The Life of Sara Wincester Ch. 01


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Set in a free use world, Max has recently turned eighteen and taking full advantage of his life in this world, however, he seems to be giving his older sister, Sara, a little bit more attention. Sara would just like five minutes to herself to talk on the phone with her friend. Can she get some time alone?

No… It’s a sex story.

All characters are 18+

This is my first time writing erotic short stories, however, I do have experience writing erotic scripts on Reddit. This story was originally one such script.


The fan by the window could barely do anything against the sweltering heat as Sara Williams laid on her bed, weighing the idea of getting up to close her curtains or just leaving her room entirely.

Sara could barely handle the heat of the summer air. It was just reaching midday, yet she could not find the energy to climb up from her bed.

As she rolled over onto a more prone position, Sara grabbed her phone in the hopes that there was something on social media to distract her from the uncomfortable heat. Not even her current state of dress of a casual tank top and pyjama shorts that she slept in did much to cool her.

At the age of twenty, Sara spent most of her days working odd summer jobs while still living with her family. She currently had no grand long-term life plans, much to the dismay of her mother, but Sara was quite happy to continue living in the house she had grown up in.

While her mother might not approve of her lax lifestyle, she got on well with the rest of her family, for the most part.

Recently, she had noticed that her younger brother, Max, had become increasingly irritating, more so from when they were children. This was another big reason as to why Sara had not yet gotten out of bed, she just didn’t have the energy to deal with him so soon after waking up.

As Sara stretched out and prepared to finally get off her bed, the phone in her hand begun to ring. She checked the screen and smiled as she recognized the name.

It was Rachel Johnson, her longest and best friend, another girl around the same age as Sara. She leaned up on the bed in the hope that her tired feeling would simply fall off her as she answered.

“Hey, what’s up!?” Sara said with drowsy energy.

“Woah, someone’s tired!” Rachel responded in her usual chipper mood.

“Yeah, I just woke up an hour ago. I know it’s almost midday, that’s what weekends are for.”

“So what are you doing?”

Sara hesitated, “I’m not doing anything, just chilling in my room.”

“That’s so boring! It’s summer, you should be out doing stuff!”

“It’s too hot to be doing anything on days like these.” Sara complained, “Honestly, sometimes I freaking hate summer. I’ve barely moved and I already feel like I need a shower, it’s gross!”

Rachel let out a small chuckle. “What are you talking about, Summer is the best!”

“Well of course ‘you’ like summer.” Sara responded as she rolled her eyes, “You have a pool in your backyard, anytime you get hot you can go for a swim. I just have to suffer from a shitty fan.”

“True, having a pool in the backyard certainly helps. Especially on days like today”

“Hey!” Sara excitedly snapped up as an idea formed, “You should totally invite me over more, spend more time in your pool. It’d be fun, besides I’ve got a new bikini I’ve been dying to show off.”

Rachel grew suspicious of those last few words.

“Oh yeah? Show off to who?”

“Your dad of course!” Sara giggled back, “He couldn’t keep his hands off me last time I was over. I was barely in your house for five minutes and he was already shoving his cock into my face.”

This was true, the last time Sara had been over at Rachel’s house was a particularly fond memory of hers. The two girls had been planning to meet up with a larger group for lunch, quickly stopping by the house before heading off, their plan however got delayed once Rachel’s father, Mr Johnson answered the door.

Whether it was because of the way she had smiled at him, the way her lipstick highlighted her lips, or simply that he wanted a blowjob, Sara instead spent the next hour or so worshipping every inch of the older gentleman’s cock.

“And I was dressed relatively modest then too.” Sara proudly explained, “So if your daddy saw me in a swimsuit then…”

She let out another giggle as she imagined all the possible ways Mr Johnson would try to fuck her.

“Well, I’m looking forward to seeing his reaction.”

“Yeah, well my pool isn’t for daddy stealing sluts,” Rachel responded in jest.

“Oh shut up, you’re just jealous that he said I gave better head!” Sara continued with pride, “It’s not my fault that I’m an absolute blowjob queen.”

“Whatever, he complimented you while he was cumming, that Lefkoşa Escort doesn’t count!” Rachel retorted dismissively, “Daddy tells me the same thing all the time.”

Sara kept teasing her, “I can teach you a thing or two if you want? Besides I’m sure your daddy would ‘love’ for us to both share his cock.”

