The Annoying Co-worker


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Chris sighed to himself as he walked to the back. It was just another typical day at work, except that it was another unbearable day as well. Not that he didn’t mind working, it’s just that he didn’t like working with her. Her being ‘her’ as he looked back up to the front and saw Meg talking with another costumer, no doubtable about how much of a nerd she is.

He hated to say it, but it was once a long time ago that he actually found her attractive for some reason. Looking back, he could probably pick out why. Meg was his age; both were sophomores out of college, and both worked together. It was a mutual thing. The bonus out of it all was that Meg had a very nice rack on her. They were what seemed to be about 32C’s, an ample size that Chris loved to see on women. Plus she was a brunette, and he absolutely drooled over brunettes. Plus she wasn’t bad on the weight either, but that didn’t mean she was perfect. Meg was petite in size and didn’t carry much on her, which was a downer. He loved his women to be nice and slim, but to also have curves on them. Not to mention she had a big time “butter” face that nearly ruined the package. There were a few times he fantasized about her, but with a bag over her face. It had seemed though that those fantasies where only in the beginning. Because once he started to actually know her, things changed. Actually ever since she had opened her mouth and personality it was all downhill from there.

She actually made working with her a more of a job than the actual job. She never wanted to work and when she did, she never wanted to do anything. Half of the times, whenever she worked with someone, that other person would do the majority of the work alone. Not only that, she wasn’t good to be around period. She had a big mouth (figuratively, literally she had this small little mouth) and always talked about what she wanted. And half of that stuff wasn’t even interesting, it was annoying.

It was the main reason why he didn’t like working with her. It was a small mom and pop store that had its seasonal business, but other than that, when it was out of season, the store was slow. So when it was slow, that meant you had to rely on your work partner to keep yourself dying from boredom. Unfortunately, Chris didn’t have that luxury today. He was wishing he was working with any other person who worked at the store other than Meg. As mentioned, she was annoying. Overly annoying. Imagine the band nerd from American Pie without the nympho addiction and without the hot red-head look. Yup, that’s her.

By all means, Chris wasn’t exactly perfect either. Personality wise though, he was light years beyond Meg. He was the perfect employee. Whoever he worked with, he always shared the load or more. And sure there are those lazy days, but who doesn’t have those? Physically he was just your average guy. He was decently built with a good athletic body and had the short cut dark hair with the corn fed boy smile. So sometimes he got the girls, sometimes he didn’t. He wasn’t a model, but he got by just fine.

As he looked once more out from the back he saw that Meg was finally finishing up with the customer she was with. It would be only a matter of seconds before he had to go back out with the fake smile and pretend that he was listening to what she actually had to say. The good thing was that they would be closing up soon and all they had to do was take care of the cleaning chores. Once they took care of that problem, they would all be on their own separate merry ways. So as he smiled over that thought of going home soon and ending this torture shift, he couldn’t help but glance over her breast. He didn’t know why, he just did. Her breast were perfectly visible under the small baby t-shirt of their college she had on, showing that they were nicely plump and perfectly round and looked humongous compared to her body frame. Like he knew, probably a 32C without question, but put against her body, they gave off a mirage of being much larger.

The next thing he realized was his growing hard on rubbing the inside of his jeans. It caught him completely off guard. “What are you doing?” Chris quickly thought to himself as he shook his head. “This is Meg you’re getting hard over!” he scolded himself as the door bell went off, indicating the customer had left the store. That thought of staring at her almost disgusted him in a bit, yet that thought alone didn’t take his eyes off of her. Ah yes, the downfalls of being a male college student. Put a pair of good looking hooters on something and you’re instantly horny.

“So, you ready to get out of here!?” Chris called out, peering from behind the back to cover his hard on he had suddenly gotten.

“Pretty much,” Meg smiled back as she walked over to the door to lock it up. It was funny he thought as he heard the way she responded. He didn’t know if it was obvious to her or not that he found her annoying Kartal Escort in the way he acted, but the short answers Chris always gave back when they worked together had to at least hint at her that he wasn’t interesting in being talking buddies. But the way she always called back to him was in a best-friend type of tone as if they were actually more than just co-workers. It was just another thing that annoyed him about her.

