The After Party (continued)


The After Party (continued)”You are being sooo good, baby,” Linda said playfully, kneeling down and kissing me tenderly and whipping away the tears that had fell from my eyes involuntarily. “Are you having fun?” she asked. I smiled and nodded that I was, although I was still a little anxious not knowing the future.Just then Kathy appeared with a towel and some wipes and began cleaning the cum from my back and legs and wet asshole. The gesture was almost infantile and I could feel the sting returning to my cheeks. Oddly enough, though, it was turning me on even more. Kathy was meticulously cleaning my mancunt, careful to be gentle but thorough to make my hole clean for whoever was next. Then Linda re-attached the chain to my collar and stood me up so Kathy could clean my chest and stomach area, completing the bird-bath by thoroughly cleaning my cock and balls.Being upright now, I realized that even more people were in the room and I could see some smoking cannabis, and everyone appeared to have a drink. I noticed two black guys seated on a sofa, watching intently, both still clothed, but I could tell they were cut and ripped. And standing near Lisa and Shari was a gorgeous latina chick I later learned was Reyna. Simply gorgeous. Full hips, a plump round bottom with the perfect cameltoe, and ripe firm tits, the nipples of which strained against her blouse, and her hair was light brown with blonde highlights and flowed over her shoulders and framed her heart shaped face, her mouth wide, her lips full and glossy. When our eyes met, I could see her desire and anticipation, and as my breath drew in quickly, my eyelids became heavy with desire.”Ok, baby, this way,” Linda commanded.She led me to a swing and she and Kathy assisted me in reclining onto the sex swing. Kathy lifted my legs and placed each one in Velcro straps just above my knees, forcing my legs apart exposing my hard cock and providing easy access to my ass. I was holding onto the chains from which I laid suspended to balance myself and unwittingly allowing Linda to place Velcro straps around both of my wrist. Before realizing it, I was bound and completely at the mercy of the participants.”Oh fuck!” I exclaimed, realizing my situation.”Yeah!” Linda laughed. “Exactly!”And with that she spun me around and my suspended body spun like a top, the ceiling spinning above me hypnotically. I remember marveling at how bad ass the sex swing was; the t****ze above was attached to ball-bearings which allowed my to be spun easily in any direction. It was wild.”You are being such a good Çankaya Rus Escort slut.” Linda was very playful and enjoying this way too much. “Fuck, indeed. You’re the party, baby, and everybody is going to cum!”And the room filled with cheers and affirmations. “Boys?” Linda announced to Kevin and Jesse. “He’s all yours. Be nice to my slave now.””You just don’t worry about him, girl” Jesse said, approaching. “We’re gonna be real nice.””Hey,” Linda snapped. “We have more stations for those who need to be adjusted,” she said with a smile.Jesse was a pure top. He went straight for my mancunt, spreading my cheeks and tonguing and sucking my hole, his fingers probing into me. Kevin stood facing me, slowly stroking his big black cock and pinching my nipples. My breath was quickening. Linda had moved over to the exam table and was placing her legs in the stirrups. The strapon was gone and replaced by the two guys from the sofa. They were both naked and one knelt between Linda’s thighs, his mouth quickly covering her juicy cunt. The other guy was sucking on her tit before kissing her, then offering her his swollen cock.Kevin was now sucking my cock and holding my balls tight while Jesse expertly ate me out.On one of the benches Kathy had positioned Tonya’s room mate and Tonya was feeding her cock while Kathy was fucking her with a strapon and simultaneously stroking her hard cock. I could see Reyna, too, now on a sofa with a black guy between her thighs, eating her pussy. She was holding his head to her tight, and her eyes stared into mine.My visual was replaced when Kevin’s big black cock appeared before my lips. I tried to reach for it to put it in my mouth but my arms wouldn’t move. Eagerly, I stuck my tongue out trying to lick it, but Kevin pulled away, teasing, then his mouth covered mine and his tongue took over my mouth, passionately kissing me, which really intensified my arousal. Jesse was driving me crazy eating my pussy, and I ached to feel more penetration.This time, almost breathless after our kiss, Kevin guided his cock into my mouth. His cock was sweet and felt soft and hard all at once, the skin silky to my tongue. And slowly, he began to fuck my mouth, never gagging, just slow fucking my wet mouth, saliva dripping down my checks and neck.Jesse now stood on the other side, his huge cock pressed against my head as he and Kevin kissed, Jesse’s hand grabbing the back of Kevin’s neck to pull his mouth tight to his. When their kiss ended, Kevin slowly retrieved Keçiören Rus Escort his cock from my mouth, bending down to kiss me quickly before moving down between my legs. As he lubricated my mancunt, Jesse offered me some