The Blind Girl in the Snow: part 1.


THE BLIND GIRL IN THE SNOW Part 1.Another December. A different year.”Where is that wife of yours?”Janet hugged herself as she stood waiting next to the carrier on this bitterly cold Friday morning deep in the heart of Winter. Another heavy snowfall had left the landscape covered in shades of white as I turned back to the house with a knowing smile.”You know what she’s like,” I replied as I unlocked and opened the right side door for her to get in out of the cold, “Besides, Gracey is with her.”The older woman made a face and rolled her eyes to the sky blue heavens. “That’s my point,” she laughed as she slid into the rear seat and fumbled about for the belt, “Once those two get talking they’ll never stop!”I was about to make my way up the path to our suburban home when the two women appeared at the door. Gracey was to her right and had her arm through hers to support her as Heather carefully stepped out into the fresh layer of snow that had settled overnight.I waited as they walked up to me. “All set?”Heather, wrapped up as snug as a bug in a rug, raised her head at the sound of my voice and her face broke into a wide perfect smile. “As set and as ready as I’ll ever be!” she beamed as I took her hands in mine and nodded at the thirty-six year old woman with her blonde frizzy curls standing next to her.Gracey handed me the house keys, stepped to one side, and went to get into the car. “No smooching now or we’ll be late!” she laughed as she ran around the far side of the vehicle and slipped in beside Janet.I raised my wife’s hands to my lips and kissed them. Heather gave me a slight nod and a nervous smile in return. The moment had arrived. All those questions, hopes, and fears were about to be answered. One way or the other. “Did Sarah say she would meet us at the clinic?” she asked as she let go of my hands and reached up to fiddle with her hat.”Don’t worry, she’ll be there,” I reassured her as I could only imagine how she was feeling right now. I stared at her face. A face I had come to love with a passion and devotion that still shook me to my core and which deepened with each passing day we were together. There had been so many of those days since that day in the rain. I pulled her deep red overcoat tighter around her and made sure the special visor she was wearing and the bandages underneath were secure.”Big day,” she whispered to me.Yeah. No doubt about that.”Big BIG day,” I whispered back.I took her arm in mine and we began the journey which would change our lives forever.***There was a quiet comfort of feeling her arm through mine as we left Lucille’s cafe and made our way through the snow-covered tree-lined grove and out the park towards the promenade that looked out across the Hudson.The sun was a cold bright halo in the sky as we rested against the iron railing and enjoyed the warm pleasures of mutual companionship. Heather lifted her face and closed her eyes as the crisp breeze moved and swirled around her. I had given her a black beanie to wear and stray strands of her rich thick hair escaped from its confines to blow around her face as the wind ebbed and flowed as it blew in from the North East.She put her Pendik escort bayan hands up to her pink cheeks. “Oh, it’s so cold,” she gasped as her breath hung around her like a misty shawl, “When I was little and in special school, our teacher taught us how to imagine things in our heads and give them meaning,” I watched as she held up her hands in front of her as if she was feeling for something, “I feel the cold on my face but in here,” She tapped the right side of her forehead, “In here, I can see it too. It’s almost like I can touch it.” she grinned as she turned to me.I took both her hands in mine and interlaced our fingers together as I pulled her towards me until we were standing facing each other. She was sniffing and giggling as she moved her head from side to side as if she was listening to music.After a moment, she pulled free and stood gently swaying with both arms outstretched as she found her balance. Then she began to hum to herself and slowly move around until she was drawing circles in the snow. I just stood there watching her as she danced in front of me like some Winter sprite telling me all her secrets. As she danced, I kept pace with her and felt that deep ache in my chest knowing that she had captivated me beyond all reason. The only doubt I had was that something this good doesn’t happen to scoundrels like me.Finally, she came to a stop and stood there laughing as she leaned forward and put her hands on her thighs. “Where are you?” she gasped out loud as she looked around, “I know you’re there somewhere.””Right here,” I smiled. The girl looked positively angelic to me, “You look happy.”She turned to the sound of my voice. “Uh huh,” she nodded. She raised her head and she did that cute thing she did with her overbite where she sucked in and chewed on her lower lip, “I guess sex does that.” she murmured as if caught by surprise at the thought of it. She stood there with a knowing look on her blushing face as if she was teasing and testing me.I started to laugh at her brash cheek. Her innocent prod at my ego. Yes, Lady, sex does do that. Sex does make you happy. As I was discovering, sex with feeling makes you even happier and the world go round in a way that I had never felt before. We were like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle; slowly piecing ourselves together to make what we were going through the sum of a greater whole. And sex was going to be such an important part of that whole.The game of fresh lovers was afoot. A game I knew well but it had always been a game without a heart. This girl was different. This girl had to be moved around the board with care and attention lest she dance away and I lose her. And that thought didn’t bear thinking about.”Did you like it?” I asked her. We were standing no more than two feet apart and I could see the sparkle in her blind sea green eyes. She put her hands behind her back and clasped them together as she leaned forward towards me in that “I know a secret” way she had that was nigh on irresistible and endearing.She bit her lip. “What would you say if I said I didn’t?” she asked mischievously.Oh, this game is it. “I’d say Escort Beykoz the blame lies with you.””Me?” she gasped with a short laugh as she drew herself up, “Aren’t you my teacher?” she asked pointing in my general direction, “Those things we did. The way you moved me. The feelings you gave me. Those things came from you.”I took a step towards her and she turned at the sound of crunching snow. “I guess some things just take a while to sink in,” I sighed. She started to laugh again as she backed away and held up her hands to keep me playfully away, “Maybe you need another lesson, Miss. Macallister.” Another lesson sounded good to me. Maybe even more than one.The smile was beautiful. She waggled a finger at me before standing still and placing her hands on her hips. “I thought you were never going to ask, Mr. Sloane.””Ladies first,” I grinned, “I just needed to make sure you wanted me again as much as I want you right now.”A soft snow began to fall as I drew her into the warmth of my embrace and kissed this wonderful blind girl deeply and with a passion that made this cold day in December fade slowly away around us.