The Breeder – Part XIII


Jake was the last to arrive for lunch. The girls were in the kitchen putting the finishing touches to the lunch. Alan offered to take his overnight bag upstairs, so he went and joined Derek in the lounge. “You’re staying the night then?” he asked him, just for something to say to open up the conversation.Jake nodded. Earlier Kirsty had phoned him and suggested he bring some clothes over. “I’ve plenty of space here and I’ve cleared out a dressing table drawer for you. You can bring some socks and pants and there’s room in the wardrobe for trousers and shirts, and what have you.”“It will look as though I have moved in,” Jake commented with laughter.“Well, it is our bedroom now,” she told him. “Alan will only sleep there if you are away!”He laughed. “Yes I see your point,” he responded. “I see it more as a workroom.”Kirsty laughed. “You see fucking me as work?”“I see fucking you as a work job, and a very pleasant job indeed.”She laughed again. “We haven’t discussed a salary yet,” she joked.“I can think of something.”“Oh?”“Your body,” he answered. “Available whenever I need it.”“Mmmmmm, I like the sound of that. A salary for life!”He laughed. “You’re such a slut, Kirsty. Do you know that?”“Oh yes, I know it well. My legs will always open for you Jake Rus Escort İzmir Weller!”Jake became hard again. There was something about this slut of a woman that kept drawing him in deeper and deeper. He looked at Derek and smiled. He considered telling him about his conversation with his daughter but thought better of it. There are some things that parents don’t need to know about  their children. For the right man, daughters will turn into sluts. No father needs to know that!“Yes,” he told him, “Thought I may as well accept her offer.”Derek turned away. Jake sat down wondering what was actually going through his mind. Last night he had slept with his wife; fucked her, possessed her, and owned her in his bed. Tonight, he would be doing the same with his daughter, taking over his son-in-law’s marital bed, and using Kirsty for his pleasure. Kirsty would be doing exactly what Jenny had been doing, opening her legs to receive pleasure from him. Alan’s return to the room halted his train of thought. The subject of football took over the conversation. Jake pretended to be interested, and even joined in the conversation, but his mind was elsewhere – Kirsty’s and Jenny’s sweet, tight pussy’s. In the end he decided to izmir otele gelen escort go into the kitchen and see how they were doing.Kirsty greeted him with a hug and a kiss. Normally her hand would reach for his bulge and give him a welcoming squeeze, but her mum was there. As she stepped away Jenny came up to him and kissed him. “Long time, no see, she told him with a smile.Kirsty laughed as she looked up at the kitchen clock. “All of four hours!”“Well, it’s a long time to me,” Jenny responded.Kirsty kissed him again, but this time gave his bulge a pat. “Well, I’ve got him tonight,” she said, smiling at her mum.“Now, now, girls. No need to fight over me. There’s plenty to go round.” Jake told them.Jenny returned to the cooker and Kirsty told him that they had a bit of a problem. “The cottage is free from Saturday for a week, but Alan wants to go with us as well.”Jake shrugged his shoulders. “As long as he gives us space I don’t mind.”“I wanted you all to myself though,”“Do you want me to have a word with him?” Jenny interrupted.“How do think you can change his mind?”“Well maybe I can explain to him that you too want time together and that the more you are alone together the sooner you are going to Buca escort bayan get pregnant.”“I told him that already.” Jake said.“Well, maybe an older woman’s persuasion might work,” Jenny responded. “After all, it worked with Derek.”“What did you say to dad then?”Jenny smiled. “It’s not just what I said but what I also did as well.”“What did you do?” Kirsty asked.Jenny tapped the side of her nose. “Something that’s not for your young and delicate ears.”Jake laughed. “Young, maybe, but delicate!”Kirsty gave him a playful push. “Oi you!”“And if I succeed I shall want something too.”“Oh?” Kirsty said.“I want to come up on Wednesday for the last three days.”“Why?”Jenny smiled.“Mum!”Jake smiled and put his arm around Kirsty. “I’m game!”She looked at him. “Of course, you would love that sort of thing wouldn’t you!”“We don’t have to be together to share him,” Jenny cut in.“That’s right,” Jake said. “There are spare bedrooms.”Kirsty thought about for a few moments. “So, you get him for three nights then?”Jenny shook her head. “There are daytimes as well as night times!”Derek’s sudden appearance curtailed the conversation. The cuckolds were hungry! ***** After lunch Jenny brought up the subject of the holiday cottage. Alan seemed determined to go with Jake and Kirsty. Jenny decided to drop the subject and refilled everyone’s, apart from Derek’s, wine glass. Then she asked Kirsty had they decided on which bedroom would be the nursery. With Alan currently using one of the two larger bedrooms, it was an easy choice to make. The small bedroom would remain as a mini office.

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