The Late Starter Ch. 03

Anthony Rosano

Julia lay in bed thinking about her how her life had changed. Only a couple of weeks ago she had been a thirty six year old virgin who believed that sex was a rather messy affair that women had to put up with for the sake of men and that because she intended to remain single it would never have to concern her. Now she had a lover who was twelve years her junior, her virginity was in the past, and she had a very enjoyable sex life. How things had changed.

It was as if meeting Jon had removed her blindfold and let her see the real world, where men and women enjoy each other equally. She couldn’t explain how or why it had happened, but she had allowed him to open her up to sexual intimacy and he had become both her teacher and her guide in the bedroom. Now she accepted Jon’s guidance willingly, to her innocent mind he seemed to be so expert, and she was continually amazed and thrilled by the way her body responded to the new pleasures he found for her.

Of course she realised that she was still very naive and unskilled about almost all things sexual, but she genuinely wanted to be taught and to experience everything she could, and she was learning quickly in his hands, enthusiastically accepting the change in her approach to sex and wondering why she had waited so long. Her life had changed beyond recognition in a very short time, and she was so very thankful that it had.

Symptomatic of her changed life was the very fact that she now lay in bed naked. Up until meeting Jon she would have been horrified at the very idea of sleeping with nothing on – it just wasn’t done – but now she found her nakedness liberating and exciting. She smiled to herself at this thought and ran her hands down the length of her body as if checking on her nudity, shivering slightly in wicked delight.

She couldn’t help but wonder why she found being naked so stimulating, and especially why she liked Jon to see her that way. All her life she had been a shy person, so that was certainly not something she had expected to happen, and yet to be naked in his sight gave her a distinct buzz.

And it wasn’t just being naked; she especially wanted him to see the intimate parts of her body, and most especially the wanted to expose them to him brazenly and openly. She had first realised this when he had held open her legs and stared at her exposed pussy, looking directly at it for the first time. At first her mind had recoiled, but the thrill of him seeing her private parts soon overtook her inhibitions and she let herself enjoy his gaze. Then there had been a moment when he had taken her from behind, and she knew that as he entered her she was shamelessly showing him her little bum-hole, the most personal little bit of her entire body, and yet she revelled in her display. Why, she wondered, did she enjoy behaving so wantonly, and would it happen if someone else saw her?

There was also one particular incident when she and Jon were together that shook and excited her even as she thought about it afterwards. On that occasion Jon had masturbated over her, ejaculating while she watched and covering her with dollops of his cum. That in itself was no problem; if truth be told the feel of his warm cum raining down on her had only turned her on even more than she already was, and in fact she had run her hands over her own wet skin, smearing herself with his cream and massaging it into her flesh. And that was what bothered her when she thought about it later, simply because of the lascivious way she had done it in front of him, making sure that he watched her spread his cum over her breasts, belly and pubes, almost as if she was putting on a show for his benefit.

But even more disturbing was her reaction to a suggestion he then made. As she had rubbed his cum into herself she had accidentally flicked the end of her own erect clitoris with the tip of her finger, something that brought a surprised gasp to her lips. Jon had noticed this and suggested that, if she was that horny, he wouldn’t mind if she wanted to give herself a climax.

It concerned her that she almost did as he suggested. The idea that he might watch her masturbate, to see her play with herself like a whore, was so appealing that she actually hesitated for several seconds before regretfully declining. In fact, if she was honest with herself, the only reason she refused was the fact that she had never masturbated in her life and didn’t really know how to. But there was no getting away from it; she had desperately wanted to show herself to him in the most abandoned manner. Even thinking about it now was making her feel so damn horny.

Again she ran her hands over her body, luxuriating in the feel of her own bare skin and wishing Jon was there to look at her. Then, in her head she pretended that he was, and she opened her legs under the duvet and imagined that he could see her.

She put her hands to her breasts, sliding the over and around her twin mounds, pretending once more that she was massaging his cum into her flesh. Her mind’s nilüfer escort eye could see him, his gaze wandering from where she caressed her breasts down to look between her legs and see the moisture that she knew was beginning to shine there.

