The Bet on the Biggest


I am a big woman; some would call me a SSBBW (super sized big beautiful woman). I weigh, well I am not going to tell you what I weigh but let’s just say it is more than the average Joe can lift. I have a massive chest; each boob would cover most people’s heads. And I have been cursed with two gaping holes. Both my wide asshole and my gapping cunt can easily be fisted at the same time and still have room for more.

Lucky for me I was able to meet and eventually marry a man who was blessed with the biggest cock I had ever seen and he was more than enough to satisfy my massive holes. He was 13 thick inches when soft and when he became fully erect it surprised me that he didn’t pass out. His bat like cock would measure up to 16 inches when hard depending how turned on he was. His cock was so thick I wasn’t able to give him head when he was totally hard, it just wouldn’t fit into my mouth. However he was a perfect fit for both of my needy holes and I loved him for it.

I also loved when my man would escort bursa take his big hands and fist me to oblivion and let me tell you he had big hands.

One night while we were engaged in one of our sex sessions my hubby came up with a plan. It probably ran through his mind as he had his massive fist up my wet cunt to the wrist. “God Gina you must have the biggest cunt in the world!” He said proudly. “I bet you there isn’t a toy on the market that you couldn’t fit up that wide pussy of yours!”

“What do you want to bet?” I said thinking there had to be a joke toy out there that couldn’t possibly fit inside my gapping cunt.

“How about if we find a toy that doesn’t fit that you can have your way with me, but if every toy we find manages to fit then I get to do what I want with you!” He told me.

Now my hubby is pretty perverted and I could only imagine what he had in store for me if I lost the bet but I went for it anyway. We continued the sex session ending with my husband bursa merkez eskort shooting wads of cum up my ass while I came all over my own fist that was deep in my cunt. We then went on the net to check out available toys for our bet. We saw a few that were bigger than my husband and we ordered the three largest.

It took a month to receive the monsters through the mail and when they finally arrived the box they came in was massive. I open the box and took out the three huge toys. The biggest one must have been fifteen inches in diameter and a good ten inches long. Luckily for me all three were very soft rubber to give them some give.

We immediately went up to our bedroom and I undressed and lay down on the bed. Grabbing the lubricant my husband greased up my already wet cunt and started fingering me to get me ready. It wasn’t long before I was squirming my way to my first orgasm as my husband put his whole fist deep in my pussy. He then took the first bursa sınırsız escort toy and we were both disappointed that it fit so easily so he quickly tossed it aside and went for the next one. This one was more of a challenge but as it stretched my big lips my husband quickly had it shoved deep in me and pushing it back and forth had me cumming once again.

Two down and one to go but I thought there was no way I could fit that last one in me. My husband greased it up as much as he could and placed it at my well used cunt and started to push it forward. I thought I was going to die as the monster tore into me. But soon the pain was replaced by a pleasure I had never felt before as my husband kept feeding me inch after inch of toy.

I wasn’t even paying attention, I was lost in a haze of pleasures that I can’t even explain and was surprised when my husband announced that he had the whole toy in my cunt.

“Holy fuck Gina you did it! I guess I win the bet!” He said. But I didn’t care at that moment and told him to forget the fucking bet and just keep sliding that blessed thick fake cock in and out of me. I came so hard I actually passed out and when I awoke I was left in a puddle of come and noticed a very sly look on my husband’s face. I guess I will have to pay up on that bet now!

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