The Bridge Club Ch. 04


Dilemma: a fun, voluptuous and lusty woman wanted to have sex with me again. I wanted the same thing. But Edgar Allan Poe was whispering in my ear, reminding me that time was a wasting.

On the one hand, I did not want the other girls to see Carmen being affectionate with me at the next bridge club. Hearing that I was generous, attentive, and a reasonably good lover … that was good. But seeing Carmen licking my ear, or with her hand in my pants … not helpful.

On the other hand, I didn’t want Carmen angry at me, feeling like I had dumped her. Nor did I want her friends to think that I had mistreated her. Also, there was no particular rush to move on to the next girl. That was going to be Abigail. My plans for her would depend on the progress of her ‘relationship’ with Massimo. If I knew my rival – and I did – he would dump Abigail as soon as he was done with her.

I came to a decision. Carmen deserved some more time. But I didn’t want to attend the bridge club while we were still at the ‘intense’ stage. I needed an exit strategy.

So I invited Carmen to my place on Tuesday, after work. She insisted on fucking before dinner, so we did. Then I whipped up a stir fry on a bed of rice, with a salad.

Carmen laughed. “You’re going to make a wonderful wife.” she said.

– “That’s the plan.” I replied. That earned me a funny look. Carmen had meant it as a joke.

After dinner, I encouraged her to stretch out on her stomach, and treated her to a massage. I took my time, and gently kneaded her stiff muscles. I kept it therapeutic for at least 15 minutes, then sensual for another 15. At the end of that, she was naked. I lifted her up by the hips and entered her from behind. We fucked doggy-style for a while, as I reached around to play with her boobs and then her clit.

Carmen had another gentle orgasm. I let her relax for another hour, then packed her off home.

– Aww – can’t I stay over?” she pleaded. “I’ll take the day off.”

– “I’ll see you at Bridge club Thursday.” I told her. “I have tickets to a show on Saturday, if you’re interested. I’m free all day Sunday, too, if you want. Take your pick.”

– “I choose … all of them!” said Carmen. “What kind of show?”

– “A play. I’ll tell you all about it.” I notice that Carmen wasn’t 100% thrilled with the idea of a play – I had guessed correctly. But she wanted to be with me, so she agreed to go.

The next day – Wednesday – I called Beth to tell her that I was coming down with something, and wouldn’t be able to attend Bridge club.

– “I’m really sorry, Beth, for the short notice. I didn’t want to leave you short-handed.”

– “That’s ok, Norm.” she said. “As it turns out, I have a substitute who could be available to take your place. You just get better, and we’ll see you at the next one.”

Then I called Carmen, to tell her the same news.

– “Ooh, poor baby. Want me to come over and make you feel better?” I talked her out of that idea. Somehow, I knew that she wasn’t offering to make me chicken soup. She wasn’t too upset about me missing Bridge night, but said she hoped I’d be well by the weekend. I knew that I would, so I promised to do my best.

I had recovered – miraculously – by Saturday, so I took Carmen to the theatre. Once again, I had guessed correctly: she wasn’t particularly interested. It was a student group, playing a heavily adapted Othello. Carmen paid little attention to what was happening onstage. Instead, she spent most of the performance massaging my dick through my pants.

It took quite an effort to get her to stop, but I managed to pretend that I was vitally interested in the play. Carmen sulked for most of the final act.

To make it up to her, I fucked her up against the car in the parking lot. That part of the evening, she enjoyed. I pretended to be looking for my keys as I pinned her against the car door İstanbul Escort and thrust into her from behind. The possibility of getting caught, and the thrill as people got into other cars around us really turned her on.

The night was still young, so I took her to an artsy cafe. I knew that it would not be to Carmen’s liking: that was precisely why I took her there. She was horrified to discover that they served nothing alcoholic.

I didn’t have the heart to torture her for long. I took her back to my place, for some bedroom activities which were far more to her liking.

In the morning, though, I put ‘Operation Disengage’ into its second stage. I woke up early, and left the bathroom door open while I showered. Then I banged some pots and pans in the kitchen.

Eventually, Carmen appeared, wearing my housecoat. Even like this – sleepy, her hair dishevelled – she still looked eminently desirable. But I steeled myself to do what had to be done.

– “Are you always so cheerful in the morning?” she complained.

– “Start the day as you mean to continue.” I said. “Coffee? Pancakes?”

Carmen grunted something that sounded like ‘coffee’.

