The Cabin Ch. 20


Hello my amazing readers! I love all the love and support you show in this series especially. I have a slight confession to make, though. I took a little over a year off from writing in this forum and I foolishly didn’t go back and read the chapters I already had posted; I also got a new laptop and haven’t been able to get onto my old one to get what was previously written. So, now as I’m reading through this series again, and I’m finding I’ve made a few detail errors. Mostly just eye color changes and one name change where Chelsea’s ex-husband’s name went from Dustin to Evan; also the fact that in an earlier chapter Chelsea mentions never having been on birth control negates an entire conversation.

I hope you can forgive these errors and still enjoy the story for what it is, a beautiful love story between a young man and his sister and their cousin. I’ll keep better track of the details, I promise, haha. Also, I do believe this story is winding down soon, maybe another handful of chapters and David, Chelsea and Angel’s story will be concluded. I hope you’ve all enjoyed their journey, and for those of you who read My Wife the Hero/Tim and Tina/The House(incomplete) and were disappointed with the outcome of the twins, I have no plans of doing that to you again. These three were meant to end up together; not even Summer could come between them as you have already read (if this is the first chapter you’re reading…who starts on chapter 20? Go back to the beginning, haha). Anyway, without further ado, enjoy chapter 20 of The Cabin!

Chapter 20

“David, wake up,” Chelsea nudges me awake. “Your mom sent a text saying they’re on their way home,” she says handing me my phone. I look at the top right corner of the screen to see that it says it’s 7:40 am. “Do we need to clean everything up from last night? Like the pictures and flower pedals?” she asks.

My phone chimes again as if on cue from Mom. Don’t worry about cleaning what I set up for you yesterday, just shower, shave, whatever you need to do to be presentable for the fitters. Let your sister and cousin know too. We’ll be home in a couple hours.

“I guess not,” I grin at her. “She just said to get cleaned up and ready for the fitters. I guess she’s bringing tailors to fit us for…” I grin because what Mom just instructed us to do confirmed what we were already suspecting; we’re getting married today!

Chelsea’s eyes widen. “Today? Really?!”

Angel stirs. “What’s going on?” she grumbles.

I slap her bare ass.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” she screams and I laugh.

“Get up, sis, we’re getting married today,” I tell her and she lifts her head and looks at us over her shoulder.

“Seriously?” she asks and I now and then her eyes and smile grow wide. “Let’s go use Mom and Dad’s shower,” she suggests. “It’s big enough for all three of us,” she says.

“Sis, we’ve got two hours to get ready for the fitters to start getting us ready for the wedding,” I tell her.

“That’s plenty of time, come on!” she says and then rolls out of bed and practically runs up the stairs.

Chelsea and I grin at each other and then shrug before giving each other an official good morning kiss and then we follow after Angel.

“I’m gonna start the coffee,” Chelsea says. “Don’t have too much fun without me,” she says giving me a wink.

“I make no promises,” I say which elicits a laugh from her.

When I find Angel in Mom and Dad’s bathroom, she’s already got the water going and heating up. I stand in the doorway, admiring her beautiful body as her legs and ass flex while leaning into the large, tiled shower as she tests the water temperature. She turns and then jumps with a scream.

“You scared the shit out of me!” she screams and then laughs. “How long were you standing there?”

“Not long,” I say. “I was just admiring the view,” I tell her.

“I bet you were,” she winks at me and then I cross the room to join her at the clear, glass door.

She reaches up behind my neck with both arms and I wrap my arms around her waist, pulling her in close as we lock our lips together in a deep, passionate kiss. My cock rises to the occasion, stopping at her closed legs; I feel her smile as my hardening cock attempts to spread her legs apart. She takes my hands and pulls me into the shower that’s now starting to steam up the bathroom. Directing me under the showerhead, she drops to her knees and takes me into her mouth, sucking me off as if desperate to get me off quickly.

I reach down and cup her face in my hand. “Easy, sis, you said we had plenty of time, remember?” I remind her.

“Sorry, I just love your cock,” she says with a horny grin before putting me back in her mouth. She slows down her pace this time, but doesn’t back off the intensity, which I find I really enjoy.

“Ooh, that’s good, sis,” I say and then let my head fall back into the hot stream of water, washing away the grease in my hair.

“I said not to have too much fun without me,” Chelsea says, opening the heavy kapalı gaziantep escort glass door to the shower and shutting it behind her.

