The Christmas Teddy Bear

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“ How do we show her we love her?” That question plagued my mind for a week now my wife Karen had asked me that question last week when we were discussing what we would get Jenny for Christmas. Jenny is our seven-year-old daughter and Christmas was coming up but my wife and I had no idea what to get her that she would get a lot of use out of or to show her we loved her. Most of the gifts we had already gotten her we marked as from Santa Clause because she was seven she still believed in Santa Clause.
My wife and I were going to the mall today and we were leaving Jenny with our babysitter, which is our next-door neighbor. We arrived at the mall and looked around we couldn’t think of anything except for maybe getting her a stuffed animal and we were about to buy her a stuffed animal when my wife had an idea.
“John what was your friend Ben telling you about the other day he was saying something about a clothing store that sold stuffed animals it was in the Funiculaireville mall” when my friend said stuff about Funiculaireville I dismissed it because I did not want to get into Funiculaireville. I still thought my daughter was to young to get into the sex aspect of it all, although we did tie her up every once in awhile because she liked to be tied up. My wife had to convince me that Jenny was not too young. I knew it was no use now because my wife defiantly thought this would be the greatest gift for her. I didn’t like this idea I liked Jenny being seven and very innocent but I had to go along with my wife.
“He was talking about a bear that she could just use to help open her up a little down there.” Karen said “but she is too young to know about sex.” Came my rebuttal. But she was determined to go visit the Funiculaireville mall just to look. So we left the regular mall and drove out to where Funiculaireville was we got passed the checkpoints and finally made it to the mall.
When we were inside the mall we both looked around for a little while at some of the bondage stores. Then finally made our way to the clothing store, which sold stuffed animals, the name of the store was ‘Zabrina’s.’ We were in there about five minutes just wandering looking at the different cloths and teddy bears before a nice lady came up to us “My name is ‘Christine’ and I’m the manager is there anything I could help you find.” The lady said.
“A friend of mine was telling my wife and I of some special teddy bears. That you sell.” I told her. She looked around at the wide selection of teddy bears on the wall behind her and said “Ah yes, well you came to the right place. But before I help you decide a bear that is perfect for your daughter I need to know some information, some personal information.” My wife spoke before I had a chance to “We’d be happy to give you any information you might need.” The lady thanked us then grabbed a clipboard with a list of teddy bear attachments on it and some blanks for writing in some information. She then proceeded to ask us some questions. How old is your daughter?” My wife quickly answered “she turned seven about two months ago.” Then came question two “Has your daughter ever had sex if so what was the diameter of the object used.” For this question she looked at me. My response was “We have not yet touched her in that way,” My wife quickly added though “She’s still a virgin.”
The lady put down the clipboard and motioned for us to follow. We followed her and along the way she said, “There’s no reason to ask the rest of the questions if your daughters still a virgin. For virgins we have the perfect attachment that will hurt her very little.” She bought us to a display rack where they had a whole bunch of dildo on display. She went behind the counter and removed a small dildo, which had a tag that told the size, it was 5 inches long and ¾ of an inch in diameter. She placed the dildo in my hand so that I could look at it closer. It was very soft and quite small I took a closer look at the tag to find out why it was so soft. Turns out it had a satin clothe wrapped around it to make it so soft. My wife took the dildo from my hand and also felt the short length of it. She nodded her head toward the lady and said, “We will take this one.” The lady nodded and took the dildo from us and put it back in a box.
She then told us “Now its time for you to pick out a teddy bear to go with the dildo.” We looked at several teddy bears some big ones some small ones then we came along a small teddy bear made of satin my wife picked it up and felt it just to see how soft it actually was. She handed the bear to me and said, “It will match the dildo, and I think she would like this the best because it will match.” The lady said “That might actually be the perfect choice would you like me to wrap it up for you.” We both said “yes” and the lady took the bear from us placed it into a box then placed the dildo into the box with the bear and let us choose the type of wrapping paper she also addressed a label for us saying
“To: Jenny”
“ Love: Mommy and Daddy.”
