think we should try your next purchase don’t you?’ he suggested. ‘But I think we need to rearrange your cuffs first.’

He removed the restraints from her ankles and asked her to raise her arms which she did. Then her legs which she also did. Then he cuffed each wrist to each ankle with her legs and arms up above her. This made her arse and pussy pout out so that she could take her dildo deep inside her.

‘You are a horny bastard. I thought I was naughty.’

‘Are you complaining?’ he asked teasingly.

‘No, definitely not.’

He took the pink dildo, which was a similar size to his own cock, and noticed that it had a vibration function. He pushed it into her without switching it on and began to fuck her with it.

The ooohs, aaahs, groans, moans and cooing made it clear she liked her new present to herself. taksim escort He switched it on and this lead to a whole new sense of pleasure.

As he toyed with her, plunging the dildo in and out of her pussy, he remembered his own purchase.

‘I’m going to push it into you and I need you to hold it there while I just pop to my bedroom. I’ll be straight back.’

He pushed it deep into her. She was so wet he thought it would just slip straight back out but she had good vaginal muscles and managed to hold on to it. The rapid vibrations made it incredibly difficult though and she had to force herself to keep it in for her own pleasure.

When he appeared from the bedroom with another dildo she wasn’t sure what to expect.

With his left hand he proceeded to plunge her dildo in and out of her, bringing waves of pleasure with each entry. With his right hand he held his vibrating dildo over her engorged clit.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck!!’ she cried, each time the pitch of her voice rose higher. ‘You bastard, you bastard, you’re gonna do it again.’

He saw her puckered arse on show just below her vibrator. With her legs held back, he had perfect access to it.

While continuing to bring her to another climax with a toy in each hand, he lowered his head and rimmed her arse hole. This wasn’t something she expected nor prepared for, but that made it all the more erotic.

She trusted him and felt safe with him. She wanted to please him as much as he wanted to please her, so she soon relaxed and enjoyed this new sensation.

She gave into the waves of pleasure rushing through her body. This was kinky and she was loving every second. She had given him the most intimate parts of her body to play with and she was in a state of ecstasy. For fucksake, he’s licking my arse!

With that image in her head, she let out a loud feral sounding, ‘fuuucccccckkkkkk, aaaaaahhhhhhh, yessssssss,’ as her second orgasm ripped through her.

He gently removed each dildo from her quivering pussy and gazed down at her engorged labia, giving it a lingering kiss before removing the restraints from her wrists and ankles.

‘I think I’m falling for you,’ he said. ‘I know we’ve only just got together but you drive me crazy, and before we got together I thought about you loads. Sorry if that’s a bit much.’

‘It’s ok,’ she said, ‘let’s go upstairs where you can tell me all about it. And where I can get to know your cock a little better,’ stroking it through his trousers.

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