The Babysitter


Our night was cut short for the usual reason. Jenny and I got into a fight. It was becoming a regular thing the last six months. We had seven good years of marriage, but the last 8 years things had steadily turned cold between us and the last six months were one fight after another. We had been growing apart for years. She resented giving up her job when she had our daughter, Vicky. It wasn’t like we hadn’t talked about how our lives would change if she had a child. But she was resenting that change in her life. I kept working because I had the better paying job as an electrical engineer than her former job as a retail manager.

That night we started fighting at a birthday party for our friend Larry, thrown by his wife Pat at their house. Someone asked me how my daughter was doing, and when I said she was great and we got along like best friends, Jenny jumped in with her venomous fangs. “Sure, it’s fun when you don’t have to be stuck at home all damn day with a brat.” I was furious, mostly because she made it sound like taking care of our daughter was some sort of terrible task. And she called our daughter, the light of my life, a brat, which was ridiculously far from the truth and, worst of all, she did it in public, in front of many of our friends. So I said “If someone thought you were worth paying enough to go to work, I’d love to stay home and take care of Vicky. But you’re not.” We were suddenly the Battling Bickersons, in front of 20 people, including some close friends. We had to leave before dinner was served.

It was icy silence in the car on the ride home, at first. Then it started up again. She accused me of not respecting her and I accused her of being an indifferent mother. We fought most of the rest of the way home. When we pulled into the driveway I said “I’ve got to take Christie home. I have to pay her for the full evening. Thanks for wasting our money.”

“Waste some more. Check into a motel tonight. I don’t want to see your face” Jenny said with contempt dripping from her voice as we walked in the door.

“Fine. The bed there will be much warmer without you in it, Ice Queen.” Things were REALLY bad with us. “I’m just getting a change of clothes.”

“Take them all, for all I care.”

“Maybe I will!” I shouted as she stormed upstairs.

“Mr. Green? Is everything all right?” Christie Chen, our sitter, was right there, on the couch, watching a movie.

“Um, not exactly, Christie. Don’t worry about it. I just need to get a couple of things and I’ll drive you to your apartment. And I’ll pay you for the full night.” I went upstairs as Jenny shut herself in the bathroom. I packed a change of clothes, shorts and a shirt to sleep in, sneakers, a few other things. I needed my toothbrush and deodorant and a couple of other personal items. “Jenny, let me in. I need some stuff from in there.” Silence. “If you don’t let me in, I can’t leave.”

She swung the door open and stormed past me. “I wouldn’t want to keep you from leaving. Be quick. The sooner the better.”

I grabbed what I needed, zipped my bag shut, and started to go downstairs when I thought about Vicky. I felt terrible leaving her, but until I figured something out besides a motel room, I couldn’t take her with me. And I wasn’t going to leave her with that witch I was married to. Not for the long term. I stopped by her room, where she was watching one of her DVDs, but not really paying attention. Obviously, she heard everything that transpired from the moment Jenny and I got home. It broke my heart, actually shredded it to pieces, to see how sad she was. Jenny and I had to get a divorce. The hurt from that would be much easier for Vicky to bear than the almost daily fights she had been listening to for months.

I squatted next to her and touched her head. “Hey, my Angel. I have to tell you something.” She didn’t look up at me, just sat there with that sad, hurt look that ate at my soul. “I have to take Christy home, but I’m not coming home after. Mommy and I need a little space from each other tonight. I will be back home tomorrow. I promise.”

She finally looked at me and, with tears forming in her eyes, she said “Take me with you, Daddy. Mommy doesn’t love me.” Then she was crying openly.

I took her in my arms and stroked her long, almost jet black hair. “Honey, I can’t take you with me. You need to stay here. I need you to be a big girl tonight. And don’t say that, that mommy doesn’t love you. She loves you more than anything in the world. She’s just having a little trouble showing it right now. But she loves you just as much as I do, sweetie.”

I held her while she cried but I had to leave, to take Christie home and just get out, away from Jenny. “I’ll see you tomorrow, sweetie. I’ll be back by early afternoon. Who’s my Angel?”

“Me” Vicky said in her little voice. “And you’re mine, daddy.”

I gave her one last hug, a big big hug, and then I had to go. I hurried downstairs and said to Christie “I’m ready. Let’s atakent escort go, kiddo.”