“Let’s get going then, I can’t wait to get out of here,” he said back as he figured his hard on had went down enough that it was safe to go back out front to close out the register. Taking a deep breath, he brushed himself off and walked to the register, clicking the safety lock on the register and pressed out the close button that started to print out the business tape for the day. He knew the faster he did this, the quicker he could go home. It was enough incentive to take his mind away from what he was staring at in Meg.

That feeling didn’t last long however as he flinched up, feeling two fingers poke him on both sides of his torso. “Gotcha!” Meg laughed as Chris rolled his eyes. It was just another thing to add to the list of annoyance and another thing that to add to Meg thinking they were friends. Ever since they started working together, she had this habit of playfully “poking” him either on the sides or directly in his stomach like the Pillsbury dough boy. It was a definite weak spot as Chris was very ticklish, but he felt that was suppose to be reserved to his future girlfriend or such, not to her. Like he said, they weren’t exactly friends. But as many times as he told her to stop doing that, Meg pushed that much more.

“Funny,” Chris half-heartedly smiled. Probably thinking he was playing around with her, Meg did it again, moving her index finger directly above Chris’ belly-button, causing him to flinch back. “Meg, common,” he insisted as he pulled out the cash tray while she just smiled back at him seemingly finally taking his saying seriously as she walked away from him, going over to turn the main front store lights off.

With a quick count, Chris wrapped up the business tape together and tagged out the receipts. “So what are you gonna do right now since you are in such a rush to leave?” she asked.

“Just wanna go home, one of those days you just can’t wait, you know?” he replied putting away the cash drawer, not even taking the time to look up at her while he talked. And as he did, he felt another poke at the side of his waist. “Stop it Meg!” he annoyingly called out as she did it again, this time rubbing up against him with her chest onto his back. That quick brush up got him aroused again; he could feel his jeans get tighter instantly. Dirty thoughts began to race quickly through his head. But just as quick as that happen, he tried to rid the feeling away from his mind. ‘What is going on!?’ he thought.

“Make me!” Meg laughed as she pushed in a few more pokes into his midsection, still rubbing her chest into his back. The friction that it was causing was getting nearly irresistible for Chris as he tried to gently push her away from him. A sudden image of him turning around to rip off her shirt flashed in front of his eyes. But was interrupted as once more another poke came, then another, and another. The image of seeing those lovely breasts overcame his feelings.

‘What the hell?’ he thought to himself, slightly giving in. If she wanted to play, then he’ll play for a bit as he turned towards her, rubbing his hands lightly over her breast on purpose, but not too blatantly, as he put up his hands to block her attacks.

And as he did that, he held down her hands by her wrists and grabbed a highlighter marker that sat on the desk beside them, pulling the cap of with his teeth before pressing it close to her face. “Nnnooo!” Meg giggled as Chris pressed the tip of the marker against the side of her cheek. Quickly, she wiggled her way out of Chris’ grip and ran off to the back of the office where it was still dimly lighted.

Chris wasn’t going to give in that easily now that he was getting into it as he chased her to the back, catching her nearly as quickly as she got away. But instead of holding her wrist together, he wrapped his arms around her waist to keep her still. And as she tried to work her way loose, Chris used this opportunity to move his arms higher up her waist until he was directly under her luscious breasts. He definitely liked to where this was going.

“Try to poke me now!” he said as Meg continued to laugh and struggle to break free. This time it was her who moved Chris arms a bit more, trying to take the marker away from his hold as she moved his hands right over her breasts, grazing them a bit more heavily than what he did before. That move really brought Chris to full attention as he felt his dick harden against Meg’s backside. Instantly he froze. Did she feel that? Did she do that on purpose? Was this finally going too far? Those were all the questions that were suddenly running through Pendik Escort his mind.

His questions weren’t answered as Meg continued to laugh and play along. Either she didn’t feel it or she did and was going the same route Chris was when he started all this. Which ever way it was, the now obvious flirting was continuing. And so were Chris’ hands as he moved back down over Meg’s breasts, actually feeling the nipples harden underneath the shirt as his fingers moved over them. It was then that he could have sworn a soft “Oohh,” was muttered underneath Meg’s laughter.

