The Big Bad Blizzard


My son was released from prison 48 hours before the biggest blizzard in recorded history was to hit the Midwest. At that time, I was thankful his ex dropped the assault charges. It didn’t matter why, I was just happy to have my boy home. Part of me was excited the snowstorm was coming and with the threat of how severe it would be I knew we’d have time to catch up. After all, he had been so quiet; almost disturbed, when he got out of County.

But I knew my boy was in there…somewhere.

Understandably, before the storm hit, he wanted to catch up with some friends at the bar. While he was carousing, I stocked up on everything that I knew we’d need to get us through at least a week. I bought board games, rented movies, got candles in case the lights went out, gathered firewood, etc. I left no stone unturned to make sure everything would be comfortable. And sure enough, just as the meteorologist said, it began to snow.

Danny came home from the bar when it really started coming down. I was waiting by the window for hours.

“You played it close,” I said hugging him and most assuredly bugging him.

“What do you mean?” he said, swaying, irritated.

“I was worried you might’ve gotten stuck in the middle of the shit.”

“That already happened.”

“What’s that mean?” I asked, already worried about his frame of mind since he had gotten released.

“Everyone in this fuckhole town already has their opinion of who I am and what I’ve done.” Danny tore off his wet jacket and threw it on the ground. He kicked off his shoes and stomped upstairs. “So it doesn’t really matter what I do. Might as well do what I fucking want.”

I would’ve gone after him but to be honest, he scared me when he was angry. So I just let him be and hoped for a better tomorrow. With all that crisp, white snow the world would look like a fresh start for my boy. Couple that with a good breakfast and an understanding, compassionate mother and he was bound to see things differently.

Funny how we moms think that’s all a boy needs. A loving mommy. Which might be the case. But Danny was no boy. Danny was a man. A big, dangerous man. How big and how dangerous, I was soon to find out.

I ended the night alone, finsihied off a bottle of wine and watched the snow come down like a constant avalanche. The streets were already indecipherable from the curbs, sidewalks or lawns. It was just one big blanket of white. Wet and deep.

No matter how well insulated a home is, the fury of such a storm is enough to make anyone nervous. Its probably an instinctual thing held back from ancient times. So I turned the heat up and went up to bed as the snow began to touch the bottom of window sills. I stumbled upstairs, past Danny’s room and into mine then passed out.

I slept in complete darkness except for the streetlights outside. I was woken when the weight of a body hit my bed and a hand carressed my backside over the comforter. Frozen in fear, I couldn’t move. Unsure in my drunkenness if I dreamt this or not I waited until I heard his voice.

“Yes, that’s nice. Its so firm and nice,” It was Danny. His palm massaged the curve of my ass. Spooned against me his breath passed through my hair. His speech was soaked in alcohol, slurring almost unintelligibly. “That’s a nice firm ass.”

I’d be complimented if I were on a date. I worked hard to stay slim, runner’s body of my youth. At five foot nothing, keeping the weight off was no easy feat. Keeping my legs trim instead of stocky was a constant challenge. I had enough junk in the trunk throughout life escort gaziantep to keep the elastic of my panties working double time and even though my thighs were thick, they were strong, carved muscle. I’ve always been blessed with a tiny waist and ample breasts. Or at least I felt that I was fortunate until I realized who would take them and make them his.

“Son,” I said exasperated in my shadowy bedroom. The light from a streetlamp bled yellow through a frosted window. The smell of booze saturated the air. “Danny its me. Its Mom. Wake up”

I thought his wandering hand would stop but it moved up and grabbed my right breast. I hadn’t realized until I felt his coarse hands that my breast had peeked out from my loose nightgown. He massaged my flesh and with his two fingertips he teased my hardening nipples.

“Mommy baby,” he said.

I winced and whimpered. “Stop it Danny.”

“Jerk me off.”

“What?” I sat up, aghast. I went for the lamp but ended up knocking it over. Sounds of commotion led to sensory confusion. The lamp falling, the sheets rustling as I tried to catch it, him moving quick and pulling my small frame close to him. Before I knew it, he tore the comforter back and laid on top of me. He was nude.

“Danny what the fuck are you doing?”

