The Extended Family Ch. 07

Female Ejaculation

We were lovers: Lynn, Karen, Mel — Lynn’s daughter and me, Jim Rice. We were halfway through the summer and I’d had more sex since it started that the rest of my entire life — well, almost. Now we were preparing to give Mel’s new boyfriend a crucial test to see how he responded to that fact and whether he could be open and giving of himself with other people in a relationship and accept that his girlfriend was the same way.

Robbie Winter rang the doorbell. He had a bottle of wine in one hand and flowers in the other. This was a lad worth keeping around I noted as I welcomed in the door.

Mel came and plastered herself against him giving him one of her soul-searing kisses even though they’d seen each other for a couple of hours in the middle of the day. He blushed since we were all present. He presented Mel with the flowers and offered me the wine that I took and opened so we could enjoy it later.

Robbie had not met Lynn before so there were traditional introductions and then Karen was introduced. Robbie looked confused about what the relationship was but thought better than ask for an explanation.

The five of us migrated to the kitchen that was open to the patio and the setting sun. Karen had just started making a salad. I went out of my way to bother her by wrapping her in my arms and kissing her neck. She responded by turning and engaging me in a magnificent couple of French kisses. I could tell that Robbie enjoyed watching us.

Lynn was working at the stove doing some sautéed mushrooms and onions to put on the burgers. I repeated the process with her and she was also passionately engaging in her return kisses.

I thought Robbie’s teeth were going to fall out of his head and his mouth was hanging open as he watched Lynn and me. Karen didn’t appear fazed in the last although she watched us happily. Then we shocked him; Mel came up behind me and turned me around for her kisses. Robbie’s chin was bouncing on the floor.

The four of us went on as though nothing was out of the ordinary — and as far as we were concerned it wasn’t. Mel went back and started rubbing Robbie’s back and just about anything legal. The rest of us kept up the touching and physical contact with each other. Robbie had a huge question mark over his head and his eyes were as big as saucers.

Over wine coolers we had nice chat about Emptive Aerospace and the weather and a lot of other things. Several times, Karen would stand behind Robbie and pull his head back into her body, rubbing his neck, chest or arms in the process. Since she was casually dressed without a bra his head could feel her breasts and whatever else as she did this. I chuckled internally as I noticed the rising bump in his shorts.

After the sunset we ate, cleared the table then re-gathered on the patio to sit and talk. Mel led Robbie to one of the large overstuffed chairs, pushed him into it and then sat in his lap. I could see that she’d removed her bra somewhere between dinner and now. I took my wine and went to the outdoor sofa where Karen came and sat on my lap, and then so did Lynn. Lynn pulled my hand down so I could stroke her breasts; so did Karen. If it was possible, Robbie’s eyes got even bigger as he watched us.

We were pretty peaceful just watching the display of colors the evening sky was producing as the western light faded. The evening was one of those with a spectacular sunset.

Mel took one of Robbie’s hands and thrust it up under her loose top so he had direct access to her breasts. He was a little nervous at first but got used to the idea as he saw the three of us kissing and me loving their breasts beneath their shirts. I think we’d ceased to be parent surrogates and changed to an unusual couple (threesome) that he and his date were with.

Karen whispered in my ear, “Shall we blow his mind?”

I grinned at her and nodded affirmatively. “What are you going to do?”

“Oh, we’ve cooked up a little scheme. Just go with the flow,” she whispered.

With that she stood and walked over to Robbie and Mel. “Hey I want some of that brand of lovin’ too,” she announced and sat down on Robbie’s other knee pulling his free hand to her chest and moving it under her shirt.

I wish I’d had a camera to capture Robbie’s expressions as it flashed across his face. He initially jerked to Mel to see what her reaction was. Mel was nodding and totally cool with Karen’s approach. Then I thought I saw his mouth water slightly, after all Karen was a beautiful busty woman only a few years older than he was that was coming on to him. Then he looked with horror at Lynn and me but we were both nodding encouragingly to him. He went around that circle several times in two or three seconds.

Finally, Mel leaned over and kissed Karen on the lips. Then they both leaned in and kissed Robbie. When I’d been his age I would have exploded in my pants if such a thing happened. Much to his credit he kept his cool.

Mel finally said to him, “We have a VERY open relationship with each other and we share EVERYTHING. So go with the flow Robbie.” escort gaziantep She leaned in and gave him one of those soul-searing kisses we all loved so much. She then turned his head to Karen who repeated the process.

