The Hill Family Values Ch. 01


This scenario is fiction and everyone is over the age of 18. This story is also intended to (or at least attempts to) ret-con my story Mother in Law’s Love into this timeline as well.

Barb Andrews groaned in delight as the hot water cascaded over her luscious curves. Her best friend was getting married and she had just arrived back in her hometown for the wedding after a long trip. She was staying at her friends the Hill’s house because her parents were in the process of moving and she didn’t want any part of that. The Hill’s house had the advantage of being 3 doors from the reception hall, so there were quite a few other people staying there as well.

She briefly contemplated masturbating to scratch the itch between her legs but she didn’t want to use up too much hot water. She would find someone to take care of her needs later. That would be easy, she figured. Barb had a body that no one could miss – long black hair, emerald green eyes, shapely legs, round butt, all topped with a large pair of breasts. She used this to her advantage and had long ago lost track of how many men she had sampled.

Sebastian Hill heard the shower start and knew that this was his chance. His best friend had dared Seb that he couldn’t find out how big Barb’s boobs were. Without pausing to think things through, he figured it would be a simple matter to sneak into the room she was staying in, take a quick peek at one of her bras and be out before Barb was done her shower. There was no one else home, so he figured it would be simple.

She was staying in the bedroom next to the bathroom. It was his bedroom in fact, but he had been relegated to a couch in the basement for the duration.

He slipped into the dark room and looked around, hoping she had left her bra on the floor or bed. To his disappointment there was nothing in sight. Taking a deep breath he walked over to her suitcase and flicked the lid back. It was a jumble but Seb saw a bra strap sticking out from under a sweater. Carefully lifting the sweater aside, he stood staring at her black lace bra for a moment before he reached out to pick up the lacy garment. His hands trembling, he turned it over and reached for the white tag, which to his delight read 36H. Wow, he thought, they are really big.

Suddenly he realized that the shower had stopped. Panicking, he turned to run, only to find a towel clad Barb leaning up against the door frame watching him.

“Now what are you going to do with that?” She asked, pointing at the lacy bra he was still holding.

He dropped it as there was a hornets nest in each of the cups.

Barb stood there with no expression on her face as she let Seb squirm. She knew that she should be furious because he was rifling through her underwear and that was just weird. However, she was very horny and, if he was a normal 18 year old, maybe his little indiscretion could be turned into something that could help quench the need between her legs.

“The question is, what are we going to do with you Sebastian Hill? Going through a woman’s underwear. By rights I should tell your parents.”

Seb didn’t say anything. He just hung his head in shame of having been caught. Barb could see he was turning beet red. This was going to be fun.

“Well, why don’t we play 20 questions? I ask you a question and you answer. Truthfully. If I don’t like your answer the game is over and I turn you in. Deal?”

Seb just nodded. He was still too embarrassed to look her in the eye.

“What were you holding when I came in?”

“Your bra.”

“Why were you holding my bra?”

“You have big boobs and I wanted to see how big they were.”

“Why yes I do, thanks for noticing” she replied with a laugh before continuing. “And did you see how big they were?”


“How big are they?”


Barb was really getting excited now. Seb was obviously uncomfortable but he was still playing along. She decided to turn up the heat.

“Has a girl ever given you a blow job?”


“Who gave you a blowjob?”


Ah yes, his ex-girlfriend.

“Didn’t you break up with her a few months ago?”


“Did you guys have sex?”

“No. She wasn’t on birth control and we were too afraid she would get pregnant.”

“I’m on the pill.” she volunteered. “Are you with anyone now?”


“Have you had sex with a girl.”

“No, not yet.” he sighed

“So I guess that means it’s just you and your right hand. And don’t tell me that you don’t jerk off, you’re 18 years old. What do you think of when you masturbate?”

“Girls, sex, you know.”

“Do you ever think of me when you masturbate?”

Seb mumbled something that she didn’t understand.

“Louder, I couldn’t understand you.”

“Yes sometimes I think of you when I masturbate.” He was looking towards her now but his eyes were glued to the tops of her breasts and cleavage.

She snapped her fingers at him. “Hey, my face is up here! Now, How often do you do it?”

He sighed. “Every Alanya Escort escort day. Usually more than once.”

“Have you masturbated today?”