We paid for the bear and left ‘Zabrina’s.’ when we were in the car on our way home I tried reasoning with my wife. “I still think that Jenny is too young to have something put inside her even if it were that small.” I told my wife. She tried again to tell me that she wasn’t too young but I wasn’t being convinced. “Honey I just remember being a virgin entails it will hurt the first time.” I think my wife already knew that but I said it anyways. “We’re going to have to help her use the teddy bear the first time and we’re going to have to help her a lot because this is all going to be new to her. We’ve never touched her pussy before and she knows its wrong for someone to touch her there. She will be really scared and to even think of putting something up inside her would scare her even more. We’re going to have to take it slow.”
Christmas eve came finally and we all ate a big dinner. Jenny was very excited the rest of the night because she knew that Santa Claus was coming she couldn’t wait but she had to. We put her to bed at her normal bedtime of eight o’clock. We tucked her in and kissed her good night but before we left her room she had to ask us something. “Mommy Daddy, Santa is coming tonight and he won’t come if I’m awake. So would you tie me up so I cant go and scare him off.” We gladly obliged to tying her up. We tied her wrist to the headboard above her and we worked at tying her ankles together. We didn’t tie her spread eagle all that much because she didn’t like how open she was. But my wife stopped me while I was tying her ankles together and told me to tie her spread eagle. Unfortunately Jenny heard my wife tell me to tie her spread eagle and began to struggle. She really didn’t like it but we tied her feet to the foot board and left.
We both went downstairs as we heard Jenny begin to cry, but we left her like that. We took and placed the Christmas presents under the tree, the ones from “Santa” and the ones from us. We then sat down for a little while and watched some TV soon after we started watching TV Jenny began to scream. We knew she was screaming so she could be heard over the television, so we ignored her. The screaming soon stopped but she was still crying then her crying stopped as well, we could finally watch TV in peace. I watched TV and tried to keep concentrating on the screen but my wife seemed to not be interested in the TV she kept looking at the presents under the tree, to be more precise I think she kept looking at the one that we bought from ‘Zabrina’s.’
Finally this got to bother me because I knew that she was troubled by something, I hoped she was having second thoughts about the gift, so I turned off the television. She then looked up from her gaze under the tree and said, “Hey I was watching that.” I argued with her by saying “No you weren’t you keep looking at the presents under the tree. Something is bothering you.” She gave a heavy sigh then said; “I’ve been thinking about that teddy bear we bought for Jenny, well more of how were going to introduce her to it.” Darn I was wrong she wasn’t having second thoughts she just wasn’t sure how to introduce Jenny to sex. Just then my wife had an idea “John you know how Jenny hates being tied spread eagle.” “No I didn’t know she’s only been crying about it for the last half hour.” I had to say that just because my wife was stupid enough to ask it. “She hates being tied spread eagle because she is spread open rather wide and she doesn’t like that. So what if we showed her how spread open she really is.” I wasn’t quite following my wife but I let her continue. “We could go upstairs now and touch her pussy and Sex hikayeleri show her how spread open she really is. It would scare her at first but if we make it good for her she might not mind being tied spread eagle anymore. And she will probable still be up since she only stopped screaming about five minutes ago.” I now understood what my wife was planning and I didn’t like it very much because what if we scared her too much and she realizes that we molested her. I tried to seem like I liked my wife’s plan though “So what are we waiting for.”
We both got up off the couch and walked slowly upstairs we didn’t want to alert Jenny that we were coming upstairs but our plan didn’t work because as soon as we hit a squeaky step she started screaming. When we reached the top of the stairs we didn’t bother to tip toe because we knew that she knew we were coming. She probable thought we were going upstairs to bed and she wouldn’t allow us with her screaming, she really didn’t like being tied spread eagle. We could tie her any other way just as long as her legs weren’t spread. I think she doesn’t like having her legs spread because my wife touched her pussy once when she was tied spread eagle. My wife never did that again for fear of her telling someone, and yet here we were going to do it again.