Christie got up, looking uneasy. “Mr. Green, if there’s something going on here, you can just call me a cab. It’s not a problem.”

“No, it’s ok. I have to get out of here anyway.” I held the door while she got her purse and we walked to my car.

A word about Christie. The word is HOT. She was 20, Asian-American so she had thick jet black hair that went down her back. Beautiful in every way. A stunning face with warm, open features, 5’7″ and curvy with amazing legs. 34C breasts (I found out later). She was wearing tight jeans that hugged her butt and her thighs. The thoughts that go through a man’s head when his wife hasn’t put out in over a year. The fact that she was so good with Vicky was a great plus. She loved sitting for Vicky, and Vicky adored her.

Christie was a junior at a local college, living in an off campus apartment with a roommate. Her family was very well-to-do and they supported her, but in addition to having a roommate, she worked as a sitter to cut down on costs for her family, so she was a very responsible girl. She had been sitting for us the last year and a half, and normally she would have driven herself but her car was in the garage. I didn’t mind giving her a lift. It wasn’t like I was anxious to check into a cheap motel by myself for a night of miserable introspection. This was a diversion, even if just for 15 minutes.

“Mark, are you sure you’re ok? You look very upset.”

“Yeah, I guess I am. Troubles with Jenny as you’ve noticed.”

“You can talk to me if you want. We can stop for coffee and talk.”

It was a very tempting offer. She really was a very sweet girl as well as very easy on the eyes. It wasn’t like I was an old man. I was 38, in good shape. It was good for my ego to be seen with a lovely young woman and dream of what might have been. “Sure, if you’re sure you don’t mind.”

“Not at all. It’s early yet. Besides, it’s Saturday night and here I am.”

“Yeah, why didn’t you have a date tonight? I’ve got to think you get a lot of offers to go out.”

“Not as many as you think. I think some guys are intimidated. I mean, I know I’m attractive, but I usually will go out with almost any guy who asks. He has to be reasonably attractive” she said with a light laugh, “but I don’t need someone who’s like a model. I just want to meet a nice guy who’ll treat me with respect. My mother always told me that’s the most important thing with a man. To be treated with respect. Most of the time” she said with a suggestive tone. I couldn’t miss that if I tried.

We went to a local diner and took a booth. We ordered coffee and she got a piece of apple pie and I got a club sandwich. I missed dinner.

Christie was very pleasant company. She was very smart, a chemistry major, and she was funny and sweet. We talked about all sorts of small things. But then she asked me “Mark, if I may ask, what happened with you and your wife tonight? I mean, I’ve seen you two come home…not in the best of moods before, but tonight I was worried about you.”

“I don’t know if I can talk to you about this, Christie. Let’s just say we’re having major problems. I’m going to a motel tonight, so that should tell you how bad it is. I’ll tell you I don’t think we can work it out, so I don’t know how much I’ll be needing you to sit for Vicky, so you should feel free to look for another opportunity.”

“I’ll be sorry to do that. I really like sitting for Vicky. She’s such a doll. I look forward to seeing her. And her father.”

I wasn’t sure I heard that right. I looked up at Christie and her eyes were almost burning into me. Her hand reached across the table and her long finger touched mine. Just that touch, that look, had me getting hard in my pants under the table, where no one could see.


“Before you say anything, Mark, it doesn’t have to be anything serious. It can be just sex. I’m in need, you’re in need. And I find you very, very attractive. I happen to like older men. Not old men, older. I wouldn’t be doing this if your marriage was good. But you told me it’s on the outs. So come home with me instead of sleeping in some depressing motel room. My bed is much more comfortable and infinitely less lonely.”

“Christie, I’m incredibly flattered. And you’re a beautiful woman, inside and out. If I was single, I wouldn’t even think about it. But I’m not. I’m a married man. Part of me loves my wife. Not a big part, maybe. But…”

“No buts, Mark. Tell you what. I’m going to the ladies room. Think it over while I’m gone. Your wife will never know. Just you and me. And I guess Amy, my roommate. She’s cool.” She started to walk to the bathrooms when she turned back. “I really want you. And,” she reached under the table, giving my cock a firm squeeze, “I know you want me too.” She then went to the ladies room.

