The Deal Ch. 02


Jess rested one hand on the window ledge, her breath clouding the cold glass. She looked out on one of the most stunning views of East River, the skyline and the boats setting it off, but she hardly saw anything. She felt his frantic kisses as his soft lips travelled up her legs, and felt his tongue flicking her skin every so often, and his hands grasp her butt cheeks hard. She wanted him badly, she wanted this badly. He was the one guy that treated her well, listened to her and valued her opinion about everything. He had no idea yet, but she was about içerenköy escort to close a multi-million deal with his company, and had already told his CEO the only reason she did it was because of him. She’d had a feeling about him, his gentle manner, his sensuous care about his surroundings… he was sensitive. He was sexually attracted to her – she saw the bulges, the quick stares at her body that were so complimentary – but he was also shy. His body told her that he wanted her, but his words kadıköy escort and actions were professional, refusing to cross the line.

Just last night, as she shaved her pussy in the hotel room, she had wondered if he would be turned off by her aggressiveness. But as she touched her clit, she realized that she was actually wet thinking of him, and decided she was going to go for it. He deserved a chance, heck, she deserved it. Just allowing herself to think about it made her even hornier kartal escort – and she hurried from the bathroom to the bed, almost quivering in anticipation as she reached for her handbag. Her pussy was only half shaven, and soapy water ran down her inner thighs, the white cotton hotel-issued robe open down the front. She was aware of each sensation, the cold tile in bathroom giving way to the carpet, the touch of the soft suede on the bag, each texture almost painfully intense. She groped around in her bag, and pulled out her favorite toy at times like this – her Rabbit – and flung herself on her back, drawing up her legs. For a few seconds, she caught her breath and lay motionless enjoying the moment. The room was really well done, the sheets soft, and she had some R

Want? She couldn’t speak yet, and just leaned against the cool glass. Of course she wanted.

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