The CumIn Bistro Ch. 01

Gang Band

This is my first story, I hope you will enjoy it! I have quite a long story planned, if you like it, I will continue! Also sorry if my English is bad 🙂


Prologue 1

I was kneeling. Just as every night. With his dick in my mouth, I was doing my job, meanwhile Oliver was reading some official papers.

I took his dick out of my mouth, so I could lick it as an ice cream. And then I got a giant slap, which made me fall to the ground.

“If your teeth once again touch my dick, I promise you, I will remove them, and then maybe you will be able to think about how you say thank you to me for what I’ve done to you.”

Prologue 2

Colin was finally walking home from work. Ever since he’d gained some muscle, he was not working in the factory anymore, but only for personal requests. This meant that he had to cum fewer times a day, so he produced a lot more. But the pressure was a lot worse, people watched him jerking off. But at least he earned a lot more money.

When around the age of 16 he figured out that he belonged to the tribe of producers, he was crying from joy. Rather than being a craver. He will always be able to find a job. When he reached the age of 18, he applied for a job at the semen factory. And then he had a giant luck when he turned 20: his brother was able to get a job for him at The CumIn Bistro. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Unfortunately he wasn’t rich, so he had to work.

At the age of 22 – 3 months earlier -, after a lot of hard body training, he was promoted to a fresh one. He was very lucky that he was also quite handsome.

But today he was tired. A lot of customers wanted him now, he was becoming famous. To be honest, he was proud. People liked to watch him. His dick was also quite nice, he had everything to be good at this job. He liked this, although it would have been better if he could get money from something else rather than his body. But this is what he was given by destiny. He was the only producer in his family.

He was almost at home. It was past midnight, he wanted to lie on his bed. That is when he heard some noise behind his back. He turned, but only saw a fist coming close to his face. And then there was darkness.

He woke up to incredible pain. His body was moving rhythmically. Then everything faded again.

When he woke up, his hands were tied. And his ass was hurting. It was dark.

Somebody cut the rope. And then that somebody just left the room. He was unable to see his face.

Colin was naked, laying on the ground. He quickly touched his asshole. Something was leaking from there. He smelled it. It was sperm.

He started crying. His life was gone.

What’s up with this world?

Before I start my story, I have to tell you, dear reader, what happened to this world.

37 years ago a sexually transmitted disease traveled through the world, and nothing was able to stop it. Not even condoms. Nobody knew where it started, but it mutated very quickly, and eventually one was able to transmit it via saliva. The whole world was infected.

Fortunately nobody died because of this disease. At least not directly. The virus affected women and men. Although men were more affected. The virus gets activated during puberty along with hormones.

Men were torn into 3 different groups (or tribes). The cravers, whose penis were unable to produce semen. The ordinary ones, they stayed the same more or less. And the producers, whose production of semen jumped exponentially. This meant that they could cum literally as many times as their body could bear, and they were able to produce an almost infinite amount of sperm. As a general occasion they would be able to ejaculate at least 5 times as much sperm as an ordinary.

And except the producers, everybody else was affected with a serious symptom: once the virus activated, women, men (cravers and ordinaries), teenagers, grownups, old people: we were craving sperm.

Not much though, and not continuously. But for a person to stay healthy, they had to have some sperm in some form every 1 or 2 days.

You can imagine: everybody wanted sperm, so everybody wanted to be friends with the producers. The problem was that there were a lot less producers than other men, around 20%. 45% of the male population was cravers, the other 35% stayed ordinary.

Of course the service sector quickly adjusted to hire producers. They opened giant factories, where they were milking these men continuously, making different products. But, of course, the highest demand was for fresh sperm. And obviously this was the most expensive to get. The ones who were unable to get sperm in any form for a long time, got weak, and eventually died.

But there was a huge issue with the producers. If somehow they got sperm other than theirs in their body, they lost their producing ability, and turned into cravers.

The cravers were very much at the bottom of hierarchy. Which was understandable, since they were not able to add anything to society. Even though they were used as objects, everybody wanted to take care of producers.