The fantasy was as clear and bright as if he stood there staring down at her. She kicked the duvet away over the edge of the bed to heighten the effect and let her imaginary spectator stare directly at her pussy, opening her thighs as wide as she could. Then she ran her hands down in between her legs and held open her own pussy lips, pulling them wide apart and showing herself to the empty bedroom. Just the thought of being actually watched was turning her on tremendously. She groaned softly to the room, wishing, just wishing, that someone could see her.

Touching her pussy felt good, even just holding it open felt delightfully sinful, she acknowledged, so how much more depraved would she feel if she started to play with herself? Should she try it? Should she, or even could she, try to do the thing that Jon had wanted her to? If she was ever to start, then right now, while she was hot, naked and in private, was a good time. After all, she felt ready enough. Yes, goddamn it, she argued to herself, do it now, strike while the pussy’s hot! If she practised now, then she wouldn’t have to refuse again if Jon ever wanted her to do it for him. She made her decision, wriggled into a more comfortable and unambiguously sexy position and then, with dry lips and a pounding heart; she began to masturbate for the very first time in her life. Tentatively and very gently she touched the tip of her clitoris with her right forefinger, so gently that she could hardly feel it. Then, instinctively holding her breath, she began to move it as she remembered Jon doing, pressing down lightly and using just a slow soft circular movement that both rubbed across her clit and bent it to each side in turn. The effect was immediate, a little ripple of the same pleasure that Jon had produced ran through her, making her release her breath with a gasp and smile widely to herself from pure exhilaration. She rubbed her clit a little harder, quickly convinced that she could do it for herself and that soon she would cum from her own efforts, and her eyes were bright with excitement as she worked towards that goal.

Without thinking she had placed her free hand over her breast, finding her nipple as hard and engorged as her clit and repeating the same actions, rubbing it with her thumb while her fingers massaged the firm flesh of her breast. Then, as the finger on her clit sped up and its action became heavier, so she rubbed her nipple harder until she was pushing it hard against her breast with each movement. She sighed with pleasure and surrendered herself back to her fantasy, her minds eye once more encouraging Jon to look at her.

She closed her eyes to make her mental picture more vivid, secure in the privacy of her bedroom and able to let her imagination take over. Jon stood at the foot of the bed, staring straight between her thighs at the finger working so industriously on her clitoris. He smiled at her encouragingly and, as she smiled gratefully back, he was suddenly without clothes, standing completely nude with his erection standing proud before him.

“You do it too.” She told him silently and his hand closed around his shaft.

Now both Julia and her phantom lover were matching each other for pace, their fingers running over themselves in unison, Jon slowing when she did and speeding up as she played faster. With her eyes tight shut she watched his hand stroking his shaft while he bent slightly to reach down and cup his balls with the other one. She groaned quietly to herself as her imagery stimulated her even more and played with herself a little harder.

“Do you like watching me play with myself?” She asked him, beginning an imaginary conversation prompted by her growing arousal.

“Of course I do.” His voice spoke back.

“Do you like to see my cunt?” Her need was generating the coarse language.

“Very much. Always let me see your cunt.”

“I will, I like showing you my cunt.” She told him. “I like my cunt to be seen when I’m hot and wet like I am now.”

“Does my cunt look good?” She kept up the exchange in her head, using the ‘c’ word as an aphrodisiac.

Her fingers were now flying over her clit and mauling her breasts, and her hips were beginning to gyrate of their own accord, just lifting her body clear of the bed to give any watchers a better view. In her head Jon was also wanking furiously, his hand pistoning up and down his shaft and little beads of sweat forming on his forehead. She watched him in her mind, wanting to feel again that rain of cum falling on her skin when he came.

“It looks fabulous; any man who saw it would want to fuck it.” Jon’s voice spoke to her again.

“Any man?” Jon’s image nodded behind her tightly closed eyes.