Jenny stopped screaming when she saw us come into her room she probable thought she had won with all her screaming and we were going to tie her differently. She began to relax as we approached her and she stopped crying. I grabbed two tissues from the box next to her bed and wiped the snot and tears from her face. While I did this my wife went and sat at the bottom of the bed between Jenny’s legs. When I finished wiping off her face I leaned down and gave her a kiss. After I gave her a kiss and began to sit back up she got a little worried and ask me “Daddy could you please untie my legs please.” She was trying to be as polite as possible.
I wasn’t sure how my wife wanted to start her plan so I started it for her. When I stood up I looked at Jenny up and down then back up then gave a weird smile and said “Jenny look at how open your legs are it gives me just the right amount of access to this spot right here.” As I said that I placed my whole hand down on her pussy. She squirmed and tried to get away from my hand but it was no use. She started screaming at the top of her lungs but I kept my hand full between her legs. She soon realized that screaming did no good and she asked her mother. “Mommy please help me don’t let daddy touch my pee pee, please” at that she broke down into tears. Her crying was beginning to get to me I wanted to take my hand away. I think my wife knew that I was weakening because she placed her hand on mine and held my hand on my little girls pussy.
With my hand on her pussy, which was protected by her pajama bottoms and her panties, I explained to her “Mommy and Daddy aren’t going to hurt you were just going to make you feel good.” My wife added “It feels good when your daddy rubs my pussy and we want you to feel good also.” I could tell she was still scared and she knew it was wrong for us to touch her there. So I asked her. “Has your pee pee ever felt good? Have you ever rubbed yourself there or felt yourself there or rubbed up against something and wanted to keep rubbing?” She understood what I was asking her and she appeared to be deep in thought. Finally she answered “one night um uh.” She stopped at that and didn’t continue. My wife prodded her to continue “don’t be afraid honey were not gonna do anything just because you went exploring on your body.” She giggled at that but she still didn’t say anything. So I tried. “Sweetie were not going to tell anyone it will be our little secret.” That did it because she started again “ok daddy but do you promise.” “Yes both me and mommy promise not to tell anyone.” I replied. “ok. One night after you gave me a bath and I went to bed I um.” She paused and she blushed a pink color in her cheeks. “I um took one of mommy’s hand mirrors and looked at my pee pee. I also touched myself there that night and I felt kinda tingly in my belly, I’m sorry.” My wife let go off my hand and reached up to brush Jenny’s hair with her fingers and said, “Oh honey you don’t need to apologize you didn’t do anything wrong just by looking at yourself.”
I decided it was time to start so I asked her “do you want to feel that tingly feeling again and feel even more then just that?” She slowly nodded her head yes but then she quickly asked. “Its not gonna hurt is it.” My wife quickly answered, “No we promise it wont hurt it will only feel good.” I then asked her “Are you sure your ready.” She bit her bottom lip but nodded her head yes. I wanted to make sure I didn’t scare her anymore so I decided I would explain to her everything. “ok baby I’m going to pull your pajama bottoms down then I’m going to pull your panties down, are you ready.” She now closed her eyes tight but nodded again yes. I loosened the string on her pajama waistband then tucked my fingers in the side of the waistband and fumbled around to get my fingers into the waistband of her panties also so I could pull both them down at once. I got a hold of both and lowered both to midway down her thigh I couldn’t lower them very much because of the way she was tied on the bed.
Both my wife and I looked down at her hairless pussy for quite sometime. Finally I reached out attentively with one hand and curled my fingers leaving only my index finger sticking out and touched her with one finger. I touched the right half of her pussy and ran my finger up and down feeling her smooth soft skin. She tensed up as soon as I lowered her pajamas and panties by now she was beginning to shake from trying to stay tensed up. So I removed my finger and stroke my hand against her cheek brushing some hair away form her face at the same time. She relaxed a little and opened her eyes. She looked at me with pouting eyes telling me she was really scared, she was probable fighting back tears. I asked her “what’s wrong sweetie there’s nothing to be scared of, it won’t hurt and nothing is going to happen.” She shuddered but responded “I know daddy I’m just scared.” There wasn’t anything I could think to help her so I just told her “Just relax and look forward to how good it will feel.” I kissed her forehead and lowered my hand down full onto her pussy. She again tensed up and closed her eyes tight, which actually forced a tear out. But I kept my hand there.
