The Desire between Best Friends


For as long as I can remember, Ryan Anderson and I have been best friends. Our mothers were best friends, and all that time our families spent around one another lent itself to our becoming close. Ryan and I were inseparable ever since kindergarten. He was my protector and I was his sidekick. Together, we got into all sorts of messes that we had no business getting into. And, we wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the other person. Partners in crime, we were called, and we loved it.

We cleaned up our act in middle school when we realized potential boyfriends and girlfriends surrounded us in class. Though, no relationship amassed from the three years we spent at Polk Middle School. Ryan and I stuck by one another. And, because of that, many assumed we were dating. In our eyes, it was the grossest thing anyone could have accused us of. Dating one another, that was.

In high school, our behavior got even better. Ryan grew to a strong six feet. I stayed at about five foot three. He used to tease me about it. We both changed a lot. But we stayed close. Ryan dated a girl named Olivia for a few months our junior year. I dated Ricky for most of our senior year. We parted ways because we were leaving for college soon, as did Ryan and I. Us partners in crime stayed in contact for the four years we spent apart and, as soon as we could, we moved in together.

I had seen Ryan over holidays and breaks during college. But nothing prepared me for seeing him when we started looking at apartments. He was brilliant. Something that was created by the Gods. His eyes were a warm, comforting tone of milk chocolate. His short hair was a deep brown that had glints of reddish color in it. His broad shoulders held a magnificent face with strong cheekbones and a strong jawline. His olive skin complimented his perfect, white teeth and made everything about him so much more incredible. And, probably the most obviously attractive thing about him was his body. His muscles were well developed from being a construction worker. That, and, a strict diet that I teased him about. The man was oblivious to the effect he had on most women, and some men. And, the effect he was beginning to have on me.

As much as I’ve gone on about Ryan, I may as well describe myself. My name is Nicole Sherman. Some people call me Nic, or Nicky. But, most call me Nicole. I’m a somewhat petite woman in her early twenties. I have long, auburn hair that is most straight. My eyes are something of a sky-blue color. My body is nothing to turn your nose at. I’ve spent countless hours in the gym, sweating to erase the signs of the cookies and pasta I love so much. Those hours pay off. My body is slim and toned. It catches the eyes of men and women, on occasion. My skin is no where near as olive and tan as Ryan’s. But, it has some Ümraniye Escort warmth to it. My breasts are a solid 32C. Not too big, not too small. Same as my bum. Though, I would say it leans to the side of small, being as firm as it is.

About three weeks after we started apartment hunting, we found something. It was a perfect price and definitely gave us the space and location we needed. We moved in the next day. Four months in, we are still smitten with the place.

Now, my attraction to Ryan hasn’t evaded me. In fact, it has made me a little more awkward around him. I find that whenever he is in close proximity of me, my heart begins to race a little. Cuddling on the couch after long days at work is no longer innocent in my eyes. The little kisses on the cheek he would sometimes give me now make my cheeks flush. Eventually, it all becomes to much.

It’s Friday. The day everyone looks forward to. Ryan has just come home from work and I beat him by only a few minutes. While we are discussing, he strips his top layer. The sight of him in just a wife beater and some jeans is something out of a corny porno. And, if he was the star, it is one I would watch. I hear him saying my name and I snap back into attention.

“Yeah?” I ask, my cheeks hot from being caught staring.

Ryan chuckles at me. “I asked if Chinese takeout would be good.”

I nod at him, sucking down some cold water to hopefully disguise the pinkness in my cheeks. He calls to place an order of food and I take the time we will be waiting to change out of my work clothes. I slip into some grey sweats and a loose pink t-shirt. I forego a bra or underwear, trying to give everything a chance to breathe. I come out and find that Ryan has also changed. He’s in black basketball shorts and a blue t-shirt. He looks like an Abercrombie model, even after a long ass day of work. So not fair.

I plop down on the couch and begin messing around on my phone while we wait for the food. Ryan does the same after turning on the TV and scooting as humanly close to me as he can. Unconsciously, I lay my head on his arm and he kisses the top of my head.

“Ryan?” I murmur after a moment.

He responded with a short, “Hmm?”

I can’t believe I am actually going to do this. I swallow hard and look up at him. “Why did you laugh earlier when you caught me staring?” He looks taken aback, and I don’t blame him for that. In a moment of panic, I start to pull away. “Sorry. I shouldn’t have asked that. You were just laughing. It didn’t mean-” I’m cut off when I feel his arm wrap around my wrist and pull my back against him. No words are exchanged, just looks. Then, our lips are touching. His full lips press back against my own. Years of desire being unloaded into this one kiss. Our tongues enter İstanbul Escort the mix and battle each other for dominance. We pull apart to catch our breath and I start placing kisses on his jaw. Before I know it, we are kissing again. I’m moaning and have moved so that I am straddling his waist. I slowly rock my hips against his, his growing cock pushing against me.

