The Instagasm Device, Chapter 1: Clerical Trials

Self Shot

Lizzie had always been a bit of a pervert. Someone who enjoyed watching men jerk off, especially in inappropriate contexts. As a teenager, she once caught her stepfather jerking off in the living room, and it had been a moment of sexual awakening. He never knew that she had seen him, but she had that scene emblazoned on her memory, and it was the subject of not a few late-night masturbatory sessions of her own, even into adulthood.Another thing about Lizzie, she was quite smart. Having attended one of the most prestigious Catholic girls schools in the Northeast, followed by an accelerated joint Bachelor and Master’s degree, she had recently graduated with her PhD in applied biochemistry, and was well on her way to becoming a preeminent researcher in the growing field of human sexual neurochemistry. She had high aspirations, and hoped that one day, every sexual neurochemist in the field would know the name Dr. Elizabeth Bordeaux.She worked for a big Boston-based mega-corporation with a variety of divisions, from pharmaceutical research and development to investments and acquisitions. She spent most of her nights working in the human sexuality lab with her fellow researchers. Her two lab-mates both only had their master’s degrees, and they both clearly resented her for being the lab favorite. One of them, Benny, kept hitting on her. Ordinarily she’d have fucked him immediately and then ghosted him, but she had to work with these people, so she settled for wearing revealing clothing but consistently ignoring him, and then secretly fantasizing that he was jerking off to her.Over the past several years, their lab had been working on developing the “next Viagra.” Always a market for new ways to get off. Not that Lizzie minded. This really was the dream job. She got to use her professional expertise and intelligence while constantly working with penises in various states of sexual arousal. She only wished it was ethical to covertly watch their late-stage test subjects as they attempted to jack off in the sterile room down the hall, dosed with whatever newest drug cocktail the lab had devised.Their latest trial involved studying the patterns in the electrical signal in people’s brains as they became more sexually excited. They had discovered a fairly universal signal profile both upon the initial stages of arousal as well as right before orgasm. It was a fascinating development. But designing a pill to interact with a complex electrical neural signal seemed like an endeavor that was doomed from the start.Lizzie Demetevler Escort had been tinkering with the formula on her own for a few months, sneaking into the lab after hours and weekends. She was certain that a pill just wasn’t going to cut it if they wanted to genuinely see a breakthrough in sexual pharmacology. It was about electrical signals, so they should be experimenting with the electrical signals in the brain. Sure, plenty of drugs interact with brain chemistry and change the neural structure and function, but she was sure that the effect could be brought about much more quickly and effectively with an actual electrical pulse. But no one was going to sign off on electrical stimulation as a sexual enhancement method. Not outside the kink community, anyway.But Lizzie didn’t care. She was like a dog with a bone. A thick, massive, throbbing bone… She shook her head to bring herself back to her work. Fiddling with some circuit boards and a variety of spare parts she had scrounged together, she was able to finalize the side project she had been working on.Shaped a bit like a barcode scanner, this little baby she was holding was the key. She was sure of it. But she needed to test to see if the signal it produced actually meshed with the electrical signature the way she had designed it to.Lizzie fired up the imaging machine, placing their electrically-charged dummy in the center of the field, and turned on her device. By her calculations, it should produce the right signature at a distance of anywhere between 15-20 feet. So, carefully placing her body behind the radiation shield, she aimed the device at the dummy while examining the monitors. Pausing briefly to pray that it worked, she flipped the on-switch with her thumb.Looking down at the monitor, Lizzie was shocked and ecstatic to see the familiar pattern begin to emit from the electrical dummy. She flipped the switch to its second position, and sure enough, the pattern transitioned into the desired orgasm signature. She had cracked it!Now that she had nailed down the electrical signature, they should be able to mass-produce this little orgasm generator as the latest piece of sexual pleasure technology. Lizzie was going to be rich! And more importantly, renowned.They would probably need to hone the design a bit. For one thing, if their clients really only wanted a better version of Viagra, then the first setting should be sufficient. Instant boner. But Lizzie was Otele Gelen Escort a bit more excited about the second setting. Instant orgasm. Perpetual orgasm, if you didn’t flip the switch back off.She