The Letter Ch. 02


After reading the letter Sue had written to some guy named Kevin, I went down to the basement and began looking through Sue’s old things. In the bottom of a trunk I found an album. As I started to open it the following letter fell out.

Dear Sue,

I received your letter and I have to admit I was really shocked. I always thought you were different from other girls. Now I find out you’re just another cumslut after all. Well, I guess it runs in your family. Since we’re being honest with each other I may as well tell you what has really been going on and maybe you won’t feel so bad.

When we first started going out, right after my 18th birthday party our Junior year, I used to get a terrible case of the blue balls. I mean, you would let me feel up your tits and all, but at first you wouldn’t even let me touch your pussy much less get me off. After our second date when I walked you home I went in the woods behind your house and began to jerk off. I was really close to cumming, then almost had a heart attack when someone grabbed my shoulder and a soft, sexy voice said, “Here, let me help you with that.”

It was your older sister Claire, clearly drunk and sneaking in the back door after a party. She dropped to her knees in front of me, grabbed my cock and put her lips around it sucking me deep into her mouth. She was a real pro and soon had me all the way down her throat. It couldn’t have been more than 60 seconds before my balls unloaded and I shot a steady stream of hot cum down her throat. I kept cumming and cumming and she kept swallowing. I had never cum so much in my short life and was completely drained when I finally finished.

Claire continued to suck on me until I went limp. Then she stood up, looked me in the eye and used her fingers to wipe my cum which had dribbled down her chin. After licking her fingers clean she kissed me on the cheek and staggered into the house. I don’t think she had any idea who I was or why I was there.

The next night I dropped you off and waited for your sister to come home. I saw her pull into the driveway with her date and begin kissing and groveling in the front seat. Then Claire’s head disappeared below the dash and I had no doubt that she had a cock buried deep into her throat. About three minutes later her date stiffened and threw his head back, obviously filling her mouth with a load of cock cream. Shortly thereafter, Claire sat up wiping her chin and licking her lips. She kissed him goodnight and hopped out of the car. Claire went to get the key to the back door, which I had already removed from under the flowerpot.

“Are you looking for this?” I asked coming out from behind the tree where I was hiding.

She jumped, then squinted as though she were trying to identify me. I reminded her that she had helped me with a little problem I had in the woods the night before and that her sister had left me with a similar problem tonight. She looked at me quizzically, then frowned and said she was really drunk and thought she had dreamed it. Then she smiled, took my hand and began pulling me towards the house.

“So you’re my little sister’s boyfriend. Well I wouldn’t want my little sister getting the reputation that she leaves her men wanting, would I? But first you have to do something for me.”

I almost shit when we entered the house and she took me to the den in the basement. I gawked as she unsnapped her jeans and slipped them, along with her panties, over her ass and off her legs, leaving herself naked from the waist down. Then she hopped up on the bar and spread her legs. She told me that if I wanted her to relieve the pressure in my balls I was going to have to eat a little pussy.

I sat down on the bar stool in front of her and found myself staring at her glistening pink gash sparsely covered with soft curly brown hair. She told me to pretend that her cunt was your mouth and to kiss it as passionately as I would kiss you using my tongue and sucking on it with my mouth. The aroma was intoxicating and I went to work aggressively chewing, licking and sucking her juicy pussy. Claire went crazy bucking against my face and holding my head tightly to her cunt. She moved her fingers to her clit and then stiffened, digging her fingernails into my scalp and gasping for air as she came. Juices poured from her cunt, but I just kept sucking and swallowing.

Claire told me that was the best pussy licking she had ever had and that she was going to reward me by letting me fuck her. By this time my cock was ready to rip through my jeans and I lost no time in shedding them. She told me to sit in the easy chair. She pulled off her top exposing a pair of somewhat oversized but perfectly formed tits with great big brown nipples.

