The Cat and the Kitten Ch. 02

Big Dicks

Edited by Spencerfiction. With thanks.


Lauren woke with a smile on her face and a long cat like stretch. Last night was so delicious! Young William was firmly in her grasp now. Images of his cock erupting in the shower flashed in her mind.

“God!” she murmured to herself, “I should have taken him right to bed! But that was soooo delicious!” Martin was still away for a few more days, she would have Will before Martin came back for sure.

Will woke up and the previous night’s memories came pouring into his consciousness. “Oh God what did I do?!” he groaned. It was definitely the best sexual experience of his young life, far better than even losing his virginity with Heidi, Lauren was exquisite, but she was his father’s wife! His cock rapidly grew as he continued to think of the previous night until his hand went into his sleep pants to choke out his now raging erection. With cum splattered all over his belly he slipped out of bed to go shower.

Will pulled on tee shirt and shorts and noticed Lynn’s door shut as he made his way downstairs. As luck would have it, good luck or bad luck he didn’t know, he met Lauren right away and she was heading downstairs to the kitchen as well, still dressed in her silk pajamas from the night before. She greeted him with a huge pearly white grin.

“Hey lover!” she whispered.

“We didn’t really make love,” he hissed back.

“Not yet!”

“What?!” he felt himself blush and his heart pound, “I thought last night was just to be ahhhhh you know, done and forgotten about?”

“Don’t be so naïve, William,” she laughed as she quickly descended the curving staircase on nimble feet.

He hurried after her after a shocked pause.

“But I thought you said?”

“Listen, if I said anything about that being like a one night stand you must have misunderstood. Or I just said that to seduce you the first time. Do you really think I’m just going to be looking at your sexy young nineteen-year-old bod and not want to be having sex? And last night was the most fun I’d had in a long while. And I know that with just a little bit of opportunity and even less effort I can seduce you again. Easy. So don’t fight it, Will. Now be a good boy and make some coffee.”

“Is this such a great idea?” he hissed as he made a pot of coffee.

“Sure I do,” she laughed as she got up behind him and reached around him to grab his cock.

“Jesus!” he gasped as he gripped the counter. His cock was literally hard again in seconds as she rubbed him through his shorts.

“Don’t you?” she asked as she started to kiss the side of his face and his ear.

“Lauren!” he gasped and she laughed as she walked to the fridge, looking back over her shoulder.

“So easy.”

They heard a door close upstairs and soon Lynn walked in, her rich full jet back hair all messed up from sleeping, a tight little shirt on with cotton sleep pants. Her eyes were also bloodshot and she looked groggy.

“You’re hungover,” her mother informed her.

“I’m just tired from being out late.”

“Your eyes are bloodshot.”

“I’m TIRED!” Lynn stabbed back at her mother.

“Don’t get curt with me Lynn.”

“Jesus Christ,” she rolled her eyes as she got apple juice from the fridge, poured and downed a glass.

“Oh thirsty are you?” Lauren smirked, but her daughter ignored her, “Well, I’m going shopping. I was going to ask you to come but I’d be embarrassed out with you looking like that.”

“Oh gee. Thanks mother.”

“What are you doing today?”


“Well at least you are doing something constructive.”

Will looked at Lauren to try and determine if she was serious or not. He really couldn’t tell.

“How about you Will?” Lauren looked at him suspiciously.

“I have some papers to try and get done for those on-line courses I’m doing.”

“Yeah?” she looked doubtful as she looked over at her daughter who was bent over looking into the fridge, she gave him a look as if to say “don’t you dare fuck her!” and walked out.

“You do look horrible,” he told her.

“Well, thanks for that, asshole.”

His heart was beating loud in his chest. Their relationship had always been rocky at best but her mother’s revelation last night that she was checking him out was eating at him. Was it true? She was one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen. If it could happen with Lauren? And Lynn behaved just like her mother, teasing him at times relentlessly.

“Well … ahhhh … you look like you feel horrible I meant to say. Come on. You always look hot.” He tried to sound casual. He could see her eyes open a bit in surprise as she went to the table with a steaming cup of coffee.

“Hot?” she asked as she turned the chair next to him to the side a lttle and sat down crossing her legs, “Didn’t think you noticed.”

“What’s not to notice?” he looked at her, struggling to maintain his gaze into her chocolate eyes, still very pretty even with the bloodshot.

“Just thought the step-horseshit meant something to you.” She sipped her coffee.

“We’re not related in any way, shape kağıthane escort or form.”

“Nope,” she agreed. “Some of my friends are coming over to hang out by the pool. They were all talking about you last night. About how hot you are. No wonder I threw up so much this morning.”

“That was just the booze though, right?”

