The Doctor


Nicky and I went on a 5-month college exchange program in England. He originally didn’t want to do it, but I told him I wouldn’t go without him. I wanted us to bond together, away from family customs and interference. As we got to the check-in point, Nicky wandered off and wound up in a different lodging group than me. I rarely saw him, as our groups usually did things in opposite order. The worst, however, is that by the end of the trip he had met “the girl of his dreams” and headed back to the States with her.

Two years later Nicky came home. But it was like he was really not here, for along with him came his fiancée, Andrea. They spent 95% of the time in his room or out of the house. She didn’t like anything Mama cooked; her preference was packaged food. Plus, they were practically inseparable, so I couldn’t really talk with Nicky as we had in the past. But, he is my brother and he’s stuck by me the most. I love him dearly, even though he can be quite annoying.

One day, Nicky and Andrea appeared in my room to hang out a while. It was really nice of Nicky to seek me out and show he wanted to spend time with me. There we were sitting on the floor near the foot of my bed, which juts out into the room, just chatting, when all of a sudden Andrea keels over, arms clutched across her stomach, “Oh, god I’m burning. I need the doctor,” in obvious pain.

Nicky jumps up, grabbing her feet barks, “Get her arms. Get her on the bed”.

We pick her up. She’s wiggling like crazy. It’s all I can do to hang on to her as we set her across the end of my bed, Nicky on one side with her feet, I on the other.

“Hold her shoulders down,” Nicky demands.

I’m totally confused. “What are you doing? Shouldn’t we call for a doctor?”

I start to move away.

“No! Stay put. We can handle this.”

Then with a bit of calmness he adds, “stick with me, Sis. Hold her still.”

Sis? He never called me “Sis” before. Befuddled and put out at what he called me, I return to holding her shoulders.

“Hold her tight. I’m going to pull away from you, so hold her steady.”

I wrap my fingers into her armpits.

“Hurry! Nicky,” Andrea wails, “I’m on fire.”

Nicky latches on to her shorts. He looks up at me.


I nod. With a quick jerk her shorts and escort forumları panties (was she wearing any?) are off, exposing her shaven pussy. Nicky drops to the ground, squatting at her feet as he fumbles with her clothing, untangling her limbs. All I see is the top of his head, but I can tell he’s doing something down at her feet. Andrea starts bouncing on the bed, pushing her hips up off the bed and dropping back down. I look down at her. Her arms start flailing about. Nicky jolts his head back to face me. I can’t believe what I see. He’s wearing her panties on his head like a surgical mask with the crotch across his mouth and nose.

“Anesthesia, quick!”

I have no idea – what does he expect me to do? “What?” I let out with a small laugh.

But at that moment Andrea jerks her head into my loose fitting shorts, resting an open mouth against my pantied cunt. There is sudden calmness. I find her once flailing arms at rest, with her hands on my back, fingers gently tucked in to the waistband. Her breath, warm, slows as she relaxes, dropping her mouth away from me, into a peaceful slumber.

My attention returns to Nicky. His hands under her feet, he pushes her legs up lifting her knees from the bed. They fall easily away from each other, spreading her legs wide. Her feet lightly rest on his shoulders. He is gentle, slow, and meticulous as he rests the heels of his cupped hands on her thighs, either side of her cunt. His thumbs extend downward, then gently touch the skin between her legs and lips. He lightly strokes the skin. His eyes are intently focused, he seems to be looking for something as he cocks, then tilts, his head. Thumbs move inward, touching her outer labia lips. Gently caressing them to open. I strain for a better view. They open more under his encouragement. I see pink. He relaxes a bit giving a slight nod as in understanding what he sees.

“Ahh, yes, this inflammation,” his diagnosis,” was surely caused by excessive friction, due in part by this very dry air. Just needs a bit of lubrication to set her right.”