I never akbatı escort had met a woman so brazen about what she wanted before. Yet there was nothing slutty about her. She just was honest and direct. I can’t do this, I thought. I’m married, whatever my situation with Jenny. I wasn’t a cheater. Then I tried to rationalize. It’s not really cheating if your wife doesn’t want you and all but kicked you out. Is it? And if I had to be completely honest with myself, I wanted this. I wanted HER. Christie was everything I used to look for in a woman. Smart, funny, beautiful and exciting. She was incredibly exciting. Fuck it. She was right, her bed sounded much more inviting than a motel.

She came out a couple of minutes later and said “So, Mark? Did you make a decision?”

“I did. Let’s go to your place. If you’re sure. You can change your mind; I won’t be offended.”

“No, but I would be. Let’s go. I’m so ready, I could do this in the parking lot. Don’t worry. We won’t.”

I paid the check and we got back in my car. Before I could turn on the ignition, Christie turned my head and kissed me like I hadn’t been kissed since the best days with my wife, well over a year ago. Maybe even better. The tip of her tongue peeked out of her mouth and traced along both my lips, a tease, but a powerful tease. I held her head and felt her long, thick, silky hair, running my fingers through it. She moaned in my mouth and broke the kiss quickly. “Get us to my apartment. Hurry.”

We were 20 minutes away. I got us there in 15. Into the vestibule of her building, in the elevator with one of her neighbors. Her floor, the 4th. To her apartment, where she fumbled with her keys. We rushed through the open door and slammed it closed. Immediately we were wrapped in an incredibly passionate kiss, a lot of them. I just left my bag by the door and picked Christie up. Her legs wrapped around my hips and I carried her in the direction she pointed. I stumbled over some unseen furniture but we didn’t fall. When we went into her bedroom she kicked the door closed and we fell on her bed. We still hadn’t broken our kiss since walking in her front door. Our tongues teased, explored, then danced together. Hers darted in and out of my mouth, drawing my tongue into her hot mouth. We finally broke our kiss just to follow up with other kisses, all over each others faces. I lifted the hem of her satin shirt and my hands went underneath it to cup her tits, encased in what felt like a lace bra. Christie moaned in my mouth and pushed her chest forward, encouraging me to keep massaging those fantastic round pillows.

She said in a loud whisper “Get my shirt off, my bra too.” She sat up facing me as we got each others tops off and tossed aside, then I took off her red bra and her tits were mine. Round, drop shaped with thick, stiff, very pink nipples that pointed a little upwards. ”Suck them, don’t be shy. Suck them as hard as you want” Christie said breathlessly. My mouth attacked, first the right breast, kissing and licking all over, gradually working to the nipple there, and she bent her head back in frustration from my teasing. I circled her areola, licked the thick nub, and blew hot air on it and Christie mewled as she squirmed around. Her hands were running through my wavy, dark hair, driving me a little crazy with lust.

“Please don’t tease me, Mark. We can be playful later. Right now I just need you to take me. Get your clothes off!”

My cock throbbed at her words and the desire behind them. I stood up and quickly shed my sports jacket and white shirt. Christie was laying back on her bed, pulling on her nipples while she watched me, then she shimmied out of her tight jeans as I took off my slacks and kicked off my shoes. I stood there in just my boxers and socks, then it was just the boxers. She was waiting in just a pair of red, lace boy short panties that looked painted on her hips and her pussy.

“Last chance to change your mind” I said. “I don’t want to take advantage of you.”

“What are you talking about? I’m practically raping you!” Christie groaned out loud. “Get out of those and get back here already!”

I pulled down my shorts and I was naked in front of a woman besides Jenny for the first time in 15 years. I was both aroused and self conscious. But my cock was just aroused, all seven inches.

“God, that looks so tasty. I have to find out if it’s as good as it looks.” Christie stood up in her panties and pulled my head to her and kissed me hard as the head of my cock tickled her soft, flat tummy. Then she kissed her way down my body, all over my chest, pausing to suck and nibble my nipples. They weren’t sensitive like a woman’s, but there was a definite connection to my cock, which jumped like a small shock went through me. Down to my torso. She paid special attention to my pleasure trail, that ultra sensitive area below the belly button and above my pubic hair. But not for too aksaray escort long.

Instead of toying with my cock, she gobbled me up quickly, bringing my dick deep into her warm and wet mouth. She didn’t spend too long sucking me, which was just as well. If she had, I probably would have cum down her throat, and I knew she needed me badly.

