The Bike Ride


He was fifteen minutes late she thought to herself as she looked at her watch. All I want to do is go home and relax, where is he? I’ll give him five more minutes and then I am calling cab. Just then a motorcycle pulls into the parking lot. Nice bike, maybe I’ll ask him for a ride home she thought.

The man on the bike pulls up in front of her, stops, grabs an extra helmet from behind him and hands it to her. She instinctively reaches for the helmet, pauses in midair, shakes her head and says,

“Sorry! I am waiting for my man.”

“It’s me babe! Hop on! Let’s go!”

She puts the helmet on, hikes up her skirt, straddles the bike behind him and wraps her arms around him. With out a word to her he pulls out of the parking lot and begins driving. They get onto to the highway; well they were definitely not headed home she thought. She hugs him tightly, he pats her hand, and she rests her head against his back to enjoy the ride.

She squirms in her seat, the vibration of the bike starting to get to her. She very slowly starts to rub her hands over his chest, his abdomen, his thighs, and occasionally his crotch. The city is now behind them, they are up in the mountains. The road is not as smoothly paved and with each bump tiny shock waves of pleasure course through her body. I hope he pulls over soon; I can’t take much more of this she thinks.

As if reading her mind, he turns off the main road and heads down a heavily wooded lane. As they near the end of the lane, she notices a small lake up ahead and the area seems completely deserted. He stops in a copse of trees, takes off his helmet, reaches behind him, grabs her, and moves her so now she is in front of him straddling the bike. He gingerly removes her üsküdar escort helmet, caresses her cheek, runs his fingers through her hair, and then pulls her gently towards him. He kisses her deeply, passionately. She wraps her arms around him just as he wraps his arms around her.

He continues to kiss her as his hands worshipfully travels over her back, her sides. He begins to deftly undo the buttons on her blouse as her hands wonder lovingly over his chest. He cups her breast and tenderly squeezes. He slides his hand into her bra and frees her breast, then the other. He gazes at them like a man starving would stare at a buffet. He lowers his head to her breasts and begins to suck, lick, and nip at them lightly. She moans and her hands wonder further south, rubbing against his crotch. She begins to undo his jeans, freeing his hard and thick throbbing cock from its confines. She lightly runs her fingers up and down the length of his cock, stopping occasionally to rub her thumb over the head, smearing his pre-cum over it.

His hand skims down her leg and slowly makes its way back up under her skirt. She’s wearing the panties that tie on the side; that’s my girl he thought to himself. He unties her panties and she feels the cool air caress her hot wet pussy. She moans. He runs his finger over her pussy, touching everywhere but where she really wants to be touched. She whimpers softly in expectation each time he comes close to touching her clit. He looks up into her eyes and she says, ‘please.’ He gently pinches her clit and slides a finger deep inside of her. Her pussy clinches around his finger, trying to trap him deep within her folds. He slowly pulls it şerfali escort out till it is almost all the way out and adds another finger as he enters again. She moans loudly. He begins to finger-fuck her vigorously all the while sucking, licking, and nipping at her nipples. She can feel the vibration of the bike underneath her ass as shock waves of pleasure begin to course through her body. He feels her pussy clenching his fingers as he continues to thrust them in and out of her, rubbing her clit with his thumb with each upward stroke. He knows that she is on the verge; he looks up into her eyes, and tells her to come.

She whimpers softly and comes on his fingers. He grabs her by the waist, tells her to place her feet on his thighs and to hold herself up with the handle bars. He moves his hands to her ass and lifts her pussy up to his face, licking up her all of her pussy juices. He begins to fuck her with his tongue, his goatee rubbing against her naked flesh. She shudders as another orgasm rocks her body.

“I need to feel you inside of me.”

He lowers her back down and she lovingly grabs his cock and guides him to her entrance. She slowly lowers herself down onto him just as his tongue thrusts into her mouth. She can taste her juices; she moans in the back of throat as she completely impales herself on his hard throbbing cock. He kisses her neck and whispers into her ear, “That’s it baby, fuck me.”

With one hand supporting her back and the other playing havoc with her breasts he continues talking to her; pushing her closer and closer to the edge. She continues to rises up and down on him; her hands on his shoulders supporting herself. Enjoying each shock of pleasure that courses through her body. She moans and tells him she is getting close. He lowers his mouth to one of her nipples and nips it lightly. He grabs her hips and lifts her up off of him. She moans with disappointment. He lightly smacks her ass, tells her to turn around. She complies with all haste as he plays with her pussy.

She places her feet on the running boards, and presents him with her ass. He grabs her hips, bringing her wet pussy into contact with his throbbing cock. He positions himself at her entrance and thrusts just the tip of his cock inside of her.

“Is this what you want babe?”

She moans in answer; he thrusts a little deeper and pulls out so just the tip of his cock is inside her pulsing pussy. Holding her by the hips so she can not move, he says,

“Tell me what you want babe.”

“You! I want you!”

“You have me babe. Tell me what you want me to do to you.” As he slides just a little bit deeper inside of her.

“I want you to fuck me.”

“Ask me nicely.” Pulling himself almost completely out of her once again. She moans in frustration.

“Would you please fuck me?”

He slams deeply into her, filling her completely once again. Her body shudders in relief. She begins to thrust her hips back towards him, meeting him thrust for thrust. With each thrust, her nipples graze the handle bars, she grabs the throttle, turns it to rev up the engine, feeling the vibration of the bike on her nipples. He reaches around with one hand and begins to play with her clit, alternating between rubbing it and gently pinching it. He knows that she is close because he can feel her pussy begin to quiver. “That’s my girl, come for me.” Harder and faster he thrusts into her. They both explode together; he pours his cum deep inside of her as her body quakes with pleasure.

After a few moments, he pulls out of her she moans in disappointment and turns around. He kisses her sweetly and says, “Let’s go home.”

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