The Dirty Show


The crowd at Detroit’s annual erotic art show wasn’t oppressively large. It was just heavy enough to be lost in if one wanted to choose that. We had been there long enough to take in most of the displays. In truth, anticipating our plan was a bigger turn on. Besides, the real show was the crowd. A collared male wearing only a leather vest and leather chaps was being led by a no-nonsense looking female with a riding crop. She seemed to be advertising for whoever wanted to be next to be punished. A husky male with piercing eyes approached her and began talking. As he spoke, never turning his attention from her, he fondled the slave’s naked ass until he could work a finger into the slave’s willing asshole. About six feet to their right, three women were talking together. They started giggling about something and Escort Acıbadem the one facing the other two, playfully reached over and pinched the nipple of the woman wearing the most see-through blouse of the three. They all laughed harder. Most of the crowd was dressed to impress. Some wore only body paint that revealed as much as it concealed. Touching was invited and appreciated. You were standing in front of me. My cock was enjoying the curve of your ass. The smooth material of your wraparound skirt invited me to sway my hips against you slowly. I savored how good your ass felt against me. We were watching the stage show, or at least pretending to. The antics of the people onstage didn’t seem particularly original and weren’t enough to distract me from my mission. About Kaynarca escort five feet away, a tallish man was standing beside the woman he was with. I couldn’t see her well but I could tell they were together. I caught his eye and nodded hello. He nodded and turned back to watching the show. He felt my gaze and looked back. I gestured slightly with my head for him to come over. He didn’t respond at first. Then he leaned over and talked with his friend. She looked over at us, said something to him, and they walked towards us. As we agreed, I signaled you and you looked over to watch them approach. Your right hand moved to the top of your blouse and you pulled it open until he could see your naked breast completely. She looked, too. You covered your breast just as they arrived. Aydınlı escort bayan We began making small talk about The Dirty Show and everyone seemed to know that this was the start of something. The conversation with Alex and Toni got more intense when the question about what was and what wasn’t erotic was raised. Before long, I took a chance and said, “I believe Toni looks erotic to me.” Short, tight jeans and high heels, a thin ankle bracelet, and a gathered, button front blouse that hugged her breasts was a good look for her. Alex was quick to agree and returned the compliment to you. Then he said, “Your breasts look fantastic in that dress.” I surprised everyone but you when I asked, “Would you like to feel them?” His head snapped up to look at me and then at Toni. He asked her with his eyes if that would be okay. She nodded unsurely but affirmatively. I smiled and he reached slowly over to you. He cupped his right hand over your left breast and let his palm move across your breast softly, tentatively. He used his thumb to tweak your nipple and both nipples hardened. No one seemed to be watching.

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