“Maybe,” her mouth eased upwards a bit. “Be careful. That’s all. A few of them would love you to knock them up. Your Dad’s fucking loaded and you’re an only child right? Unless he knocks up Mom, and that’s probably not going to happen, or it would have by now I think.”

“Yeah,” he reddened a bit, “I already have a girlfriend, right?” he looked back at his computer screen.

“Oh my God! You’re such a geek. Get yourself laid, dummy, just wear a condom, even if she says she’s on the pill.”

“I’m not stupid Lynn.”

“Yeah, but guys think with their dicks a lot, right?”

“Yeah. Well, thanks for the heads up.”

She started laughing and he looked at her strangely, “Heads up? You never even meant to say that right?”

“Ahhhh no,” he grinned, a bit sheepishly.

“You having sex with Howdy?”

“It’s Heidi, Lynn, and yes, we are,” he replied defensively.

“Yeah? How is she? I bet she just lies there and takes it, hey?” she smirked.

“I’m certainly not discussing it with you,” he sniffed.

“I nailed it!” she hooted.

“You do it like a porn queen I bet,” he quipped as his cock started to stiffen.

“I’m only after doing it a few times actually. I thought I was a pretty eager and willing precipitant though.”

“Yeah?” he gulped.

“We should do it some time you know? You and me,” she told him with a playful twinkle in her eye.

“Jesus, Lynn,” he shifted in his chair a bit as he was now at full mast.

“Yeah why not? Just to experiment a bit, right? Train ourselves up a bit. You said I’m hot. And you’re borderline attractive, I guess,” she grinned.

“Thanks, I guess,” he return, feeling himself sweating.

“Do some oral. Give and receive.”

“Yeah sure. Ok. I’m in.” He decided to call her bluff.

“Not yet you’re not!” she hooted and got up to go to the sink with her empty coffee cup. “You wouldn’t anyway. You’re too goody-goody.”

“My bedroom door is always open.”

“Yeah right! You bluff.”

“I got lots of condoms. I won’t knock you up.” He was starting to enjoy this somewhat and could tell he had thrown her off a bit.

“You’re so full of shit.”

He shrugged as they heard Lauren coming down stairs again. She came in wearing tight silvery blue jeans and a snug three-quarter sleeve tee shirt, and her golden hair was pinned up.

“Pretty tight jeans for a woman your age mother,” Lynn smirked.

“Fuck off, Lynn,” Lauren shot her daggers.

“Ooooooooo!” Lynn hooted with laughter, “Struck a nerve, hey?!”

“Not at all. Just amazed what a total brat you turned out to be.”

“What do you think, Will?” Lynn turned to him smirking.

“Yeah. You’re a pretty big brat Lynn.”

“No!” she laughed and Lauren grinned as well, “Should an elderly old crone like her be wearing tight jeans?”

“Don’t drag me into your cat fights.”



“Shouldn’t you be getting out to a tavern or pub now Sweetie?” Lauren asked her, grinning with sparking blue eyes.

“So funny. Buy me something cute.”

“Going shopping for me. Sorry.”

“Your closets are stuffed! You have like three million pairs of shoes. Whatever. I’m going to take a shower.”

“So, what do you really think of these jeans?” Lauren whispered to Will as Lynn receded.


“Just nice?” she was behind him and started to massage his shoulders. “If you don’t like them you can take them off me later?”

“How about Lynn?” he asked as he almost groaned in pleasure as her fingers pushed into his shoulders and worked his muscles.

“It’s a big house Will.” She stood to his side and turned around.

He looked over at her amazing ass encased in the tight jeans and her long legs. “Oh wow,” he murmured as he reached out with an almost shaking hand to feel. She was right, she could seduce him so easy.

“Like that?”

“Oh yeah.”

She turned back and swung a long leg over him to sit facing him in his lap, smiling, her arms draped over his shoulders and her pussy pushed up against his cock. “I can be a really great lover Will,” she purred as she started to work her hips, grinding her crotch into his cock.

“Oh God,” his arms had found their way around her waist.

“You want me for a lover don’t you?” She didn’t give him a chance to answer as she put her lips to his and pushed her tongue into his mouth. “Well”?” she asked around his mouth as she worked her hips.

“Yes … God yes,” he gulped.

“I thought so,” she grinned at him. “I’m going shopping now.” She wiped lipstick from his mouth and caressed his cheek with a sigh. She got off him grinning and walked out.

Will had another cup of coffee while he did some work on a sarıyer escort paper in the kitchen. His concentration was soon broken as Lynn walked in wearing a really skimpy black bikini, similar to the one her mother had worn the evening before. Lynn’s bikini top was really tiny and the cups just barely covered the nipples on her young shapely breasts. Her mid-section was so toned and she already had an amazing tan, with no tan lines that he could see as he gaped.

