Subject: The contract – part 6 Remember to show your appreciation to Nifty. fty/ Things moved quickly, every couple of days Michael would come up with a new rule, a rule that James meekly accepted , responding to its announcement with a “Yes Sir” A fortnight had passed and it was a Saturday morning as a naked James busy cleaned the kitchen floor — kneeling with an old fashioned scrubbing brush and rags that two days previously had been an expensive suit that had bee lying unworn in his wardrobe for years. Michael was having a sort out his bedroom. It was the first opportunity that he had had to do so since he had taken over his landlord’s room. He laughed at the thoughts that on paper James was the landlord yet he was slowly taking control. Downstairs James dick hardened knowing that Michael seemed to be well on the road of taking over his life. Michael had moved in with minimal possessions, clothes , a lap top and some random bits of junk. So much of what was in his room was what James had left after swapping rooms. Under the bed he found a large suitcase. He pulled it out and opened IT. Inside there were whips, a paddle, chains and collars. He took a picture and sent it to Dave. “What does this mean” “Fuck sake man, isn’t it obvious” Michael was about to respond with a no, when another message came in? “Your landlord needs discipline” “Scrub that he wants and needs discipline, are you ma enough to do that?” Michael refused to be riled by such a comments, as he knew it was Dave’s attempt at trying to assert his own authority. In this house he was the Boss. He rummaged through the case, as well as the chains, and flogging implements he found a chastity cage , and a butt plug. “How kinky was his landlord?” He pulled out a riding crop, and crept downstairs. James was there naked cleaning as instructed, Michael walked behind him and gently traced a circle on the alderman’s back with the end of the crop. He watched as James back first stiffened then relaxed, and exited a huge sigh. “Sir?”say please” “Please Sir” Michael took aim and hit James squarely on his butt, then another and another, as he did James responded to each hit with a “Thank you Sir” this continues until the “Thank yous” turned into sobs, and James was unable to say another word. Michael stopped , and crochet down, James was no lying flat on the floor sobbing almost controllably. The younger man was worried and scared, what karabağlar escort was happening as hem looked down at the crying man below him, James lifted his head, and looked at him, tears still streaming from his face. “Sir Thank You.” Michael was still unsure and started to run his hand through James hair, as if he was petting a dog. “Did you like that?” “Yes, Sir,” He stood up and left James on the floor, he had to ask Dave for advice. Within minutes Dave was on the phone. “Sounds as if you have a pain pig on your hands. Perfect. Daily doses of discipline.””Daily?” “It’s up to you, just make sure you do it properly” “Properly?” “Fuck sake man, you’re coming over to mine now” As this conversation was going on James lay on the floor of the kitchen. He was afraid to move as it would have betrayed the puddle of cum that the beating had created. He’s not been beaten like tight for at least three years when he had paid for an escort do so, his husband /. Master had incorporated it into their relationship, as a way ion assessing his authority, and James had missed it. If he was honest the beating hadn’t hurt that much but the fact that Michael had clearly found the implements used by his late husband, and felt the need to try it out filled his heart with happiness. All he hoped for now was that it wasn’t a one off. As he cleaned the cum off the floor, Michael shouted from the hall way. “Once you’ve finished there, get started on my room. There are things there that need sorting out” The door slammed. James stayed where he was for a few minutes , he was about to get up, but instead stayed kneeling and shuffled to the hall way and then crawled up stairs. The suitcase that Michael had opened was in the middle of the floor. James smiled, he hoped that this would mean that Michael would use the other implements on him .He took them out and opened the walk-in wardrobe door, Michael had clearly not noticed the hooks that were screwed inside. James has set them in, so his late Master husband had easy access when the need to discipline James came to him. A need that was frequent and always intense. James hoped that given time Michael would also learn the appropriate way to use them all Michael had arrived at the address Dave had given him it looked little more than a shed. He knocked on the door. He was surprised to find it opened by a naked fifty bayındır escort something man. “Michael Sir?”Master is waiting for you” He ushered Michael inside and led him to the back of the building. It didn’t take long before