“Then perhaps more people should görükle escort see it. Can I show it to other people?” Jon nodded again and suddenly her imagination conjured up several more men, standing to either side of Jon, all naked and all sporting rigid erections.

“Oh, that’s better.” She felt a real thrill from her imaginary shamelessness and she strained her legs wider open to please her make-believe audience, alone and safe in the privacy of her own home. Now, indulging her fantasy further, her new spectators began to wank, matching their speed to Jon’s.

She was no longer rubbing her clit with one fingertip, now, without even thinking about it, she had gone to two fingers, trapping her little nub between them and rapidly brushing it from side to side. Her other hand was now concentrating solely on her left nipple, rolling its length between finger and thumb while tugging at it mercilessly. It hurt, but the pain was good, taking her to greater peaks of arousal. She wanted to be even more blatant in her display.

“Can you all see?” She asked the viewers, who dutifully nodded.

“Would you like to see my bum?”

She didn’t even wait to imagine the answer, but pulled her legs right back, rolling herself backwards to expose her bottom to the bedroom. Then reaching down she pulled open her cheeks with two of her fingers while stroking her little anus with a third. As she ran her fingertip lightly over her little puckered hole she could feel the wet slipperiness of the lubricant that had trickled down from her pussy. She was surprised just how erotic it felt to play with her bottom, a place she had never associated with sex and a place she had certainly expected to touch in that way. But she enjoyed it, both from flaunting herself so unashamedly and from the actual sensation of her fingertip tracing around her entrance.

This, she felt, was wicked depravity at its best, and her breath was catching in her throat and her heart was racing from excitement at what she was doing. Would she ever, she wondered, have the nerve to do it for a real audience, one that existed in the bedroom instead of just in her head? She thrilled and shocked herself by hoping that one day she would.

“Will you cum all over me?” She asked soundlessly, the thought of being covered in cum causing her own orgasm to start to build.

“Make sure you shoot some on my bum hole.” She couldn’t explain, but the idea of hot cum, even imaginary hot cum, trickling around her crack and over her anus was so very exciting. Her bottom had suddenly become the temporary focus of her attention.

For a little longer she lay curled back, holding her cheeks apart and running her finger tip over and around her anus, but then, as the position eventually became uncomfortable she relaxed a little and let her feet descend back to the bed, her hand returning to her pussy.

Now she was too hot, too urgent, to play gently with her clit. She needed some way to demonstrate her arousal to her audience, some way to show just how stimulating she found their make-believe presence. So instead of tracing their path all the way up to her clitoris she stopped her fingers at her vagina and plunged two of them deeply into her passage, burying them in her wetness right up to her knuckles.

She cried out, both in her fantasy and in real life, the sensation too powerful to ignore. Her orgasm was getting closer, the fire burning brighter, spreading its warmth right through her being. She was beginning to be familiar with the sensations of an approaching climax and she knew that it would not be long before it overwhelmed her, and that very soon her fantasy audience would see her as she wanted to be seen, jerking and bucking out of control in a full force orgasm.

She looked back to her watchers behind her eyelids, anxious to be sure that her fantasy was holding and that they were still looking at her. They were there, still staring openly at the junction of her widespread legs, where her fingers were plunging impatiently in and out of her sopping wet pussy.

Not only was she still being watched, but there were now more faces watching her, not men this time, but women. The men watching now each had a naked woman standing beside him at an angle, their eyes watching Julia at play while their hands reached across to their partner’s cock. She didn’t notice that Jon had gone, faded from her mind with the delight of having a larger audience.

Where the women had come from Julia had no idea, she was sure that she hadn’t deliberately conjured them up, but for some reason she found displaying herself to a mixed mental audience was helping the growing strength of her impending orgasm. Even so, she wondered what they were there for and what they were supposed to do.

“Are you going to fuck?” She asked them soundlessly.

“Would you like us to?” The chorused reply came back as a question.

“Can I watch?” She asked.

This time they nodded, smiling eagerly, and bursa escort went to lie on the beds that had appeared either side of her own.

