The Beast from the East


The Beast from the East was not a Transylvanian wolf bounding from an otherwise deserted square rigger onto land, bringing Count Dracula to England under cover of a dark and stormy night. No, this Beast had been given its nickname by tabloid hacks desperate for a cheap headline that could combine the British obsession with the weather plus a dash of xenophobia that always helps sell more copies.

This Beast combined a powerful wind that whistled alone the train tracks with a numbing cold that really did originate in the freezing plains of Eastern Europe.

Luke and Daisy, were at the edge of the platform waiting for the next train, well any train, that would get them to the warmth of their office. There had been the usual announcements each adding to the forecast delay, as the couple huddled ever closer to share their warmth.

They had just spent an illicit night together and the memories were preoccupying both their minds, and their current closeness was both arousing and frustrating. The layers of clothing, so necessary to hold The Beast at bay stopped each from feeling the contours of the other’s body.

They gradually realised that there was not going to be any train this morning and that they had to find some shelter from The Beast. They were struggling to get away from the platform and see if there would be a taxi to get them home, when Daisy heard her friend Lily call out, “Fuck me this is cold. Come back to mine for a quickie. Just coffee, of course. You aren’t one of us, or I would suggest something else after. By the way, new man huh, bet Dan doesn’t know.”

Lily, tall beautiful, totally lacking in inhibitions, and totally lesbian, wrapped her arm around Daisy and with Luke in tow led the pair of them off the platform and to her flat just 5 minutes’ walk away.

The flat felt warm, a cosy escape from the awful weather. Lily poured out three hot creamy coffees, and three large shots of peach schnapps saying, “That’ll thaw you two love birds and the spare bedroom is already made up, so why not take your drinks in there.”

Luke and Daisy gave each other a quick glance, and then back to Lily, who just said, “Look at the two of you. You’re wet, he’s hot. Don’t pretend you don’t want to, just go in and enjoy yourselves.”

They didn’t need inviting twice – they both were horny as hell. The room was very warm and the bed soft and inviting. Luke and Daisy closed the door and slowly began to undress each other. As Luke kissed Daisy’s neck and his hands went around her back to unclasp her bra, they both heard the door open as Lily, now wearing a pure white bathrobe walked in, shut the door and said, “I will help with that. Men are so useless.”

She gently undid the hooks and slid her hands around Daisy, under the loosened bra and cupped Daisy’s breasts in her slender hands, squeezing her nipples between thumb and forefinger. Lily didn’t miss Daisy’s reaction, “I have been telling you for years to join us.”

They bahçeşehir escort both noticed Luke step back, Daisy was worried he was threatened, but his smile gave him away. He guessed what was going to happen and that when it came to his turn it was going to be as horny as he had ever been. Judging by the way Lily looked at him, he had the feeling that she would take her pleasure however the opportunity presented itself.

He sat back and watched as Lily’s hands slid down Daisy’s sides and into her knickers. Daisy’s rested her head on Lily’s shoulders as Lily stroked Daisy’s smooth pussy lips. Lily whispered, “I will make you come like no man ever will.”

They lay down on the bed, Lily on top, kissing Daisy gently on the lips, then deeply, with Daisy responding more and more.. Lily kissed and licked Daisy’s breasts then ran her tongue down the centre line of her abdomen dipping into her belly button, then slowly down to her knicker line, as she very slowly slid the knickers down.

Lily said to Daisy, “We women reclaim our cunts for our joy. Pussy is the man’s word to put us in our place. I am going to make you glad you have a cunt.”

At that, Lily’s tongue, lips and fingers played with Daisy as only a woman can know, until Daisy shook with the strongest orgasm of her life.

Lily stepped back for a moment and reached into the bedside cabinet. She brought out a strapless strap-on: a massive dildo with another like a long bulb the base. Lily was already very wet, and inserted this bulb into herself so it looked as if the dildo was part of her. Lily laid back on the bed and Daisy climbed on top, she put her fingers around the shaft of the dildo and led it into her open, wet cunt.. It was bigger than any man’s cock she had experienced before; not so big it hurt too much, but she was so wet, so open, she felt like she could take almost anything; and this was just what she needed right now. She rode Lily’s new cock as Lily’s hands caressed, stroked and squeezed her breasts, until she came again, shaking and quivering as she collapsed, kissed Lily whispering, “thank you, thank you.”

As she lay in her post-coital calm on top of Lily, Daisy glanced over at Luke, He had been so aroused by the sight of Daisy and Lily’s lesbian love-making that he had brought himself to orgasm just at the same time as Daisy’s second. Daisy felt an unnecessary guilt about Luke’s plight. As she looked back at Lily, she could tell that Lily felt the same, and they both moved over to Luke, each took a hand. They had decided that it was Luke’s turn for the time of his life.

Daisy and Lily lead Luke to the shower room, where they both washed him from head to toe, Luke’s erection totally ignored by the two women until every part of his body had been cleaned. Then they both star to work on his cock, 4 hands and two mouths, soapy hands caressing his balls, both tongues working bakırköy escort up and down his shaft, both their mouths taking it in turns to take his head, and as he was on the brink of cumming again, they led him out of the shower, gently towelled him dry, and Lily brought out warm bathrobes and said, “I think it’s time for Luke to have his treat.”

