Thai Spices Ch. 03


I sat at the table with my eyes closed, sensing the movement around me. Not wanting to diminish the experience, I did not peek while the waiter and others prepared to serve the main course of, what up to now, was the most interesting meal of my life. From the appetizers brushed with a sauce which included the sweat I removed from three beautiful women to the palate cleanser made from the pure, sweet essence of a divine, exotic woman, my dinner had been an absolute sensual delight. Now I was ready for whatever the main course held in store for me.

The waiter whispered in my ear, “We are ready, you may open your eyes.”

Opening my eyes, the first thing I saw was an empty plate in front of me with silverware set on each side of the plate. Glancing upward, elevated just slightly above and behind my plate was the sensuous curving lips of a woman’s pussy. She was shaved closely around the lips, but above was the nicely groomed, curly patch of dark hair.

Looking closer I could see the woman was on her back on the main table, with a small table used to raise her soft buttocks up off the table, basically raising her pussy to almost my eye level. Her legs were spread wide, her feet dangling off the table on each side of me. The candlelight that lit the room as I sampled the palate cleanser was replaced with a dim light that simply seemed to emanate from the walls.

Focusing my gaze on the woman’s pussy I could see that her lips were swollen and that she was very wet. Lifting my head I noticed her hands were slowly toying with her nipples. It looked as if she had been keeping herself in a constant state of arousal.

“Now that your eyes have adjusted to the light,” the waiter said softly, “you will see, once again, your dining pleasure is enhanced by a woman. Shortly Anadolu Yakası Escort we will bring out the meat and vegetables which have been prepared specially for you. The essence of this woman’s arousal will be your sauce for the meal, you will basically draw her essence with your mouth and then take a bite of the food. I think you will find the blending of her taste with the food’s flavor will be something very special.”

The waiter left the room and almost immediately returned carrying the plate of food which he set on top of the more ornate plate that had been in front of me. Looking it over it all appeared rather bland, with just white rice, some green vegetables and three types of fish, all appearing to have been steam cooked. I looked up at the waiter who must have sensed my disappointment.

“Ah do not be fooled by the appearance of the food, we selected it especially for its mild flavors. It will be when the food’s flavor is complimented with the woman’s sexual essence that you will experience the delightful taste. The rice is freshly steamed, as are the fresh snow peas, which have been hand selected for absolute delicacy. Then you have fresh tuna, the cut in the Tokyo market only hours ago, white fish from Newfoundland, again flown in fresh today and pacific salmon from Seattle, flown in whole yesterday and cut today in our kitchen.

“She will prepare herself for your dining pleasure,” the waiter then said, touching the woman on her knee. She reached down and touched two fingers to her clit and began moving them in slow circles. “She will continue touching herself as needed to assure you have the freshest essence. Now Mr. John-Jannet, please enjoy. If you need me please touch that pad there,” he said, pointing to a black, shiny rectangle Pendik Escort set into the table. He then disappeared.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed, I cut a small portion of the whitefish and held it on my fork while leaning forward. I pushed my tongue into her pussy and was rewarded with a delightful flow of her juices. Slightly tangy, there was an earthy tone to the taste that, when I put the fish into my mouth, seemed to blossom in delicate sweetness. It was the most delightful combination of flavors that I could ever imagine.

I continued with my meal, watching her diddle with her clit off and on as I tried the salmon, the tuna, the snow peas and the rice, with a delightful surprise after every bite. Enhancing the experience was the woman’s scent which seemed to caress me with my every breath. By the time I had finished eating it seemed this woman’s spirit had merged with mine.

Reaching out my hand, I touched the rectangular pad and in just a moment the waiter returned with an assistant. He grabbed the plate and silverware and handed it to the assistant, who turned and then disappeared. The waiter then carefully ran a damp rag over the table in front of me, cleaning it completely.

“Are you ready for dessert?” he asked.

“Yes, of course,” I replied, wondering how anything could be better than what I had tried already.

“Dessert is not eaten here, it is experienced. Remember your arousal after the appetizers?”

I nodded.

“I told you dessert would ease that pain,” he reached his hand out and helped pull the woman closer to the edge of the table. “Her essence will now please more than your palate.” He then bowed and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Standing up, up unfastened my pants and stepped out of them, Kurtköy Escort tossing them over a chair, I then pulled off my jockey shorts and tossed them aside. I then leaned forward and watched as the woman grabbed my cock and guided me as I pushed it into her. She was so wet it slipped in easily to the hilt. I was about to withdraw for another thrust, but she grabbed my ass, holding me tight against her.

Suddenly I could feel her pussy begin to move around my cock. She was flexing the muscles of her pussy walls so that without moving I could feel her gentle, wet and warm churning. The sensation pervaded the entire length of my cock and all I could do was lean my head back, close my eyes and simply experience the pleasure the created on me.

It took only a few minutes, but her churning had me worked up to a frenzy until I suddenly leaned on to her, trying to push deeper into her and I came, spurting my essence into her pussy. I remained motionless for a long time as her pussy slowly milked out the last drops of my cum and my cock finally shrank and slipped out of her.

I sat back down on the chair and tried to locate my underwear. In a few moments I got up, pulled on my underwear and then my pants. When I finished buckling my belt, I stepped up closer to the woman, leaned over and kissed her directly on the clit. She looked down at me and smiled.

“Was everything as you expected,” I heard the waiter say as he entered the room.

“Everything and more,” I replied, and then reaching for my wallet, “and just how much will all this cost me?”

The waiter smiled and replied, “Don’t worry about the bill, your friend Mr. Quaylong made arrangements for the bill. He certainly is a good friend.”

“Yes he is,” I replied, wondering how I was ever going to find a restaurant to top this one to introduce my friend to. The waiter led me down the long hallway, where the 350 pound reception person held the door open for me as I stepped into the alley. I headed to my car wondering if simply eating would ever be the same again.

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