My head was spinning with excitement from looking at this naked sex goddess and knowing my cock would soon be in her steamy cunt. As she straddled me, her tits dangled in my face. I leaned forward to kiss her nipple. I felt her escort reklamları hand wrap around my cock and the tip being pressed against her slippery gash. As she lowered herself onto me I felt the searing heat of her pussy envelop my sensitive love stick. I was dizzy with pleasure and excited beyond words at the thought of my cock being buried in its first pussy.

She began to bounce up and down on me, gyrating her hips to maximize the pressure against her cunt. I felt my insides churning and about 30 seconds later every ounce of energy rushed to my balls. I exploded, releasing a powerful blast of cum into your sister’s juicy cunt. I kept pumping away, filling her pussy with a huge load of hot cream, which began to ooze out over my balls.

Claire kept riding my cock even after I was drained. Somehow I stayed hard, regained my composure and began fucking her back. Her pussy was making loud slurping sounds with an occasional pussy fart from the gooey mess inside her. I grabbed her slimy ass to help guide her bouncing motions and leaned forward to suck on her nipples. Your sister was getting close to another orgasm as she rode me hard, slamming down on my cock repeatedly and moaning with pleasure.

Claire’s forearm bumped against my chin causing me to bite down on her nipple, which in turn caused her to begin her orgasm. Her head thrashed about as she grunted and groaned with pleasure while digging her fingers into my shoulders. Watching her cum as she rode my love stick was a real turn-on and suddenly I felt my balls tighten followed by my cock blasting its second load into your sister’s gushing cunt. We were both out of control, desperately clawing at each other and grinding our bodies together, consumed in a lengthy mutual orgasm.

We finished, drained and exhausted. She collapsed against me breathing hard as my cock slowly deflated inside her cum filled cunt which occasionally twitched with post orgasmic spasms. The juices of our passion began to ooze from her gash and dripped from my balls onto the leather seat of the chair. When she raised up my semi-limp cock fell from her fuck hole followed by a flood of warm, sticky sex goo. I ended up sitting in a puddle of cum and cunt juice that slowly soaked into chair. I’ll never forget how mad your mother was about the stain in her new chair and how she grilled everyone about how it got there.

In two nights your sister had given me my first blowjob, my first taste of pussy and my first fuck. Our post date rendezvous became a regular thing. Even after you started giving me hand jobs, then blow jobs, I would wait for your sister in the back and we would fuck and suck each other up against a tree or sneak into the downstairs den and give our favorite leather chair a workout.

At first I often found myself getting sloppy seconds from your sister whose cunt had been recently filled with cum by her date. When I refused to eat her freshly fucked pussy she started making her dates wear a rubber so she wouldn’t miss out on that pleasure which, as you discovered, I learned to perform expertly. When you and I started fucking she could taste your pussy on my cock, but she didn’t seem to mind.

When you would invite me over Claire would often try to pull me aside for a blowjob or a quickie. I remember one time we were watching a video when she sucked my cock in the pantry, came back into the family room with cum drooling down her chin, then wiped it off in front of everyone and licked her finger clean pretending it was mayonnaise. But I think your sister enjoyed it most when I would fuck her somewhere in the house and then she would join us on the couch with a cunt full of my cock cream leaking into her panties.

I thought it was all over for me and Claire, and you too for that matter, the night your mother came down to the den while I was munching on your sister’s cunt in the leather chair. She sent Claire to her room then began grilling me about what I had done with Claire and with you. She ordered me to take down my pants so she could inspect my cock to make sure nothing was wrong with it since I had been fucking both of her daughters.

She wrapped her hand around it, pressing her thumb and fingers against the head as she inspected it closely. I couldn’t help but get hard from the stimulation. Your mother said that the only way she could really tell if it was okay was to put it in her mouth, which she did. Then she had me down her throat and was rubbing my balls and scrotum. She did something with her throat to rub my cock and increase pressure on it. I lost it and grunted out loud exploding in a powerful blast of cum. She just kept swallowing as cum pumped out of my cock, then finally squeezed out the last drop and licked it off with her tongue.

