The Hunt Pt. 03-04: Final Meeting


Final Meeting

Recap: The Hunt is an invite-only BDSM event where couples and singles find new partners for the event by playing adult hide and seek with BDSM overtones. Its held on the land of a private alternative lifestyle club in northern Michigan. My wife Harley and I are attending for the first time and after checking in and setting up our tent, Harley had dressed for the Hunt and we made our way to the final meetings before the Hunt starts. Harley met with the rest of the prey at the barn and I made my way to hunters meeting in the pavilion.

We had finished lunch and I sipped my beer while listening to a conversation about different protocols and how to implement them in real life while sitting at a table in the main pavilion when the music started to play with a seductive medley and driving bass undertones. I noticed that most of those around me have turned their attention outside of the pavilion to across the fire area where the prey were making their way towards us. The prey walked in a pack, talking among themselves until they reached the back of the pavilion where they started half walking half dancing in a single line weaving through the tables.

There were about twenty or so prey, mostly women with a few men or gender fluid individuals mixed in. All were wearing outfits like what my wife had been wearing in design and fabric but the colors and details varied to suit the wearer. Some were bright colors, others in paler colors, some had ornate cording, jewels, or other decorations. I was trying to take in the whole ensemble of prey as they weaved through the tables, not one individual stood out, at least not until my eyes fell on the familiar small tanned frame clad in emerald. My wife was enjoying putting on a show as she danced through the tables getting closer to me, touching the occasional leg here, twirling there, or even reaching out to caress a cheek with her hand showing the green wristband on her wrist, green on both her wrists. Well now another surprise, leading up to this event, including the ride here this morning, she said she was unsure about what she was willing to let others do to her. Harley was in front of me now, both my cheeks in her hands as she kissed me on her dance past. Was all that talk about her worry just a show, to see if I knew that she had already sent in her limits list weeks ago? Had she been trying to see what I would say? That little…

That thought was interrupted by another caress of my check, looking up the ivory skin of an elegant arm to the curvaceous women it was attached to and the piercing green eyes that stared at me with a challenge behind them. Her hand was only on my cheek for a moment but the warmth it left behind was still there as I watched her hips and large breasts sway to the music’s beat. Copper red hair pulled up in a ponytail that stretched down to the small of her back with beads weaved into the stands. Her outfit was the same as the others, but in dark purple with silver corded trim that contrasted with her pale skin to make her look almost ethereal. Her lower back was adorned with a tattoo of a Celtic cross with Celtic designs within it and the ends of the cross came to arrow points. On either side of the cross were more matching Celtic knot work designs that flowed up over the curves of her hips and disappeared behind the front panel of purple velvet. Wrapping high around both of her thighs, were tattoos of lace garters with bows on the back and a thin line going down the back of her leg to give the impression of stockings. By now she had danced out of clear view and I shook my head to clear it.

The line of prey had almost all passed by me with only a few left when another caught my attention. She was the third to the last in the line, and what caught me was she was dancing like the others, but she was not reaching out to the hunters, she was dancing for herself and enjoying the music and the movement of her own body, seeming lost in the melody and beats. Her jet black hair was cut short in a pixie cut still long enough to move with her body. Her skin was the color of a desert sunset with hues of brown and gold that set off the red of her outfit with specks of gold that caught the light as she moved. As she approached where I was seated I still could not make out the color of her eyes as they were mostly closed behind long black eyelashes. She was toned like she took care of herself but not so much to be athletic. Her Side Escort breasts were a little larger than expected, but it added to her attractiveness and matched her hips as she continued past me bending and weaving her body to the song. Her whole being emanates confidence and sensuality that kept my attention even as she made her way to the front of the pavilion.

As the prey reached the front of the pavilion where the stage was at, they had split to the left and right and had stepped outside of the pavilion to stand next to the support pillars that surrounded the building. While the parade had been going on, Mistress Thorne and Master Shade had resumed their place on the stage. The music faded and Shade spoke. “Who’s ready for the hunt!” and we all cheered. The crowd quieted back down. “Well then, prey, you know what to do,” and with those words, all the prey pulled the cords on the canvas side walls which dropped down and into place obscuring the outside from view. There were audible giggles from the prey as their shadows disappeared with the sound of their laughter away from the pavilion.

Thorne now spoke.” While we give the prey their head start, we will use this time to cover a few more changes. Since Fox is still recovering from her sprained ankle, running in the woods would be a bad idea, however, she is still more than capable of serving a hunter. So, one of the other prey has her Hunting Permit. If you capture the prey with her permit, then they will give you Fox’s and she will be your capture for the night.