Oliver, my boss (and my master, but I’ll get back to çankaya escort this later), had an amazing idea 12 years ago. He opened a restaurant called The CumIn Bistro where one could eat foods made from quality sperm (quality sperm mean it came from a checked source, where we knew exactly what the producer had eaten and drank before). But there was a much more expensive service as well. At the Bistro we don’t only buy sperm from a trusted factory (for the cheaper meals), but we produce it ourselves. We have our own collection of producers, who we milk continuously. The guests who visit the restaurant can choose from a catalog, where they can choose a producer with their own descriptions (including the taste of their sperm, just as a vine menu), and we will prepare the food with that producer’s cum.

And finally there is a luxury service: meals from the freshest sperm. There are 6 fresh rooms specifically for this service, where the chosen producer is milked and the food is prepared right in front of the guest.

Oliver earned an incredible amount of money with this business. A lot of other people tried to copy the Bistro, without luck. Oliver was extremely good with selecting ingredients, and managing the whole restaurant, and especially, what kind of men should be on the menu.

And of course I was also there for him. When I learned that I am a craver, my family disinherited me, and kicked me out. I had been living on the street for almost 2 years, when Oliver found me (who was an ordinary) and took me in. But there was a catch.

Besides my other duties, I had been working at the Bistro as a milker (I was the one who jerked off the producers in one of the fresh rooms).

I am 21 years old at the moment, and this all happened 3 years ago. After being a milker, I was promoted to a waiter, and then a chef. I had a huge part of the restaurant being successful, of being one of the best and most famous luxury restaurants in the city. The Bistro is three times as big as it was when it opened, there are 6 fresh rooms, with 24 producers in the catalog, and has an almost infinite number of awards. And a year ago I was promoted to a manager position. He trusted me enough with making decisions. And I had no intention to betray this trust.

And of course, besides my work at the restaurant, I had to fulfill my duties as a slave.

Two days eariler

“Okay, I don’t care. It is your decision. Show me which is the most delicious to you, and I will believe you.” said Oliver.

We were at a tasting event, we wanted to hire two more men. One for the catalog, and one for a seventh fresh room.

I was standing in front of a table, with 6 small tubes filled with sperm on it. Descriptions about the producers in front of the tubes. I tasted all of them, but only two were incredibly delicious. Two were smoking, I was able to tell that. Smokers are a no-go, it affects the taste of sperm in a negative way.

The other two were okay, nothing exceptional.

Appearance is also very important, especially for the freshers, so I took a look at them. Oliver was on his phone, checking some data about the ingredients arriving tomorrow.

The first guy with exceptionally good sperm, Sean, was around 30 years old. He was a bit small, but looked very muscular (at first we can only see them in clothes). He was handsome, but I didn’t really like him for some reason.

The second one was Mike, 24. He was quite tall, handsome, and muscular.

Dylan, with his okay sperm, was 21, around the same tall as Sean, quite slim. As I checked him out from down to top, our eyes met. My heart skipped a beat. There was something in this guy. I quickly looked elsewhere.

I looked at Chase, the fourth candidate. He was cute, but had a slightly bigger belly.

I sent the other two home. Because of their smoking, it was impossible to hire them.

The obvious choice would have been Sean and Mike. They were both handsome, muscular, with very tasty sperm. But something was at the back of my mind.

Since a producer has to be naked in front of other people, especially the freshers, the next filter is getting naked, so I asked them to take off their clothes, except their underwear.

Oliver was still on his phone.

In a minute, each one of them were standing in front of me, in their trunks. Just as I imagined: Sean’s and Mike’s body was perfect, Sean even had a six pack. I could see they train their body a lot. Mike’s body was smooth, Sean had a hairy chest. Dylan had a slightly hairy one, and was indeed slim. His chest was detailed though, and his legs were quite muscular. He must bike a lot. Chase had a belly, and was smooth.

The size of their package told a lot about their dick. I made a bet every time with myself about their dick sizes. Sean’s was medium, around 6 inches, Mike was big, probably had something around 8, Dylan’s was ordinary, 6, Chase was smaller.

Still, Sean and Mike were the perfect choice. But my heart was beating faster and faster. I asked them to remove their underwear.

“Look, I don’t feel like looking at dicks, and I have a phone keçiören escort call to make. I will be waiting outside, please hurry.” Oliver left the room. As I was turning back to the guys, I felt that my heart was beating faster.

Sean’s dick was quite bushy, almost hidden in pubic hair, but looked nice. Mike had a clean dick, no hair. Dylan either trimmed the hair regularly, or it just grows very nicely. Chase’s pubic hair was okay.