– “You know, I was thinking about next weekend.” I said, with all the fake enthusiasm I could muster. “There’s that place up near Summerside – where they do the rock climbing. We could take a picnic basket, and make a day of it.”

From her expression, I think that Carmen would have had a hard time choosing between rock-climbing and another performance of Othello. I just kept going.

– “And the weekend after that – wait, is that bridge club? No? Well, we could take a drive up to my hometown. I know my folks would love you, and I think you’d get a kick out of them…”

Carmen suddenly remembered something she had to do – something urgent. She promised to call, as soon as she could. It only took her half an hour to shower, dress, and leave.


She did call me, two days later.

– “Norm, we have to talk.” she said. “Can you meet me at the pub on 4th avenue? About 5:00?”

– “I’m going to have trouble getting out of the office.” I told her. “Would tomorrow be ok?”

– “Sure.” If anything, she sounded relieved.

That gave me the day I needed to put the next phase of my plan into action. I recruited Scott, one of my co-workers. I told him all he needed to know about Carmen (hot, tits, available), and once he saw her picture on my cellphone – clothed – he started to salivate. We arranged to have him show up at the pub at 5:15 the next day.

Just before we were scheduled to meet, I texted Carmen to let her know that I was running a little late.

– “Outside pub now.” she replied. “What do I do?”

– “Go in & have a drink. Be there in 10.”

Then I texted Scott, to let him know that she was arriving.

His reply: “I see her. Dayum!”

I gave him 15 minutes. Scott was a tall, handsome guy, who dressed really well and made a great first impression. I thought he was shallow and vain, but the girls seemed to disagree. If Carmen wasn’t interested in him, then my plan was in tatters anyway.

I waited in my car, parked across the street, until Scott left the pub. He gave me a thumbs up, and a big grin. That meant that he had Carmen’s number.

I entered the pub, found Carmen, and joined her. She gave no indication that she had just finished flirting with a tall, handsome stranger.

She let me down easy.

– “Norm, you’re a wonderful guy. You’re considerate, and romantic … and the sex we’ve had has been fantastic! Oh my God – that weekend with the restaurant? I swear I will remember that weekend for the rest of my life.”

– “But?”

– “Yeah – there’s a ‘but’. I’m sorry, Norm. But I don’t think that I’m the girl for you. Not long-term, anyway. You want somebody athletic, who likes rock jumping. Or Escort Bayan someone who likes art and plays and sh… – stuff. You want a nice girl, Norm. Someone you take home and introduce to your parents. I’m not that nice a girl.”

– “I think you’re a wonderful girl, Carmen.” I told her. And I meant it.

– “See – you’re nice. You deserve a girlfriend who likes the same things you do. You and I only have bridge and sex in common. And on that subject – I don’t want you doing anything stupid like quitting the bridge club. You’re not going to be uncomfortable around me if we stop seeing each other regularly, are you?”

I shook my head.

– “Good. And … this may not be the right time, but I’ll say it anyway: you still have my number. If you ever get the urge to come over and rock my world again … well, you just act on that urge, Norm.”

I took it well, and Carmen was very relieved. We parted as friends. And possibly future fuck-buddies.

Honestly, I don’t think it could have gone any better.


Massimo called me several times, then started texting ‘We have a problem’.” I agreed to meet him at the fitness club.

– “What’s the problem?” I asked him.

– “You weren’t at the last bridge club.” he said.

– “I was a little under the weather.”

Massimo brushed that aside. “Whatever. Here’s the problem: Beth brought in a substitute. To take your place.”

– “And?” For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out where this was going.

– “It was a woman.”

– “What?” I had simply assumed that Beth would find another guy to replace me. This came as a complete surprise. “Who?”

– “Chick named Emily. Not bad looking. Bit older than us, though. Say, late 30s.” Massimo grinned. “But doable.”

– “I see.” This could be bad. I had built my plans around four girls – well, three, really, because Beth was with Jake.

– “So is she in, or not? The bet was about the chicks in the bridge club, right?”

– “Massimo, I haven’t even seen this woman yet.”

– “What difference does that make? You want out of the bet?”

He had me there. And that was how we upped the stakes to five thousand dollars.

– “Oh, by the way,” said Massimo. “I banged Abigail last weekend. One-up for me.”

I couldn’t help rising to the bait. “One each. I slept with Carmen.” The moment I said it, I regretted it.

– “Picked the low hanging fruit first, eh Normie?”

I wanted to punch him. Instead I got back to thinking about the Cask of Amontillado.