“Shhh”. He said, quieting me with his entire palm over my mouth, partially suffocating me. I twisted my head back and forth until his hand slid down to my neck and squeezed. I gripped his wrist with both hands but he didn’t budge. He was stronger than I could ever imagine.

With a wiggle of his hips he fitted himself between spread legs. Danny’s very hard cock pressed against the pathetically thin layer of panties that separated us from mom and son to something that should not be. I felt the head of his throbbing dick push against my empty hole. It’d been empty for years. I’d been picky and reclusive though I desired the feeling of being filled by a man.

But not tonight, not like this, not by my son.

“Danny its me. Mommy. Are you that drunk?! Don’t you know what you’re doing?!” I panicked. “Danny if you don’t stop-eck.”

His hand squeezed tighter until I couldn’t talk anymore. Then his tongue stabbed passed my lips, wet and sloppy and forced its way between my teeth to the back of my throat. He kissed me like a convict on a conjugal visit. It tasted chalky and dry. I couldn’t breath. Between his weight, his tongue, his grip on my neck and my fear, I lost consciousness.

When I awoke, he had his head between my legs and I was moaning. Danny had my panties stretched to the side, to their limit, cutting into the soft flesh of my thigh. I woke from a bad dream to a nightmare. His tongue was painting long strokes from my ass to my clit, fast with loud smacking sounds. Savage. At my clit he’d stop and bury the flat part of his tongue against my engorged nub with a hard, concentrated circle. Everything tingled and vibrated in my hips and solar plexus. It was divine. Dirty, awful and divine.

“Oh my god,” I gasped and pushed against his head. “Stop it Danny. Stop it.” I said in a breathless whisper. Had I said it louder, he might’ve known I was close to cumming. I bent my legs up and put my bare feet on his naked shoulders to push him off. This gave him full access to my bottom. His tongue slid into my ass. Deep. It felt like a dull, sweet massage against my colon. His fingers were in my cunt. I felt filled with pleasure and soon enough, I came, squirting hot wet cum all over my sons face and in his mouth. I screamed.

“No gaziantep fetiş escort Danny, uh, uhhhhh, ohhhhh, Danny no no.” I cried and came. I couldn’t help myself gasping and moaning. Danny kept his mouth on me, slurping what came out of his mother’s body. “No Noooh oh ohhhhhhh, ahhhh, ohhh.”

My eyes were clenched shut but I knew he was watching my lips move from down there while he drank the last spurts of my cum. As my body trembled, he dumped a wet kiss between my lips then swirled his tongue around my mouth. I tasted my cum, his saliva mixed with alcohol and the sin of sex with my son. I hated it but my body loved it. My insides throbbed and welcomed his giant cock. Yes, giant. My son had a massive cock and the head of it was parting my lower lips.

“Don’t Danny, please.” I dug my heels into the mattress and kicked back until my head hung off the side of the bed. Somehow during the struggle I wound up lengthwise across my bed. Danny had my wrists pinned, my body subdued by his weight. With my head back and neck exposed, he went for my jugular.

Like an animal he sucked and bit. I thought he’d break the skin. All I could do was look out the window, the streetlamp outside was upside down, the snow falling past it in sheets.

I looked up and saw my son posture up in that yellow dull lamplight. His body was rippled, sinewy muscle, tense and alive. His cock bounced and pointed at me like a reprimanding finger. A very large finger. I knew what would happen next.

“Don’t do this,” I said. But he did. He entered me. My cunt was bullied open by his big dick. It was quick and painful but my toes curled with an ecstasy that shot from the bottom of me to the top and escaped in a moan. I turned the sound of pleasure into something appropriate.

“Oh no. No why? No.” I said with every inch he buried into his mother. His thickness pushed my vaginal walls to their limit. His length pressed against my cervix and went further, stretching my quim until I thought it would snap. But it didn’t. Now it just hurt.

“Mamamamama,” he said through a smile, then began to pump his ass. “Mamamama.” He kept saying it while shoving himself in and out of me. I heard the suction of my tight pussy gripping his dick like it wanted it. I cursed my body. The tight, pink walls between my legs did their best to please my boy as I whined.

“No don’t. Danny you don’t know what you’re doing.”

“Yes, mamamama.” He wrapped his arms around my back and dug deeper into me. His lips were moving on my neck and chest and nipples as he said, “mamama”.