“Fuck,” I gasp, breaking the kiss. I look into Ryan’s eyes and start to smile. “I want you inside me.”

I reach to the hem of my shirt and pull it up and over my head. Before my shirt even hits the floor, Ryan’s hands and mouth are all over my breasts. I feel kisses around my nipples. Then, like a hungry man, he latches on and suckles. I throw my head back and whimper at the sensation, never having felt it before. No man has successfully turned me on by playing with my breasts. Then again, not every man is Ryan.

His cock is straining for release, even his basketball shorts. So, I whisper to him, “Bedroom.” I don’t specify whose. So, when he lifts me up and enters my room, I am a little surprised. He lays me down on the bed and begins kissing my neck. I tilt my head to grant him more access, moaning as he finds the most sensitive areas. Down my body he goes, kissing around my breasts and then down my stomach. If he is really about to do what I think he is, I am the luckiest girl in the world.

Ryan pulls my sweats down without a second to lose and in an instant, he places a kiss at the top of my mound. “Fuck,” I whisper, again. He kisses lower and lower until he lands at about my clit. In a blur, Ryan begins to kiss, suck, and lick my clit. My body writhes under his touch and I know my orgasm isn’t going to be far off. A moment later, he pushes a finger inside me. Then, another. I moan loudly, reaching down and grabbing onto his hair to keep him in position.

The assault on my clit and pussy continues and I find the pleasure continuing to build. I hold off for as long as I can. Suddenly, I gasp, “I’m going to cum. Don’t stop. I’m so close.” Ryan does as I ask and doesn’t stop. A few seconds pass and I cum. The orgasm hits me hard. I whimper his name and my back arches off the bed. Once the most intense moment passes, I sink down into the bed and release the grip on his hair. I smile down at Ryan and then bite my lip. “Your turn.”

I get up and push him down on the bed. While he flips over and undresses, I kick my sweats the rest of the way off. When I look back at the bed, Ryan is laying on his back and is standing at attention. My mouth waters at the sight of his cock. Somewhere around seven inches, it’s thick and veiny. Circumcised, with a pink and round head, it is perfect.

Before I go anywhere near his cock, I move up his body and kiss his lips. My juices are Anadolu Yakası Escort still on and around his mouth. I moan at the taste. Then, I begin my descent. I kiss down Ryan’s body, as he did on mine. When I reach his cock, I ignore it and continue down to his balls. I hear a curse escape his lips and smile. I place a few kisses on his sack and then take a ball into my mouth, sucking on it and moaning as I do to create a vibration. I feel his hips buck and I pull the ball out. I repeat the process with the other, making sure to be a little messy.

When I feel he has been sufficiently teased, I move up and place a tender kiss on the tip of his cock. There is a slight bit of precum and the sight makes me smile. I lick the fluid from my lips and moan. Then, I wrap my lips around the head of his cock, sucking slow, rolling my tongue along his skin as I go. I pull the head out and do this again, and then again. I lick up and down his shaft for a moment before I put Ryan out of his misery. I take his cock into my mouth until I gag. I get about half his length in. Maybe more. His hips buck once again and I take that as a sign to continue. I suck and pull out again and again until he begins to grow really restless. That’s when I pull out and climb overtop of him. I slip onto his length, well lubricated from my earlier orgasm.

We both moan out, curse and breath heavily at our union. This is brilliant. I can’t believe how many years we missed out on doing this with one another. As I begin to move against Ryan, I rock my hips. My clit gets pressed against his pelvis and I cry out because of the intense pressure I’m feeling. Blowing Ryan definitely turned me on more than a little.

I close my eyes and brace myself on his chest, starting slow. He props himself up by his elbows and I feel little licks and nibbles on my breasts from time to time. This position is driving him right against my g spot and my clit is being stimulated. I dig my nails into his body and whimper.

“I’m not going to last long. Please don’t stop. Fuck me like you mean it.” My dirty talk flows as I feel my orgasm growing strong. I don’t want this to end. But, I want that pleasure more than anything. I feel Ryan throbbing inside me and I can tell that he is close too.

Ryan flips us around so that I am on the bottom now and he is fucking me from above. His movements quickly become aggressive, fast, and rough. That’s how I like it. I find myself grabbing onto his shoulders, my nails digging in once again.

“Come on, princess, cum for me. You know you want your juices all over my cock.”

“I do!” I cry out as I take one hand and begin rubbing my clit over and over at a vigorous pace. Ryan quickly swats my hand away and takes over. His speed there, combined with his thrusts sends me over the edge. I cum hard. I collapse into the bed as pleasure overtakes me. Ryan isn’t far behind me, as I feel his seed shooting deep into my womb. He falls on top of me, both of us breathing heavily.

Just then, we hear the doorbell. “Food’s here.” And, we both start laughing.

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