The last bit of sanity passed over him as he finally released the grip wondering if he should go further. The opening was there, he could feel it, but his conscious was stepping in now instead of his manhood. Why was he doing this? The girl he probably hated the most? The decision however was then made for him as this time Meg turned around to face him face to face. And as she did, he could feel her hand gently brushing against his hard on and smiled as she did. “Oohh,” she muttered again, this time for sure. “Gotcha!” Meg said again as she repeated the poking process all over again.

This time Chris retaliated faster than before getting the marker he still had and started to mark all over her arms as she continued herself, bringing them both slowly down the floor. “You wish you had me!” Chris smiled until Meg knocked the marker out of his hand.

“Oh yeah,” she replied moving the poking motion to a tickling one that brought Chris down to his back while she sat on top of him. There was no denying this time if she had felt his hard on pushing through his pants as Meg adjusted herself on him and smiled down. “A little too excited aren’t we?” she asked as she wiggled on top of him purposely to feel his wood rubbing against her own jeans. Indeed it was excitement as Chris moved his hands up her legs and onto her thighs that sat next to his sides and caressed them gingerly. At that moment Chris forgot about the annoyances that she brought to the table or the little imperfections he saw on her. Everything was gone, including his consciousness as they both started to grind their bodies against each other, dry humping one an other unconsciously.

Meg started to moan excessively as she moved her hands on top of Chris’ and dug her nails in, grinding her ass over Chris dick that was just waiting to be released. She could feel his cock moving ever so slightly closer to her pussy that was just getting moist. The warmth that his cock was generating was nearly orgasmic for her. Chris himself slightly moaned from the pain her nails brought to his skin as they stabbed his hands, picking himself up momentarily to move himself up top and taking Meg onto her back as he moved his tongue forcefully into her mouth as hers was returned into his. Both of them started to ferociously make out for the next few seconds, exploring each others mouths as Chris began to pull his hands up from her thighs and up onto her shirt, moving them underneath to feel the lacy texture of the bra she had on.

With each inch Chris moved, Meg gasped for more air, loving the touch of his hands on her breasts. She giggled to herself finally getting what she wanted for so long. Another “Oohh,” slipped through her lips as she felt Chris’ hands squeeze on her tits as his tongue once more slipped into her mouth.

“Wait, wait!” Chris suddenly said, stopping the exhilaration of the moment to a dead halt. “Not here,” he smiled as Meg herself realized where they were; lying on the floor of the back shop. As exciting as it sounded, the back of the shop usually was a mess and today was no exception as the floor was littered with mess. “The back room,” Chris said as he picked himself up and led Meg by the hand into the next room.

This next room was a room that they normally used for storage, but it was private. Even though they already had the store locked, this back room gave even more freedom. And as they stumbled in, Chris flickered on the light. He wanted to get this done as soon as possible before another change of mind filled his head. That wasn’t necessarily going to be a problem as Meg sat him on a chair as she took a few steps back. With a seductive smile, she pulled her shirt off over her head, letting her breasts fall down with the lacy black bra that held them in place. With this view, they looked even bigger than they did covered in the shirt. Chris only smiled.

“I’m guessing you were waiting for that, huh?” Meg asked, letting her shirt fall to the floor. “Gotcha!” she smiled as she took a few more steps forward and dropped to her knees as she moved her hands up to Chris’ raging hard on. At last, it got the space it was craving for as she unzipped his jeans and slightly pulled them open, giving her enough time to pull Chris’ cock out of his boxers and into her hand. And without saying another word, she scooted herself closer, wrapping her hand around the cock and began stroking it up and down from the very base to the top of the tip. Göztepe Escort Chris moaned in ecstasy as the sensation ran from his back down to his feet looking over Meg as she pulled on his thick cock faster and faster. It wasn’t that sight alone though that had him turned on, it was the way her tits bounced within her bra as she played with his dick.