I apologized for cumming in her mouth but she said that was just part of the examination. Then she peeled the skintight jeans from her petite little body gaziantep escort reklamları and I stood gawking at her tight, shapely ass. She turned around and I found myself staring at her protruding pussy mound covered by a fluffy brown bush with a dark gash underneath. She sat down on the chair and spread her legs wide exposing the pink lips of her cunt and her erect little clit suspended above her opening.

She told me to do to her what I was doing to Claire as the next part of her examination. I got on my knees, buried my face in her love nest and began kissing, licking, tongue fucking and sucking on your mother’s smelly cunt. She started talking really dirty telling me to do all kinds of nasty things to her and soon I was sucking on her clit and shoving three fingers up her cunt. Your mother has a really sloppy pussy and soon my face was splattered with cunt juice.

When she asked me to shove a finger up her ass, which I eagerly did, she started cumming in buckets. Juices were dripping from my chin and running down my neck as I continued sucking her pussy until her orgasm finished. She pulled me up to her face and began kissing me passionately, using her tongue to get a full taste of her own juices. Then she ordered me to fuck her as I had fucked her daughters as the last part of my examination.

My cock was already rock hard and slipped easily into her juicy cunt. She pulled her legs all the way back so her knees were over her shoulders and her ass was well up off the chair. I began hammering her hard, repeatedly driving deep into her fuck hole each time I slammed into her. Your mother grabbed my ass and started yelling obscenities at me. She flipped over and I fucked her dog style, slamming her head into the back of the chair on each thrust.

I looked down and could see my glistening cock sliding between the cheeks of her ass as I fucked her hot cunt. Your mother was moaning uncontrollably and I could feel her sticky cunt juices dripping from my balls. I pressed my thumb against her crinkly brown asshole until it was buried to the knuckle. She went off in another orgasmic frenzy gasping for air and clawing at the chair.

Watching your mother so out of control from the pure stimulation of my cock was more than I could take. I felt all the blood rush to my groin, my balls shrink up and a stream of cum begin to flood her cunt. I was out of breath and slumped over her back when I finally finished. Your mother slid to the floor between my legs, turned around and took my gooey, dripping semi-limp cock into her mouth and cleaned it and my balls with her lips and tongue. Then she announced that I had passed the examination and could fuck either of her daughters whenever I wanted as long as I took care of her special needs from time to time.

The next day Claire asked me what happened and I just said I thought your mother wasn’t too upset or anything, she just wanted to lecture me a little. Claire said that was what she was hoping because the same thing happened when your mother caught her and Larry fucking in the bedroom one afternoon. Claire said your mother just took him to her room for a little talking to, but never said anything to Claire.

I figured Larry was fucking your mother too. My suspicions were confirmed when she invited me over one afternoon when you and Claire were at the movies. She told me to go up to her room to wait for her. I was shocked to find Larry sitting on the side of the bed. We kinda stared at each other nervously when your mother walked in and said she thought it was time we got to know each other better since the two of us were fucking her daughters.

She turned on a tape of the theme to “The Stripper” and began a slow sexy dance in her tight jeans and red knit halter-top. She was lost in the music, closing her eyes and licking her lips while squeezing her tits and rubbing her pussy. She turned her back to us and bent over, running her hand across her crotch and gyrating against her fingers. Then she crawled up on the bed and straddled each of us while grinding her crotch against our rock hard cocks and rubbing her tits against us.

She bent over and pressed her ass to my face and I could smell the strong aroma of her pussy through her jeans. Her mouth traced the outline of my cock through my shorts. The she did the same to Larry. Finally, she lay on her back in front of us and put one hand under her halter-top and the other in her jeans and masturbated herself to an orgasm in rhythm with the music.

Your mother was a real artist and had both of us mesmerized and ready to cum in our pants. After licking her fingers clean, she stood and began a slow strip tease. First off was the halter-top but not until she built up the suspense with a few peeks and glimpses at her well formed melons (your mother has great tits!) She stroked them and pinched her nipples and dangled them in our face before she moved gaziantep escort bayan reklamları to her jeans.