“Thanks, but I think I’m happy ‘practicing’ all by myself”

“You selfish bitch!” Sara laughed, “Keeping him all to yourself. I’ll just have to drop by sometime while your away.”

The two girls continued their competitive teasing as eventually their topic of conversation moved on to more mundane gossip between friends. Sara was so involved in her phone call that she didn’t even notice her bedroom door open.

Max stood in the doorway, admiring his older sister’s legs as they passively kicked at the air while she lay on the bed. Sara had a well-maintained figure, she wasn’t particularly athletic, nor was she some kind of supermodel by any means, but she did have a good body, and particularly fine legs.

This wasn’t Max’s first time checking out his sister, nor was it the first time coming into her room without knocking. This had become an almost daily ritual for him, today was a day like any other and Max planned to enjoy it like all the rest.

Sara laughed as Rachel told some story about a rude Uber driver.

“I bet she liked that! Honestly some people…”

Her leg brushed up against a hand and froze in place, it barely took her a moment to realize that her brother was standing behind her. She sighed in frustration.

“Ugh… hold on.” Sara groaned as she turned to Max, “What do you want?”

Max smiled deviously as he caressed her leg, “Can’t I spend time with my own sister?”

“Get out of my room,” Sara whined as she turned back to her phone.

“What was that?” Rachel asked from the other end.

“Not you, it’s just my little brother. He doesn’t understand that when I close my door it means I don’t want to be disturbed.”

Max ignored her obvious annoyance and sat down on her bed. His hand massaging her leg as it slowly moved up her thigh.

“Do you have to annoy me right now?” Sara complained, “Can’t you see I’m on the phone, get out.”

Max did not respond to her complaints, his focus was entirely on feeling the softness of her thighs. He placed a second hand on her other leg as he gently worked his way up towards her ass.

While Sara was bothered by her brother’s presence, she made no physical effort to stop his groping hands on her and even spread her legs out when he worked towards her inner thigh.

“Whatever, I’ll just ignore him.” Sara said smugly back to Rachel, “So where were we?”

Her attempts to ignore Max however did not dissuade him, if anything it made him more determined to explore every part of her soft, smooth thighs. Sara took a more passive role in her conversation with Rachel, he responses becoming shorter and distracted. This only became worse when Max decided to begin yanking on her shorts.

“What are you doing?” She hissed with a whisper, “Stop that!”

Max just smirked at Sara’s disproving glare as he gave her butt cheek a big full hand squeeze.

“Bro, seriously?” She yelped in surprise, “Do you have to grope my ass right now?”

“I wanted to do it earlier, but you’ve been asleep all morning” Max claimed, returning to pulling on the shorts.

“No, don’t pull down my pants!” Sara cried out, one hand now moving down to grab at her shorts, “I’m busy, can’t you see I’m busy!”

She was too slow however as Max successfully stripped of her pyjama shorts and threw them to the side.

“God, why are you so freaking annoying.” She whined, yet Max was not done yet as his hands returned to pull on her underwear.

Sara blurted, “Don’t tug on my panties! You’re gonna rip them!”

She was much more concerned with them breaking, far more than the idea of her brother taking them off her.

“Fine, just take them!” Sara submitted as she moved her hips and legs in a way to allow Max to easily finish stripping her bottom half bare.

Max immediately pressed the panties to his face and began to take in the scent. Sara waited impatiently with her ass and pussy exposed, still worried that her brother might ruin them in some way.

“At least remember to clean them when you’re done with them.”

This was a much-needed reminder as Max had ruined several good pairs of underwear in the past. He had an annoying habit of masturbating into her panties whenever she wasn’t home. Some days Sara would return home only to find Max sprawled out on her bed, her underwear draw completely raided as he jerks himself off.

At this point, she thinks he times it on purpose so he can cum the second she walks through the door. Those ‘pranks’ she can live with, it isn’t as bad as when Max steals several of her favorite pairs from the laundry and returns them in states no amount of cleaning will ever fix.

Sara anxiously wondered if this pair would Girne Escort be spoiled in the same manner, she

didn’t want to go underwear shopping again so soon. Max spent several seconds rubbing her panties across his face, however, he soon pulls away and promptly threw them to the floor next to her shorts.