And then the moment arrived. The producers in general were able to make their dick hard by command. I told them to do so, and explained what is going to happen happen.

I didn’t have to jerk them off, as I saw the amount of sperm they produced, as their samples were fresh. This was okay for everybody.

I stood up and went close to Sean. He was rock hard. As I imagined, his dick was slightly less than 6 inches, with an average thickness. He started jerking on my command, as I looked closer at his dick. It started producing pre-cum instantly. As the drop got big enough, I touched it, and tasted it. It was perfect.

Pre-cum is quite important. One of our most popular dishes was the chicken with pre-cum sauce.

I touched his penis, jerked off a bit, trying to hold it in different ways. It felt perfect in my hand. I took out the lube from my pocket, and used that for milking. A bit smaller dick would have been better, but other than this, he was perfect.

Next was Mike. He was absolutely perfect. His dick was bigger than 8 inches, quite thick, with a lot of extremely delicious pre-cum.

Yes, these two were perfect for the Bistro.

I stood in front of Dylan, and for just a tiny moment I looked into his eyes. And then, following my instinct, without knowing what I was doing, I was kneeling in front of him. I quickly realized the giant mistake I made, so I quickly changed to kneeling only on one knee. He had a beautiful dick. 6 inches, bigger than Sean’s, perfect thickness, slightly visible veins. At the base dark he had dark pubic hair. I tasted his pre-cum, which was okay, nothing extraordinary. Then I reached for his penis. Only one other guy had a penis which felt so good in my hand, a guy called Colin.

I started jerking Dylan off, and I lost my focus again. Then I quickly switched to Chase. Yes, he had a 5 inch dick. Nothing special.

I sat back at the desk, and looked at their profile. Sean was a professional athlete, he had worked at a factory, but now he is a coach. Unfortunately, this was not enough to make a living, so he needs a side job. He is single. Female sexual partners so far: 6, including 2 one-night-stand, 1 sex relationship, 3 romantic relationships. Male sexual partners so far: 0.

Mike had been learning as an IT-engineer, had worked in a factory, and now he is a programmer. He is addicted to any sexual stuff, that is why he is here. Current relationship: girlfriend, have been dating for 2 years. Female sexual partners so far: 4, including 1 one-night-stand, 3 romantic relationships. Male sexual partners so far: 0.

Chase needed some money. Working in a factory was not enough, he needed more income. Current relationship: girlfriend, have been dating for 3 years. Female sexual partners so far: 2, including 2 romantic relationships. Male sexual partners so far: 0.

Dylan wanted to go to university, but he had no money to finish it. He had been living with occasional sperm donations, but this was not enough, so he has to work full-time for some time. Currently single. Female sexual partners so far: 0. Male sexual partners so far: 0.

What? I read it again. Dylan was a virgin?

Yes, Sean and Mike were the perfect choice. But as I looked at them again, as said my final decision:

“Mike and Dylan.”

What have I become?

To understand my relationship with Oliver, I have to tell you how he “adopted” me.

So when I was 16, my family kicked me out for being a craver. I was living on the streets for almost 2 years. Mostly alone, but sometimes in craver communities. Sooner or later I had to leave these communities, because the sperm donations were quite rare and not very much, and as being small and fragile, I was constantly bullied, starving, barely staying alive.

This world was different. Shady people were not paying you money for a blowjob, but the opposite. You had to pay other people to be able to suck them, to get their sperm. I was trying to do smaller jobs, to earn some very little money, I stole food, or picked it from the garbage. The money I earned landed in the pockets of men, who were willing to give me their sperm. Of course these people were not handsome, muscular, nice guys, but homeless, drunk, stinking, fat people, existing at the bottom of the hierarchy. And still, they were higher than me. As you can imagine, I was also not in a good shape. Most of the time, I was not able to shower, and I was skinny as hell.

And of course these men – even though I paid them – were using me. They were quite brutal, they were beating me up, fucked my throat to a point of vomiting, and fucked my ass until it was bleeding. And of course, a lot of people etimesgut escort lied to me. Either they were actually cravers as well, or if not, they ejaculated in my ass (so I had to carve it out from myself), or in better case at my face or hair, or worse case to the ground or the wall, so I had to lick it up if I wanted to live.

