The Airport


8:30 PM, you have been at the airport for over three hours waiting for your girlfriend. Her flight from the United States has been delayed four times already. Every time you look at the arrival board, they post another delay. She has been traveling in the U.S. for a month, visiting all the major cities Los Angles, Chicago , New York , Philadelphia , and finally Washington DC . She sent you pictures from her camera phone everywhere she went and they all were nice, but you were getting tired of seeing buildings, statutes, and museums. The last two pictures that she sent you from the plane were very interesting though, you have been daydreaming about them for the past two hours.   It is a long flight from the United States to your country. Asia is half way around the world and you live in the heart of Asia . Your girlfriend has been texting you every hour, telling you what was going on, on the plane. When you arrived at the airport three hours ago, she sent you a text telling you about the handsome black man sitting across the aisle and one row up from her. She described the dark suit he was wearing, his muscular build, and captivating smile. There are not any black men in your hometown and very few in all of Asia . You are not sure when you became curious about black men, dreaming of a thick black cock sliding into the jet black hair that covers your pussy, spreading your legs and pussy lips open to allow one to enter you, his heavy balls tapping your wet lips as he strokes your pussy. You have seen black men on TV and in the movies; you even met one at university, but have never been with one. You dream of how good it will feel to have a pair of strong black hands holding your ass, spreading your cheeks and fingering şahinbey escort your asshole or cupping your small breasts, playing with your hard nipples. Picking you up and carrying you to a bed to take your pussy, to fill it and stretch it open, his dark head plowing deep inside your dripping wet cunt.   Lately, she has been texting you every fifteen minutes, telling you more about him, his clean shaven head, thick biceps and chest, how politely he talks with the people sitting around him. Then it came, she took a picture of him almost as if he posed for the camera, but she is too shy to say anything to him, she never would have asked him for a picture. It was just a great candid shot. Once you saw him, you had to have him. He was handsome and his smile could charm the panties off any woman. Your pussy got wet as you thought about his black cock sliding into you, pounding your pussy hard on a soft bed. When she sent you the second picture, he was in the aisle walking toward her. His suit fit perfectly on his athletic frame. His hand was resting on one of the seatbacks and you could almost feel how firm his grip would be on your ass. You went to the lady’s room and into the stall at the end. Staring at his picture, your fingers deep in your pussy, you masturbated, rubbing your clit, finger fucking yourself until you exploded in orgasm. You needed his cock, wanted to suck it, taste his cum, and then let him fuck you all night long.   It seemed like the plane would never land, even when it finally did, it took forever for her to get off the plane and meet you. She ran to you and gave you a big hug, so excited to see you and tell you about her trip across America . However, you were looking for him, waiting to see him enter the waiting area. What would you say? How could you tell him you wanted him deep in your pussy? He would think you were a crazy whore in the airport trying to pick him up and take his money. But, your friend has different plans and she drags you away to get her luggage. That’s when you saw him, waiting for his bags. For 20 minutes, you stare at him as she tells you all about New York City . Her bags finally come and you vaguely hear her say how hungry she is. Again, she drags you away, this time to the little restaurant across from the baggage pick up. You get a quick bite to eat, constantly glancing over at him. Everyone else has gotten his or her bags except him by the time you finish eating. He is talking to one of the workers but you can tell he is having a very hard time. Your friend is on the phone with her mother so you decide to get up and walk over to him.   You know some English since you studied it in school and practiced talking with your friends, hoping that one day you would visit the U.S.   As you approach, you say, “Hi, may I help you?”   His smile lights up his face, “Yes! Do you speak English? My bags are lost and I can’t understand what he is trying to tell me.”   Talking with the worker, you arrange for his bags to be delivered to his hotel when they are found.   “Thanks for your help, I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t come over. May I buy you a drink? I really need one.”   You reply, “Yes,” not trying to sound too eager.   Your friend is still on the phone when you walk back to the restaurant, but you can tell she is not happy that this stranger is with you. Over drinks, you offer to give him a ride to his hotel. You have to pass your girlfriend’s home to get to there so you have an excuse not to go in with her and look at more pictures of buildings.   Again his smile fills his face, “That would be great if it’s not too much trouble. I can take a cab if it’s out of your way.”   He helps your friend gather her bags and you all head to your car. Your pussy begins to get wet again as you work your way through the airport thinking about his cock sliding in you, stroking you hard.   Rushing through the airport it is your turn to drag your girlfriend. She is very upset that you offered him a ride to the hotel. She wanted to tell you about her trip, show you the clothes she bought in New York and the pictures she took in all the other cities. You pretend that you are very sorry and promise to come by soon to make it up to her, hoping that she will not say anything to ruin it on the way to her house. Once in the car you speed through the streets, traffic is not too bad and you get to her home no time. She tries to invite you in, but you quickly decline.   “He’s tired and wants to get to the hotel,” you tell her.   Once at the hotel he asks, “Would you come inside with me and explain to them that my bags will be arriving later, please?   You go inside with him and talk to the front desk explaining what happened with his luggage. They promise to deliver it to his room as soon as it arrives. Since he doesn’t have any bags, the bellman won’t show him to his room with just a briefcase to carry. This is you chance, your opportunity to have him alone in his room.   Coyly you ask, “May I use your bathroom? I have a long drive home and need to go before I get back on the road.”   “Sure” he replies.   Leading the way to the elevator you hope he is looking at your ass as you walk down the hall.

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