The Hospital


As we arrive at the hospital, my friend Brian is in an awful lot of pain. It was obvious that his leg was broken.The ambulance crew took him through to the A&E department as I followed behind.

Because he was in so much pain a doctor examined him straight away whilst I went to the desk to give the receptionist his details. After doing so I was asked to take a seat.

Turning round I saw people sitting there in seats arranged as a square, with everyone facing into the centre but with one side of the square open. In the centre of the square was a small table with magazines placed upon it. Most of the seats seemed to be taken but I spotted one in the middle that was vacant and so I went and sat down there.

After sitting down I looked up, as you do, and surveyed the seats and people opposite me. For a brief moment my eye caught the eye of a woman sitting directly opposite me…about 10 ft away. For a second she stared back and then looked away again. Attractive, I thought. Jennifer Anniston type hair, and although slim, I did notice a nice curve of her ass sitting on the seat. Mid forties maybe…but had obviously looked after herself.

Not wanting to stare I looked away again.

As time went by I kept looking back at her. She had beautiful legs which were crossed over her knee. She was wearing a thin white blouse and a medium length skirt which sat just right and showed just a modicum of thigh.

I was distracted by the sound of laughter, not too loud though, coming from down the corridor. I turned my head to see a doctor talking to a nurse. He had one hand on the wall behind which she stood and was obviously chatting her up. She was quite attractive, also in her forties with a figure that would have been the envy of a lot of women younger than her.

I turned my head back again. Many of the people had now gone but the lady opposite me was still there. She uncrossed her legs and for a brief moment I could see between them. No tights or stockings and I caught a brief glipse of white panties. Such beautiful thighs…and then they closed again.

Time does seem to drag sometimes as you’re sitting there in a hospital waiting room. But not for me as I kept looking back at this beautiful lady.

She began to fidget about a little in her seat, probably through sitting there for so long, then she stood up and walked away…obviously going to stretch her legs. Five or ten minutes passed by and she didn’t return. By now I was getting a bit fidgety myself, and so I also got up and decided to take a stroll. I wondered off down a corridor.

Nothing much to look at in hospital corridors and so you start reading all the signs don’t you. I had gone a fair bit down this paricular corridor which was completely Ümraniye Escort deserted when I noticed an open door. It was only slightly open, but was dark inside. Through what must have been only curiosity I quietly pushed the door open and looked inside.

There she was, the woman who had been sitting opposite me. She was standing in the darkness looking through a window into the next room which was much more brightly lit. From behind her I noticed the movement of her skirt and arm. She seemed to have her skirt pulled up at the front. And then I noticed through the window, a couple in the next room…the woman was leaning forward on to a desk…her white uniform pulled right up over her back. Behind her was the man. His trousers were round his knees and he was obviously fucking her with a passion. It was the doctor and the nurse that I had seen earlier. They were side on as I watched mesmerisied as he plunged his cock into her over and over again.

I looked back to the woman in front of me. Now I realised what she was doing. Although from my position I couldn’t see, she must have had her hand between her legs, fingering her pussy. Her ass was moving backwards and forwards slightly as she surveyed the scene through the window.. She obviously had no idea I was there.

My cock was throbbing like hell as I slowly approached her. I stood behind her, not quite touching her, but she must have sensed I was there. She stopped her movements and slowly turned her head to look at me. As her eyes reached mine our gaze locked together as she recognised me from the waiting room. I placed my hands on her shoulders and began to massage them. I saw her eyes close as she began to finger her pussy again.

Together we both watched the couple through the window, my hands rubbing her neck and shoulders as she continued to rub between her legs. The man in the other room now pulled his cock out of his partners pussy…it was glistening with her juice. We were only about 5 or 6 feet away from them, just the glass of the window in between. The top of the window had a separate louvre which was open and we could hear every sound. Now the nurse was knealing in front of the guy, she had hold of his cock and was sucking on it furiously. We could hear the sucking noises as he spoke to her….” Baby…you do that sooo goood..I never want to take my dick out of your mouth.”

We two were breathing quite heavily as we watched…but not wanting to let them know we were here in case they stopped. Her ass backed into me and I felt its firmness against my bulging cock. A shallow moan escaped her lips as her hand reached backwards to feel my dick pressed hard against her.

My hands came down the front of her blouse to feel her İstanbul Escort ample tits…the nipples were sticking out like pebbles. I squeezed them hard as she pushed her ass back against my throbbing dick. She was bent forward as I pushed against her… I could feel the cleft of her ass as she moved it up and down.