“That’s not why I’m here” Max revealed, as his smug smirk formed again on his face. “That’s not what I want.”

“What do you mean that’s not what you want?” Sara asked as a sudden wave of realization hit her.

Max was now reaching out towards her exposed cunt, Sara couldn’t react in time as he pressed his two middle fingers inside her. For all Sara’s complaints, her body easily welcomed the fingers as she let out a soft, stifled moan.

“What was that?” Rachel snooped, ever more curious as to what was happening on the other side of the phone.

“Wha?… Oh sorry.” Sara moaned as she recomposed herself “My jerk of a brother thought it would be funny to start fingering me. I swear he’s been ‘so’ annoying lately.”

Max chuckled to himself as he continued pumping his fingers inside his sister. He placed his free hand onto her hip as he started to apply a firmer technique.

With the same smug smirk, Max insisted, “You can bitch all you want sis, I know you enjoy it.”

“I don’t care how good it feels, you’re still annoying!” Sara exclaimed as she squirmed on the bed, “Seriously, there’s like a hundred hot girls out and about and you’re still choosing to finger fuck your Sister!”

Max didn’t let her protesting stop him, he knew the truth, that no matter how much she bitched and moaned, Sara did enjoy this sibling time together.

The proof was in the way her hips moved, Sara claimed to be getting finger fucked, but Max could feel how much she was pushing back into his hand. She was doing most of the work at this point.

“He won’t leave me alone.” Sara grumbled into the phone between moans, “I know he only just turned eighteen, but I didn’t think he’d be this horny ‘all’ the time!”

“Anytime I’m home, he follows me around all day doing perverse shit. I’m pretty sure he’s rubbed his dick over every inch of me at least once.”

This was a fact Max was very proud of. Since turning eighteen barely two months prior, Max had taken full advantage of his status as an adult. Finally able to give in to his desires, he wasted no time in settling into his new sexual lifestyle.

The first week was actually exciting for Sara as Max had been adamant about her being the first woman he got to use. He ran to her room excitedly like a kid on Christmas and she eagerly let him in, together they explored each other’s bodies as she taught him all the basics of sex, it was actually rather romantic in a weird way.

The rest of that week was followed with the usual things, handjobs, blowjobs, shower sex, morning sex, breakfast sex, lunch sex, dinner sex… Basically a lot of general sex. However, around the second week, it started to get weird.

When Sara turned eighteen just two years prior, she was introduced to her new sexual lifestyle by the closest adult man in her life, her father. Mr. Williams took her virginity on the morning of her birthday, from there it was rather vanilla. A blowjob every day before work, an invitation to share his bed every few days or so, light groping in the hallway, rather standard from her point of view.

Max on the other hand was into some ‘weird’ shit. Panty masturbation was just the tip of the iceberg, she’d wake up with him rubbing his balls over her face, he’d ask to stick his dick between her armpit and toes.

He had an entire week where he only wanted anal and then there was his obsession with cumming on her food. All in all, Max had shown her a completely different side to sex that even she found too extreme.

Sara’s thoughts were pulled back to reality as the forcefulness of Max’s fingers surprised her, Max wasn’t content to let Sara’s subconscious do all the work. He sped up and took control, his thumb teased the very edges of her asshole while he continued his assault on her clitoris.

By this point Sara was finished, she moaned and swore as the pleasure from Max’s relentless fingers massaged her insides. She could feel the edges of an orgasm coming on and resigned herself to the feeling.

The orgasm didn’t come, the moans subsided as clarity slowly returned to Sara. Max had stopped just before she finished, the bastard had edged her and now refuses to continue. Her body needed an extra minute to come to terms with what had happened. Now she was beyond annoyed, she was angry,

“And now you stop!” Sara yells through desperate moans, “Seriously! It’s bad enough that you do this while I’m on the phone but not even letting me get off! You are the ‘worst’! You know that!?”

Max simply laughed at the whole situation, barely moments ago she was asking him to stop and now she wanted him to keep going.

“Well I’m not getting off to this, so I stopped” he Magosa Escort teased, rubbing his hand over Sara’s thighs, her juices being wiped off his fingers.

Sara let out a long frustrated sigh then glared daggers into Max.

“If I give you a handjob will you fuck off?”

Max nodded eagerly like a dog just asked if he wanted to go on a walk.

