The Bosses Wife Part Four:The Hard Choices

Alex Kingston

Not only did I have the images of Tammy’s videos and gifs running through my head. I also remembered I had to meet some of the board members today. I looked through some of the notes Juliet had sent me. There were four members that worried me. They could easily tear me down and send me back downstairs. On top of that, I had two clients that wanted to set up a meeting. I scheduled them for another day. I had too much going on at the moment. My phone chirped, I took a deep sigh and hoped it was good news. Hopefully, the board didn’t want to meet today. I picked it up and was greeted by another one of Tammy’s videos. Clicking on the play button and turning the volume down I saw a blonde woman lying flat on her back, hovering over her head was a black male his legs straddling her body as he fucked her mouth. ‘This is my favorite,’ the text read. I shook my head. I didn’t have time for distractions especially ones that could lead me to lose this great position I had acquired. I hastily sent a text back explaining my situation, without making it sound like I was blowing her off. Tammy sent a text back letting me know that there will be no more distractions. I sighed and sent back a thank you. “Everything good?” Juliet asked as she appeared from nowhere. “Yes,” I replied putting my phone down. “Your meeting is in an hour, are you ready?” Juliet said as she sat down. “No,” I shook my head. “Margaret, Steven, and Donald,” I said shaking my head. “Ah,” Juliet nodded. “The fearsome threesome,” she smiled. “Not worried about Ben?” “No, he is friends with one of my clients,” I shook my head. “A simple phone call and a setup meeting for tomorrow have assured me that Ben is on my side.” “Good,” Juliet nodded as she crossed her legs. She wore a short skirt. It wasn’t short enough to be a tease or look sexy but not long enough to be conservative. I had a great view of one of her thighs. I don’t know if she caught me staring, but a slight cough brought me back to reality. “The thing is, Margaret has never approved a partner my age.” “There has never been a partner of your age, an assistant yes, a partner no,” Juliet said as she looked at me. “You’re not helping,” I said as I stood up. I turned to look out the window. It felt like everything I had worked for was coming down to one meeting. “You have the backing of Nigel and Samuel,” Juliet said as she stood near me. “Plus they backed your idea. They must see something in you.” “But they doubt my idea came from me and me alone,” I shook my head. “What if…” Juliet put on a finger on my mouth. “Stop,” she shrugged. “I have faith in you, now go change. You have sweat marks everywhere.” The cold shower felt good, I felt better afterward, and after a quick shave, I felt a little more confident. I stepped out of the bathroom Feeling like a new man. “No,” Juliet said shaking her head as she looked up at me from her place on the long couch. “Not that one,” she said as she shooed me back into the bathroom. I took off the blue suit I had worn. “Try this,” Juliet said as her hand appeared through the crack in the door holding a gray suit Escort Gölbaşı with a blue shirt.” “No tie?” I asked. “You look horrible in ties,” her voice said from the other room. “Thanks,” I said as I put on the suit. “You have square shoulders, its not your fault,” Juliet said. “Better?” I asked as I came out of the bathroom. “Much,” Juliet nodded. She stood in front of me and moved her hands down my chest getting some of the creases out. “How are the nerves?” “Better,” I nodded. “Good,” Juliet smiled. “I don’t want to work for someone else, so you go nail them,” she said as she patted me on the ass as I walked past her. “Sexual harassment,” I smiled as I looked back at her. “If I can’t do it to you then you can’t do it to me.” “Who said you couldn’t spank my ass?” Juliet replied quickly. “And if that’s the case that leaves the door wide open to various things.” I looked at her with a puzzled look. “Go,” Juliet said as she turned her back to me and sat back on the couch. The elevator ride up seemed to last forever. It was only two floors, but it felt like I had come from the ground floor. “This way,” a lady said as the elevator door opened. “The…” I began to say. “Yes, I know,” the lady interrupted. We walked past many people walking back and forth like their heads were about to fall off. I knew they were all assistants to the board members and the CEO. Most of them trying to make it to partner like myself. “Here,” the lady said as she opened a door. “They will be in within a few minutes.” “Thank…” I began to say, but she had closed the door. The room had a long black table in the center of it. There were no windows just three doors. Each chair around the table was black and had tall back to them. I looked at the table and wondered where I should sit. I didn’t want to sit in anyone’s chair. There were no other chairs in the room. The walls were pure white with no pictures or paintings. It made the black table stand out. I took a set in the middle, taking the time to count all the chairs. There were three extra chairs. I waited for what seemed like half an hour before two of the doors opened. The board members piled into the room each one taking a chair. I was glad I picked this chair as none of them came toward me. “Hello,” Donald said he was the Chairmen. I nodded and replied in kind. “I just want you to know before we get started that everything said in this room is recorded,” Donald said. “There are five recording devices, three sound, and two videos. If that is all right by you, I would like to get started?” “Yes, it is,” I nodded. “Good,” Donald. What followed next was a barrage of questions. It felt more like an inquisition than an interview. They brought up everything that I could think of and many things I had forgotten. Mainly my sordid history with the law back in my high school years. One after the other they asked questions some of them repeating a question another had asked but wording it differently. Then the problems came about my idea. I told them exactly what happened not leaving out any details. For a Keçiören escort moment they all fell silent. “Pause,” Donald said as he looked up at one of the cameras. A green light appeared