“Stop it Danny,” I said breathlessly and helplessly – a doll to his wishes. My legs were spread wide, bobbing with each thrust. My son’s manhood slid forcefully in and out of me, opening me again and again, going as far as it could go. My body unleashed as much lube as it could to handle him but it wasn’t enough.

“Ohhhh, owowow, Danny ouch, you’re hurting mommy. Please stop. Don’t.”

“Yes, ah god, you’re so fucking tight.”

My stomach roiled. Had he not been so deep in my gut, I might’ve vomited but I couldn’t catch my breath. My hands pushed at his shoulders. For some reason I was careful not to claw or scratch him as I halfheartedly fought him. I didn’t want to hurt my boy. It seemed so strange but I couldn’t.

The whole room spun and I wound up on my belly. Danny pushed his cock far up into my pussy. He laid parallel across my back with both hands clasped under my tits, painfully squeezing my nipples. His head was buried gaziantep bayan escort in my curly, matted dark hair. I smelled sweat, alcohol and sex. I smelled my pussy juice getting white and viscous as his cock worked its way in and out of me.

“Mamama.” He kept saying as his thighs slapped against my buttcheeks, faster and faster. He drilled into my poor, barely used hole without mercy. I clenched my bedsheets in my fists. My son kicked apart my ankles, lifted my hips slightly and punished me deeper. I swear I felt his huge cock behind my belly button.

“Danny, ow, ow, its too deep.”

“Yes,” he grunted into my ear. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Yes, cum please.” I begged. I begged because I wanted it to be over. I didn’t even know I said I understood why. I just needed this to end so I could try to sort it out in my head. I pictured myself in the shower, scrubbing, never being the same.

“Can I cum mommy?” he said.

“Yes Danny, cum.”

“Can I cum inside of you?”

“No don’t.” The implications washed over me. My son’s semen finding its way to my egg, impregnating me. It was too much. “No cum on me.”

“I want to cum in you.”

My head spun. I didn’t know what to do. He did what he wanted and he would continue to do so. I had one option.

“In my mouth.”

“Oh yes.” His body shivered. “You’re such a hot mamamama.”

Danny’s ripped his cock out of me and my pussy collapsed back to its normal state. I was already sore but had no time to realize it before Danny shoved his dick between my half parted lips. The friction of him fucking me mixed my pussy juice and his precum into a white paste that covered his cock until my lips and tongue cleaned it off his shaft. I wore it like forced lipstick. I tasted it like warm glue. It was the lubricant that allowed his cock head to slide past my tonsils and dump a batch into belly.

Danny paused and everything was still. My eyes were clenched shut. He straddled my chest. My tits were mashed against his asscheeks. My fingers dug into his thighs. Just waiting for him to cum in my mouth. Waiting, for my son, to cum into his mother’s mouth. And I asked for it.

“Can I cum now mama?” My legs trembled, my pussy felt warm and abused. I couldn’t breath with his weight on me. My lips split at the corner from the dry winter air in our old house and the girth of my boy’s shaft. His scrotum was on my chin and his upper belly pushed against my nose.

My full mouth mumbled and my head nodded.

“I’m going to you sweet, horny slut.”

“Mmmhmm.” I moved my head back and forth, just slightly blowing him to make it go quicker.

He gave short, terse thrusts while I whimpered and then, he came.

It erupted from deep within him like pearly magma. It came out so thick and voluminous I felt it coursing through his shaft and along my tongue. His semen exploded from his head in violent spurts, accompanied by forward jerks of his hips, burying the back of my head deep into the sweat, sex-soaked mattress. Each pulse of cum blasted the back of my throat, searing hot before dribbling down my throat – a rolling glob of my son’s swimmers.

I choked on the first blast and some instinct to live persuaded me to gulp in time while he gushed down my throat. I swallowed in perfect timing each pumping load until he slid out his half hard cock from my throat. With an unintentional slurp from my tongue that left a salty, gritty residue in my mouth, we disconnected. After a shift of my mattress, a squeak of bedsprings and a sigh of release, my son had returned to his room without another word.

I stared at the ceiling, waiting for reality to right itself. Yet it didn’t and the snow refused to stop coming down. So I did what any mom who had been taken sexually by her son would do. I took a shower. But the week had just begun and Danny had more surprises for me just as I would have a few for him.

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