Tess Was All Girl Ch. 03


Tess had been awake for about an hour but had not even though about getting dressed for the day. She was still in her Tee and a long legged cotton short outfit. She had many such sets, only because they were necessary to conceal her substantial endowment.

Claire finally stirred in her own bed, first extending her legs out straight and then her arms up over her head. She rubbed her eyes and then felt someone close to her, very close. Last night flashed back to her like a thunderbolt. My god had she really allowed all of that to happen to her. What the hell was she doing? She must be nuts. She would never be able to explain any of that to her friends and certainly not her family. They would never understand.

Tess knelt next to Claire’s bed with her mouth to her ear. She whispered softly. “Good morning sweetie. Sleep well?”

Claire was at a loss for what to say. “Look, Tess, I can’t believe what we did last night. I’m sorry I didn’t stop it. You have to understand; I’m just not like that. We really need to talk about how we proceed from here on because that can’t happen again.”

Tess was looking at her, still very close to her. Tess raised her hands and cupped Claire’s face. She pulled Claire up to meet her lips and she kissed her. She kissed her softly, gently and completely and Claire’s head was spinning once again. “Lets not say those things anymore.”

Claire said. “Tess, we can’t, we just can’t.”

“Lets not say those things anymore.” Tess repeated

‘You have to listen to me Tess……..”

Tess took Claire’s right arm and pulled her head gently to the side of the bed then took her legs and pushed them so Clair lay crosswise on her bed on her back. Tess reached up and took hold of Clair’s pajama top at her waist and pulled it up Claire’s body and over her head and off, tossing it to the floor.

“Please Tess…we have to talk….you just can’t do this to me.” Claire was pleading.

“Lets not say those things anymore.” Tess was kneeling over Claire’s head and looking directly into her eyes. Tess kissed Claire’s lips yenibosna escort and over her face and down her neck to her chest, licking her breasts and sucking her nipples.

Tess stood and stuck her thumbs into the top of her shorts and slid them over her hips and to the floor and stepped out of them, kicking them to the aside.

“God Tess this has to stop now.” Claire was pleading.

Tess stroked her penis and Claire watched as it began to rise and lengthen. The head was growing darker. More purple. Tess slid her hands under Claire’s back and hooked her fingers under her arms. “Come to me sweetie and lets have no more about ending this.” Tess looked her in the eyes as she spoke in a firm strong voice. “Do we understand each other Claire?”

Claire was staring at Tess not speaking. Tears started to run down the sides of her face and she was sobbing.

Tess spoke. “Claire, I need to know you understand?”

Claire nodded and wept. “I need you to tell me Claire.”

Between sobs Claire said. “I won’t say it any more.” she was weeping now

“Won’t say what Claire?” Tess was insisting on an answer

Claire wiped her eyes. “I won’t say n..nn….no.” she cried.

Put your hands down Claire, down to your sides.” Tess still had her hands under Claire and she began to pull her off of the bed. When Claire’s shoulders were completely hanging over the edge of the bed Tess took Claire’s head in her hands and kissed her deeply. She used her tongue to explore Claire’s mouth. She ran it over Claire’s teeth and let their tongues twist together. “Lets not say those things anymore.” Tess said.

Tess ran her hands down Claire’s upper body, massaging her breasts, her sides, her neck then her fingers hooked under Claire’s chin and pushed it back so Claire’s head was hanging down over the side of the bed.

Tess slowly rose and that’s when Claire’s lips felt Tess’s cock and she turned her head away to the side.

Tess spoke softly to Claire as her fingers were placed on the side zeytinburnu escort or her face and it was turned back to meet Tess’s cock once again. “You will not turn away from me again.” She had gripped Claire’s jaw and pointed her mouth toward her cock and leaned in

Claire let her lips part and felt the purple knob push her mouth open.

Tess was on her tiptoes with her legs spread far apart and away from the bed. It was like she was ready to do pushups. She placed her hands on either side of Claire near her waist.

Tess arched her back sending her cock into Claire’s mouth but her head never moved. Claire met her invasion with flowing tears. Tess rocked forward till there was resistance and withdrew. Then she pushed again each time entering Claire’s mouth a little farther.

“I love your mouth Claire. I knew it last night as soon as I felt you mouth on me. I knew we would be doing this often. I feel like I could do this all day. Maybe I will.” Tess began to increase her thrusts, pushing harder, inserting more cock into Claire’s mouth each time. She started to pull her cock all the way out to the head, hold it there watching Claire’s face then sliding it back into her. And each time when Claire would moan from being too full, Tess would push and Claire would find a way to accommodate a little more cock in her mouth.

She was pleading to Tess with her eyes. And Tess was pumping her cock with ever increasing speed and vigor. Tess watched, just as she reached the back of Claire’s throat, there was three inches remaining unloved. She held her cock there and Claire took to breathing through her nose. “That’s my sweetie. Now lets try working together Claire. When you feel me entering you this time I want you to take a deep breath and hold it.”

The look of real fright spread across Claire’s face. “She shook her head sideways.”

“Now what did we decide about your saying no to me.” Tess asked and pulled her cock out of Claire’s mouth and rubbed it over her face. “Deep breath now sweetie.” mecidiyeköy escort And Tess pushed her cock into Claire and when it reached the back of her throat she had put one hand on Claire’s forehead and now forced it back against the side of the mattress allowing a better angle for her cock to invade Claire’s windpipe.

Claire shuddered and Tess started to withdraw. “You’re being a good girl now sweetie.”

Out to the head then in till her mound rubbed against Claire’s chin.

Tess picked up her pace. Claire was breathing, swallowing, gasping and breathing again. Over and over Tess was fucking her mouth now. Relishing the feelings of her cock sliding all the way down Claire’s throat. Riding the high she was getting from watching 10 inches of fat cock disappear into Claire’s mouth.

The sensations starting from deep inside her, in her belly were coming all too soon. She wanted to continue to fuck Claire, to feed her more cock. She could not get enough of her. But that feeling, that other need would not be denied and was rapidly boiling to the surface.

“Here sweetie, you get to suck my cum again, just like last night. This time I have you in a better position. I don’t want you to waste any this time. OK sweetie?” Tess had withdrawn about half of her member and Claire was starting to slurp on what remained just like she had done last night. “My god sweetie,” Tess said your going to cum with me again. That makes it even better.”

Tess moaned and Claire moaned and Tess’s seed began to flow up the long tube that ran along the underside of her cock. When she grunted the first time Claire was treated with the rush of warm seed flowing into her mouth. She gathered it up and swallowed and a second flow erupted into her mouth. It continued a total of sixteen times. Tess was counting again. She always did. And also, as she always did, when she had finished she left her cock planted in her oral lovers mouth for a few more minutes just rocking her hips and feeling Claire’s tongue caress the big purple head.

When Tess finally withdrew for the last time she simply turned and walked to her bed, flopped down on her back and tried to sleep.

Some time later she heard Claire get up and walk to the bathroom. She opened her eyes and looked up just as Claire entered the bath and closed the door. Claire’s left hand held the doorknob; her right hand was rubbing her the back of her neck.

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