In the meantime, I peeled Lynn’s cami top off so I could have unfettered access to her breasts. The top hadn’t left much to the imagination anyway, but now Robbie could see her magnificent tits and how excited she was. I sucked both of them into my mouth alternately as he ran his hands across Mel and Karen’s tits.

Pretty soon we were all kissing and making cooing love noises into each other’s mouths and bodies. At one point when Robbie was fully engaged with Karen, Mel stood and came over to Lynn and me then sat on my lap. I reached over and pulled her summery top from her body baring her taut chest for all to see; I latched onto her breasts with my mouth and ensured that both nipples were in their most erect state.

When I looked again, Karen was shedding her top assisted by Robbie. He was learning fast. He went in and paid careful attention to her breasts as I nursed Mel and Lynn’s melons.

Karen eventually pulled him up and softly said to him, “We’re going to swim.” She undid his belt and pulled his shorts off. His long pecker came into view standing at a ninety-degree angle from his body. The lad was excited. She pulled off her shorts exposing the rest of her pretty body, grabbed his hand led him to the pool.

Robbie shot a glance back at Mel over his shoulder. Mel was smiling at him and nodded for him to go ahead. He had the look of a kid in a candy store with an unlimited expense account.

Mel stood and said, “Shall we?” Lynn and I stood and the three of us stripped and went and slipped into the pool. By the time we got there, Karen had Robbie about halfway down the pool and was pushing her whole body into his. He didn’t seem to be resisting. I suggested to Mel that she join them, but she shook her head: “No I want to watch his seduction,” she whispered to me with a smile on her face; “besides, we’ve already fucked a couple of times today.” Mel reached down and gently squeezed my cock.

The three of us rubbed and smooth each other and watched Karen and Robbie as best we could in the diminishing light as night overtook the patio. I noted that our neighbors were apparently out for the evening.

Karen coaxed Robbie up on the side of the pool then we watched as she pulled his rod into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down several times before deep-throating him. The whole neighborhood could hear his groan as he blew his load into Karen’s mouth. All the stimulation was too much for him. Karen caught most of it, swallowing his jism. We heard her tell him he tasted good and that she really enjoyed that. “I’ll be back for more of that in a little while,” she said.

At that Mel and Karen switched placed, Mel gliding across the pool and up into Robbie’s arms, licking his dick as she rose out of the water. She pulled him back into the pool and into a full-press embrace with her legs wrapped around his back.

Karen and I planted Lynn the edge of the pool and took turns performing cunninglingus on her. Her moans floated across the pool.

Soon I saw Mel pull Robbie out of the pool and fetch one of the pool mattresses from the storage cabana in the corner of the patio. She lay the mattress down near the pool and pulled him down next to her. I saw him mount her and the two of them started the dance of love.

Karen watched and said, “That’s my cue.” She slid away from us as Lynn and I watched her nubile body emerge from the pool, and dry off slightly with a nearby towel. She slid over to Mel and Robbie, sliding up next to the couple on the mattress.

We could hear her start her “dirty talk” with them almost immediately. I was even chuckling not over what she was saying but over the effect I imagined it was having on him. “Oh Robbie, I love to watch your cock sliding into Mel’s body. I want to feel your cock in me. Will you fuck me Robbie? Will you thrust that rod into my body? Can I have your cum again? Oh, you tasted so good I want more — deep in my pussy. Do you like being here in our little orgy? You can fuck any of us any time you know — we’re all your sluts. We all want to fuck you. We all want your cock in our cunts. My vagina really wants your sperm swimming in it. Can I sit on your face? Will you eat me out while Mel fucks you?”

She got Mel and Robbie to change places, putting Robbie on the bottom. Karen moved over his mouth and planted her cunt squarely on his mouth. We could see him shift into high gear as he started to tongue into her pussy. Mel grabbed his erect rod and settled herself down onto his rod and started a slow up and down motion to satisfy her needs.

Lynn and I slipped out of the water. Much to my surprise, Lynn went over to Mel and kissed her gently. Mel rose off of Robbie and Lynn slipped into position and lowered herself onto his erect cock. Of course, he couldn’t see what was happening escort gaziantep bayan or who was riding his shaft.