I slowly spread her pussy lips and ran my finger from the base upward and found her clit it wasn’t erect yet so I focused my attention on her little clit. Soon it began to become semi erected and she opened her eyes and she relaxed her leg muscles. She let out a soft moan and didn’t tense up again. My wife was now beginning to get turned on from looking at our daughter’s naked hairless pussy and she began to rub her own pussy through her pants. I kept needing Jenny’s clit and soon it became erect and her pussy began to open at the base it revealed her pink channel which almost made me cum right there in my pants. My wife actually did have an orgasm though at that sight. As my wife’s orgasm over took her Jenny said, “Oh daddy it tingles right there where your rubbing, oh wow.”
I began to explain things to her again by saying. “Soon darling your going to become wet it may feel like you started to pee but don’t worry its not pee.” She responded with “daddy I think that’s happening now” and sure enough her pink channel was releasing her sweet nectar. My wife reached a hand down and with two fingers rubbed at the base of Jenny’s pussy her fingers became wet and she pulled her hand away and raised it toward my mouth. I sniffed at the lovable smell then open my mouth and my wife shoved her fingers inside I suck on my wife’s fingers and tasted my sweet daughters virgin pussy. The taste was too much for me and my own orgasm over took me as I cum in my pants. I removed my hand because I couldn’t stay rubbing her pussy my brain was only concentrating on one thing, but my wife’s hand met mine as I pulled my hand away and I felt her begin to rub Jenny’s clit.
I closed my eyes in ecstasy as I spent my seed in my pants. When I opened my eyes again I realized Jenny was panting severely and on the verge of her own orgasm. I quickly went back to my job of explaining things as I realized she was getting scared again she looked at me with imploring eyes that were asking me ‘what’s going to happen?’ I answered her unspoken question and told her “Its alright baby your about to feel really good. Don’t hold back just relax all the way.” Within seconds after my words she Sikiş hikayeleri let out a soft scream as her orgasm overtook her. Her body twitched and her pussy began to vibrate almost, as she became very wet. She closed her eyes as she shook. My wife and I looked on in awe as we saw our little girl have the first orgasm of her life.
We let her just lay there as she was worn out from her orgasm. My wife got some tissue and she wiped Jenny’s pussy clean of juices. When my wife finished I pulled Jenny’s pants and underwear back up. We then both kissed her good night and I thought I should make sure of a few things first off so I asked her “Are you gonna be ok tied up with your legs spread.” She thought for a second then smiled and said, “Daddy I don’t mind being tied up like this anymore it’s a lot of fun now.” I smiled back at her and said, “you’d better go to sleep now or else Santa might not come tonight.” She quickly closed her eyes at those words. My wife and I then left her room and we both walked to our room to (think of what just happened.)
The next morning the alarm clock woke me up. I didn’t bother to get my wife up instead I went into Jenny’s room and untied her first. When I finished untying her she jumped into my arms and kissed me. “Daddy I love you” I heard. I then carried her into my bedroom and went to place her on the bed but she wouldn’t let go. I supported her with one arm while I used the other to gently shake my wife to get her up. She woke up and smiled at both of us. She got out of bed and Jenny gave her a hug but stayed in my arms. She didn’t want to let go. We then walked down stairs still in our pajamas. Then finally she let go, and ran to the presents under the tree.
She opened all the ones from “Santa” first then began to work on opening the present from us. During the hassle under the tree my wife managed to get her hands on the box with the bear in it and threw it far in the back so it would be one of the last presents Jenny opened. While our daughter ripped through the presents that were for her my wife and I sat on the couch and exchanged a few gifts. After Jenny had opened all the gifts but the bear, which we now had in our hands. We handed it to her and said, “This is a special gift from both of us.” She ran over to us running through the used wrapping paper and plop down in my lap before she began to open it. I had to adjust her on my lap since that moment was just so erotic. With her opening the bear with a dildo, her sitting on my lap, and the memory of the previous night.