At first she just unbuttoned them and danced around swaying her hips and jiggling her tits. Then very slowly she peeled them down over her ass letting us see her two perfectly rounded spheres with a frilly red G-string wedged in the crack. She continued working her jeans down her legs while swaying her ass with the music. She stepped out with one foot and spread her legs wide looking at us between them as she spread her ass cheeks. She turned around, crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees shaking her tits and licking her lips as she stared straight at us.

“Take off your shorts, but don’t touch your cocks yet,” she ordered.

She dangled her tits over my fully erect manhood (and then Larry’s), slapping them against me as she swayed to the music and then rubbing her nipples against the sensitive tip that was leaking precum in rather copious quantities. Then she fell back down on the bed and put on a masturbation show that had my head spinning. She pulled the G-string up into the lips of her pussy and used the material to rub against her sensitive clit.

Your mother started cumming and completely soaked the tiny little silk red material barely covering her cunt. She rolled over with her back to us, tilted her ass up in the air and repeated the performance only this time she used one hand to push a finger into her ass and the other to push the red silk up her cunt. She had another powerful orgasm and collapsed on the bed.

The music had long since stopped playing. Larry and I sat there frozen, afraid to do anything that might break the spell, but we both desperately needed release. I wrapped my fingers lightly around my cock and began to slowly stroke it. Your mother sat up and scolded me for violating her instructions. Then she walked on her knees over to Larry and started kissing him passionately and teasing him by rubbing his cock along the crack of her ass. Then she did the same thing to me, but she pushed me down on the bed, spun around, straddled my head and lowered her ass onto my face.

She told me Larry was going to get rewarded for being a good boy while I was eating some pussy. She had Larry stand in front of her and administered to him orally while I had a face full of a soaked G-string covering a hot juicy cunt. I pulled the G-string to the side a quickly found the luscious folds of her steamy fuck hole with my tongue. It wasn’t long before I heard Larry grunt and fill your mother with what must have been a belly full of cum. I just continued sucking on her until her juices were once again flowing steadily. She moved her pussy up over my nose and forehead, then back down across my chin, and soon my whole face was covered with cunt juice. When she was getting close to another orgasm, your mother bent forward and took my cock into her mouth.

She told Larry to replace my tongue with his cock. I wasn’t all that wild about having his cock near my face, but I have to admit it was a real turn-on to see a close-up of it slide into her cunt. In fact, it was such a turn-on that I couldn’t stop the huge eruption that was boiling in my balls. I thought I was going to blast her head off from the force of it. Rather than swallow it, your mother held my cock right in front of her face and let it drench her like a fire hose.

Your mother had another orgasm. Juices were dripping from her cunt onto my face. I knew Larry wouldn’t be far behind and he began slamming her hard, taking most of his eight inches all the way out on each thrust. I could actually see his cock swell and the blue veins bulging with blood just before he blasted a load of cum into her cunt. Your mother was screaming out of control and Larry was grunting loudly as he pumped his cock cream into her.

I decided it was time for a quick exit before I got a face full of cum, so I squirmed out from under your mother and watched them finish while standing at the end of the bed. Your mother was a real sight, screaming in ecstasy with her eyes closed, head thrown back and cum splattered all over her hair, eyebrows, nose, cheeks, lips and dripping in strands from her chin. I could feel myself already getting hard again so I moved my cock to your mother’s cum drenched face and she eagerly took me in her mouth just as Larry pulled out of her.

When I was good and hard she looked up at me and told me I was going to fuck her in the ass. She flipped over on her back, removed the G-string and used it to wipe cum from her face, although it was so wet it really only smeared it around. Then she put it in her mouth and sucked on it making sounds like a gourmet chef tasting his finest dish.

Of course I’d never fucked anyone in the ass before so I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it, but your mother was obviously experienced and guided me through the motions. First she pulled her knees to her chest then spread her ass cheeks exposing both her cum drenched cunt and little nut-brown asshole. She told me to dip my cock in her pussy for lubrication, and then she placed the tip at the opening of her anus and told me to press firmly. After the tip of my cock was inside her, she told me to rock back and forth until I was full embedded in her ass. Then I just began fucking her like her ass was a cunt.

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