I pull my head out of the water raining down on me and open my eyes to find her stepping up to me with a big, toothy smile; she’s never looked more beautiful to me than she does right now in all her glory. I pull her in close for another kiss and reach down to squeeze her perfect, round ass as I do. After a minute of kissing, she also drops to her knees and joins Angel in servicing my throbbing cock. She takes one of my balls into her mouth and plays with it with her talented tongue before releasing it and joining Angel in sliding their tongues and mouths up and down my shaft in perfect sync with each other. I hold the back of their heads and they stop moving so I can thrust between their slick mouths myself for a moment.

I pull my cock from between their faces and then hook a finger under each of their chins to direct them to stand and they obey the non-verbal command. I then gently guide their faces together and they smile before parting their lips and accept each other’s tongue into their mouths; Angel slithers her arms around Chelsea’s neck while Chelsea grips Angel’s bubbly butt with one hand and then grabs hold of my cock with the other, slowly jerking me as she kisses my sister.

Chelsea breaks their kissing and looks around the large shower for an idea. She then notices the wide, tiled bench along the back of the shower with a rubber-encased, cushioned top. She directs Angel to sit down and then spreads her legs and begins to eat her out. I look behind me and switch the diverter handle to the rain showerhead in the center of the shower above us all, this way we can keep warm from the hot water. I then step up to the girls and Angel reaches for my cock again. I place one foot on the bench next to her and feed her my meat tube. She bobs her head up and down my cock, taking me in as far as she possibly can. After just a few short minutes, though, she releases me and replaces her mouth with her hand and she begins to whimper and gasp from the ministrations to her pussy from Chelsea.

“Fuck, Chelsea, that feels amazing,” she says just above a whisper as she begins to grind into Chelsea’s face.

“Stand up,” Chelsea suddenly orders Angel who looks shocked and confused but she obeys quickly, scrambling to her feet and onto the rubber cushion. “Get in the corner so you have something to hold onto,” Chelsea instructs, and I happen to notice two, smooth marble handles in the tile; Mom and Dad obviously designed this shower for sexual activities. “You get behind me and fuck me,” she instructs me as she bends over to eat Angel out while I fuck her from behind.

“You’re amazing, Chelsea,” Angel compliments her and Chelsea replies by planting her face back into Angel’s pussy and then I spread her legs just enough to slide myself into her dripping wet, steaming cunt.

Chelsea grunts as I bottom out inside of her rather suddenly and then looks at me over her shoulder, bites her lip and closes her eyes as I slowly begin to pump into her.

“Fuck her, David,” Angel encourages. “I want to watch you pound her pussy good and hard,” she urges me as she rubs her clit in slow circles.

Chelsea turns her head back to Angel’s pussy and latches her mouth onto her again. Angel’s dirty talk towards me stops as she begins to react to Chelsea instead.

“Oh, fuck,” she says desperately. “God, Chelsea, you know right where to go,” she praises our cousin as she receives a tongue lashing on her tight cunt.

Chelsea fingers Angel as she moves up to her clit, holding herself up with one hand on the bench while I take hold of her curvy hips and plow into her with a steady, strong but slow pace. I still don’t want to overdo it like I have been, especially today when I need as much of my strength and energy as possible. However, I discover that this slow and steady pace is surprisingly bringing on my first load to blast into my cousin’s womb. I think she senses it as well because she rocks back into me to tell me not to hold back. I respond by not thrusting at a faster rate, but harder, which causes her to drop her head from Angel’s clit and gasp with a sharp cry.

“That’s it, David,” Angel begins again. “Fill our cousin with your cum again,” she pushes me and I continue with my powerful thrusts into Chelsea’s pulsating pussy. “Hold it deep inside her,” Angel commands and I obey; Chelsea then begins squeezing her pussy over the entire length of my shaft. She also rocks back and forth so that when she squeezes my cock, she pulls it forward as if using my shaft as a straw to get the creamy protein shake deep inside.

“Oh, fuck,” I say and just stand there allowing my cousin to siphon my balls through my cock over and over until my orgasm finally builds to the point of no return and I blast into her, my body shaking in response. After the first two portions are gaziantep kapalı escort deposited, I regain my awareness and take hold of her hips again and pound into her as I deposit three more large globs of baby batter deep inside her. Only a little bit drips out of her cunt when I pull out and admire her backside. I guess I’ve finally filled her beyond what she can take anymore.