He sighed. “Not yet. Sharing the family room with three other people doesn’t exactly give you a lot of privacy.”

“I’ll bet.”

Barb was getting wet now. He was infatuated with her, horny and a virgin. She didn’t think it would take much coaxing to get him to have sex with her.

“Well Seb, why don’t we forget this little incident. To make sure it never happens again, do you want to see my breasts? Then you can really see how big they are and you won’t need to go poking through my lingerie.”

Seb’s were as big as saucers because one of his favorite fantasies was literally coming true. He just nodded in disbelief as Barb smiled at him.

“However, once I show them to you, I need you to do me a little favor in return.” she told him seductively.

Sen just nodded, his mouth hanging open in disbelief.

“Well, first you need to get undressed honey.”

He was undressed in a flash and as he turned to her Barb smiled at the hard cock jutting from his abdomen. She had sampled so many cocks in her 34 years that she knew at once he was the perfect size for her. Seb was at least 7 inches long, thick, the pink mushroom head glistening with precum. It looked absolutely delicious. Barb could see he was trembling as she walked over to him.

“Well I promised I would show you my breasts and I always keep my promises.” she said as she motioned to the towel wrapped around her lush curves.

Smiling seductively, she pulled out the corner of the white towel tucked between her breasts and with great care began to lower it.

Seb could only watch as this goddess slowly and deliberately exposed herself to him. First he saw the top curve of her breasts, then her pink aureole, hard nipples and finally all her 36H breasts in all their glory.

He went to touch them but she swatted his hand away.

“No no no. You just look now.”

Still smiling, she lowered the towel again to show her soft belly and flower pendent piercing her navel.

“Are you ready for me to take it all off?” she asked softly as Seb’s eyes roamed her lucious curves.

Without waiting for a response she lowered the last bit of towel and presented her smooth, hairless pussy to him.

She heard a sharp intake of breath as Seb stared at the smooth hairless vee at the base of her belly. Taking his hand, Barb ran his fingers over the smooth skin and spreading her legs slightly, ran a finger through the cleft of her labia, letting him feel the wetness seeping from her. She shivered as she grazed her clit, the pink pearl already swollen and out of its hood.

Seb had watched a lot porn in his day but he had never imagined that he would experience anything like this. He certainly hadn’t experienced this with Bethany.

He almost came as Barb brought his finger to her mouth and ran the top of her tongue along it. Savoring it, she moved the finger towards him before he eagerly brought it to his mouth to taste her. Barb tasted fantastic and he couldn’t wait to get his mouth on her pussy.

“You taste so good! Can I eat you out now, please?” he blurted out.

Barb pretended to pout at his suggestion but she was a bit taken aback that he was so eager. And polite. She loved getting eaten out but she had figured most 18 year olds would want to go straight for sex.

“Of course you may.” she purred as she lay back on the bed with her legs resting on the floor.

To her great surprise he didn’t go straight for her pussy. Kneeling on the floor he raised her legs up and placed them on his shoulders to get a better look at her pussy.

Barb’s labia were swollen like the petals of a beautiful flower and glistening with her wetness. He ran his fingers along her outer labia, again and again as he drew closer to her wet core. Barb giggled as he tickled her when he teased her wrinkly inner labia.

His skill was impressive and she couldn’t help but think that he must have spent a lot of time between Bethany’s legs, because he really seemed to know his way around a pussy. This thought was interrupted by the feeling of Seb’s tongue touching her.

“Oh yes” Barb moaned as his tongue slowly moved through her moist cleft from her vagina to her clit.

Barb whimpered as he stopped just short of her clit. Instead of jumping straight in he licked both sides of her hood before going back to slowly run his tongue along each of her labia. She moaned in delight as he teased her.

When he flipped the tip of his tongue against her clit it was as if an electric shock went through her. Her whole body shook from the intensity of it.

“Oh yes Seb, right there. Oh honey, Bethany turned you into an expert.”

Oh fuck, she though as she felt a finger and then another press into her vagina as he began to finger fuck her in concert with his tongue on her clit.

“Oh Seb honey you are going to make me cum if you keep that up.”

Sen Alanya Escort bayan just grunted and Barb threw her head back as his fingers continued to massage the slick walls of her vagina. His tongue was flicking back and across her clit, making her shudder with pleasure.

