The Best….PERIOD


Twenty years of marriage made things at times predictable for Sol and Rachel but now and then Sol liked to surprise Rachel. This particular night, Sol was feeling mischievous. When Rachel went up stairs to use the bathroom, he stripped and sat back down watching TV as if nothing was happening. The news was on so when Rachel came down stairs, all would seem…normal.

Sol was sitting on the couch with a shit eating grin on his face as he watched Rachel walk into the room in the reflection from the TV. Even though she was coming from behind the couch, she could see that he was naked and she began to giggle then said, “Well, I hate to say this and disappoint you Sol, but I’ve got my period.”

Sol very briefly frowned and then looked up with that grin again and said, “I’m not having a period.” She took the clue and walked over and leaning on the back of the couch, bent down and kissed him, reaching down to take his hand from himself and replace it with hers. Rachel kissed him deeply as her hands grasped his erection and began to stroke it.

He loved the way she did that. Rachel had a firm yet gentle grip. Her hands were quite soft yet also quite strong and he could feel the sensation of her masturbating him all the way down to his toes. She slowly climbed over the back of the couch, never removing her hand, simply readjusting it as she moved and lowered herself beside him. His eyes half closed, were none the less fixed upon her and studying her actions. A small, weak smile was on his face.

Now it was İstanbul Escort time to use her mouth. She released her grip on him as she began to press her lips to him. She kissed the edges of the foreskin by the head of his large circumcised cock and would suck it in just a bit, pulling on it and stretching it just a bit, then releasing it. She kissed the shaft from the base to the tip and then down again. Her lips began to work his scrotum and for the first time she extended her tongue just a bit and made little circles around each testicle. She then stuck her tongue right out and lapped the length of his hard on for several seconds.

This was completely overwhelming Sol and he was beginning to breath more heavily, his mouth open in an attempt to get more air fearing that if he would pass out and miss the rest of what she was doing. Rachel was enjoying his enjoyment almost as much as she was enjoying his erection. It was fun for her to tease him so much and she honestly liked how he tasted. The jokes about Jewish women not wanting to give blow jobs were just absurd to Rachel and she enjoyed proving it, even if only to her husband.

She puckered her lips tightly and began to lower her mouth over him, giving him the feeling that he was penetrating her vagina or even her anus. She kept her lips tightly together as his penis “forced” its way in. It was difficult for her not to break out in a wild smile when she heard him moan loudly. She swirled her tongue over the head as her lips passed and Anadolu Yakası Escort she had him deeply in her mouth, letting her tongue glide over the shaft within.

Sol watched her as she moved her head up and down to simulate intercourse, which in fact this had become. He was amazed at her abilities. Even though this was far from the first time she had ever done this for him, each and every time it seemed like a whole new experience. He was dizzy, high actually as the blood drained from his head, rushing to his groin as if in an attempt to make his erection bigger and harder.

Rachel continued her head bobbing, sucking gently as she went, running her tongue all over, never losing contact, never removing her mouth from him. She could taste his pre cum. She knew that he could explode at any moment, but she wasn’t ready to let that happen. It was far too soon. She stopped using her hand. She gently backed off on her mouth as well. This was a pleasurable torture she was putting him through. He wasn’t, hell, he COULDN’T say a word. He struggled to open his eyes from time to time. He loved watching her. He was thrilled by how she did this. In his humble opinion, she was a true artist and he was her canvass. She simply ran her hands over his belly and thighs.

After a while, she resumed her grasp on his member and began to slowly pump him. With her other hand, she stroked his balls, cupping them and tickling, gently squeezing them. At first she had a loose grip, letting her hand slide Kartal Escort up and down along the skin, barely moving it as she continued with her mouth. However, after several strokes using this method, she tightened her grip and began to stroke Sol furiously. He was delirious and could feel the orgasm rushing forward like a raging river through a newly opened dam. She kept her mouth fixed tightly over the head of his cock as she pumped him for all he was worth, the suddenly, she pulled away as she felt his whole body tense and heard him groan loudly, his breaths coming heavy and short. She watched his semen suddenly gush from the head of his erection, but her hand action didn’t end, she only slightly slowed her pace, wringing every drop of his fluid from his cock. His semen oozed down over her fingers as she slowly loosened her grip.

She cooed, “Did you like that sweetie?” He could only sigh in response. It would take him some time to recover. He felt like he had been run over by a truck, but a nice, soft sweet smelling truck.

She let out a little chuckle as she wiped her hand in his chest hair saying, “Oooh, what a mess!” Adding in jest, “You DISGUST me. Go clean yourself up you shmuck.”

Sol just sat there for a moment with a grin.He couldn’t protest. He just smiled and nodded weakly. He figured he would need a few minutes, maybe days to recover, but it was worth it. He gazed up at her and she said, “Nope, I guess you don’t have your period. Now, I have to go out. I’ve got a bridge game. Clean yourself up, you’re disgusting.” Rachel turned and laughed as she walked away, leaving Sol to ponder on whether he liked it better when she had her period or not. Then again, he was NOT in the right frame of mind to dwell on such matters. All he knew was, she was the BEST….PERIOD!

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