“Do you have more for me?” Angel asks and then Chelsea shuts her up by attacking her pussy again. “Shit, Chelsea!” she screams and then holds onto the back of Chelsea’s head, gyrating her hips as she grinds into her. It’s the sexiest fucking thing I’ve ever seen, but I also think that every time my sister and cousin go to town on each other. “Not…fair…Chels…” she playfully complains and then her orgasm rakes through her body, so I step over and catch her as she begins to collapse forward. I help her hold onto the marble handles mounted into the tiled shower walls again but while I have her there, I begin to ravage her tits, mauling one with my right hand while I take the other into my mouth, biting and sucking on her nipple, sending her that much further over the edge that she passes out from her orgasm. Chelsea backs away as I lower Angel down onto the cushioned bench.

“Holy shit,” Chelsea says. “We gave her a blackout O,” she says amused.

“Well, she’s still breathing, so that’s a good sign,” I say and then turn to my love. “You are incredible,” I tell her and then pull her in for a kiss, her beautiful tits mashing into my chest.

“Wash me?” she requests when she breaks our long, deep kiss.

“Of course,” I say and then take one of the loofahs hanging below the normal showerhead and then put some of Mom’s sweet-smelling bodywash in it. I lather up Chelsea’s body from her shoulders to her toes; spending a particularly good amount of time really cleaning her tits, which makes her giggle because I’m like a teenager when it comes to her beautiful love-sacks. I gently clean her pussy, careful not to be too rough so I don’t hurt her; I want to take care of that area because that’s where our family is going to grow from. I’m a little less gentle with her ass, though, which she laughs and also groans from.

“We’ll have to make use of that hole soon,” she says. “Maybe tonight with Angel,” she says as I’m about to work a finger inside her ass, stopping me by clenching her cheeks tightly, denying me access. “We have to make sure we’re ready for when your mom’s people get here,” she warns me kindly.

I sigh. “You’re right,” I admit.

“What the fuck?” Angel suddenly says as if she just woke from a bad dream. “Did I pass out?” she asks.

“We blacked you out,” Chelsea tells her, approaching with the same loofah I’d washed her with as I begin to wash my hair and body quickly.

“You orgasmed me into unconsciousness,” Angel says breathily. “Thank you,” she adds and Chelsea giggles before helping Angel up off the bench and into the large, rain showerhead above and delicately washes my gorgeous sister’s body. As the water rinses the suds off of Angel’s skin, Chelsea leaves a trail of kisses, sometimes stopping to give Angel a deep kiss on the lips. She teases Angel slightly as she fingers her pussy a little to clean it. “I still want David to fuck me too before Mom gets here,” she requests sweetly.

Chelsea stands and turns to me as if to offer me my sister. I raise my eyebrows once with a smirk and then join them under the showerhead, taking my sister into my arms and pulling her close for a deep, lover’s kiss. She reaches down and begins to slowly work my cock into an erection. Dropping to her knees, she takes my half-hard cock into her mouth and I stiffen while between those pretty lips of hers.

“I love when it hardens in my mouth,” she says with a playful smile, standing to kiss me again.

Gripping my shaft with one hand while running her fingers through my soaking wet hair with the other, she guides me into her snatch. I have to bend my knees a little to get lined up with her hole properly, but as I enter into her, I stand up tall again, forcing her tiny, yet busty, body completely down on my cock. Her eyes grow wide and her mouth makes a perfect O shape as I impale her, balls deep in her now pulsating pussy as a small orgasm makes her shiver slightly.

“Holy shit,” she whispers, holding onto my neck with both arms, her legs now wrapped around my waist. “Fuck me,” she pleads quietly in my ear. “Fill me like you fill Chelsea,” she adds and I pull my head back to look her in the eye; she’s still struggling with feeling equal to Chelsea.

Chelsea steps up to us and kisses Angel. “I love you, Angel,” she says and then turns to me. “Fuck her like you’re the only two people in the world,” she instructs me before kissing me and then exiting the shower to find a towel to wrap up in so she can go get dressed and make some breakfast.

“Angel, you know I love you both equally,” I tell gaziantep kapalı escort bayan her, pushing her hair back out of her face, tucking it behind her ear.

She lowers her head. “I know,” she says. “I guess I have my own insecurities to work out,” she admits.