After I was good and wet, she stood up, stripping down her panties. I grabbed her roughly, and I kissed the side of her neck and her shoulder, pulling her hair back, as we fell on her bed. “Oh, god, yessss, Mark, that’s so damn hot. Now, I need you now!”

I pulled her legs apart and got my first look at her lovely pussy. She had straight, fine hairs on her mound, not thick, gorgeous. And she was dripping wet with a soft scent that filled my nostrils. That scent broke any last hint of resistance in my mind. I put the head of my cock to her slit and slid into her, smooth and easy. “Fuck, you’re like a wet vise!” She clamped down hard on my cock as she grunted and tossed her head from side to side. I attacked her mouth with mine, kissing and nipping at her lips, as my tight body pumped her hard. We soon found our rhythm, which was hard and fast.

“Fuck me, you bastard!” Christie urged. “Pound my little cunt! This is what I need! I need to be fucked by a man, not a boy!” Her words enticed me on and I lunged into her over and over. Her sleek legs held me, kept me from exiting her soaked cunt, not that I had any desire to.

“Such a hot little bitch. I love the feeling of your sloppy cunt on my cock!”

“Yes! Keep telling me what a slut I am! Bang me, you fucker!”

Every thrust brought a loud grunt from deep in my chest. Each time my hips slapped hers, each time my balls slapped her ass, Christie cried out in deep lusty heat. Her double bed groaned as we abused it with our powerful fucking.

Soon Christie screamed “Harder! I’m so fucking close! Don’t fucking stop, fucker!”

I kept pounding as hard as I could, my cock pulsing in her grasping pussy. She bit my shoulder and I cried out with my own lust as I pumped thick streams of cum into her soft, welcoming pussy. The sensation of my creamy heat drove her into a huge climax of her own, gushing her juices that mixed with my heavy load. Her nails scraped my back as she trembled all over and we both were breathing like long distance runners.

She kissed along my cheek and I returned her kisses with my own. Then we sought each others lips, and kissed gently. I whispered “I hope you didn’t scratch my back too deeply. It might be kind of hard to explain to Jenny. If she even cares.”

“I’m sorry, Mark. That was just so intense! The difference between a man and a boy” Christie said, kissing my chin and cheek. “I could get used to this.”

That was a little uncomfortable to hear. Part of me hoped I’d be coming back to her bed time and time again, but the other part remembered I still was married. But I had no regrets at all. Christie was as thrilling a partner as I could ever imagine. “It was great for me too. You’re an incredibly sexy woman. Not a girl. You’re all woman.”

She smiled and kissed me softly. “And you’re all man. No question. Let me go to the bathroom. Do you need something to drink? Water? Juice?”

“Water would be fine. Thank you.”

She got up and walked to her door, naked. “So polite. I like that.” She paused to get something from her dresser drawer and eased out of the room.

I laid back on her bed with my hands behind my head and thought how this was really going to be a much better option for the night than the motel. I had to go home the next day. I missed Vicky; it was the first night I wouldn’t be there to say goodnight to her. She was the light of my life, and it hurt thinking about her and not seeing her. If Jenny was sick of me and didn’t want to be a mother, fine. I’d take care of Vicky myself. My mom lived nearby, was in excellent health, and adored her granddaughter, and my in-laws also were not far and great grandparents, though in a divorce, that could be problematic. And if I needed a good babysitter, well, Christie might work out. In more ways than one. I shook those thoughts away, I was getting too far ahead of myself. Start with tomorrow, I thought to myself. One day at a time.

Christie came back in the room, now wearing an almost see-through pink nightie and panty set. The nighty came down to her ass, barely, and really, the two pieces were almost not there at all. Her hair was brushed out and lustrous. And she held two bottles of water.

“Wow, just wow. You look incredible, Christie. Good enough to eat” I teased her.

She giggled, a sound that was a mix of horny woman and adorable schoolgirl. “I’m going to hold you to that. I’m glad you like this. I feel so sexy in it. So naughty.”

“Christie, you’d be sexy in a paper sack, or nothing at all. But I do like that outfit. See?” Sure enough, my cock was responding, even though I came less than fifteen minutes before. That’s what happens when your wife denies you sex for a year.

“I love that! I love seeing you getting hard. I love watching a cock get stiff for me.” She sauntered over to the bed. “Before we start again, do you need to use the bathroom? I don’t want to have to stop once we get started. This time is not going to be such a rush.”

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