The game area is marked off with bright orange tape and torches on the other side of the barn. This year we are giving you three hours to hunt. Remember to check in with the Game Warden tent near the edge of the forest with your capture so we can add it to the record. At the end of the three hours, any prey not captured will be brought back here for you lazy Hunters to bid on in the auction. There will then be some downtime until it is time to set up for dinner. All prey must be brought back here by six for dinner set up. Master Shade will be holding a cigar and drinks hour during that time so bring your bottle to share with you. Do have anything to add Shade?” she asked her partner to which he nodded no.

She checked her watch. ” Well that about does it and we only have a few minutes left. Grab your gear, the Hunt is on!”


The Hunt!

My collar and leash in hand, I half-crouched behind a large fallen tree. I estimated that about an hour had passed and while I had spent most that time looking and running through the underbrush as I vainly attempted to catch the prey that caught my eye. While the area of the woods was decent sized, there were so many bodies moving around it was a little disorienting. I could make out flashes of people moving through the trees in all directions and I made some attempts to follow a few. Some ended up being hunters themselves, others were prey that out ran me or hid well enough that I could not find them. One particular early attempt is why I now found myself waiting for I had been in active pursuit of a striking blonde in a black outfit when another hunter reached out from behind a tree and snatched her mid-run and wrapped his collar around her neck. Both the blonde and myself were taken aback by this, but it was a valid catch, while maybe a little unfair. The Hunter had offered her to me for some fun, after checking her Hunting Permit, but I was more interested in catching my own and moved on.

As I crept through the underbrush, I had found a few other Hunters that had captured their prey. I had come across the prey in the red outfit with short black hair that had been lost in the music before, now lost in the thralls of passion her arms braced against a tree, her lean body held at arm’s length from the rough bark, as a hunter, a tall blonde man with chest tattoos held the leash taunt to the collar as he pounded her from behind. A little further on, I found a pair of hunters, one female, and one male, both with prey on their knees pleasing the hunters.

I realized that running was not helping, and now slowly picked my way through the woods, careful to look behind larger trunks as well as behind fallen logs. I could hear the sounds of play and sex echoing in the woods which was a little disorienting. I heard some rustling of movement and looked to see a prey with tanned skin, blue hair in emerald green Side Escort bayan running full speed through and around the trees. She looked glorious. Close behind her also at a full run, and looking to be gaining on her, was a large muscular man in a tank top and jeans, one hand held his cowboy hat to his head as he ran, the other held his collar and leash. He was easily twice her size and I could only make them out for a minute or so before they disappeared into the dense wood. There was movement further to the left of where they disappeared that caught my eye, followed by glances of pale skin and purple through the trees.

This new figure was moving slowly and deliberately from tree to tree away from where my wife and her pursuer had vanished. I watched as she got closer to me but still moving off to my left about 30 feet away. I could now make out her red hair pulled back in a ponytail as she looked around and casualty crept through the woods. A loud shriek pierced the woods and her head whipped around back towards the way she had come as she crouched down. With head turned away from me, I figured it was my best shot and started moving towards her, using the trees between to hide my advance as best I could. She had started to turn back towards me and took one step when a loud moan I knew reached us and she looked back again. I was close enough to her now that I could see her mouth was slightly opened as she looked behind her. I could still hear more moans but they were quieter, but my focus was on the redhead before me and moving as silently as I could while she was distracted.

Still looking behind her, I managed to make it to within 10 feet of her, just a few trees were between us, and I peered around the tree I was behind, I was now in front of the redhead and in the direction, she had been walking before she was distracted. This new vantage allowed me to see past the redhead in the direction she had been looking through the trees as they were parted in such a way that I had a clear view far past the redhead to see what she was watching. The purple/blue hair near the ground my wife on all fours in the dirt, the large cowboy behind her thrusting savagely into her. I could make out a leather strap in his hand that must be attached to the collar I couldn’t see around her neck. Her moans were louder, or maybe it was just that I was paying attention now, but I could tell she was in the height of orgasm as he slammed into her, each thrust harder than the last, and with one final thrust, he groaned loud enough to be heard with her moan.

The show over, the redhead started to move towards me again, but her head was slowly turning to look in front of her again. I took this opportunity to rush forward. She must have heard me because she whipped her head forward, her green eyes wide she changed her direction in one step and darted to the right placing the tree she was next to between us. I matched her direction and followed her path that zigzagged and circled through the trees. I was gaining on her, and I could see a grin on her purple lips. The tattoos on her hips came to life as she ran ahead of me and her copper hair flowed around her like fire. So focused on the chase, neither one of us noticed the cowboy, Harley draped over his shoulders, until she came around a large tree and came within a few feet of him. Startled by his presence, she stumbled which gave me just enough time to catch up to her.