“Ohohohoho” came Barb’ rhythmic moans as Sebs tongue flicked back and forth across her sensitive pearl. He started to grind the tip of his tongue against her clit and set her off like a rocket.

“YES! Don’t stop Seb, I’m cuuummmmmiiinngggg!” she screamed as her body tensed so hard so thought something would tear. Just as she could take it no longer she felt it release in a delicious spasm that started in her pussy and radiated outward to curl her toes and make her scalp tingle.

Again and again Seb made her body spasm in the throes of orgasm as he continued to thrust his fingers in and out of her vagina. As she came, he felt her vagina tighten like a vice and push his fingers out. With one final spasm he felt her go limp on the bed.

She came to find Seb sitting on the edge of the bed watching her.

“Hi.” she managed to say as she smiled weakly at him, still feeling the effects of such a massive orgasm. “You are something else. Where did you learn to do that? Holy fuck Seb that was amazing.”

“Well, every time I wanted a blowjob I had to down on Bethany in return. I really like blowjobs so I spent a lot of time eating pussy. I guess I got good at it.”

Barb thought perhaps he had it backwards – he got a lot of blowjobs because he was such a fantastic pussy eater. She might have had better oral sex in her life but she couldn’t remember it.

“Well if that’s what you are used to I guess it’s my turn to return the favor. Lie on your back Seb.” she told him as she sat up.

He jumped as she touched him on the thigh. Trailing her fingers across his thigh, she lightly ran her nails over the length of his engorged cock. He was watching with a look of awe bordering on reverence as he felt her touch for the first time. Becoming bolder, she wrapped her hand around his cock, and tugged a couple of times expecting him to erupt. She gently jerked him off for a couple of minutes but he didnt cum for her.

Not bad, Barb thought. He had a lot more stamina that she thought he would.

“Would you like me to play a little more before you do that little favor for me?”

“Oh Barb really?!” he said enthusiastically.

“Ok honey, lie on your back.” she purred

Obediently he lay on the bed while Barb scooted down the bed and got between his legs. Taking his hard cock in her hand, she bent to him and gently ran her tongue along his pink mushroom head, tasting his salty precum. She flicked the tip of his cock with her tongue and probed the sensitive underside. He moaned in delight but he still didn’t cum. She really wanted to taste his cum but the burning need in her pussy was too much.

“Ok Seb, now I need you to do that little favor for me. Will you put this hard cock in my wet pussy and have sex with me? I really want you to, and I know you want to have sex with me.”

He knew this was what she wanted all along but to hear her say it made him so excited that he could only nod in agreement. He had masturbated to this moment too many times to remember.

“There are condoms in my suitcase Seb if you want to wear one.” She remembered his fear of getting Bethany pregnant so she wanted him to be totally comfortable.

“Yes please.” he said to her disappointment. She wanted him to fully feel the inside of his first lover. She wasn’t worried about getting something from him but she didn’t push it.

Barb made a bit of a show as she crossed the room to her suitcase, swaying her ass and hips to give him a bit of a show. She deliberately bent over a little bit more than she had to and spread her legs slightly so he could see her wet, swollen pussy. She knew he was looking at her so she took her time rummaging through before she came up with one of the foil packets.

“Ok Seb, sit on the edge of the bed.” she said softly, “I want to show you the proper way to put on a condom.”

Kneeling before him, she went to unroll the condom over his rigid cock before moving her hand to her mouth and holding the condom between her lips. In one fluid movement she bent her head to him and took all 7 inches of his cock into her mouth. When she came back up she couldn’t help but smile as she left a perfectly unrolled condom on his cock.

She thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head.

“Did you like that?” she asked innocently.

“Hell yes. That was super hot. I never saw that before.”

Barb reached up and touched his face. If nothing else he would always remember that trick.

“Thanks honey. Not too many girls will be able to do that for you. Well, now that you are properly attired, why don’t we switch places?”

Seb sprung up before she had the words out of her mouth, his hard cock bobbing as he watched Barb lay on the bed and put her legs in the air. Escort alanya He was tempted to kneel and taste her yummy looking pussy but the thought of sinking his cock in her wet vagina quickly put that out of his mind.

He was still too far from her, so she reached for his cock and pulled him closer to her until her legs were against his torso. “It tickles” she giggled as she ran his cock around her swollen labia until the tip was poised at the entrance to her vagina. Seb looked at her like he had died and gone to heaven.

