The Count and the Bride


I let the cool water of the shower cascade down my rock-hard body after a gruelling workout in the gym. My muscles were tired, but I felt pumped up and ready to take on the world as another unemployed artist in one of the East Coast cities.I was proud of my 6’2” athletic physique, my 18” biceps, my six-pack abs, my glutei – buttocks – but most of all, my thick nine-inch cock. My hairless tanned and unblemished skin, my long blond hair and blue eyes had many women swoon over me but got me nowhere. That was until I met Nevada, an erotic dancer.I was toweling down when this beautiful naked man walked up to me to look at my body. The way he admired my body made me uncomfortable, but I could feel blood flowing into my cock.“Have you ever tried dancing?” he asked.“What for?”“Money, of course, and it looks like you could use some.” He turned to me, held out his hand and said: “The name’s Nevada, esat escort bayan the owner and lead dancer of the Highwaymen.”Nevada was maybe in his early thirties and had more muscle definition than I, but my dick was longer and thicker. I’ve read about the famous Highwaymen, a troupe of men stripping for horny women in nightclubs all over America. I shook his hand and said, “I’m Alex and how do you know I need money?”“I’ve seen your car.”Okay. I must admit, I was hard up for cash and my jalopy was a 1977 faded red VW Beetle that used more oil than fuel. What could I lose?“Are you offering me a job?”“You have to try out first,” he said.That was how I became a Highwayman, “robbing” unsuspecting women of their inhibitions.That was twelve months ago, and my body provided pleasure to many women and a few men (that is another story). It also provided me a Escort etimesgut lot of cash. I became one of the solo dancers and got to dance one number with the troupe and two solos in an evening. The fringe benefits I received from pleasuring women were for my own enjoyment and once in a while, I got to fuck one of the horny girls.Last week the Highwaymen performed at a Mid-Western city and during my last act the bachelorette party at the table next to the stage became very rowdy. I was doing my Count Dracula routine and was down to my fangs, my cape and g-string. The eight women were encouraging the raven hair bride-to-be in a blue mini dress and a white shirt to put money in my g-string. I invited the 5’3” beauty onto the stage and played the seductive bloodsucking count to her demure Mina. With my left hand, I covered her body with the cape while etlik escort I removed her shirt and mini dress with my right hand. When I opened the cape, she was standing only in her small salmon pink bra and matching thong. Her breasts were straining to jump out of the skimpy bra while she rubbed her beautiful ass against my hardening cock. The crowd went wild.I slid my hand over her flat belly and let it rest at the top of the thong. I “bit” her slender neck with my fake fangs and broke the small plastic capsule filled with thick red liquid I kept hidden in my mouth. As the “blood” oozed down her throat my hand slipped down her thong, over her shaven mound, to stop at her wet swollen clitoris. She gave an audible sigh of pleasure and opened her legs to allow my hand further access to her pussy. I massaged her slit with the back of my thumb and pushed two fingers into her juicy cunt. We swayed like this to the beat of the music for a few seconds. I unclipped her bra with my free hand and her 34C breasts burst free. I grabbed a handful of her firm breast and started to roll the nipple between my fingers. She pulled my fingers from her pussy and licked off her own cunt nectar.

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