“Oohhhhh,” Chris moaned out loud.

“Hold on there, it only gets better…,” Meg replied as she opened her mouth and suddenly without warning engulfed the tip of his cock into her mouth. With that motion, her eyes darted back up to Chris to see him pull back his head in utter enjoyment. Satisfied with that look, she moved her head down lower, pulling more of the cock inside her mouth as she felt Chris’ hand run through her hair and push it down lower, finally taking in the entire cock for what it was worth. Even though his cock wasn’t a gigantic monster, it was just ranging in an average size of 7 inches, Meg still gagged on Chris’ dick as she quickly pulled back up. But within a second she was back down on it, bobbing her head up and down in the same motion her hand was going a few moments ago, looking very hungry for it. The sounds of slurping and sucking was only getting Chris that much more excited as he held on to her hair tightly. All that annoying talking was finally paying off as the things she was doing with her tongue over his cock was completely unbelievable. He could see her head now moving in circular motions instead of an up and down type and he could definitely feel her tongue moving in the same fashion around the tip of his cock. The more Meg did it, the more it seemed as if she couldn’t get enough as she kept on repositioning herself higher and higher trying to get the most out of it as she could.

All that was heard from Meg was the sounds of “MMmmmmm, mmmmhhhhhmmm, mmmmm,” humming out of her mouth. It was almost as if she was trying to play the flute on his cock.

Taking another quick breath, she pulled up only to go back down, but this time flicking out her tongue onto Chris’ swollen balls. She took a few quick sucks on each one before pulling her warm lips back over his raging member. Again she went back to her up and down motion, this time though popping the cock out of her mouth with an actual “pop” sound every time she pulled up. This was sending Chris over the edge; it seemed that she knew exactly what button to press while she was at it. He wouldn’t be surprised if she had done this before. Again though, he really didn’t care what had happened before, this was way too pleasurable to think about anything else.

Once more, Meg repositioned herself as she put her hands onto Chris’ thighs to get a higher position on his cock. It was then her bobbing motion started to gain speed as she sucked on his cock as if she was sucking the last bit of soda from a straw. The sight was too much as Chris pulled his head back and saw that he was face fucking her sweet little mouth. It was only a matter of time now.

And after one more ‘popping’ sound filled the room, Chris’ balls grew tight as he released a spurt of hot cum out of the tip of his cock onto Meg’s face.

“Aaaggghhhhh!!!!!” Chris moaned out. It continued to shoot out as Meg quickly moved her mouth once more over his cock, leaving it open to catch the remainder of his load in her mouth.

Chris just sat back, trying to regain his composure while Meg stayed on her knees, picking up her hand as she used the same index finger she used to poke Chris to pick up his cum that was hanging around her mouth. And in one swift motion, she brought it all in as she sucked on her finger as if it were a lollypop, cleanly swallowing the load of cum Chris had delivered from the blowjob.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that!” Meg excitedly said as she moved her tongue over her teeth as she feel back lower on her knees and started to caress Chris’ cock that despite cumming, kept its rigid form. Chris could only smile in response knowing that she had swallowed his entire load and continued to suck on her finger as everything bad that had ever crossed his mind about her was suddenly gone. He now knew why, despite his actions towards her, why she always kept so friendly towards him; she had intentions.

“We’re not done yet…,” Chris finally muttered out as he moved closer to her and began to once more move his hands over her gorgeous tits, messaging them and squeezing them at his leisure as Meg closed her eyes, moaning so gently at the sensation. The feeling of the lacy material of her black bra once again got him extremely excited. But Meg held his adventure to a stop as she pulled down his hands, placing them onto his own lap. Slowly, she stood back up and moved her own hands across her breasts, squeezing them as Chris had, even going as far as to pinching her nipples through her bra. Seductively, she began to do a small little striptease dance as she moved her hands playfully over her own body, even slipping her hand quickly under her pants close to her pussy that was soaking wet. Then coming to another stop, she looked back to Chris, dropping her head a bit as she looked down to her bra and slowly unsnapped it from the front, letting it fall to the ground beside her shirt with a huge smile over her face.

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