“What can I do to help you feel equally loved?” I ask her.

Her answer is to plant her mouth onto mine and then using her shockingly powerful legs to lift herself halfway up my cock and then dropping back down on it. I grunt into her mouth and she does the same into mine when she’s suddenly fully impaled on my spear again. She rises up again and falls back down, beginning to use my waist and her legs like some sort of fleshy elliptical machine. I move to the tiled wall and then pin her against the cold tile with my body and begin to pump into her, her back rubbing against the smooth, wet wall of the shower. I lick and nibble at her neck and collarbone and she digs her nails into my back.

We’ve sure come a long way from a sexy dream that led to her spying on me jerking off to the memory of that dream; then rescuing Chelsea from her car that got stuck in the snow; the two of them warming me with their naked bodies after I’d knocked myself out in an attempt to chop wood; to the flood of real-life porn our three-way relationship has become. I remember back to how Angel has always been my best friend. I turned down dates so I wouldn’t skip a Skype date with my sister. In fact, I remember jerking off to some of the stories she’d tell me about her hookups. We have never had a conventional brother-sister relationship, now that I think about it.

I turn my face to meet hers, still pumping into her beautiful pussy, and latch my mouth onto hers again. I could never love anyone the way I love my sister; not even Chelsea. But I could never love anyone the way I love Chelsea either. We have an equal triangle of a relationship, but my love for each of them is equal yet different. It’s impossible for words to describe. Both girls are completely different; it’d be like trying to choose between chicken and steak tacos; both are equally delicious but different.

Angel pulls her mouth off of mine again to gasp and moan and whimper at the orgasm building inside of her; I can feel mine building as well. I just hope I can hold onto mine until hers happens.

“I need you to cum inside me,” she whispers in my ear and that’s when I reach my boiling point. I thrust three more times into her as hard as I can and finally unload into her, her pussy grips my spewing cock, milking me for all I’ve got. When I feel her shiver, and goosebumps rise all up and down my body as well, I pull my head back and look her in the eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes I’ve known and loved for so long. “I love you,” she whispers sweetly.

I kiss her softly and then slip my tongue into her mouth to kiss her deeper and more passionately. Her arms tighten around my neck as I pull her in closer as well, my cock still buried deep inside her, though I can feel I’m starting to soften already. I think he’s finally spent until after the ceremony at least.

“I love you, too, Angel,” I tell her, finally breaking our kiss.

Her eyes widen for a moment and she giggles.

“What?” I ask her.

“Remember how I kept making comments about Chelsea’s pussy greedily sucking your cum up and hiding it from me?” she asks and I nod. “I just felt mine do the same thing,” she says giddily.

I grin at her and then kiss her simply because of how cute she looks in that moment. “Let’s get ready for Mom. I’m sure she’ll be upset if we’re both still in here when they get home,” I tell her.

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” she agrees and then grabs the liquid soap and lathers up my cock one last time. “Can’t have you smelling like me and Chelsea all day, right?” she winks at me.

“I wouldn’t complain, but others might,” I chuckle.

We shut off the water once we’re clean and rinsed off. I fetch us each a towel from one of the cupboards of the long, two-sink vanity. We watch each other dry our bodies from the mirror that covers the entire wall behind the vanity, grinning at each other stupidly.

“David,” Angel says as I turn to head down to mine and Chelsea’s mini apartment downstairs. I turn and face her just for her to kiss me one more time. “Thank you for making me feel so loved. I don’t think I’ll ever doubt just how much you love me again,” she tells me.

“I could never love anyone more than I love you and Chelsea,” I tell her. “You two are stuck with me forever, whether you like it or not,” I add sarcastically with a wink.

She playfully slaps my arm. “Brat,” she scolds me and then I try to pinch her ass through her towel, but she screams as she escapes my reach. “I’ll meet you two downstairs,” she says. “I’m just going to grab some sweats and then do something with my hair,” she tells me.

“Okay, baby,” I say and then give her one quick kiss again before heading downstairs, passing through the main level and then down to the basement where I find Chelsea already dressed and applying a light amount of makeup.

“How’s Angel?” she asks, drawing a dark line under her right eye as I step up behind her in the doorway.

“She’s good,” I tell her.

“Good,” she says and then takes care of the other eye. “Did you fuck her straight?” she asks with a wicked grin and a wink when she finishes.

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