Mel came to me and wrapped her body around me. I pulled her to a lounge chair and settled into her pussy with my tongue plunging as deep into as I could make it go. She pulled her legs up and put them over my shoulders and soon had another one of her earth-moving climaxes. She pulled me up, “Come up and get inside me. I want your cock in my puss you sexy man.” I didn’t need coaxing.

I heard Lynn starting to cum over my shoulders. I was close too and told Mel. “Then cum in me,” she whispered, “It’s just what I want from you now. Give it up.” She used her legs to pull me into her from my position over her in the chair. I felt her muscles clench and that was all it took. I fired about a half-dozen strong jets of man-fluid deep into her body. Fortunately, she climaxed with me and we made the appropriate noises and we spasmed our way to heaven and back.

Over my shoulder I heard Lynn finally cum. She had a short series of staccato “Oh’s” and moans that announced she was cresting. Even in the dim light I could watch her back arch. She reached out and clutched Karen, who leaned forward and sucked on one of her breasts. That was the final straw.

Karen was next. She reached down and massaged her own clit as she urged Robbie to blow his load into Lynn’s warm pussy. If he didn’t know who he was fucking before he did now. Karen and Robbie exploded close together, this time with Lynn latched onto one of Karen’s tits. The three of them fell apart and snuggled into one another on the narrow mattress.

Robbie’s voice announced, “This evening didn’t turn out quite the way I thought it was going to.” We all laughed.

Mel said, “And it’s not over yet, Lovers. I want some more of all of that.”

The rest of chimed in that we did too.


Robbie became a regular at the house several times a week during the summer. Lynn, Mel and Karen made him swear upon fear of losing his testicles that he would never say a word about what was going on to anyone. He wasn’t the type to talk about something like this anyway.

One noteworthy night about a week after we had our barbeque Karen announced that she wanted to try anal and double penetration. Mel and Lynn went off with her to talk about the whole phenomena. I took another Cialis and made a trip to the drug store and a couple of other shops along the main drag through the City.

That night as the five of us sat around the living room getting ready to get into things I produced several toys to everyone’s amazement. First I announced that we needed lots of lubrication so I had several tubes of lubricant: Astroglide and two that were flavored in case we wanted to really get into oral sex later. Next I produced several dildos of varying size; the ladies applauded my thoughtfulness. Lastly, I produced a strap-on. The latter produced a lot of interest and holding the dong up to each other.

“Let the evening begin,” I announced. “Who’s first?”

Karen raised her hand. “I think I sort of started everyone thinking about this and I’ve always wanted to … well, I heard it was … oh, hell, let’s go.” She reached out, grabbed my hand and led us all into the bedroom.

After a few minutes of one of her fabulous blowjobs I was harder than rebar. Karen bent over offering me her beautiful bud. I took a tube of Astroglide and lubed up her ass and my rod. The sensation of the cool gel on my dick added even further to my hardness. I moved up behind her and gently massaged her shoulders and hips, just talking to her to relax and release her tension to the world. I could see her body visibly ease.

I rubbed my rod against her slit, probing into her pussy briefly, then pulling out and gently pushing into her tight pucker. At first I thought this is never going to work, then I slowly slid in an inch or two. I stopped pushing and urged her to relax again. This time I pushed all the way in with a hard definite move, pulling her hips into me as I did for added force. My balls slapped against her labia as I bottomed out.

Karen let a little squeal escape from her. “Oooooooh shit. This is … I’m so full. Oh I feel like I want to vacate. Oh I want to push … but I won’t.”

I talked to her softly. “I’m making love to you in a new way. Relax and feel how this way is just new and different. Feel how erotic this feels. Feel how someone is touching some of your new pleasure centers for the first time. I’m going to make you explode in one of the hottest orgasms you’ve ever had.”

“Oh, please, you can start to fuck me now. Fuck my ass. Fuck meeeeee,” She pleaded.

I started my motion, slowly at first so she could get used to it. Lynn slid partway underneath Karen and sucked a breast into her mouth. I could actually feel Karen’s entire crotch contract as Lynn started sucking. Mel sat stroking Robbie’s erection a few feet away on the bed; everyone was watching what we were doing.

Karen escort gaziantep kızlar started swearing and moaning much sooner than she usually did. She started to pound back into me as she yelled for me to pound into her ass. “I love this. I love you ass fucking me. Fuck me harder. Harder.” After a few minutes, she announced through her panting, “Oh fuck. I am gonna cum in a really big way. I can feel the wave … oh shit here it cums.” With that she exploded beneath me, yelling in a frenzy as she collapsed forward into the bed as Lynn moved aside.

