The Fitting Room

“Come in and see,” she called from inside the fitting room.

He looked up from his phone at the door. This shopping trip had extended way past what she’d promised. There was already 5 or 6 bags at his feet, full of dresses and accessories she would potentially wear to a wedding with her boyfriend.

The two of them had been friends all their lives. Their mothers best friends themselves.

She had convinced him that this would be a quick detour to “find a dress real quick” but it didn’t seem like they were going to get to the movie today.

He sighed as he gathered up the bags and walked over to the door.

The first glimpse made him take a half step backward. He played it cool and dropped the bags as he collapsed onto the bench.

“Well?” She asked.

“Well what?” He replied with a smirk.

“Please stop playing,” She was a bit exasperated. It had been a long day for her also. “How does this one look?”

He almost shot back with his usual, a flippant, sarcastic remark that would draw her ire. Instead, he was honest. “You look good.”

The smile she returned made his heart flutter slightly. Actually, she looked better than good. She was beautiful. Always had been he admitted. Their relationship precluded him thinking of her in that way though. So why did his heart just do that thing?

“I don’t know. I have a few more to try on. Thank you so much for coming with me.”

“Don’t mention it,” he replied a touch sarcastically as he rose to go back out into the store.

“Where you going?” She asked, seeming genuinely confused.

“Back outside. You said you had more to try on.”

“Boy sit down. You shy?”

He sucked his teeth and parked himself back on the bench arms folded.

She turned away from him back toward the mirror and began to shimmy out of the dress. He had seen her in a bathing suit before, so there was nothing exposed that he hadn’t previously seen. But this felt different, almost as if he was seeing her, really seeing her, for the first time.

He took in every inch of her as she reached for the next dress to try on. The curve of her legs to where it met her butt. He studied her stomach up to her breasts; reflected back at him in the mirror. No, it wasn’t just his heart fluttering.

“What?” She asked snapping him from his reveries.

“What? Nothing. Hurry up.” He responded, definitely not meaning it. He was really enjoying the view.

This went on for 3 more changes. Her modeling, the stripping down to her bra and panties before trying on the next. Him taking in every jiggle and quiver of flesh as she moved about the room.

“Can you zip me up?” She was trying on the last dress and he could görükle escort barely contain himself. She lifted her ponytail and leaned her head forward. He stood and walked over to her, again looking at her reflection in the mirror.

He stopped just short of her and took the zipper in his fingers, and let it fall.

“Are you teasing me?” He asked, eyes narrowed.


He took another step toward her. Close enough to smell her perfume and note her quickened breath.

He leaned closer, lips inches from her ear.

“You heard me. Why you teasing me?”

She turned to face him, not putting any space between them. Her breasts pressed to his chest, eyes looking up into his.

“How am I teasing you?”

“Don’t play dumb. You dressing and undressing in front of me. Bending over, your titties hanging out in the mirror. Your ass all in my face for me to kiss or bite on. What’re you doing?”

She smiled up mischievously at him. “I didn’t think you noticed.”

He put his arms around the small of her back and pulled her in closer. She didn’t seem to mind. “How could I not notice a beautiful woman half naked in front of me?”

“Awww, you think I’m beautiful?” Playful smile on her lips.

“You know you are. Stop it.”

The stood there looking into each other’s eyes for a full minute.

“Well?” She asked.

He smiled a little wider and leaned in and kissed her. He pulled back and realized he wasn’t breathing. He opened his eyes and saw the smile was gone from her face. This time she reached up and kissed him, deep. The stood there in each other’s arms kissing and squeezing each other. Sucking and biting each other’s lips.

She stepped back and let the dress fall from her shoulders to the floor. Then she was back in his arms, kissing him again, her hands stroking his beard. His hands found her hips, hooking his thumbs in the band of her panties, grabbing a handful of her butt.

The world fell away as they enjoyed each other, forgetting they were in a fitting room of a store.

She moved her hands to his chest and gently pushed him toward the bench. He obliged and sat, pulling her toward him. She straddled him, caressing the back of his head and neck. A soft moan escaped her lips as she felt his hard dick pressing against her inner thigh. She began to grind against him as his hands crept up her back.

Her skin felt so good under his hands. One at the nape of her neck, the other at the small of her back.

She suddenly stopped and pulled away.

“I want you.” She said breathing heavy. Desire in her eyes.

She stood and began to slowly slide her panties down to her feet.

Taking the eskort bayan cue, he quickly removed his pants, pulling his dick from his boxers.