Lily went ahead, as Daisy kissed Luke and then led him to the bedroom. Lily was already in there, legs apart, elbows on the bed with her bathrobe lifted and her beautiful ass in the air. She said, “Remind me what a real cock feels like, it’s a long time since I was fucked by a man, and I seem to remember it could be fun, especially if I had a woman playing with me too. Daisy, I want you to watch him fuck me and tell me how you like it.”

Daisy grabs Luke’s cock – he wonders if this has gone too far, but she leads him to Lily and says, “Lily, you must ask me nicely if you want my man to fuck you.”

Lily stands up, turns around to Daisy, kisses her firmly on the lips, cups her pussy in her right hand, flicking her middle finger into her vagina, and says, “Pretty please, can he fuck me?” and quickly returns her elbows onto the bed and her cunt in ‘ready position’.

Daisy smiles and then takes control of Luke’s movements. She holds Luke’s cock and strokes Lily’s wet and swollen pussy lips with it, then raises it to her wide-open cunt, and gently feeds the head in, then withdraws it, and uses it to tease Lily’s lips, then back, just allowing his head inside her again. She whispers to Luke, “keep doing this until she begs, then I want to see you thrust as deep as you can.”

She steps back so she can get a full view of Luke’s teasing action and crucially, Lily’s face. Luke continues to stroke her pussy lips, and just allow the head inside her. He holds Lily’s hips to stop her pushing back to get his cock deeper. Daisy gives in to Lily’s pleading looks and starts to play with her tits and give her nipples a hard squeeze and a twist. Lily’s body is shaking and she turns her head to Luke and says, “Pretty fucking please!”

Luke drives his cock in for the first deep thrust. When it does, Lily nearly explodes, yelling, “FFFUUUUUCCKKK!” as Luke thrusts , pounding into her until they both cum and drop to their knees in a quivering heap.

As Luke catches his breath, he looks up at Daisy who, he realises, has been fingering herself all through the performance. She says, “I hope you can still get that thing hard for me, it’s our turn now.”

Daisy leads Luke to Lily’s bed. Lily says, “Daisy, now you have him where you want him, I suggest you make sure it stays that way.”

Lily passes Daisy some black silk scarves, and helps to tie them around Luke’s wrists and then to the head of the bed. “Now you are all mine,” whispers Daisy.

Luke closes his eyes and lets Daisy take over. She positions herself between Luke’s başakşehir escort legs running her hands up his inner thighs, and kissing around the base of his limp cock. She licks his shaft, and sucks his balls and sees it start to come back to life. Daisy pulls back the foreskin and gives his head a long, wet caress with her lips.

Daisy then moves around to Luke’s head and positions herself over his face – knowing he can’t move. He takes her prompt and licks her pussy lips and she feels his tongue on her swollen clit. Daisy leans forward and adopts the classic 69 and sucks his now solid cock. As she gets more aroused, and the feeling of his tongue and the pleasure of sucking his cock makes her cum again. After she has stopped shaking, Daisy moves back to lower herself over his cock, but not taking it inside her. She wants to feel his cock between her pussy lips. She is dripping juices onto him, and she glides backwards and forwards with her wet slippery pussy. She moves forwards, so the head of his cock is right at the entrance to her vagina, but not letting him in, she moves back again, so his cock stimulates her clit, she sees Luke’s eyes looking right into hers as he accepts the pleasure that Daisy gives him.

Finally, Daisy decides it’s time to feel his cock inside her. She moves forwards, raises her hips and then slowly lowers herself onto him and in one move takes his whole cock inside her, feeling his head pushing against her cervix. She raises herself up a little and now realises Lily is beside her. Lily has one hand on Daisy’s abdomen, while with the other hand, Lily starts to work a well lubricated finger around and around and then gently into Daisy’s tight little ass. Daisy knows by now just to go with the flow – and it does feel good. Then she realises that Lily is inserting something long and smooth into her ass. As it stretches her, it enhances the feel of Luke’s cock inside her. Then there as a slight slightly painful moment as Lily pushes the bulb of the butt plug into her, then switches it on so that strong slow vibrations build up inside her.

Luke has never felt anything like this, Daisy’s cunt tightens, and he feels the vibrations though her vaginal wall. Daisy feels completely full and as if all the sensation in her body is focussed on wave after wave of pleasure. Neither move, as they just enjoy this new experience.

Lily whispers into Daisy’s ear, “I haven’t finished with you two yet.”

Daisy feels Lily push her forward, so her breasts are on Luke’s chest, Daisy and Luke kiss deeply as the sensations roll through their bodies. Luke now feels Lily’s raise his knees up. His arms are still tied, he can’t respond other than to accept and enjoy. Lily’s finger lubricates Luke’s ass and she inserts an identical butt plug into Luke & switches that on. As the vibrations in his ass stimulate his prostate – the vibrations inside Daisy stimulate his cock, Daisy continues to rock slowly back and forth, completely lost to the world, in an orgasm lasting longer than she ever believed possible, then Luke explodes inside her, his final thrust and deep shudder bringing her pleasure to an unbelievable peak. Daisy leans forward and as she does Lily gently slips the butt-pugs out, unties Luke’s wrists and leaves the two lying on the bed, exhausted, fucked, content beyond belief.

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