The Journey Begins


Trish sat nervously in her car constantly looking around in case she missed him. It wasn’t too late to change her mind. He’d sent her a text an hour ago asking.”Are you sure? She’d replied without hesitation.”Of course, can’t wait xx.”It was just for a drink and a chat, although she’d already told him everything. She was fifty-eight, married for thirty-three years, and never looked at another man but now she wanted to be spanked, which was so easy to say in an email or a text. She got so turned on talking about it, it was all part of the fantasy but now it was becoming real. She crossed her legs slightly, the dampness that she felt all morning was increasing as every moment ticked by. He probably won’t turn up it’s all part of the game; I can go back to my boring husband and sexless marriage and forget it ever happened, she mused, torn between wanting him to see him and hoping that he wouldn’t turn up.She looked up and saw him walking up to her car, he wasn’t classically attractive, had greying hair, was slightly overweight and his glasses masked his brown smiling eyes. Mike was a former teacher who described himself as average, slightly overweight, rapidly approaching sixty with a penchant for spanking ladies’ bottoms. . It wasn’t the most appealing of profiles, but she loved his honesty and gentle humour. She’d spent the last month chatting online, occasionally flirting enjoying the feeling that someone was genuinely interested in her. He hadn’t pressured her into discussing her desire to be spanked, in fact, he never mentioned it until Trish broached the subject.”I’ve always been fascinated by spanking!” she blurted out one evening.”I know you are.” was his calm reply.”How could Sex hikayeleri you know that? I’ve never told anyone?””We’re on a spanking website. I guessed it was something that might have piqued your interest.”Trish looked at the screen mortified. She’d got so caught up in chatting about her mundane life and listening to Mike’s rather more interesting day that she’d forgotten how they’d found each other.”I suppose that’s what you’ve been thinking all along?” Trish was angry more with herself than with Mike”What have I been thinking?””That you can’t wait to get me over your knee and spank me and screw me afterwards like I’m some sort of cheap tart who’ll do anything you want.” She retorted petulantly”I don’t think you’re a tart, but I do want to spank you” Mike replied as calmly as ever.”And the, err, other?’ Trish was regretting her choice of words.”What happens afterwards is entirely down to you. It depends on how you feel. How does the thought of it make you feel?”Trish knew exactly how it made her feel but telling him how she felt was something she couldn’t admit to anyone not even herself so she just stared at the screen lost in her thoughts.”How long have you been interested in spanking?” Mike’s words on the screen roused her from her reverie.She answered almost without thinking as her thoughts were very confused.”Ever since I was at school when my friends got spanked and slippered and a few girls got caned, they told me about it in great detail.””But you never did?””I was a goody two shoes,” Trish replied, “suppose I still am so I threw a ruler at a girl in front of me in the hope that I’d get spanked, but hopefully not slippered or caned, but because I was normally Sikiş hikayeleri so well behaved I was let off with being shouted at by the headmistress.””I think I would have preferred to be spanked,” Trish remembered ruefully.”Why?” Mike’s concern was genuine as Trish told him more about her thoughts, more than she’d ever told anyone.”It was horrible being shouted at and made to feel like a stupid little girl who’d let herself down which is why I never stepped out of line again.”A barrier seemed to have been lifted as Trish asked if in the unlikely event that they met how she would be spanked.”Naked??’”Mike could hear the shock as she typed. It was always the same. The details always came as a shock even though they always knew of the possibility. He had spanked quite a few women over the years a lot of them married and ‘just curious’ All had previously read up that most spankings tended to be ‘on the bare’ They all just needed clarification and reassurance. Mike was sure they would have been disappointed if he’d suggested otherwise. The ‘being completely naked’ was Mike’s particular choice, He enjoyed looking at naked women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. In Mike’s eyes, there was no such thing as an ugly woman. It also helped that every time it always turned into a sexual encounter”Why?” Again, her curiosity was roused.”So, I can see how red your beautiful bottom goes.” Trish squirmed on her seat gently easing her hand down her jeans to feel the warm wetness between her legs.”Why do I have to be fully naked? It’s just my bottom you’re spanking?” Trish asked if only for confirmation.”It’s a mixture of reasons. It creates embarrassment which heightens your emotions, Erotik hikaye I’m spanking you so it’s my rules, and who wouldn’t want a naked beautiful woman across their lap.”Trish didn’t know what to say so just said.  “Oh, I see.”That was a month ago and now they were here and she was watching him walking towards her, torn between a desire to start the engine and drive away or start a journey of discovery. She kept telling herself she only wanted to know more about what had become her obsession. She chatted with him most days either online or on the phone. She wanted to know all the details over and over before rushing off to masturbate as his words worked her into a frenzy.I’ll just stay for a drink and a chat, it’s no different from talking on the phone.Trish jumped out of the car and smiled nervously at him, holding her hand out. Mike ignored it and leaned in and kissed her full on the lips.Trish gasped and turned scarlet.”I don’t want to have sex with you she blurted out. I’ve never even kissed another man only my husband.””Of course not.” Mike smiled warmly at him, “I know you’ve told me. We won’t do anything you don’t want to?” His eyes showed genuine concern at her ongoing embarrassment.”We won’t do anything you don’t want to do?” He repeated himself leaving the unspoken question hanging in the air and squeezed her hand reassuringly. Trish smiled weakly feeling her face burn under his gaze.He leaned in and kissed her again she responded eagerly despite her previous protestations, their tongues exploring each other mouths.”Oh wow. I didn’t mean to, I… Oh gosh.” Trish stuttered.”Shall we get that drink?” he said squeezing her hand warmly.He ordered her a glass of Rosè wine. “How did you know I liked Rosè?” She queried.”You said it was your favourite I remembered, I’ve listened to everything you told me, what you like, what you want, your fantasies, your desires, and also the fact you like Rosè wine, it helps you relax.”

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