The Dream Connection



After Thanksgiving dinner, finally the visitors are gone, but the dishes… the never ending piles of dishes. Stacked around me, some 8 feet high, piled on either side of the sink… behind me on the counter… never ending…

I set a plate in the drying rack, wipe my brow, and reach into my pants pocket. What’s that… car keys? No…

I look at the object, it’s a small remote control. Blank, one button, pink.

I recognize it immediately, I remember now. An Egg Vibrator… I bought it months ago, we played with it once, had fun and forgot about it. A small vibrator for her, a remote control for me to use at my whim. How did that get into my pocket?

Did she put the remote there? This must be a request.

I looked around the kitchen. Nothing but dishes. 10, maybe 20 piles of plates, each several feet tall. Did we have this many people over today? This kitchen isn’t right, we lived here years ago. But the remote… that’s what matters. Where was she? More importantly, where was the egg vibrator? Inside her?

I clicked the button, which should have turned it on. I heard nothing, no surprise there, it was supposed to be quiet. Where is she? I’ll find here… now, where is the kitchen door behind all these dishes?


After Thankgiving dinner, so much to clean up. All the china to put away… piles and piles of it… how will it fit in the cabinet?

I put a stack of plates on the shelf and closed the door, then turned to look at the rest of the dishes. How many plates? Did we have this many people over today? And the dining room looks different… square, with gray wainscoting, like the house we used to live in… the piles of dishes on the floor surround a round dining room table, like the one that was in the old house when it was staged by the realtors before we bought it. Where is our rectangular table?

A buzzing… soft vibrating… between my legs… what is that?

I’ve felt that before… the vibrating egg. How did that get there? What turned it on… but… who cares…

I remember the egg, we played with it a few months ago and forgot about it. It was a fun thing once I was already turned on but hadn’t been especially comfortable enough to get me turned on… then.

But now it distracts me from the dishes, from the oddly-shaped dining room. The soft quivering between my legs sends a pleasant spasm up my back and a prickling warmth spreading outward from my legs. I step away from the china cabinet, and the vibration makes me feel like I’m floating.

I start to concentrate on the vibrating more, closing my eyes and feeling desire and wetness starting to grow inside me. Where is he? Where is that remote? I don’t want to be alone in here.

The steadiness of the soft vibrations is becoming a little uncomfortable, I want the pressure to show some more variety. I clench and cross my legs a little, trying to control it, and I press my hand to my abdomen to thrust my hips forward and spread the sensation around.

Suddenly, as if I had called for it, the vibrations change… two soft vibrations, a pause, and a sharp, longer one – harsh enough to emit a faint buzz from between my legs. The change in pressure from the vibrations sends a wave of shivering arousal though my body, and I clutch the front of my shirt while I lean toward the back of a İstanbul Escort dinner chair, already shaking with desire, wanting the man holding that remote to find me.


I pressed the button again, then started to maneuver through the piles of dishes. Where is she? Is this remote sending the signals to her, is she feeling the vibrations I hope I’m sending her way? The thought that she had put the egg inside herself and snuck the remote into my pocket was so erotic that I could barely contain myself… that she had been thinking of me, and walking around with the vibrator inside her, not knowing when it would start… I wanted to find her, I wanted her.

But where am I? The dining room is that way… but it’s the kitchen from the old house… so maybe behind that pile of dishes? A door… that’s it… but it doesn’t open.

Where is she? I want to find her, to take her body against mine… my passion for her is growing, my cock swelling as I walk, I need to get through the door… What about this one, to the pantry? I hit the remote once again… still no sound, which doesn’t surprise me. That pantry door should be a pocket door but it looks like it swings… I press and it starts to move…


Leaning against the chair, I start to fumble with my pants as the vibrations shake my insides and weaken my knees. I’m wet, my nerves are on end, I can feel my breasts rubbing the inside of my bra as I twist my shoulders to hold myself up, further raising the feelings of passion flowing through my body.

The vibrations change again, stronger and more emphatic, now one long, strong vibration, a pause, and a shorter but equally strong shiver. As my knees shake I work my pants to the floor and kick them away. My panties vanish, and the chair I am leaning against slips a little. I reach to the table, leaning against it and holding on for dear life as the passion swirls through me. I spread my legs and lean my body lower, desperately wanting the vibration to be replaced by him… his fingers, his tongue, or best of all his cock to bring me to the orgasm I now crave. My breathing becomes heavy, I close my eyes and begin to moan…


The door swung open and I walked into the dining room, not the room I remember, but a square room with gray wainscoting, tall piles of dishes around the room, and a circular table.

But all I could see was her… bending over the table, facing me, looking up at me with panting lust on her face. Her pants were off, her straight legs spread slightly and she was working her ass side to side gently, arching her back so that from where I stood it seemed that her lovely butt was floating slightly above her head.

The remote, the vibrator… I had started this for her.

I pushed the button again as I slowly circled the table, starting to undo my belt to lower my pants and free my hard cock. She watched me with hunger in her eyes, breathing heavily in that tone that only came out of her when she was thoroughly turned on.

As I turned around the table to come close to her, she twisted to turn her ass toward me, and I reached out to brush my hand against her thigh. My pants fell away, and she reached toward my cock, her hand landing on and squeezing my leg.


I opened my eyes and saw him enter the room. “Oh, thank you for Anadolu Yakası Escort coming in here, oh I need you now,” I thought. Being so horny and suddenly seeing him appear sent an electric jolt of desire through me, the wetness between my legs surged further at the thought of what was to come.

