The Interview


It all began the summer I graduated from high school with no real skills and no opportunities to go to college or university I had to find a job that would pay me well enough to move out. My Mom had heard through her network of widowed, divorced or single girlfriends that a recently widowed Contractor was looking for an Office Manager and because he couldn’t pay much she suggested it might be a job I could put on a resume later on. I had to agree, working as a cashier at Pick N Save or the local Burger Barn didn’t qualify me for much. How hard would it be to answer the phone, respond to emails and handle the daily journal for him, it sounded perfect for me. I had no idea how my life would change by my exposure to Sebastian but it soon became a journey to finding my true self.

Dressing with a little extra care the morning of my interview I heeded my mother’s advice. Looking into the mirror one last time before leaving I amazed myself at how well I looked, my honey blonde hair held back in a roll with curled tendrils framing my face. It was the first time in my life my mother had convinced me to do my hair in a french roll. I had to admit the hair style suited me. I put on a little eyeliner with mascara to highlight my blue eyes and just a little lip gloss on my mouth. I wore a pristine white blouse, a short navy blue skirt, garters with stockings and black pumps. I had to admit I liked my new style it gave me the look of maturity. In a shameless moment I removed my thong and bra before I left my room. In my mind there was nothing sexier than a proper prude in public and cock whore behind closed doors. My mother approved of my outfit then wished me luck as she sent me off to my interview. It was one interview I would never forget.

My interview with Sebastian Jennings was set for late in the day, I was his last appointment and if I didn’t have the job when I walked out I was bagging groceries for the summer. I was confident I could handle the position; wasn’t it just answering the phone, monitoring the website and answering emails, social media that was a daily routine for me to twitter, instagram and facebook so I could spent a few extra minutes to promote the company. I also knew most companies had accounting software and all I had to do was enter the numbers accurately and it did the rest. This was a breeze job and although the money wasn’t great, it wasn’t going to be that hard.

Jennings Contracting was located in an industrial park on the outskirts of town. It was Friday of a long weekend and the parking lot was empty. I entered the office to find it deserted except the office in the back with the name Sebastian Jennings on the door. I walked towards the deep southern drawl and popped my head into see a broad shouldered man clad in plaid flannel and denim on the phone. My eyes locked with his penetrating green eyes. I felt a tingle down my spine as his eyes pierced my soul. His greying hair at the temples made him look dignified, but it was his deep infectious laugh and smile that made me grin. I felt drawn to the man sitting behind the desk. I stepped back so as not to intrude on his call and waited patiently for him to acknowledge me. Hearing him end his phone call, I knew I would have to face him again. I could barely contain myself as I thought of ways to get his cock in my mouth.

“Come girl.”

I walked into his office my eyes focussed on him wondering if he wanted me as much sex hikayeleri as I wanted him. He motioned to a chair across from him. I sat with my knees together and my hands folded in my lap, I didn’t know why I did but it felt right to be very proper with him. After he introduced himself he spoke at length about the company then covered what I thought my duties would be then he went on to ask that I make and bring him his coffee, get lunches and occasionally accompany him on business dinners. All his requests seemed easy enough since he was buying the coffee, lunches and dinners, accept one.

“Mr. Jennings, sir.”

“Just Sir, little one.”

“Yes Sir,” I corrected myself then went on to say, “I would be happy to go with you on business dinners however I don’t make enough to buy the expensive clothes that would make me fit in.”

“Then if you agree to my dress code for the office I am willing to give you a clothing allowance and if I have your measurements then I can buy you garments I wish you to wear when out with me.”

“Yes Sir,” I smiled wide as I said. “I agree.”

This was turning out to be a very good job for me, okay he was a bit sexist but I could handle it if the job was easy and the pay was good.

He passed papers across his desk for me to fill out and sign, insurance, tax forms and filled out a card with all my pertinent information in regards to sizes likes and dislikes, in some places the questions became quite personal but I filled them in like he asked. Sliding the papers backed to him he looked them over before he slipped them in his desk drawer, then he stood and walked around to sit on the edge of his desk in front of me. Sebastian was tall and the bulge in his jeans excited me as I thoughts of all the ways I wanted to fuck that cock.

“Any questions Girl?”

“Only one Sir.”

“Which is?”

“May this Girl suck your cock?”

I couldn’t believe I said that, what was I thinking? How could I be so stupid, oh my God he must think me a whore but damn I wanted his cock deep within me.

“Why do you want it?”

“I have been thinking of it since I walked into your office.” I must have terets or asbergers or something I thought as I kept telling him things I would never normally speak out loud. “I can only imagine the taste of it, the feel of it as it grows long and hard in my mouth, the heat of your salty cum as it shoots deep down as my throat muscles constrict around you.”

His hand reached out and stroked my cheek. I melted into his touch. I looked into his eyes and got lost in their deep green. I heard him ask.

“Are you a cock slut?”

I felt my heart pound in my chest, my breathing became shallow, my clit was beginning to throb as I thought a split second about it. I couldn’t believe my answer, it was so not me.


“Remove your blouse and skirt then kneel before me.”

I did as I was told and stood in nothing but my stocking and garters, having left my underwear at home.

He nodded his approval. “The slut knows what the Master wants.” He stood then dropped his pants and boxers to the floor. Leaning back against his desk he motioned to his engorged penis.

“Feed yourself Kitten.”

Unable to control myself any longer I lowered myself to my knees then took his cock in one hand and the other hand grasped his scrotum. My fingers gently squeezed, stroked and rolled sikiş hikayeleri his balls as they became engorged with his cum. My other hand guided his cock to my mouth. I heard myself groan softly as my lips kissed the tip of his cock. My tongue slide around the head and along the crevice then lower down to lick beneath the cap. My lips and tongue slipped and suckled the tip for several minutes. I felt his fingers twisting in my hair as he arched backward, shoving his cock in deeper.

