The Beginning

Adriana Chechik

Katrina sits on the back porch of her house reading the newspaper as the smell of midmorning dew drying wafts into her nostrils. The sun is rising in the sky as she air dries under a terry cloth robe, her curly hair cascading around her face. Just as she is getting into an article entitled “One Last Chance” she hears a faint knock coming through the house and a voice hollers toward her from the deck in front of the house. When she arrives at the door she is greeted by a good ‘friend’ of hers who, by the sweat glistening on his bare chest, appears to have been working hard all morning and was wondering if he could come in to cool off. It didn’t take long for the cooling off to turn into heating up.

She headed for the kitchen to get him a cup of ice water, and he followed her the whole way watching the gentle sway in her hips that worked its way through her taught curves. He pulled a cube out of the water and touched her to Kat’s lips causing her to tremble. He then proceeded to glide the ice across the nape of her neck and over the top of her chest allowing the cold water to trickle down her breasts under the robe that she was still slightly wearing. He leaned into her drawing her head to his and kissing her lips as she snatched up a piece of ice and slithered it down his chest and slowly slid her hands into his bayan escort seks hikayeleri trousers and allowed her hand to rest on his balls. He jumped. And pulled her closer to him as he could feel the freezing drops of water slide over his sac and back toward his anus.

In almost a flash he had flung her robe into the corner and before he had the chance to think about where to throw her she had somehow managed to fix his pants around his ankles and slip the head of his cock into her mouth. His knees gave slightly at the feel of Katrina’s tongue probing the tight slit of his penis to draw out the leaking precum that reminded him of milking the teats of his lover. her left hand fondled his sac – he brushed her hair back with his hands and stared into her gorgeous, longing eyes – his cock slowly disappeared into her mouth as her cheeks became concave trying to pull everything out of him – he took his right hand and brushed the back of it against her cheek as he tucked a loose tuft of hair back behind her ear. with all of the strength in his body he pulled out of her mouth and asked her to stop. He walked with her to the futon and had her lay on her stomach – her buxom ass protruding into the air – he lay atop her and thrust his cock through the crack of her ass slicking it with his precum.

Once confidant that her derriere was well wetted between the cheeks, he allowed himself to shift slightly and slam his cock into her hot, hairy love hole pushing in as far as he could and proceeded to gyrate his hips to lather his pole with her juices. Upon being well coated in her natural lubricant, Allan reversed the move he had made moments ago and, spreading her cheeks with his hand and gazing in awe at the cute brown hole, he positioned the head of his manhood right at the entrance and began to forcefully push forward with a gentle ease that calmed Kat’s nerves.

Once the head had fully penetrated her hole, he paused to allow her the chance to grow into the accommodations. As she adjusted to this new feeling, he brushed all of her hair over her left shoulder and, just as he had placed his hands over her breasts and begun to tweak the nipples ever so slightly, he bit down on the right side of the nape in her neck whilst thrusting slowly forward entering her until his balls slapped against her swollen labia. She let out a moan in ecstasy at either the bite or the nipples or the fullness like she had never felt before. His right hand stayed to caress the perfect mounds on her chest while his left hand suddenly appeared on her other mound frigging away at her hardened clitoris.

During this exchange of his hands, Al began to pull out and left just the head inside of her before starting back into her with an easy rhythm that caused her to moan every time she felt him moving within. He loved the way that her entrails constricted around him and wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold on to his load. As he could feel her wetness running down his left hand, he took it away from her precious treasure box long enough to clean it off with his tongue before replacing his hand over her dripping cunt. It was all becoming too much for him and he knew that her was close. She could sense his urgency as his thrusting increased in speed. He asked her if it would be okay to cum inside of her bum, and she agreed to that fate.

He sluiced in and out of her furiously as she bucked back toward him. She felt his penis grow inside of her and could fell his ball sack tense as it smacked against her sex. He thrust hard into her one final time and held himself as deep inside of her as possible while depositing his seed deep within her bowels. The feel of his expansion within her, the warm feeling of his semen flowing through her, and the stimulation of her labia from his testicles set Katrina on fire. She rolled into an intense orgasm and shook violently almost dispelling his spewing cock from her anus. The two slowly came down from heaven and collapsed on the futon with Allan splayed out atop Katrina, cock still embedded and quite firm in her hott ass.

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