There was no foreplay in her fantasy, the women simply lay down and opened their legs ready to receive their men, lying parallel to Julia and turning their faces towards her so that she could se their expressions. The men now took up their positions between their partners thighs and smiled questioningly at Julia as if asking her consent to continue.

“Don’t ask, just fuck. I want to see you fuck.”

It was true; she did want to fantasize about seeing others fuck. Not only that, at that moment she realised just how much she really did want to watch other people, and how much her exhibitionism was coupled with a definite voyeuristic streak.

She had slowed her movements almost to a stop as her mind adjusted her fantasy, but now, as the men pushed themselves into their women, her fingers began once more to plunge forcefully into her pussy. She turned her head from once side to the other, watching each couple in turn, seeing the men rising and falling on top of their partners as they drove into them. She could see that the women lay passively accepting the cock inside them, looking towards her, but lost in the pleasures of being fucked, their mouths slightly open, and with their arms wrapped tightly around their man. The image excited her and she plunged harder and faster into herself, her orgasm building once again.

Julia watched her fantasy unfold, wondering what she would see next, but at the same time knowing that she was in control and that she could direct the action. With this in mind she tried to steer her visions in the direction she wanted, to make the couples’ turn on the bed so that she could see the man actually entering the women and watch their cocks thrusting in and out of the imaginary pussies. But for a while the phantom lovers resisted, doggedly staying parallel to her, letting her see the movements but not the penetration.

“Let me see.” She demanded mentally, but her characters ignored her, continuing to fuck alongside her, showing signs of approaching orgasms but no sign of letting her see what she needed to.

“Come on. Let me look at your cunts.” She didn’t even realise that she had addressed her demands directly to the women.

That seemed to make the difference, although she had no idea why, and figures finally complied, all turning so that she could see up between their legs, up where cocks pushed their way into cunts, flexing and pushing at pussy lips, slipping, sliding in and out, thrusting hard, gentle, slow, fast, a complex of all varied kinds of intercourse surrounding her, reminding her of what she had missed out on over so many years.

“Don’t worry, it won’t happen again. I’m gonna fuck all the time now.” She told them, as if they wanted to know and could understand.

She looked inside her head at the myriad of wet pussies, distended by the hard cocks that pounded into them, revelling in her new found mental freedom, pleased to watch and be watched as she worked herself nearer and nearer to cumming. God, but his was good, she couldn’t think of anything that would make her hotter, except maybe having Jon actually and really watch her do it to herself, just as he had wanted.

Then perhaps she could share the excitement and have real sex in the company of others, let real people see her in the throes of orgasm and watch others equally out of control. With her heart pounding and her breathing heavy from this new thought she took a last mental look at the people fucking beside her bed and went for broke, fingering herself madly and talking out loud instead of just within her head, intent on making herself cum as strongly as she possibly could.

“I’m going to cum soon.” She called out, plunging her fingers into herself with an audible squelch.

“Watch me cum, look at me when I cum.” She was shouting now.

She hooked the tips of her fingers, instinctively knowing that raking her fingertips along the roof of her passage would intensify the sensations. With her fingers now squirming madly away inside her Julia began to rub the heel of her hand against her clit, combining the two best sensations and bringing the intensity of her pleasure to new heights.

“My Lord!” She gasped the words, her hips rising from the bed.

She looked at her fantasy companions, satisfied to see that they were all staring straight at her, watching her cum even though they too were juddering and jerking and their own climaxes were obviously about to engulf them.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, look at me, I’m cumming, keep looking.”

Her pelvis jerked uncontrollably, her toes curled, her heels dug in, and her back lifted from the bed as her orgasm finally exploded inside her. For what seemed like eternity wave after wave of ecstasy rolled from her pussy to engulf the rest of her. No longer could she make intelligible sounds, but she just moaned and grunted as the power overwhelmed her senses. Her body strained in an arch, only her shoulders and heels touching the bed, while her fingers still pistoned in and out to feed her climax. Her face went red, muscles stood out all over her body, and her free hand scrabbled at the bed, looking for an anchor to secure to.

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