Abigail hosted the next bridge game. She had a cute little apartment. It was well-maintained, but I was more interested in the personal touches: no art, but pictures of natural wonders. Not many books, but a few trophies for track and field.

Beth and Christina both welcomed me back.

– “We missed you.” said Beth.

– “I’m sorry about that.” I replied. “How did the alternate work out? Was she good?”

– “Emily?” said Christina. “She’s ok. Not in your league, though.”

I had to walk a fine line. I desperately needed more information about this woman, but I didn’t want to appear too interested.

– “She works with you girls?”

– “No. ” said Beth. “Her husband does. He overheard me asking somebody else if they played bridge, and then started telling me that Emily was an avid player.

– “Had you met her before?” I asked.

Beth and Christina exchanged a curious look.

– “Once or twice.” admitted Christina. “At Staff socials – that sort of thing.”

There was something they weren’t telling me, but I couldn’t press them.

Carmen greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. We were fine. Abigail, however, was clearly flustered. She kept glancing at Massimo, who was studiously ignoring her. I think everyone there noticed, and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to put 2 and 2 together.

Beth Eskort and Jake had put together a roster, so that everyone would get a chance to partner with everybody else. They had tried it out last time, when I wasn’t there. This time around, however, the matchups could not have been worse.

The first game had Carmen and Christina facing … Abigail and Massimo. Beth might have changed the roster had she known … but who could have predicted that Massimo would dump Abigail right before this week’s game? In the end, they just decided to go ahead. After all, they would have to play together at some point, wouldn’t they?

It was a train wreck.

Abigail, never very confident with her bidding in the first place, was almost paralyzed. Massimo tried to brazen it out. He pretended that nothing was wrong, and even made jokes with Carmen. In fact, he was beginning to ‘put the moves’ on her. Carmen, for her part, just rolled her eyes. It looked like the ‘Scott Factor’ was fully operational. I had no idea how long Scott and Carmen would work out, but every day that it cock-blocked Massimo was a bonus.

Christina tried to pour some social oil on the troubled waters at Table

, but it was difficult. Over at Table

, my partner Darren wasn’t paying attention. In fact, he still seemed depressed. Beth was 100% aware of what was going on. We exchanged a few meaningful glances. But Jake, her partner, just wanted to play cards, and got frustrated when he and Beth had a minor miscommunication.

Everybody seemed relieved when that rubber was over. I ended up at the first table, as Abigail’s partner, against Beth and Carmen. I tried to put Abigail as ease, complimenting her on her apartment, and asking about her track trophies.

– “Oh, long distance running, cross-country – that sort of thing.” She brightened a little bit when I asked about for more detail, but it was clear that she was still distracted by Massimo.

The atmosphere in the room had brightened considerably by the time we took a break. Beth nudged me with her elbow. “Thanks.” she said.

– “For …?”

– “For trying to be nice, and help out. Unlike those other assholes.” She glared across the room, where a cluster of people were refreshing their drinks.

– “Plural?” I asked.

– “Well, A-hole Number One you already know pretty well. But Jake is being an idiot, too. He doesn’t seem to care about anyone else’s issues.”

I decided to let that comment slide. I did not want to be caught in the middle of whatever drama Beth and Jake were experiencing. But I saw another opening.

– “Speaking of other people’s issues … is Darren okay? He seems a bit down.”

Beth nodded. “He has been for a while. Boyfriend troubles.”

– “Boyfriend? Ah – I see.” Well, it didn’t come as a total surprise.

– “Speaking of other people’s issues …” said Beth. “How are you doing?”

– “You mean, after Carmen? I’m ok. It was probably for the best. Wonderful while it lasted, but … you know.”

Beth laughed out loud, snorting through her nose. “Wonderful while it lasted? All two weeks of it?” She snorted again. “Mind you, it probably felt like a lot longer. According to Carmen, you two had more sex in two weeks than I’ve had in six months!”

I blushed. Couldn’t help it. But inside, I was also thanking Carmen: God Bless that woman. As for the unexpected insight into Beth’s love life … well, that was information to be filed away for later.

Carmen was my partner in the final match. We faced Abigail and Beth. I just relaxed and tried to play well. My plans for Abigail weren’t fully developed anyway.

She was vulnerable, but I didn’t want to take advantage of her. After Massimo … well, it would be cruel to build up her confidence, and then dump her again. And that would also do irreparable damage to my reputation with Beth and Christina.

And then there was the wildcard, the alternate – Emily.

I was going to need a little help from Edgar Allan Poe to pull this off.


Thank you very much for your encouraging comments and feedback. I will keep going.

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