Michael worked out this was a sex dungeon. Dave looked different he was naked except for a jock stop and a vest, both leather, He sat down and clicked his fingers. The fifty something crawled over and began to kiss his Master’s feet.”So he’s a pain pig is he?” Michael was still unused to such abruptness but nodded. “So’s this one, older men are, their useless dicks don’t get hard as often so they get their kicks elsewhere. Isn’t that right Slave” “Yes Master” As the slave responded Dave leant forward and gave his arse a solid whack? A muffled Thank You Sir was just about audible. “Slave get up” “YOU” Dave said looking at Michael, take those clothes off. Michael hesitated but he knew that disregarding an order from Dave wouldn’t end up well. “Now to understand how top beat a sub, you need to understand how to take a beating. Slave get him ready. Follow him” Michael gulped, what the fuck was he doing, He knew however that he had no real choice “You have five minutes.” “Get those clothes off quickly please Sir” the slave whispered. Michael was bemused that he slave managed to phrase that as a polite request and an order, He was soon naked . The slave then led him to a metal frame in the middle of the floor.By the time that Dave had joined them his arms and legs were shackled and he was in a x shaped position. The slave was kneeling in front of him. “When your’e ready you can begin.” The slave took Michael’s dick in his mouth and began to suck. Dave’s gloved hand was soon over his face , and he felt his heavy breath against his neck. “So Boy. Are you ready” Michael’s response was muffled. “I’ll take that as a Yes Master” That took Michael aback, not Sir but Master. Should he be afraid? His dick had grown in length but was oddly still only semi hard. It was now slick in the slave’s saliva. He didn’t have too much time to think about that as a stinging sensation shot through his back. He was being flogged, his screams were ignored, and finally he realised that he was enjoying the sensation, as the endorphins ran through his body. Finally it stopped. Dave’s gloved hand ran over his back gently for the most part as if soothing narlıdere escort it, with an occasional flick of the finger to remind him of the pain he had endured. He could feel the sweat running down his face, he noticed that his dick was no longer being sucked, at the same time he found himself face to face with Dave. “Kiss me Boy” Michael moved his head closer, Dave’s tongue entered his mouth and they began to kiss, and the same time Dave ‘s gloved hand started to wank him off “Like that Boy” Dave asked during a respite from the kissing “Yes” ” Yes Master” Dave responded his grip tightening. “Yes, Master” The wanking continued, until Dave judged that the time was right . “Ready Boy”: “Yes Master” two final strokes and Michael groaned it felt as if his balls were being emptied of a years worth of spunk. The grip relaxed, Michael watched as the slave scurried over and began to lick the cum out of his Master’s hand, before returning Michael’s cock and sucking it clean. Dave released Michael’s feet from the shackles, and then the ams, He gave Dave a hug . “Thank You ,Master” “It’s Dave to you.” Dave clipped the head of the keeling slave “What do you say” “Thank you Sir Michael ” He bent down and kissed his feet. “Now come and sit down, ” Stiff from being shackled Michael followed Dave into a side room with a sofa” “Slave make some tea” Ten minutes later Dave and Michael were sat drinking tea and eating biscuits it was as if the previous thirty minutes hadn’t happened. Tp a passing observer, the only thing that would have made them question what was happening was the lack of clothes and the fact that Michael’s feet were being licked by a third naked man. Most of the talking was done by Dave, Michael nodded like an over enthusiastic puppy at first, but as the conversation moved on his posture became increasingly confident and his head filled with ideas. An hour later Michael was fully dressed on a tube platform , sweat was dripping down his forehead , after exerting himself discipline the slave, and he felt a drop of cum slide down his inner thigh, as he had been unexpectedly invited to fuck the slave, “James better be ready for all this” he thought to himself. James meanwhile had rearranged his old bedroom, having brought out two further cases of toys, it he was determined that Michael would come to his senses and realise that James was willing and ready to fully submit to hi. His phone went, “I’ve just got out of the tube”: James rushed down stairs, By the time Michael opened the door James was kneeling his head bowed. ” Michael entered and pulled James’s head back by his hair and spat in his face. “I think you need some more discipline Boy. Don’t You” “Please Sir” James responded trying to suppress a smile.

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