started thinking about the possibilities for this little miracle cure. Oh, did she have some ideas. It won’t hurt to take this for a little test drive, she thought to herself. They’ll never know. They don’t even know I’ve been working on it. I mean, yeah, technically it was made with company equipment, and technically, in the legal sense of the word, they “owned” it. But it wouldn’t even exist if not for her. And they certainly wouldn’t miss it.As it was, it would be months, maybe years, before this went to human trials. Electrochemical stimulation? Didn’t sound particularly market-friendly. Plus, the whole “it needs to be fifteen feet away” issue. By the time this went to market, what they were selling would be such a hamstrung version of the amazing tech she had designed. It would be a genuine travesty if this bad boy never got to see the light of day.Lizzie was rapidly becoming convinced that it was her moral responsibility to the sanctity of science to test the unfiltered device on some actual humans before the quality assurance and review boards got involved. She packed up her bags, turned off the machinery, making sure everything was back in its proper place, and snuck the orgasm device into her purse as she left the lab.Where should she go, Lizzie thought to herself. It was Saturday, but it was actually pretty late. She hadn’t realized how wrapped up she had gotten in her work, and it was already past 2am. Where could she have some fun? As she walked to the nearest subway station, she decided to call it a night and push the decision about what to do with the device to tomorrow, so she got on the T toward her apartment.This late at night there weren’t a lot of people taking the train, so she was easily able to find a place to sit. She could barely contain her excitement, knowing the power she held in her purse. She was desperate to try it out.Lizzie started glancing around the train. She noticed a few people staring blankly, as well as a young couple that seemed to be headed home after a night in the city. They were whispering to each other, hands roaming over each others bodies, occasionally kissing. The sexual tension was already fairly evident. Realizing that she had a relatively clear line of sight toward the guy, Lizzie Balgat Escort impulsively removed her new device from her purse and placed it in her lap. Carefully aiming it so that it was focused only on him, Lizzie got a rush of adrenaline as she flicked the lever to the first setting.The effect was immediate and obvious. The guy jerked suddenly, bringing his right hand over his crotch as his eyes got wide with embarrassment. His companion pulled back in concern, clearly asking him what had happened. He shook his head, trying to move past the awkward pause, and brushed through the woman’s hair with his other hand.Smooth, thought Lizzie. She held the device steady, knowing that he was still caught in her arousal field and therefore most definitely was still sporting an erection under that hand. The two lovers started making out again, the man getting a bit more comfortable with his raging boner.Lizzie smirked to herself, getting a little drunk with the power she held at the flick of her thumb. She let the two have a few more moments before she couldn’t resist flicking her device up to the second setting.Just as immediate as the first, the man’s expression contorted from casual attraction to that classic grimace that precedes sexual release. His hand still covering his crotch, it seemed that he couldn’t help himself from thrusting against it as he spent himself in his pants. His girlfriend observed the entire event with confusion and slight horror as she realized what was happening.The woman stood up quickly, pulling her hands away from her date. A wet spot was forming at the crotch of his jeans, as the results of his abrupt and extended orgasm seeped through the material. Lizzie released him from the grasp of her device and he slumped over, panting, as Lizzie quickly slid it back into her purse, biting her lip with devious excitement.Damn, she thought to herself. That was so hot.The girl was still clearly upset that her date had just jizzed himself on the train-ride home, and he, clearly confused himself, spent the journey past the next few stops apologizing to her. Finally, Lizzie’s stop arrived, and she carefully got up, avoiding eye contact as she moved past the aftermath of the chaos she had created. It’s fine, she thought to herself. They’ll make up, probably have some steamy hot sex, and laugh about this tomorrow. It’s fine.Lizzie made her way home, replaying the events of the subway in her mind as she walked. She was getting more and more worked up as she thought about it. That guy had no idea why that had happened. Replaying it over and over as she walked, Lizzie was fully on autopilot and barely even noticed that she was home. Turning the key to the door of her apartment, Lizzie stumbled inside. Not caring where she put her things, she started stripping and dropping her belongings left and right as she marched directly to the bathroom.

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