“Good, stand over there and drop your…”

She noticed his erect cock out and staring back at her.

“Of course your dick is already out.”

Max climbed off the bed and walked around to Sara’s face, his penis poking her in the cheek as she continued to glare.

“Now stay quiet while I jerk your cock.”

Sara placed a firm grip over Max’s dick, even though she was doing this in anger she knew how to give a good handjob. Her hand pumped slowly, back and forth. Her thumb gently rubbed the head as she built up an acceptable rhythm.

She’d given hundreds if not thousands of handjobs in the last two years so she fell into a natural state that she could find relaxing.

Max groaned with pleasure, only one woman knew his dick like no other. He, of course, would fuck most women he came across, any man his age would, his sister however had what he referred to as ‘the magic touch’.

Having given him so many handjobs, she knew all the right spots to rub and squeeze.

He looked down to a thoroughly unimpressed Sara and thought something was missing.

“Hey Sara, I got an idea” He proclaimed.

“What now?” Sara spat back.


“Rollover? Why?” A little confused now

“Just do it!” Max begged.

“Oh.. whatever,” Sara said, giving in and expertly rolling onto her back without releasing her hand from his dick.

Her tank top had shifted exposing her left breast, she knew exactly was Max’s idea was as now he had quick access to her tits.

“I’m on my back now, shut up, play with my tits and let me talk to my friends now please?”

Sara pulled the phone close to her face again as Max went ahead and fondling her chest. While she wasn’t as busty as other girls she knew, even girls her age like Rachel, Sara was still confident with her body and Max certainly had no complaints.

“Honestly!” Sara groaned back into the phone, “This is the shit I was talking about! He’s just constantly trying to cum on me. And I mean ‘on’ me.”

“Oh, that sound’s awful,” Rachel retorted sarcastically from the phone.

“You don’t get it” Sara explained, “He’s been obsessed with cumming on my face. He won’t even let me swallow it like it ‘has’ to be my face. I think he’s trying to see how many times a day he can do it.”

Sara was right on the money with that, more than half of their sexual encounters had ended up with Max coating her face in his semen. She had become very familiar with the feeling of hot, sticky cum running down her face.

While the thought of being covered in her brother’s seed was a very arousing one, it was Max’s insistence to keep it there and not clean it off that really bothered her. Max always told her that it signified her status as his ‘Personal Cumdump’. A joke that got real old after the first month.

“Six times, I can break that today if you want?” Max responded, still massaging her breasts.

Sara let out a little chuckle at his ‘joke’.

“He says his record is six”

A small smile formed in her mouth but she broke it before Max could see.


“Six times?” Rachel noted, “That’s not too bad, I’ve had six guys cum on me before.”

“I wouldn’t mind so much if he could keep it out of my hair!” She exclaimed loud enough for Max to hear, Max responded but pinching her nipple, Sara mouthed back to him an unimpressed “Grow up.”

“Did you know I even woke up the other day with cum all over my face?” She continued to complain,

“The little freak must have visited me in the night, didn’t wake me up, or even bother to clean me off.”

Nightly visits were also a ritual for Max at this point, any time he was sleeping at home he ‘had’ to finish the night with Sara, regardless if she was awake or not.

“Same shit happens when I fall asleep on the couch.” Sara scolds as the conversation becomes half rant to a friend, half telling off brother. “I tried complaining to Mom about it but she just said the usual, “You kids just get along okay”. She just doesn’t get it.”

Sara groans as she imitates her mother’s dismissive attitude, Her mother doesn’t get the same treatment as she does. When Max is with Mom it’s all nursing handjobs and kitchen counter sex, he saves all the weird shit just for the ‘favorite Sister’.

“Easy for her to say, she’s not the one constantly getting a mouthful of sweaty balls every time I lay down.”

Sara recalls various times when she’s trying to relax and watch a movie on the couch where Max would just walk in and sit on her face. Ballsack placed directly onto her lips as all she can do is use her tongue to push it away.

While she isn’t all that concerned that her brother would actually suffocate her with his balls, she would like her mother to tell him off at least once and not just assume we’re just playing a cute game. It wouldn’t be so bad if he just gave him a heads up.

“Speaking of which.” Sara perked up, looking at Max’s balls. “Are you going to cum yet bro?

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