I wanted to kill myself all the time, but was unable to do it. I had to live.

When I was not able to get my necessary amount of sperm this way, I was going through the garbage of restaurants, looking for expired cum. This was incredibly dangerous though, as storing the producers cum in a not suitable temperature, it could go bad quite soon. More than 10 hours, and it was dangerous. After freezing it, one could store it for a maximum of a week. Expired sperm was very dangerous, and could cause a wide range of symptoms, from vomiting to rotten testicles.

I met Oliver when I was trying to steal from the garbage of The CumIn Bistro. I hadn’t had sperm for 4 days, which meant I could be dead in a day or two. I was extremely weak, since I had no food, and my last “customer” beat the shit out of me after fucking me senseless.

I was going through the garbage, finding one vial of cum. I collapsed, and looked at it under the light: it looked disgusting. But I had no choice.

“I wouldn’t eat that. Not because it is more than a week old, but because I will beat you to death, if you don’t get the fuck out of here. I told you, you filthy shits, nobody wants to see your kind around here.”

I looked at him, and he was standing above me, with a baseball bat in his hands. He wasn’t that tall, slightly taller than me. He had a small belly, and was a bit bald, but his face was strict. Our eyes met.

I dropped the vial, and started crying.

“Please don’t hurt me!”

A minute passed and he said:

“Look at me, boy!”

I opened my eyes, and looked at his face. He was kneeling next to me. I looked into his eyes. He held my face with his hand, gently, but firm.

“Life was rough on you as I see. Come on, stand up. I won’t hurt you, I promise.”

Oliver showed me such a big level of kindness, which was quite new to me. As he told me later, he saw something in my eyes, and his instincts turned on. And he had exceptional instincts. He made me tell the story of my life. He was extremely curious about my “customers”.

He found it extraordinary, the things I have experienced, and still, I was able to stay alive. He had never heard about persistence this big.

He took me up to this apartment, where I had a shower and a bed to sleep.

In the morning I got some more food and sperm. I felt much better. The fresh and good quality sperm had the ability to boost the body, so the healing process was amazingly fast. When I looked in the mirror, I was not able to recognise myself.

After all this, he told me the opportunity of a lifetime. He told me about his life, about the Bistro. I learned that his relationships went sideways after opening the restaurant. A lot of people wanted to use him for his money. But he kept the most important thing hidden from most people. The ones he told were not able to fulfil it.

Oliver was a very decent and kind person. But he had a dark side. He was extremely dominant in sex. He was part of the ordinary tribe (so the virus didn’t affect his hormones and his production of sperm), and it was really hard for him to find somebody who loved him. And was able to fulfil his desires unconditionally. Oliver had quite extreme sexual needs. He wasn’t just a dominant man. He wanted a slave. A slave who is devoted, and would do anything for him.

He offered me a job at the Bistro by day, working for his success, and by night being his slave, not just sexually, but mentally as well. In exchange I would get the sperm, food, and housing I need.

I accepted the offer of course, even though I wasn’t fully prepared. But I have never regretted doing so.

We had a contract, with rules. But the two main one were the following:

1., I always have to do what he commands me to do.

2., Only he can touch me (except if he says otherwise).

As a boss, he was strict, but fair.

As a Dom/Master, he was quite brutal. He has never beaten me, rarely inflicted physical pain outside of sex. His mental brutality was also not exceptional. But sexually… very much. When he wanted to release some steam, he used me cruelly, my throat and my ass were not safe. A lot of times, the work the next day was almost impossible. But I did it.

I survived it, when he tied my hands to the radiator, and pushed my head to the ice cold metal, and fucked me in this position. I survived it, when my hands were tied behind my back, and I was not able to give any signal, that I can’t breathe, when his almost 9 inch dick was in my throat for more than 20 seconds, and then he pulled my hair while fucking my ass, holding my mouth shut with his hands, so that he could finish in my throat, keeping his dick there for 20 seconds once more, pumping his seed inside my stomach. I survived when he left me on the ground for more than 2 hours, my hands tied to my legs, my mouth stuffed with his dirty underwear. I survived when he pushed me to the wall, after cuming in my mouth, filling it with his urine, where I was suffocating from its taste and amount, and made me lick up every drop from the ground. I survived when he put a cage on my dick, allowing me to remove it only once a year, on my birthday.

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