She ripped the wrapping paper and revealed the box. She had me help her with opening the box, and I did. Then she reached in and pulled out the dildo first, she threw it aside. She reached in again and pulled out the bear, she remarked, “Oh this is so soft.” And she gave the teddy bear a big squeeze. Her attention was then drawn to the case with the dildo in it. She reached over to where she had thrown it and picked it up. She inspected the clear case then opened it. And pulled out the dildo again she said, “This is so soft, but what is this for.” My wife took the dildo out of her hand then took the bear out of her grasp; she had a harder time letting go of the teddy bear. When my wife had the teddy bear and dildo in hand she attached the dildo to the bears crotch, where the attachment was.
Jenny looked confused at the teddy bear with the dildo on it. Then she began to giggle and said, “It looks like daddy.” Both my wife and I laughed at hearing this we all laughed and giggled together. I increased the laughing of the little girl in my lap by tickling her sides. But my wife put on a serious face and said, “this is going to go inside your pee pee. It will make you feel good like last night. It feels good when daddy puts his pee pee in me so we wanted you to feel good also.” Jenny understood but had a nervous look on her face that took her a moment to put words to. “Wouldn’t that hurt?” My wife and I looked at each other then I said, “yes, it will hurt the first time but then it will feel good and it won’t ever hurt again.” This scared her and she jumped up off my lap. She let out a low “ah” then ran to the other side of the room. She sat down on the floor for a good five minutes while we just sat on the couch and watched. She sat there with her back and sat Indian style; she appeared to be deep in thought. Neither my wife or I moved from the couch for that five minutes, It could have been longer I don’t know.
Finally she turned toward us and stood up. She walked over to us then said, “Ok, I’m ready.” While she said this she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of both her panties and her pajamas and lowered them. I reached out my hands and supported her while she stepped out of them. When her feet were clear of her panties and pajamas I pulled her close and hugged her tight. It broke my heart to hear her say that she was ready the only thing is I wasn’t ready. I never thought that it would all happen this fast my wife and I had decided that we would go slow with her.
My wife pried Jenny from my embrace and placed Jenny down on her back on the couch her head was resting on my wife’s lap as my wife revealed a length of rope from underneath the couch. We tied Jenny up a lot and as much as we tied her up we had to have rope just ling around the house. She tied Jenny’s wrist together and held them above her head. “I’m going to hold your wrist above your head because when this happens it’s going to hurt and if you move your hands you might hurt yourself more.” She said. I took and picked Jenny’s legs up and bent them at the knee then spread her legs. As I spread her legs I could see her trying to move her bound hands to cover herself but my wife prevented this.
I began to just stroke her pussy with my hand working a finger in between her slit a couple times just to help turn her on. I could hear her breathing change and knew she was ready to go a step further I took both hands and placed them on her pussy halves and spread. This revealed the inner pink. I worked a finger from the base upward and felt her semi erect clit and focused on that area. She spread her legs a bit wider for me to rub her I finally I thought she was ready.
I took the bear off the coffee table and held it out to her she felt the soft satin bear and she warily touched the soft satin of the dildo. She said again “Its soft, maybe it wont hurt.” My wife quieted her by putting a finger to her lips and said, “maybe”. I pulled the teddy bear away from her grasp and placed it at the base of her pussy. I slowly pushed it in to her pussy I stopped when it had just entered her. She closed her eyes as I pushed it in then opened them and let out a sigh of relief she said, “It’s in me and it doesn’t hurt.” My wife quieted her again and said; “It’s not all the way in yet.” she let out a soft moan as she realized the pain was yet to come.
I didn’t push it in any further but instead started rubbing her clit again. She began to relax again and I slide the dildo just a little further in the whole time still working her clit. From all the pleasure she was getting I don’t think she even felt the dildo slide further in. I kept a steady pace of sliding the dildo in only millimeters at a time and kept working her clit. After a few minutes of this I finally couldn’t push the dildo any further in at my current pace because I reached her hymen. I stopped pushing and started working her clit even more finally she was on the verge of orgasm and I pushed the bear a little harder. Instantly she let out a load scream as her hymen was stretched she wiggled and yelled “TAKE IT OUT. TAKE IT OUT. Ah.” I couldn’t go any further I couldn’t break her hymen. I removed the teddy bear and inspected the dildo. There was no blood so her hymen only stretched.