I grasped his hips as my mouth opened around him and I drove my mouth down around his cock. I heard myself gag and snort as my mouth slide noisily back and forth, up and down his cock. I kept ramming my mouth further and further down around his cock as the head pushed deeper into my throat. Oh he felt good and fit so snug, I was in heaven sucking his cock. My throat muscles constricted around him as I fucked his cock. My hand grabbed the flesh of his ass as I heard his moans his body began to tense. Slamming down over his cock again and again until his hands shoved my face into his groin as he shuddered squirting his semen deep into me. I gently sucked as his cock spilled all of his seed out and I took the last of it, my tongue sliding, cleaning his cock. He tasted so good and kneeling like this before him felt so right.

When I was finished I looked away from him, I was unsure what to do I was still horny and wanting a release but I also felt embarrassed, confused by my actions but I wasn’t ashamed of myself, sucking Sebastian’s cock felt so right to me. I waited as he fixed his clothing. I stayed where I was, waiting for him to give me directions, I didn’t know why but being this way with him felt normal.

He moved back behind his desk and took his seat then began writing on a piece of paper. Without looking up he said in a voice I would not dispute, “Kitten relief yourself while I finish this list of office duties for you.”

I had a crooked little grin on my mouth as I took my time playing with my breasts, pulling and twisting my nipples until they were stiff erect and sensitive to the touch. I slowly moved my hands down my body the fingers on one hand spread my lower lips apart as two fingers from my other hand slid over my throbbing engorged clit. I felt how wet I was down there and slid my fingers inside. I heard my moan of sweet pleasure as my pussy hugged my fingers.

Spreading my legs wider I leaned back so he could watch as I fucked my pussy with two fingers then three finally four fingers were in me thrusting deep and spreading apart as they came out. I could feel my body tense my clit felt hot and ready to explode. I looked up at him and saw he watched.

“May I cum Sir?”

“Come sit here.” He pointed to his desk in front of him.

I placed myself on the edge of his desk and my feet on his chair. I slid two fingers in my pussy then wiped them on his lips. He captured my fingers and sucked them clean. His tongue licked every inch of my fingers. He pushed me back onto my elbows and then he clamped his mouth over my clit and began to suck and lick. I gasped loudly at the sensations his tongue sucked from me. My hips swivelled and pushed forward into his mouth. One of his hands grabbed my breasts and squeezed it roughly. I squealed my delight.

My head falling back I got lost in the feelings he was conjuring with his tongue then his fingers. I lay back sex hikaye on the desk and pushed my ass to the edge. I felt his fingers wet with my pussy juices rub probe and massage my anus. My hands moved to grasp his head to hold him tight against my swollen clitoris.

He never moved his head, his tongue kept up its assault on my clit as one hand opened the bottom desk drawer and pulled a pair of handcuffs from it then Sebastian put them around my wrists. I wanted to struggle but I could feel my body begin to tense as it was close to peaking with an orgasm.

Standing suddenly he pushed his chair back then pulled me from the desk top. Turning me around he pushed me back down on the desk with my arms outward. Roughly kicking my legs apart I could feel him positioning himself behind me.

His work roughened hand stroked my round plump ass cheeks. He bent over and kissed the tops of each cheek then kissed a trail up along my spine until he got to my neck. I felt his warm breath on my cheek, inhaled his male scent of leather, machine oil and dirt, I shivered with anticipation as his hand rested on my ass.

“Kitten I am about to make your ass mine.” Grabbing my hips he positioned himself behind me then spread my cheeks with one hand as his other hand guided the tip if his cock into my anus.

“Do you wish to be fucked like a nasty little slut?”

My hips were gyrating and my vaginal muscles were constricting with need, I was panting for air as my body cried out for release. Turning back to him I saw his look that said regardless if I wanted him or not his cock was going to have me. That look excited me more as I responded breathless and quietly. “I am for your pleasure.”

What was I saying? I wasn’t for anyone, I wanted to be considered a strong independent woman. I screamed loudly as his cock thrust deep into my ass and held there for a moment before moving slowly within me. I felt my ass adjust to his length and girth as he pushed in further and further. Oh God he felt good, with his hands on my hips as he thrust forward into me. I could feel myself thrusting back into him taking his cock in so deep. My legs began to shake as my racing heart pounded in my chest, my clit throbbed as it prepared to explode. The pressure of his thrusts drove my body into the desk. I knew I was close to orgasm as my handcuffed hands managed to grasp the edge of the desk and hold on as he rammed home his cock.

Suddenly my back arched and my ass slammed back into him as my anal muscles clamped tightly around his cock. My ass pumped him as if it had always done this, suckingevery last drop of cum from him. I turned and fell to my knees and began licking the juices from his cock and the last of his cum. Finishing I looked up at him.

“That’s a good Kitten, now dress and I will see you Monday at 8 am.” He handed me the slip of paper he had prepared for me and left the room.

I stared at his back for a moment not sure what had happened but as I stood and dressed I looked over the paper he handed me; it was a list of duties and preferences for my office dress. At the bottom of the note read, ‘Salary is to be negotiated based on your job performance. So far your performance is exemplary.’

I smiled as I folded and slipped the paper into my purse. This job was turning out to have more perks and benefits than working anywhere else in town. As I went to leave the office Sebastian handed me an envelope. Looking up at him as to inquire what was in it he said.

“You will find instructions for this weekend and Monday.”

He leaned forward and placed a kiss on my forehead, “I will see you Monday.” He traced my lips with his finger. “I will use your mouth often Kitten.”

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