There was a low flat soft topped bench running parallel to the window…I guided her to it.

I pushed her forward and she knelt down on it on all fours ….her hands supporting her body. With my heart pounding in my chest I lifted her skirt to push it upwards up to her neck. Her tiny thong-like white panties glowed in the half light through the full length window. The thin strip of material was pressed into her ass crack. I pulled at it with such roughness that I felt it tear under my fingers as the flimsy material parted from the waistband. I knelt down behind her…I could see her pussy lips…thick and sensual…shaved…

My mouth went to her ass..licking at the crack..sucking and kissing her rounded womanly cheeks. My tongue licked at her tiny asshole, making quick circular movements all around it as my fingers held her thighs so tightly. She lowered her upper body down onto the bench making her bottom spread a little more.. and her pussy more available. Now my mouth came down a little further…down to those luscious lips…God they were so wet as my mouth pressed to them. So smooth and silky…my tongue slipped in so easily as her juice spilled over my face. My tongue ran up and down from her fuck hole to her clit…backwards and forwards making her moan out loud as she pushed her ass backwards into me.

My cock was hard as hell and I stood up and quickly pulled my trousers and shorts down to my ankles. I pressed my dick against her wonderful ass…Oohhh…as I felt the warm touch of her skin. We stayed like that for a second or two…me pressing against her…my prick in her cleft…and she pressing against me.

‘Open your legs’ I said in a hoarse whisper…’I’m going to fuck you now like he’s fucking her next door’.

Willingly she did this and my hand moved my cock down into the wetness. I felt the tip of the nob slide into her lips and then straight into her hole. ‘Ahhgg..’ she gasped as I lunged forward, my cock burying itself right up to my balls. I began fucking her wildly like this…doggy style. In and out my pulsating dick went as we panted and moaned out loud.

I became aware of the couple next door again. They must have heared us through the open louvre in the window and had stopped what they were doing and were looking at us. I stared back at them while I continued to plunge my cock in and out of this wet pussy from behind.

Now she also became Anadolu Yakası Escort aware of their gaze and turned her head to look at them.

We carried on fucking…my cock continued to pound her juicy wet cunt. The nurse in the next room stood up from the kneeling position she had held while sucking his cock although she still had hold of it. Now they were watching us as my dick slid in and out in long hard strokes.

For a few seconds they stared back at us, then she turned around again and assumed their first position over the desk. He now slid his dick deep into her cunt from behind also, and began to fuck her in the same fashion as we were doing. Each of us was looking through the window at the other. My hands moved round to feel her tits…nipples hard as hell. I squeezed and held on as I jerked forward burying my dick even further into her juicy twat. The other guy now did the same as we copied each other..our hands moving round our respective partners body squeezing and pulling and feeling as we both thrusted our cocks in unison into beautiful wet cunts.

Both women surveyed the scene in the other room…. watching as they each saw the other have their ass pounded..and at the same time feeling the same sensations as the other. That wonderful feeling as they felt the tips of our cocks pushing deep inside them as their pussies sucked at our throbbing shafts and dripped golden love honey on to our balls.

The four of us were now making quite a bit of noise. The desk in the next room squeeked as powerful thrusts pushed his dick upwards time and time again.

We heard the nurse’s moans as she approched the climax. They got louder and louder and more high pitched. This sparked off a similar reaction in front of me and both women began rushing towards their orgasms. My lady broke rhythmn and started spasmodic jerks up and down as her moan became an audible whaleing sound. I was aware of the guy next door pulling his cock out and cum spurting all over her bucking ass. I felt myself beginning to cum also and began to pull out. ‘No’ she screamed in a hoarse voice, and reached round to grab my dick. She took hold of it as I started to squirt all over her cunt, and she pushed it all the way back in. Ooohhh…yeeesss…. my sponk pumped out in violent spurts…..her ass meeting my every thrust as I held her hips tightly. Now we both held together…no thrusts…just a tremendous locking of our bodies together…..her ass joined to my loins as the last of my cum emptied into her. I leaned forward, now cupping her breast with one hand. The sweat from my brow dripped downwards to mingle with the tiny beads of perspiration already on her back. One final squeeze on her tits and I leaned backwards again, pulling my dick out. With it came a mixture of cum and pussy juice which oozed from her cunt and down her legs and dripped off the tip of my cock, running down my shaft to flow over my already soaked and matted hairy balls.

Not what you’d expect while sitting in a hospital waiting room.

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