The Awakening Part II


The Awakening Part II Chapter 1 When Tom had come down from his electrifying high of his orgasm he immediately knew he needed to explore Mandy’s revelation further. A black lover! That was what she had fantasised about and he had to concede that when she had uttered it during their climax, the revelation had certainly added to his pleasure and he had come with an intensity he had never previously experienced. Over the course of the next few weeks and months he had been nervous about introducing the topic into their lovemaking conversations but he realised that the subject hung over them without being addressed. He waited for Mandy to raise the subject again but it never happened during any of their much improved sex sessions. Sure, Mandy was now far more liberated and open about her needs and desires and often took the lead in their sex life, but still the subject of the black lover had not been raised. Was she waiting for Tom to raise it? Was she somehow unsure of his reaction to having let it slip? The truth of the matter, unknown to Tom was that Mandy secretly wanted Tom to raise it with her. She desperately wanted to introduce more of the fantasy into their sex life but was worried it might be a step too far for Tom. But if he raised it……..? The more Tom thought about Mandy and a black lover, the more he realised it was the one scenario which guaranteed him an erection. At work; driving; watching TV; whilst shopping, his mind was consumed with the knowledge that his wife fantasised about having sex with a black lover. Tom had taken to searching the internet for advice and information regarding the items he had read in her book during their last holiday. At the time he hadn’t made the connection between what Mandy was reading and her utterance of the black lover as he had thought it a mere coincidence. Now he knew it was more than that. His loving wife frequently thought about taking a lover. A black lover. And it both terrified and exhilarated him in equal measures. But how could he even think of broaching the subject with her? The on-line advice forums had provided the answer; the introduction of role-play during sex. Viewing interracial movies and fantasising of your wife being the wife in the film was a popular method being discussed. Encouraging your wife to take a more dominant role in your relationship and “taking” her own pleasure with whomever she desired was another common measure. That obviously depended on the personality of the wife concerned and whether she was comfortable being more dominant and assertive than perhaps her natural instincts permitted. Tom vowed to try some of these methods with Mandy. The breakthrough came one night whilst Mandy was Ankara escort dressed in a very sexy dress and heels. They planned “date” nights where certain role play scenarios had become a hit with them both. Mandy was wearing some very exotic and sexy black underwear on this particular evening. Tom was loving the sensation of running his hand up Mandy’s stocking clad leg and feeling the smooth flesh above her stocking tops. As her skirt rode higher he gasped as he caught sight of the contrast of her black nylons and her soft, milky white flesh. His erection hurt as he seemed to harden further at the connection in his mind of the contrast of black skin on white skin and he groaned outwardly. Mandy was bemused as her husband made soft groaning noises and kissed her even more passionately whilst continuing to stroke and gaze at her stocking encased legs. “You like that honey?” she whispered to him. “God, yes Mandy,” he groaned. “See how good your legs look against the black,” he groaned back at her. “Mmmm, you like that look sweetheart?” she teased. Tom swallowed hard as the thoughts and words formed and his throat dried. “Black looks so good on you. You should indulge more often.” He hoped she would pick up on his line of thought and that his subtle hint had been taken. “You like me in black?” she queried. “I do, honey, I really think the contrast is so very, very sexy.” “So you like me in black but I think you also like to think of black in me.” Tom stared at her. Mandy was looking at him, with her eyes half closed and a devilish smile on her painted lips. Tom stood dumbfounded. What did he say now? He had been rumbled. “Well, Tom?” she went on. Tom swallowed hard. It was now or never if he was going to admit his ever increasing fantasy and obsession with her and a black lover. “I, I, think I might like to see that. If you want that sweetheart,” he quickly added. “Do you want that Tom?” “Do you want me to take a young, hung black lover and for you to watch him have me?” Tom said nothing. “Tell me what it is you want Tom,” urged Mandy. “I think I want to see you with a black guy, yes.” “You think you want to see me with a black guy?” she replied. “Well, I do want to see you with a black guy,” he managed to reply. “What exactly do you want to see Tom?” Mandy breathed at him, staring intently into his panicked eyes. He couldn’t hold it in any longer. Tom let it all rush out…… “I want to see you go out on a date with the guy. I want to know that you have dressed so sexily for him in expensive lingerie and perfume. I want to see him bring you home and touch you and feel you up as I would. I want him to do this in front of me as if you are Ankara escort bayan a couple and I am a bystander to your passion. I want to hear him tell me what he is doing to you and how