“Got a bit of drool on your chin there guy,” she grinned.

He didn’t say anything, couldn’t say anything, he just continued to stare. He had seen her in bikinis before, of course, and all kinds of skimpy and revealing clothes but that did nothing to dampen the effect she had on him.

“Like don’t ever try and say you don’t want me, Will,” she laughed, “Jesus.”

“I … ahhhh … wow! You’re hot, Lynn. Seriously.”

She laughed, “Yeah I know,” she continued smugly, “So, do you want a blow job or what?”

His mouth dropped, “I … ahhh … well … God yes …”

“Oh! You thought I was going to give you one? Gross, Will. I was just making conversation!” Then she burst out laughing, “It was a hypothetical question!”

Her prank sank into him and then he jumped up from his seat and pounced on her. She squealed and he scooped her up and threw her over his shoulder. She was basically weightless.

She squealed again in a mixture of alarm and excitement. “Watch are you doing, Will!”

He had walked out of the kitchen while watching her little feet kicking in front of him. “I’m going to fuck you Lynn,” he said simply and calmly.

“WHAT?!?!” she yelped in disbelief.

“It’s what you want isn’t it?” he asked as he took the stairs two and three at a time.

“What?! NO!! Let me down, Will!!” She yelled in some alarm as her little fists hammered uselessly on his back.

He made it to his room and tossed her, still squealing, a tangle of arms and legs and flaying back hair to bounce onto his bed. Grinning he ripped off his tee shirt.

“Jesus, Will!” she quickly jumped up to her knees as she panted and looked at him in fright.

He started laughing, “You should see your face!” he howled.


She grabbed a pillow and hurled it at him and then started laughing. He easily deflected the thrown pillow. She jumped off the bed, “Jesus, Will,” she whispered as she looked down at his crotch. His cock had grown so hard it was pushing out very visibly from his shorts. “You’re only half joking, aren’t you?”

“Of course I want you, Lynn. Jesus, you’re one of the hottest girls I know. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to do it even if you wanted me too. I have a girlfriend remember.”

“Oh that’s right. Howdy.”



He grabbed his tee shirt and pulled it on.

“Since we’re being honest,Will, I think you’re borderline hot too, I guess.”

“You mentioned the border line thing already.”

“You’re a bit white though. You should hang out and tan with us a bit this afternoon. Stacy’s bringing a cooler of beer and Mom will be gone all afternoon. More fun than doing a paper?”

“Ahhhh. Yeah sure. Stacy’s cute.”

“You get her up here and you’re getting laid for sure.”

“Who else?”


“Even better!”

“Like her, hey?”

“Yeah, she’s real hot.”

“Hotter than me?” Lynn playfully pouted.

“No way. She’s only like nine out of ten.”

“What’s Heidi?” she smirked.

“Well Heidi has a ten out of ten mind.”

“How does that stack up against my ten out of ten ass?”

“Ahhhh well …”

“Exactly.” She grinned at him and watched as his eyes fell to survey her slender tanned body in the skimpy bikini. “Would love to have a piece of this, hey?” she smirked.

“Next time I throw you over my shoulder and carry you to my bed I won’t be stopping,” he warned her.

“Promises, promises.” She smirked.

He reached for her and she squealed with laughter. She spun around but he was able to get his arm around her tiny waist and pull her up against him. Without even thinking about it he sank his face into her neck and started kissing.

“Will!” she exclaimed laughing, while she tilted her head to open up more of her neck for him. One of her hands held onto the arm around her waist and the other gripped onto his leg. “I had no idea you were this horny!” she laughed.

“You’re driving me crazy, Lynn,” he whispered into her ear.

“That was sorta the idea. Mmmmm, that’s actually feeling good. Don’t stop.”

He continued to kiss her neck and nibble her ear as his hand now caressed and explored her hard toned belly. Then the gate bell went off.

“Saved by the bell!” she laughed, “That’ll be the girls.”

“Continue this later?” he asked as his hand went to the top of her bikini bottoms.

“Maybe,” she pulled his hand back up. “You going to cheat on Heidi with me?”

“As long as I can be with you I don’t care what I have to do.”

“Whatever we do it has to stay between us. Wouldn’t sefaköy escort look good you know. Even if we’re not related.”

“Yeah, no problem at all.” The bell rang again.

“Long as you get laid, hey? Let go now.”

He did and she grinned at him as she went to the stairs. He followed her.

“It really is a ten out of ten ass. Wow!”

“Who is it?” she sang sweetly into the intercom.

“Your two very bestest friends!”