He looks like a cow chewing its cud as his chin gyrates and his tongue whirls around in his mouth as he conjures a wad of spit. He moves his head in close to her slit, pulling the panty crotch down under gaziantep escort forum his chin. His tongue slips out just enough to wet his lips, then retracts. He leans in toward her opening, his tongue protrudes slightly curled around his spit wad. Ever so lightly his tongue touches her pink inner flesh. Moving slowly up and down, he leaves a trail of saliva the length of her slit. Then with steady, sensitive pressure, he gradually enters deeper. His tongue retracting periodically for a quick saliva refill, only to return to its lubricating duty. He tongues her clit for a while, then spreads more lube up and down her slit. He keeps this up until she is sopping wet. He pulls his head back for another visual inspection. Thumbs at the ready, they massage their way into her, spreading her open even wider. For being such a petite girl, she has a surprisingly large opening.

Again, a knowing look crosses Nicky’s face. “Could use a higher viscosity lube in there.”

He repositions one hand around her cunt, fingers to the right and thumb on the left, continuing to massage her open. The other hand drops down off the bed. As he stands, the fingers cupped around his balls and thumb on top at the base of his cock, oscillate open and closed, working his tool stiff. Then with great care he aims the tip at the great wet opening. Slowly, with the attention of a sensitive skilled doctor, his needle presses into her folds, up to the hilt. His hands, slip down following his fingers around her hips and under her buttocks. Here they lift her weight slightly from the bed and begin shaking her.

The cerebral chamber of this vibrating body remains lodged between my legs. I can’t help but notice the sensation, as Andrea’s nose is aligned with and pressing against my cloth-covered slit. One of her hands is shaken loose from my waist, and falls – deliberately slowly, I realize – with vibrato fingers that trickle down my butt cheek and leg. With a quick tickling dance they cross the back of my knee before ascending my inner thigh.

I tense a bit, uncertain what will happen next. This is in no way the sexual introduction I expected. Here it is, so what can I do now?

Her fingers reach my panties and stretch the elastic leg opening to gain unobstructed gaziantep escort forumları access to my cunt. Her tongue quickly lathers my pussy lips. Each of Nicky’s forward thrusts forces Andrea’s tongue deeper into me. I imagine for the moment it is Nicky’s cock in me. That gives me pleasure.

I look up at Nicky. His face is scrunched, his mouth opens, “ahhh,” his head tilts back. The injection is complete. All at once, faster than anything, he pulls his spent syringe out of her pussy, and he is down, opened mouth wrapped around her cunt once more.

Andrea’s hand climbs up my back, forcing me to lean forward. Her tongue glides easily in and out my saturated slit. Her lips wrap around my clit as Nicky has hers. As I lean forward, her tongue swirls around my clit followed by lips closing in, and sucking it into them. Alternating between swirling tongue and sucking lips my clit is pleasured as never before. I lean on the bed beside her, lifting my opposite foot on to the bed, opening my crotch for better access. My head is by her waist, near Nicky’s face. I inhale the aroma of her juices mixed with his as he eats it out of her.

If this is how life will be once they are married, I welcome her. I find an appreciation for her boldness to get what she wants. The thought of future loving adventures with Andrea and Nicky adds to my acceptance and welcoming of this intimate intercourse. I fill with joy and the pleasure, and in so doing, I feel the release of an orgasm. “Whooo-ey, that’s good.”

Andrea’s hands drop down, letting me go. I collapse on the bed beside her, resting a spell as Nicky tidies his patient.

Andrea puts her hands out to Nicky, “up.” He promptly pulls her up and off the bed. In a rather perky fashion she says, “Go, ask your dad to pay for our honeymoon.”

“What?” Emotions running more rampant than ever.

“Well, we did what he asked, now he’ll do what we ask, right?” She says.

“Daddy asked you to sexually assault me? That’s disgusting and disturbing. Why would he do such a thing? Why would YOU do such a thing?” I rebuke feeling used to the core.

“You know you’re his little buddy. He won’t do anything I ask unless you get something out of it, or Mama makes him,” Nicky replies. “He’s been watching you closely; wants you to have the sexual intimacy you desire with me.”

“With YOU! Yeah.”

“Nuh-ah, the only pussy Nicky gets is mine,” chides Andrea. Adding with pride and a giggle, “you enjoyed our little foray.”

“I thought you were including me in your life together; not using me just to get money.”

“Come on, Mister. Let’s wrap-up those honeymoon plans.”

I’m left alone.

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