good it makes him feel that he knows you want him to do it to you, with me watching.” “You want him to dominate you Tom? You want to feel humiliated in front of me, by standing back and letting another man enjoy what is rightfully yours?” “Yes.” “Oh Tom, do you think you could handle that happening right in front of you?” “I, I am not sure but the thought of it makes me so hard Mandy, surely if I want it so badly then I must be able to endure it, mustn’t I?” “I don’t know Tom. I mean what if I get so excited and urge him to do things to me, in order to increase your pain at seeing me with him, giving myself to him. Could you deal with that Tom?” “God Mandy, I want to watch you so much it sometimes hurts. I think of nothing else. To see you react to his touch, his power and his colour just sends me crazy. It is about you. It is all about what you would be getting from doing it. I get amazingly horny realising that you could be so turned on that you could go ahead and do something so utterly wrong and filthy. A married woman, being given the freedom to take a black lover, with the consent and encouragement of her husband, and her taking that opportunity for the sole reason of sexual enjoyment and empowerment is just incredibly dirty.” “My, my Tom, you have thought this through haven’t you?” “I guess I have, yes. Thinking back to that moment on holiday when you imagined taking a lover and right at the end saying that he was black almost blew my mind. To be fair, up until reading your book and then hearing you mention it I had never given the whole black and white thing a thought. But, since then I cannot seem to imagine any other combination of sex and am so desperate to see it for real. The fact that you, my gorgeous wife could be the one to make it a reality is just awesome.” “I think we need to talk, Tom.” Chapter 2 Rather than things gathering pace at this point, the subject was put on the back burner a bit as both Mandy and Tom were kept busy with work and other commitments in their busy lives. Their sex life returned, if not to normal, then it slowed down a little from the feverish pace they had been setting most recently. Talk of lovers and situations occurred, but less often than perhaps either of them might have expected given the revelation that had taken place. One night however, as they sat in a city restaurant, things took a turn towards the inevitable and the on-rushing conclusion to what was going to happen in their lives. As Escort Ankara they ate dinner Tom observed Mandy, who appeared to be distracted by something over Tom’s shoulder. He was sure she was not concentrating fully on their conversation and tried to surreptitiously take a backwards glance to see what the distraction was before asking her. Eventually, Tom asked Mandy if everything was alright. Mandy smiled and nodded. But her eyes were looking past Tom. “Mandy,” whispered Tom. “What is going on?” “That guy keeps looking at me and he is indicating that he wants my phone number,” she blurted out. “What!” uttered Tom, desperate to turn around and see what was going on. “There’s a man at another table, with a woman and he is smiling and indicating that he wants me to phone him or probably that he wants my number.” She made a phone sign with her hand by her ear for Tom to see what the other guy was doing. “And you are responding to him. For heaven’s sake Mandy behave yourself. I am still here you know!” “Oh I know honey, but he is rather hot,” she whispered. “Christ’s sake,” flustered Tom. But as he said it he began to feel the strange sensation in his chest and loins that indicated the whole thing was rather a turn on. His wife was sitting in front of him, flirting from a distance with a complete stranger, in a restaurant in full view of both of their partners. He could never have imagined for a second that Mandy was capable of doing such a thing. Tom also felt the beginning of an erection. What the fuck, he thought. And now he had an idea. “Tell me what he looks like,” he whispered. “What?” she replied. “Describe this hot looking guy who is distracting my wife, on my date.” Mandy looked Tom straight in the eyes. “Dark hair, dark eyes, dark suit. Oh and very, very dark skin.” Tom’s cock throbbed in his pants. He hadn’t dared to hope that when Mandy admitted to making eye contact with the man, that he would be black. “Ah, okay,” was all Tom could mutter. “And…and is he good looking?” Mandy ran her tongue over her beautifully moist and painted lips and whispered “Tom, he is fucking gorgeous.” Tom gulped and felt his erection once again throb and harden even further as he listened as his wife described another man to him in such an obviously sexual way. It was wrong and taboo and very, very unusual. But, at that precise moment it was the most erotic and forceful sensation he had ever experienced. A minute or so passed and Tom and Mandy said nothing to each other. Behind Tom the lady at he table where the hot black guy was sitting arose from the table, said a casual goodbye to her suitor and left the restaurant. Mandy whispered to Tom and explained that the guy was now alone and was sitting watching them both. Mandy coyly smiled towards the stranger and Tom caught the moment and his heart lurched in his chest as he watched his wife openly flirt with the black man whom he could not see. The stranger then arose from his seat and began a slow walk towards their table.

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