I put her legs down strait and leaned over her I kissed each one of her tears away until she finally stopped crying. When she stopped crying I lifted her up into my, a few sniffles escaped. I held her like that for about ten minutes just rocking her back and forth. The only bad part of me not completing the task is she would have to go through the pain again. While I held my little girl in my arms my wife inspected the dildo. She also saw that there was no blood on the thing and realized that I didn’t break her hymen. My wife let out a sigh of relief because I didn’t break her hymen, well at least not yet.
After cuddling her for ten or so minutes she finally looked up and asked, “Will it hurt the next time?” I bowed my head in shame and said, “I’m sorry honey but yes it will because I didn’t go all the way.” She hugged me tight then I asked her “Would you like to try Erotik hikaye again.” She thought about it for a little bit then answered “Daddy is it alright if we do it later I don’t think I’m ready.” I held her tighter and was actually glade she didn’t want to try again now. “No baby you don’t have to try again now we can do it later that would be better if we did do it later.”
She slithered out of my arms and lay back down on the couch the same way she was before but this time she spread her legs really wide. It was one of the best sights in the world I wish I could have gotten a picture. But there will be plenty of time for that another day. She just lay there and asked “Daddy will you rub me again?” she hadn’t even finished her sentence and my hand was already resting on her sex. But before I spread her lips my wife said, “Were gonna do something different this time.” at this my wife stood up and removed her shirt and pants she wasn’t wearing any panties. I took this as my cue and I stood up and removed my shirt, pants, and underwear. My daughter saw both of us do this and sat up then raised her hands over her head for me to pull off her shirt. I reached down and pulled off her shirt then sat down next to her. I laid her back down and slowly spread her legs then spread the lips to her sex. Instead of rubbing her I leaned down and began to lick at her pussy. She was a little embarrassed at first but soon began to move her hips upward to meet my lips and tongue. Soon she began to get wet and I began to taste her sweet pussy juices.
When she got wet I dragged both my hands up the side of her body. She wiggled trying to get away from my hands because it tickled her when I did this. I reached her rib cage and felt each little rib. I then slowly moved my hands to the front of her and placed them onto her flat chest. She wasn’t beginning to form yet so even her nipples didn’t break the plan of her chest; she’s only seven. I decided I would find out if her nipples would get hard and puckered though, so I began to rub her nipples in a circular motion. Soon her nipples began to get hard also and her pussy was very wet she began to let out soft moans that slowly got louder. Then her orgasms flooded her body and her pussy began to grip my tongue, which was digging for her maidenhead.
When her orgasm subsided I pulled my tongue out and sat up I liked my lips then leaned down hugged her tight. When I released my embrace I looked up to see my wife sitting on the other end of the couch with her legs spread. She took my head and guided me over toward her where she said, “my turn” She grabbed my fully erect cock and positioned it at the entrance of her pussy. I looked down to see my daughter lying on her stomach and watching closely. I decided I’d better help her understand so I said “I’m going to put my pee pee into mommy because it feels good to her to have me inside her. It also makes me feel good.” I slowly began to slid my cock in my wife but I paused when my daughter asked “mommy does that hurt.” She replied with “no not anymore but it hurt the first time I had something put inside me.” Jenny relaxed as she realized it wouldn’t hurt but the first time she has the bear inside her.
My wife continued talking as I began to slide in and out. “It hurts the first time because you have a piece of tissue that needs to be ripped for something to go all the way inside you. The piece of tissue is called your hymen. We will break your hymen with that teddy bear then you will be able to put the whole thing inside you. That teddy bear is going to help stretch you out so one day daddy will be able to put his pee pee inside you.” I looked at Jenny’s face and saw she wasn’t confused by any of that. She then asked, “What’s it called to have something put inside you.”