on the side of it. “You are doing well, under the circumstances,” Donald said. He was a short man with gray hair and a snow white beard. “Many of the other partners before you have either asked to be relieved or started to get upset.” There was a slight chuckle from some of the others. Margaret stared at me. I knew she was up to something. “You did answer all of our questions correctly,” Margaret said as she leaned forward. She reminded of the actor that played Cruella De Vil in the remake of the Disney movie, except for not having black and white hair instead it was plain black. “I answered them honestly,” I replied with a smile. I had taken the advice my mother had always given me. When faced with people that didn’t like me, kill them with kindness. I had answered every question with a smile and a sir or ma’am. I could tell that some of them were warming up to me. “Ready?” Donald asked. I nodded as I took another sip of the cold water that had been brought in during the break. “Resume,” Donald said loudly. The questions resumed quickly and furiously. This time I barely had time to answer one question before another was asked. I was sure I was being tested. “Enough,” a voice said from one of the speakers. “Send Derek too my office.” The board fell silent. “End,” Donald said sitting back in his chair. He looked at me with a cold stare. A male assistant came into the room. “This way,” he said looking back at me. I nodded at all of them as I exited the room. My back felt like it was on fire, I twisted and stretched as I walked. Most of the assistants were looking at me as we walked by them. “Why are they staring?” I asked. “None of the other Partners have ever been called to his office,” the man said as we walked down a narrow hallway. Our CEO was a private man. Not many people had met him in person. The man stopped at a solid white door, he knocked three times and then turned to walk away. “Do I…” I began to say. “Wait,” the man said as he walked away in a hurry. I waited by the door then heard the door unlock. A tall man opened the door. “Come in,” he said as he let me walk by him. “Sorry,” he said as he walked towards his desk. “They have the companies best interest at heart and since I…” he stopped. “Sit,” he said pointing towards a chair. This room was large. It must have taken up most of the floor, no wonder the rest of the level seemed crammed. Then it dawned on me. He must live here. A lady came by and poured me a drink. Even though it was large, it had a homely feel to it, nothing like the rest of the building. There were pictures of hunting trips and other family members. “You have surprised us all,” he said as he looked back at me. “Thank you,” I nodded. “Not many of us thought you would make it past the interview,” he said. “I stopped it because it was going nowhere, they want you to crack, they don’t trust you.” “What about Kızılay escort bayan you?” I asked. “Me?” he laughed. “I am just a figurehead. Once in a blue moon I will stick my head out and say something but with my condition, I am just a shiny ornament.” “Condition?” I asked. “I cannot leave this room,” he shook his head. “I have been in this room since I was twenty-two,” he smiled. “Fear of the outside, someone called it. Oh, I got a few spots that I can be driven to now and then, but I dare not go for long, because of them.”“Oh,” I said. “My father and I used to travel and see the world, the moment he passed and handed me the keys to the company,” he snapped his fingers. “My mind cracked, and here I am.” “How many people know?” I asked. “Oh, just the board and a few of the important people, most of them think I have a secret elevator that takes me up and down. I even have a few people that look like me  drive in and out, in case anyone is looking.” I smiled at the thought of someone impersonating me and driving around town. “Wait,” I looked back at him. “Why are you telling me?” “Because they don’t want you,” he said as he came back around the table. “They don’t want me neither, but they are powerless to take control of the company.” “Ah,” I nodded. “You keep doing what you are doing,” he nodded. “I will let them know that you have passed the interview process. From now on they can only follow the rules. You keep producing, and they can’t lay a finger on you.” He stepped forward as he held out his hand. “Thank you,” I said as we shook hands. “Give them hell,” he smiled. I stepped out of the room. Steven was standing in the hallway. “He told you his big secret didn’t he?” The most intimidating of all the board members stood before me. He was known to be strict, mean and nasty in his dealings with the lower members of the company. “Yes,” I said walking towards him. His dark black hair and green eyes met me as I stood before him. “He gave you the talk?” Steven asked. “Which one?” I replied playing dumb. “Oh, the sad puppy-eyed one where his mind snapped?” Steven said looking back at the door. “This company was forged by his grandfather and mine. I should be behind those doors, not some diseased mental handicap.” “But you’re not,” I said looking back at him. “Yet,” Steven said as he walked away. “How is Leon?” I asked in a tone no higher than a whisper. “What?” Steven asked as he turned to look at me. “Nothing sir,” I smiled as I walked away. My assumptions had just been confirmed. Steven was the leak. There were questions he had asked that made me wonder about him,  now that he gave up his history with the company I knew he had been leaking information to our competitors. I guessed it was Tim our CEO that had secretly pushed for me to become Partner, a position that would put me in direct contact with all the other Partners as well as the board. As I pressed the button to go back to my floor, I knew I was the piggy in the middle. Tim had put me in a position to clean out his company, something he was unable to do. I knew I needed a distraction someone that could keep the watchful eye of the board off of me. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * “Are you serious?” Samuel asked me as I sat in his office. “Absolutely, Wayne’s numbers are horrible. If we are going to stop any future attempts of buyouts we need our numbers to be higher,” I said as I looked at him. 

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