poppers. He had to hold one nostril while I breathed in deeply, exhaled, then he held the other one for a second hit. As I slowly breathed out, Kevin’s big hard cock began to penetrate my hole. He slid about four inches of meat into me, then pulled out slowly, tapping his cock head against my wet hole before entering me again, this time slowly burying his cock into me.Jesse took a couple of hits from the poppers, then fed me his huge cock. The head was nice and big, but the shaft got wider just past the head, and about five inches down it began to narrow slightly, the skin there darker than where he was circumcised. I could hardly believe what all was happening, and Jesse’s cock taste and felt so good in my mouth. He pinched his own nipple while holding the back of my head, slowly feeding me as much of his cock as I could take.Because Jesse’s cock was so huge, it created a gap through which I could see Linda being fucked now while sucking the other guy’s cock. I smiled to myself remembering the first time I had seen that. It was surreal now with Kevin fucking my hot hole and Jesse slow fucking my mouth. Kevin was bringing it pretty good now and Jesse was starting to gag me. Just when I thought I’d cum on myself, both pulled away and switched positions by spinning me. I laughed aloud, amazed. Now I could see Kathy and Tonya and her room mate, Kathy being fucked now by Tonya and Kathy sucking the other’s cock.When Jesse began to enter me his size was noticeably bigger than what I’d had so far tonight. I knew I could take all of him, I just wasn’t sure for how long without cumming myself. As he gripped my thighs, he began to go deeper and deeper with each stroke. It felt so fucking good. Kevin was jerking off and pinching my nipples and I was surprised when Reyna appeared, her closely trimmed bush near enough to my face I could smell her arousal. When Kevin slid his cock into my mouth, a chill went through me as Reyna’s hair covered my chest and belly as her warm mouth covered my cock head and she began to slowly blow me, watching Jesse’s huge cock slide in and out of my wet asspussy. It seemed like a few seconds but was more like a few minutes when Kevin pulled out of my mouth announcing he was going to cum. Reyna stood up and forced Etimesgut Rus Escort my face toward her cameltoe, and Jesse was hardly even pulling out anymore, his thrust deep and hard buried in my throbbing hole. As Kevin cried out and I felt his hot load landing on my chest, Jesse, as if on cue, thrust rapidly in and out before burying his cock in me, my fuckhole flooded with his hot load that seemed to last forever.”You haven’t cum, yet,” Reyna said. “I want to make you cum.” And as Kevin and Jesse withdrew, Reyna turned to Linda. “May I release the slave?” Linda, who was busy with two big black cocks, agreed so Reyna released my hands, then my thighs, assisting me out of the swing. “Lie down,” she said motioning to the floor.On my back, Reyna stood above my face and slowly lowered herself until her cunt was on my mouth. “Beso me,” she ordered in Spanish. My tongue began to move in her pussy lips, seeking her warm wet hole and then her clitoris. Slowly she began humping my face, soft at first but the closer she got to cumming the faster and harder she face-fucked me. And as she came, she clutched my hair and practically smothered me. Her pussy was so sweet, though, so the thought of passing out this way didn’t matter at that point.When Reyna rose she moved down to my cock, straddling me, pleased to grab my hard cock and slide it into her tight wet pussy. I knew the moment she slid that pussy down my cock that I was definitely going to cum this time around. My cock was so hard and it ached to explode, but I wanted the vision of this beautiful queen riding my cock to last. Reyna leaned forward, offering me a taste of her beautiful tits as my hands reached around her ass-cheeks. They were so soft and smooth, yet firm. Slowly I began to stroke my hard cock into her, hearing her breath quicken as she breath, “Chinga me, poppi, chinga me, si, baby!”Reyna’s mouth found my neck and ears as I stroked my cock into her. Her breath in my ears was almost all I could take. As my hips moved toward Reyna’s, she met each thrust perfectly, using her magnificent cunt to fuck me back in rhythm. Within minutes Reyna was moaning continuously and my thrust were faster and deeper, Reyna forcing her cunt harder and harder on my cock until I cried out involuntarily as my cock exploded into Reyna’s sweet juicy pussy. I thought my entire guts were going to spew out of my cock, I came so hard, and as I was blowing my load, Reyna grabbed my neck and humped my cock like no tomorrow. Just as my load stopped, Reyna bucked and came all over my cock, trembling for several moments.”Wow, that was intense,” Linda chimed, bringing me back to my surroundings. Everyone was watching us, each in some sort of physical embrace with another. Eventually after much laughter and chatting, the sex party began to end and people began getting dressed. And leaving Kathy’s little dungeon, so to speak, it was almost shocking to see it was daytime already.

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