She lay panting and covered in a sheen of sweat before she rolled over and pulled me down to her. “Oh God I love you. That was fan-tas-tic!” She emphasized each syllable of the last word as she kissed me.

Mel announced, “OK, I’m next.” She picked up a tube of gel and passed it to Robbie. She rolled onto her stomach and elevated her ass just the way Karen had. The rest of us pulled to one side to give Robbie and her room to engage.

Soon Robbie was plunging into Mel’s ass and all we could hear was Mel panting and moaning and the slap of Robbie’s body against Mel’s ass cheeks. Robbie didn’t have the staying power that I’d had; on the other hand he could deliver what seemed like an endless supply of orgasms all night long. Shortly after the two of them started they both exploded, Mel shrieking that this was the best discovery she’d made all month.

I still had not cum. I looked at Lynn with a question. She nodded and adopted the butt-up position in front of me me. I repeated the process of lubing us up and then massaging her so she could relax.

When I went to penetrate Lynn I slid in all the way with one easy stroke. “Oh, God” she crooned into the bed, “why didn’t I try this years ago. This is … Wow!!” I went gently as I built up, however, she was ready for much harder participation and soon had me banging into her ass as hard as I could. In seconds she was in a sweaty mess, dripping and jetting her girl juice into our union. I reached around to fondle her breasts and found Karen massaging one breast and Robbie the other. “Pinch” I invoked.

We swung into high gear and I pounded into her as she urged me into her, suddenly vocal and talking really dirt as we fucked. “Get in my ass. Deeper. Pound me with you cock. Fuck my ass. Balls to my pussy. Cum in me. More. Deeper. Harder.”

All that just made me want to do one thing and so I did. I told her it was cuming and then I exploded into her dark tight tunnel. Lynn was expert at timing her orgasms to meet mine and she did again. We both collapsed forward into the arms of our other lovers, covered in sweat and the juices from one another. I pulled out and moved between Lynn and Mel; Lynn turned and pulled Robbie into her.

Eventually, Karen pulled everyone down the short hall to the shower and we washed up, reviving our interest in one another as we did. After we dried we returned to the bedroom where Mel and Robbi,e who’d finished drying off before the rest of us, were having a traditional fuck with Mel astride Robbie. We joined them on the bed and fondled one another as I slowly revived.

Eventually, Mel had a wonderful climax that shook the entire bed. The three of us applauded the two of them. They both grinned sheepishly. Robbie explained that he hadn’t cum yet and jerked his hips up into Mel a couple of times to her delighted squeals.

“Oh, wait.” Karen said to Mel, “Can I borrow him for a big cum please?” Mel nodded her assent.

I want a DP — a double penetration. I want both of you guys to cum in me simultaneously. I saw it in a porn flick once and I want to try it while we’re all in an anal mood.” She laughed at the thought of being a porn queen.

I lay down on my back pulling a pillow behind my head. Karen snuggled down and again sucked me into her wonderful lips and proceeded to demonstrate to the rest of us how a blowjob is supposed to be delivered. She kept a running commentary between parts of her demonstration. I was in seventh heaven.

When I was harder than a diamond and the color purple she announced I was ready. With that she came and settled her cunt onto me, sliding down until our pubic bones pushed against each other. She then gestured Robbie to come over and stand over me. She proceeded to fellate him up to full hardness. As she sucked on him, Karen’s drool lathered down on my stomach. I could feel her pussy contracting in sync with her sucking motions; I had to resist just blasting into her based on what was happening right over me.

When she judged him ready, she motioned for him to get behind her. “Do me. Do my ass now.” She passed him one of the lubricant tubes lying on the bed.

In a few seconds I could feel his ministrations to lube her ass and then I could actually feel his rod work its way into her dark tunnel until the two of us were suitably deep into Karen’s body. Throughout his penetration, she had urged him on: “Push into me. Plunge that cock in my ass. Get deep. Put that cock all the way in. Harder. Push.”

We held position for a few seconds. Karen was already dripping with perspiration and we hadn’t really started yet. “Oh shit I AM FULL,” she shouted. She was panting almost uncontrollably, so much in fact that she was barely able to speak her usually string of epithets. She was just panting with her eyes rolled back in her head then she was just able to exclaim, “Now fuck me you guys.”

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