***I lay back against the headboard and watched as the naked girl settled herself down on me with my firm erection disappearing into the depths of her dripping sex until her quivering backside rested on my thighs.We had returned to my apartment with the sexual tension and knowledge of an upcoming fuck crackling between us. That the want for each other was shared equally was obvious and the walk through that snowy park towards my apartment had left us practically mute in our desire to be together sexually again. The need to fuck this girl was a thing beyond the initial attractions of the flesh. Those basic needs I had satisfied many times over with a succession of different numbered women. But here, now, watching Heather rising and falling on my throbbing cock, this was different. This meant so much more as she mewled to herself as she forced her pussy down to the root and did a little corkscrew that made the head of my organ press deep inside her so that I rubbed her in a certain way that made her gasp out loud, screw her eyes tightly shut, and gyrate her hips furiously against me.In those secret moments, I squeezed and massaged her self-stockinged thighs with my hands before holding on tightly to her hips and humped myself up against her so that she bounced and swayed on my pelvis with her eyes closed and her face telling its own story.”Mmmmmm,” she moaned softly as another flush of blood painted crimson splotches across her pale skin, “Ahhhhhhh,” she groaned. Another shiver cursed through her slender frame making her lean forward with her head hanging down as the climax built within her. Her hands were pressed firmly on my chest with the grinding urgency of her swollen sex rubbing against me in an erotic dance as she got herself off in her own special way. Suddenly, she gasped out loud and jerked spasmodically forward and back with her hands reaching up to grab her breasts and squeeze them tightly. Another spasm and she fell forward and I wrapped my arms around her to hold Cevizli escort her still as she came. At that same moment, I let myself go and flooded her pussy with a stream of fresh sperm that flowed from me into her that left me stroking her hair as we both savored the ultimate union.Heather lay on me as her heart slowed and her breathing calmed. Her eyes were closed and there was a faint smile on her lips as if she was dreaming the perfect dream. Simply lying there holding her was a joy which brought forth feelings that I had never really felt before. I glanced down at her face and could feel the warm waft of her breath on my skin. Thoughts and questions that needed answers were beginning to surface. Now what? Where do I go from here? Where do we go now?Heather stirred in my arms.”You awake?” I whispered to her.She let out a low moan of pleasure. “No.””That good, huh?”She lifted her head and turned to face me with her arms folded on my chest. “More than words could possibly say,” she sighed, “You know how to bring out the best in me, Mr. Sloane,” Her fingers touched my face and she eased up to kiss me on the lips, “I’ll never forget this moment,” she whispered. Her brow furrowed suddenly and I could sense she was “staring” intently at me as if she was searching for something. Then, to my surprise, those eyes filled with tears as she raised herself off me.”Hey,” I said to her, “You okay?”She didn’t say anything for a moment but then nodded and looked down. “Uh huh,” she said softly as she reached up to wipe away those tears, “It’s nothing. I was just thinking,” She shook her head, “It’s nothing. Silly stuff. What time is it?”I glanced at the alarm clock on the bedside table. “Just gone one.”Heather slipped off me and twisted herself around to sit on the bed. “I think I need to be getting back. Melissa will be wondering where I am. I told her I was going to stay over with a friend,” She looked over her left shoulder as I sat up to watch her, “A friend from work. One of the uh girls.”I gently rubbed her bare back as I laughed. “That should work.”She made a face and blew out her cheeks. “Well, I couldn’t exactly tell her I was being ravished by the company stud,” She put a hand up to her mouth, “Sorry, I didn’t mean that to sound like it did!”I took her hand. “That’s okay,” I said to her, “That’s perfectly fine. Don’t worry about it.” What happened had happened. Reputations and all that. It was nothing more than a small story that got taller with each telling as time passed. A time when this girl wasn’t in my life. “Can you help me?” she asked suddenly as she stood in front of the bed with her hands covering her crotch, “Um, I need to use your bathroom. I’m all squishy.”I shook the past from my mind and got off the bed to help her. “Need a hand?” I asked her as I guided her into the restroom which was decorated top to bottom in white tiles.Heather spun around looking shocked and surprised. “NO!” she laughed, “Absolutely not. I can do this myself. Now go on. Shoo. Get dressed. I won’t be long.” she ordered as she pushed me out the door and shut it behind me.A moment later I heard the hiss of the shower being turned on and smiled to myself as I picked up her clothes from the floor where she had thrown them in her haste to strip herself naked as quickly as possible much to our mutual amusement as she hopped around giggling as she tugged off her underwear. I held up her panties and stretched them between my hands.

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