As soon as she was within reach I grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards me as I step forward, wrapping my other arm around her waist, pulling her towards me until I press my chest to her hers. She was only a few inches shorter than me as she struggled and pushed off against me for only a moment, then stopped, looked me deep in the eyes as she said “you have me” and I felt all her weight drop. I let her slide down my body until she was kneeling straight-backed before me, her ample chest heaved in the purple fabric as she took deep breaths, with both of her green banded wrists on either side of her head as her hands were interlaced on the back of her head. Looking down at her I focused on controlling my breath back to normal but looked up as I heard a deep chuckle, from the cowboy as he continued his long strides to walk away with my wife draped over his shoulders like an animal. The way he carried her away, the green fabric did nothing to cover her bare ass was completely exposed and Escort Side I could see even at this far distance it was still pink.

So many emotions mixed with adrenaline from the chase pounded through my body, I had no idea what I should feel and was lost in my head for only a moment, then the tug at my belt brought me back to the present and the women now kneeling before me. More to the point that tug was all I felt as she deftly unbuckled my belt, opened my jeans, yanked them out of the way with my boxers and had the hard cock that I had not realized I had between her lips in the amount of time it took me to look down and grunt. Bright green eyes sparkling with lust met mine as my cock vanished into her mouth, her breath still labored from the chase as her breath from her nose was strong enough to be felt on what little of my cock was not surrounded by the warmth of her mouth. She was mine clicked in my head and as she pulled back leaving just the head of my cock in her mouth, I wrapped my collar around her neck, and I swear I felt her purr as I did.

After the collar was latched and locked I reached down under the hair on her back to the laminated tag on the lanyard on her back after our chase. She continued to slowly and expertly take my cock in and out of her mouth as I looked at her tag. At the top was just the large bold number thirteen and the rest was a long alphabetical list of BDSM activities with three columns of boxes after each titled

Yes, No, Maybe color coded green, red, yellow respectively. The other side was the same but with a list of sex acts. Being the first time I had seen these tags, I looked quickly over the sex side of this one, seeing many yeses marked, but specifically saw the ones for “Rough/Forceful Sex” and “Unprotected” were both marked Yes. That was all I needed to give myself over to my inner beast, letting go of her tag I dropped both hands to her shoulders and gave them a push, knocking her back onto the soft dirt and moss behind her.

Her eyes had been slightly closed, focusing on my cock in her mouth, but they flew wide as she fell back in surprise and there was an audible pop as my cock left her mouth. I followed her down to the ground, kneeling between her now slightly parted legs, one hand gathering her wrists and pressing them both into the earth above her head, the other dove between her thighs as the purple fabric that had covered them was now gathered on her stomach, finding my intended target of her pussy already wet my fingers slide easily into her while a moan escaped her lips. I pulled the hand from between her legs and in a fluid motion brought my cock to her pussy and thrust myself all the way into her. Her head rolled in the dirt as she moaned loudly as I filled her, another when I pulled almost all the way out and wait a moment for her head to start to roll forward before slamming fully back into her, rewarded by another deep moan from her.

I let go of my restraint and allowed my own lust and passion take over, letting go of her wrists I wrapped my arms around her soft thighs and held her up as I madly thrust into her. My pace fast and slightly off rhythm as I all I wanted at this moment was to fuck this beautiful woman whom I had captured, putting every ounce of energy I had into that one task. The sound of my hips slapping into hers was echoed by her moans and my grunts to become the music of our fucking that reverberated through the woods. I could feel my orgasm growing deep with me, with all I had left I increase the pace of my thrusts to even a speed and force that I didn’t know I could. Her moans had diminished to nothing more than guttural grunts to match mine, her whole body was convulsing, her legs trembling within my arms but I kept slamming into her until with one final thrust that I held within her, I came so hard that my head fall back and I let out a deep growled howl to the sky.

Completely spent, letting loose of her legs her ass dropped the few inches to the ground and fell to the side as I caught myself on my arms and lowered myself to the other side of her and lay on my back. I lay there, catching my breath once more for I do not know how long and didn’t care as I found peace in the exhaustion that left me without even the energy to think. I was just there, feeling completely alive but drained until I felt the women whom I just claimed in so many ways stir, I rolled my head to look at her and saw she was looking at me as well.

“I don’t know about you, but I could use some water to drink and a shower,” she said. This broke the silence between us into deep full body laughter for a few moments. I got to my feet as I grabbed the end of the leash and we walked out of the woods.

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