This question took my wife off guard but she said, “Its called having sex.” I could just anticipate that there were going to be a lot more questions then came the biggest one of all. “Why do people have sex”? My wife looked at me a shook her head then answered, “We’ll tell you when you’re older.” Jenny put on a pouting face. She hated being told that people would tell her when she was older but I decided since she learned all the stuff she learned so far about sex I figured I should tell her that. I looked at my wife and told her “I think she’s ready to know now.” My daughter looked up in glee and I said, “People have sex because that’s how babies are made the daddy puts his seed which is called cum inside the women a gets her pregnant.” Her eyes were sparkling with excitement as she asked “I’m I gonna get pregnant when daddy puts his thing in me.” My wife answered “Not if you don’t want to we could put you on a pill that keeps you from getting pregnant. I’m on a pill that keeps me from getting pregnant. Also you have to be older to get pregnant.” Her eyes still sparkled with excitement. As she said, “oh ok”.
We fucked and bought Jenny to orgasms most of the day. Finally when it was time for her to go to bed she came into our bedroom with the teddy bear while my wife and I were fucking. She lied down on the bed next to us and spread her legs. She positioned the bear between her legs and the dildo at the base of her pussy and began to push it inside her she soon reached where she couldn’t push any farther and stopped. When she reached this point I pulled out of my wife and placed my hands on the bear. Before I started to slide the bear inward I asked her “are you ready.” She nodded her head yes and said “yes” at the same time I placed both hands on the bear and began to push. When she yelled out “wait”. I stopped and let go of the bear. She then reached down with her hands and grabbed hold of the bear and pulled it out. She pulled it up her body and hugged it. As she hugged the bear she said, “daddy I want you to break my hymen I want you to put your pee pee in me.” I looked at her astounded and said, “I don’t think you’re big enough for me to put my pee pee inside you yet.” She responded, “I know, but could you try please.” I looked at my wife for support but all she did was nod her head. I told my daughter “I will try sweetheart.”
My wife stood up off the bed and left the room she soon returned with four lengths of rope and said, “I don’t want my only daughter hurting herself when this happens so I’m going to tie you spread eagle on the bed.” Jenny immediately stretched out and my wife and I began to tie her wrist to the headboard. Our bed was a Queen sized bed but was rather big for a seven year old. So my wife had to get extra long ropes. We finished tying her to the bed and I positioned myself over my daughter who was spread eagle on my bed. Then positioned my cock at the entrance to my child’s seven-year-old virgin pussy.
I gave her warning and said, “Here I go sweetheart.” As I began to push my cock onto her pussy it wouldn’t go in she was too small. I began to apply more force and finally the head of my cock entered her pussy. She yelled out “Ow, Daddy your so big it hurts.” I spoke up and said, “I could pull out.” But she answered “no” as tears began to flow down her face. I rubbed my daughters cheek before I started to push deeper. I pushed all the way up to her hymen then began to slide out I slid back in and out several times and soon my daughter began to become excited. I asked once more if she was ready she nodded her head and said, “I think so.” I slid just up to her hymen and began to push she again started to cry. I pushed more and her hymen stretched and she let out soft screams each time I pushed. Then finally her hymen broke and she let out a bloodcurdling scream. I slide into her pussy up to her cervix and stopped.
I let her catch her breath as she cried. My wife got some tissues and let her blow her noise while I whispered into her ear “Its over I’m inside you and it’s all over. You did very good I’m so proud of you.” This helped her relax and she looked at me still with pain in her eyes and said, “daddy I love you can we have sex now and both of us feel good.” I half expected her to say for me to pull out but she didn’t I answered, “Sure baby but it still might hurt a little. She cringed in pain as I began to move my cock in and out but she soon began to get excited. Then she finally orgasmed. When she came it sent me over the edged and I cum at the same time.
After that we sent her to bed, we then went to bed as well. The next day she came into our room with the teddy bear in her grasp. She lied down at the bottom of the bed and said “Mommy Daddy, watch this.” At that she positioned the bear at her tiny pussy opening and pushed. The whole dildo slid into her pussy and she winced in pain a little as it did so. We clapped our hands and Hugged at kissed her she kept sliding the bear in and out the whole time commenting “My Teddy is so soft he makes me feel all good inside but I like daddy better.”

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