He started walking toward me, around the table slowly, undoing his pants and letting them fall. But I was focused on his arms… oh, those glorious, muscular arms. He was wearing a white undershirt and as his muscles rippled I imagined being swept up in them. I remembered how his arms were the first thing I had ever noticed about him and how erotic and safe it feels to be held in them.

As he drew closer to me his pants fell, revealing his hard cock. I wanted him inside me, needed him to connect with me to release the passion surging through me. Seemingly unable to speak, I twisted my butt toward him to signal what I wanted, and reached to his leg, wanting to pull him closer. He touched the side of my leg, moving nearer.


I looked at the curve of her back, her ass twitching at my touch, down at her taut legs, straining straight to keep her butt pointing upward. Her hand squeezed my leg, pulling me toward her, directing my cock toward her. I cupped her butt and squeezed, she spread her legs a little more and hiked her ass a little higher, spreading her cheeks a bit so I could see her glistening, moist pussy. I stared at the base of her back where it met the top of her ass, her tight muscles creating a beautiful curve that make me even more turned on – without words, the angle of her body was telling me exactly what she wanted.

My cock shook in anticipation as I directed it between her legs. The dream of the vibrator was gone, now filling her with my cock was going to deliver the pleasure to her body. Her pussy parted for me as I ran my finger gently between her lips, then pressed it to her clit and slid my cock to where she was spreading herself open for me.

As though a bolt of electricity went through her, she inhaled sharply and further arched her back, her pussy clamping onto me and pulling me in deeper. I grabbed her ass and thrust against her now, no foreplay needed, she wanted raw fucking.

I could feel her insides squeezing against my cock, saw her lean her head back and spread her arms out, heard her start breathing even more heavily… and felt her orgasm quake against me. She shook and tightened her muscles, leaning back to my body, pulling me deeper into her with each thrust.

She was squeezing the orgasm out of me as well, and I pushed harder, fucking her with all my energy, feeling cum and an orgasmic explosion welling up in me.

And I leaned back and exploded inside her, squeezing her ass tighter and pumping my cum past her throbbing insides which held me tight in her.


The feeling of the vibrator was gone and forgotten, and now I reached for his cock which I needed inside me. Wordlessly, I signaled him by turning my ass toward him and pulling him near, his grip on my butt showed he knew exactly what I wanted.

I felt him begin to spread me open, angling his cock to me as I arched my back a little more, hiking my butt up to open my pussy. He slipped a finger across my lips and gently touched my clit, both sending a surge through Kartal Escort me that made my body feel like how a racehorse must feel when the starting pistol is fired – I was ready to explode. The tip of his penis began to enter me, then he pulled his finger away from my clit and pressed himself into me, hard and deep.

I breathed deeply, and could already feel an orgasm building. Like an out-of-body experience, I imagined seeing his body pressing against my behind, the soft curves of my back and ass contrasting with his pelvis and chest straining straight up. I thought of his arms, his biceps flexing and trembling as he straightened up and squeezed my ass.

But his cock… pushing inside me… thrusting hard, slipping into me and being grabbed by my quaking pussy, only for him to powerfully draw back out, slipping out of the grip of my wet insides, then slipping back in in perfect, deep rhythm.

Feelings of sharp electricity surged through my body, the quaking inside me grabbing him even harder. The orgasm caught me by surprise with it’s power, straining my body from my fingers to the bottoms of my feet, feeling it flow as his thrusting cock perpetuated the feeling for several seconds.

As the orgasm passed and the energy drained away, I fell onto the table with my chest, still tightening my legs to keep my pussy at the same angle to his cock, and I began to feel him pumping cum into me as he too came with urgency.

I cast my eyes higher, toward the ceiling, and sighed, wanting to freeze my body and hold that post-orgasm feeling permanently, enjoying feeling his spent cock still twisting against my wet insides.


I woke up with a start.

The dream was still vivid in my head and my legs felt drained, as though I had just been really fucking her. I felt between my legs and was surprised to find that I had not actually come from my dream, but I was rock hard. The whole dream had felt so real that it felt as though I had really lived it, but now I wanted to start again to get the physical release.

I turned over and faced her. She was sleeping on her back, breathing a little more sharply than normal for as deep a sleep she seemed to be in. I thought about waking her up and trying to get her in the mood, but that’s not something that she was ever interested in. She just doesn’t wake up horny.

So I decided to wait until the morning to tell her about the dream. Facing her, I laid back on my side and closed my eyes, quickly starting to drift back to sleep.


I woke up with a start, feeling as though an orgasmic clenching of my pussy was serving as an alarm clock. Under the sheets I could feel my body sweating, and my knees felt weak as though I had really been standing, leaning against a table, getting fucked.

I could feel wetness between my legs, wanted to feel him inside me. My mind felt empty, as though it had felt an intense orgasm but now my body demanded the same satisfaction.

The body was winning the battle with my mind. I never wake up horny, but this dream had caused a different feeling today.

I turned toward him and was surprised to see him facing me. Usually he sleeps on his right side, facing away from me.

I slid my body close to him and reached across, toward his crotch, and was very pleasantly surprised to feel his cock hard and full, as though it was waiting for me. I slid my other hand up his arm, across his biceps, and the feeling of having my favorite parts of his anatomy in my two hands made desire continue to build in me. I had to have him now.

I leaned my face next to his, and whispered; “Wake up.”

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