“Ok honey, push it in.”

Slowly and with infinite care he pushed his hips forward until the head of his cock popped in. Seb jumped a little as he felt his cock squeezed by the walls of her vagina.

“That’s it honey, your cock is inside a woman for the first time. Just push it in now.”

Obediently he pushed his cock forward, groaning as he felt his cock slipping into a vagina for the first time. Suddenly he could go no further and he was buried to the hilt in Barb.

Barb felt deliciously full as Seb just hesitated to savour the warm tunnel surrounding his cock. He went to pull out to thrust and in his inexperience he pulled the full length of his cock out of her.

“It’s okay honey. Just put it back in.” she told him softly.

He easily slipped back in and made her grunt as he bottomed out against her cervix. This time he made no mistake as he withdrew only half his cock before plunging back in.

He soon found a good rhythm and the bedroom was filled with a symphony of softly squeaking bed springs, gently slapping flesh and low moans as the new lovers became accustomed to each other.

He has some skill Barb thought. He’s not hesitant, oooh and he’s hitting all the right spots she told herself as a wave of pleasure radiated through her.

“That’s it honey, just like that. Oh you are so good for your first time.”

Suddenly she felt a new sensation and immediately knew what had happened.

“Oh Seb honey you need to stop, I think the condom broke.”

She almost broke out laughing at the look of annoyance on his face as he withdrew his cock from her. The condom was shredded and hanging around his cock. Wordlessly he pulled it off and before she could offer to replace it he had his hands back on her and in one motion buried the full length of his cock into her pussy. Seb groaned in delight as he felt the warm slick walls of her vagina surrounding his cock for the first time.

“Oh Barb, this feels so much better. Oh it’s so wet and smooth.”

Barb was thrilled because she hadn’t wanted any barriers between them for his first time.

“You never need to wear a condom to fuck me Seb.”

He didn’t acknowledge her, but Barb knew she would definitely spread her legs for him again. He was a natural and with practice would make a fantastic lover. She hoped he would want to practice with her. She didn’t think any further because she was distracted by the exquisite sensation of his cock plowing in and out of her vagina.

“Oh Seb, honey just like that. You are so good, a natural. If i didn’t know i would never know you were a virgin. Oh right there, fuck me just like that.”

Seb could only groan as her vagina gripped him like a glove. Unexpectedly Barb shifted and suddenly her legs were resting on his shoulders. The new angle allowed him to thrust harder and deeper. The angle also meant his cock was rubbing on Barbs g-spot and she felt her vagina tingle as an orgasm approached.

“Oh seb right there fuck me just like that yeeeeiiiiiiiii!” she moaned as her orgasm washed over her.

Barb’s vagina was spasming from her orgasm and squeezing his cock like a milking machine. He couldn’t imagine a greater feeling as he felt the contractions around his cock.

“Oh Barb, I’m gonna cum.”

“Please honey, yes yes fill me with your hot cum. I want my pussy to be filled with your cum. That’s it honey.”

Seb was grunting and covered in sweat when suddenly he froze. He threw his head back and began to pound into her with abandon like he was trying to push her through his bed. He felt his balls tighten and a gush of hot cum erupted from his cock, coating the walls of barbs clenching vagina. again and again he thrust until he thought he couldn’t take it anymore. With a final cry he drove his cock into her cum filled vagina and just held it there.

He stood above her, panting, glistening in sweat. Barb pulled her legs down and lay them on the bed as Seb collapsed forward on to her chest before rolling on to the bed next to her, panting and his eyes glazed slightly. His cock popped out of her in the process and she had to quickly grab her discarded towel to prevent Sebs cum from flowing out of her onto the bed and floor.

At that same instant they heard the sound of a car door slamming.

“Oh shit Seb they’re home. Grab your clothes and get dressed in the bathroom. Now!” she shouted as he snapped out of his orgasmic stupior.

He scrambled out and shut the door as Barb lay on the bed and contemplated what had just happened between them. They didn’t get to cuddle, but what a fuck that was she thought. And what a lover Seb was. She shivered as she caressed her pussy and thought about the possibilities. She realized she was getting really infatuated with Seb. A knock at the door interrupted her.

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