She stood staring at him for a few seconds.

“We doing this?” He asked incredulously.

She smiled and stepped back over to him.

He maintained eye contact as she climbed back on top of him. She reached down between her legs and gently stroked his dick guiding it to her pussy.

She gasped as he entered her.

They sat still holding each other. He could feel her pulsating around the stiffness inside her. The only sound was of her breathing. He could feel the explosion building, he was so excited. It was a good thing she wasn’t moving, he would cum immediately if she did. He closed his eyes and focused, trying to regain some control over the situation.

After what seemed like an eternity, he felt composed enough to look at her. Her eyes were tightly closed. Her fist held the neck of his t-shirt in a death grip. The other hand had found the top of his head, fingers gently gripping his bushy hair.

“Hey” he whispered up to her.

Her eyes opened with a start, almost as if she’d been awoken from a dream.

She leaned down for a kiss. The hand he had on the small of her back worked its way up to the clasp of her bra. He deftly unhooked it, releasing her full breasts. He kissed the flesh of each before taking one firmly between his lips, using his tongue to trace the outline of her nipple.

“Mmmmmm” she moaned quietly; head tilted backward slightly. She began to rock slowly on top of him.

His hands slid down her back to the curve of her butt. He gently squeezed both cheeks, noting the smoothness of her skin, while he helped her grind on top of him. She smelled so good. She felt so good.

She started to move faster, matching her quickening breaths. She used one hand to brace herself on the wall behind him, using the leverage to fuck him harder and faster. Her other hand went to his neck, and she leaned forward for a wet, sloppy kiss. They sucked each other’s tongues and lips.

“Oh my god. You gon make me cum,” She whispered forcefully in his ear.

He began to meet her thrusts with his own.

“Oh shit.” She said way too loudly. She leaned forward pressing her lips to his forehead to smother the sounds he was forcing out of her. As she built toward climax, she found it harder and harder to stifle her moans.

She came. Pressing her body against his, she let out a guttural sigh, signifying a release of years of sexual tension between the two.

Emboldened and aroused by her orgasm, he gripped her firmly and stood. Turning, her pinned her altıparmak escort back against the wall. Now he was really fucking her, with firm, fast, rhythmic strokes. He felt her nails dig into the flesh of his shoulders. There was no longer any separation in her moans, just a low, enduring shriek that increased in volume in tandem with the budding of another orgasm.

“Pleeeeaaase,” was all she could get out before the explosion inside her cut off her ability to create sound.

He felt her pussy clench as she came for the second time. He could no longer hold back, and he couldn’t pull out.

“Fuuuuck,” he spasmed as he released his own tension into her. His legs turned to rubber and he very nearly spilled the both of them to the floor. He continued to softly stroke inside her while kissing her softly on her neck. She experienced small aftershocks of pleasure as he brushed against her clit

Finally, he set her down and took a step away from her. She was a little unsteady on her feet and she leaned against the wall, eyes closed.

“You ok?” he asked as he admired his work.

“I am now. I’ve been wanting this for a while now but didn’t know how to say it to you. It was well worth the wait, but I want more. Take me home?”

“My pleasure,” And he kissed her on the forehead.

They dressed in silence, stealing glances at each other all the while. They took turns in the mirror, making sure they were presentable to the public.

“We good right?” He asked taking one last look at their reflection in the mirror.

Her response was a giggle and she took her hair down and redid her ponytail. She picked up one of the dresses she’d tried on. “I think I want this one. How I look in it?”

“Amazing, but you really about to stand in line after this? I know they heard us. Well, I know they heard you.”

“You embarrassed?” She asked with an eyebrow raised.

“Not in the least, but when this kinda shit happens on TV, the people leave quietly and immediately. They don’t linger around like nothing happened.”

She sucked her teeth. “Well, decency be damned. I need this dress and I’m not coming back to get it. You coming to this wedding with me?”

It was his turn to suck his teeth. “I thought you already had a date,” the remark was dripping with mock sarcasm.

She dismissed the tone and addressed the words themselves. “I don’t want to go with him. I want to go with you. But I’ll go with him if that’s what you want.”

He turned and looked at her, with almost all of the playfulness gone from his expression. “I’ll go anywhere you want me to. You know that.”

“Yeah? That’s what you better had said.” She kissed him. “Ready?”

He patted her on the butt in response. They got in line to pay, ignoring the eyes and knowing looks of the other patrons in the store. When the transaction was complete, he gathered her bags, she hooked her arm under his and they walked out the door, “just” friends no longer.

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