Will showed Lynn his cell phone with the two girls out front with a cooler. “They were dropped off. I’ll go out and help them with that cooler.”

“It’s on wheels.”

“But still.”

“But still you want to fuck them too.”

“I didn’t say that!” he gave her a roguish grin.

“Wear fucking condoms, ok?!” She slapped him on the chest with her small hand.

He grinned as he stepped in and took her in his arms. Tilting his head he found her lips and kissed her. She struggled a bit before melting. His tongue went into her mouth and found hers.

“Lynn?” The intercom sounded.

He let her go and grinned at her, “You ok, Lynn?”

“Asshole,” she pouted.


“Ok ok,” she replied, “Will is already on his way.”

“Will? Yum!”

He gave her ass a quick squeeze and ran off grinning.

“Hi girls,” he grinned as he buzzed them in.

“Hi cutie,” Stacey, with her long straight blond hair and blue eyes, replied as she visibly sized him up. She had amazing big round tits and a curvy body with full hips. While Lynn was all small, toned, and compact, Stacy was softer looking with gentle curves and a little hint of a belly.

“Hi Will,” Taylor had the skin tone of caramel with big dark eyes and her thick black hair tied back. She had a slender build, but much taller than Lynn and small firm breasts. Will’s gaze lingered on her a bit and her mouth curled up slightly.

“I can take the cooler,” he took it from Stacy.

“What a gentleman! You going to hang out a bit with us?”

“Yeah. Thought I would.”


They went inside and out to the pool, where they started to empty cans of beer. Stacy drank two for every one of theirs and started to get a bit tipsy although she was obviously a more experienced drinker than the rest. Will just enjoyed sipping on a beer and sizing up all three of the girls, with Lynn his favourite by far. Stacy started to get real flirty with him while he exchanged long smouldering secret looks with Taylor. Will found time to speak to her privately when Stacy made a bathroom trip and Lynn was tanning while the music played a bit loud.

“So, you have a boyfriend?” he asked her quietly.

“Yeah. It’s ahhh not all that serious but, you know. You’re seeing someone as well, right?”

“Yeah. Well.”


“You are so pretty.”

Taylor laughed and Lynn looked over, “What are you guys talking about?”

“Ahhh nothing much,” Will grumbled.

Stacy came back out and whooped, “Say Lynn. Can we make a punch with some of your folk’s hooch?”

“Sure. Will will help you with that! I’m tanning Will, can you make sure she don’t make it all vodka?”

“That’s a good idea, Lynn. If Lauren comes home and she’s staggering around there’ll be hell to pay.”


Will went in and took a giggling Stacy downstairs where the bar was. “God, you look hot today,” she said and immediately threw herself at him when they got downstairs.

“I shouldn’t Stacy,” he managed around her questing tongue, “I’m seeing someone.”

“Poor guy,” she giggled as her hand found his cock and she rubbed him through his damp shorts.

“Jesus,” he exhaled.

“Yeah?” she dropped to her knees and pulled down his shorts.

“Jesus Stacy! What are you doing?” he gasped as his hard cock flicked out.

“You don’t know yet, Will?” she grinned as she held his cock down low and, looking up at him grinning, slowly kissed the head.

“Oh Jesus … Oh my God … Oh wow!” he gasped as he leaned back against the bar.

“Beautiful cock Will.” She slowly licked up the shaft, “I’ll do this but I want you to fuck me later. Deal?”

“Ahhhh Lynn and Taylor are upstairs and Lynn’s mom could be back at any time.” He gulped, “And ahhh I have a girlfriend.”

“Yeah?” she smiled up with icy blue eyes as she slowly licked up his shaft again.

“Oh God … Oh wow, that feels good,” he groaned.

“Some night this week you pick me up and take me out to the Lake. Fuck me on the beach or in the grass. Under the stars. Several times. Just our little secret. Deal?”

“Deal. Deal! God yes, Stacy!” And with that his cock disappeared into her mouth and he groaned in pleasure. “Oh God yes …” he looked down in near disbelief as her blond head bobbed and he felt her firm lips run up and down his shaft as his head slid over her tongue.

“Don’t cum in my mouth Will,” she whispered as she came off him and hooking her thumbs into the straps of her bikini top she pulled it down and her big round breasts bounced out with big puffy pink nipples. “Tell me when you’re ready,” she told him and got back to business.

“Oh God! Oh yes!,” he reached to grab a breast as she sucked gently on his head while she massaged his balls. “Soon Stacy,” he gasped.

She took his cock into her mouth again and bobbed with vigour.

“Stacy! Stacy! Gonna cum!”

“Over my tits Baby!” She pulled him briskly as she rose up to put her breasts in front of his cock and directed it.

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