Temptation Ch. 06

Big Tits

Later that evening, Amy tried her best to close the front door as carefully as she could. Hoping Nick would sleep tightly. That was the problem with sharing quarters. She felt as if she was back at the dorm again, tiptoeing whenever she felt like having a late night out with the girls. She chuckled softly of the thought of resembling a teenager who had to sneak past her parent’s bedroom in the middle of the night to avoid a quarrel.

If only she could get a hold on that damn handyman that was supposed to install the new door to her apartment. Talk about a lazy fellow. She would never use that company again, even though Nick had recommended them highly. Oh well, perhaps tomorrow her door would arrive and she wouldn’t have to continue all this tiptoeing around her brother’s best friend. That would indeed be a happy day, she smiled as she walked toward the darkened kitchen.

“Ouch,” she yelled as her foot hit something heavy lying on the floor that should never have been there. “Bloody hell,” she snarled as she jumped around on one foot holding her hands around the offended body part, trying to discover whether her toes were still connected to her body or not. “Oh god,” she groaned as she hit another mysterious but similar hard object and fell down on the carpet — both feet feeling as if she would never be able to stand up again.

“What is all this ruckus?” Nick grumbled from somewhere above her. The lights were turned on and she could see a half naked god staring down at her.

“Oh-my-god,” she mumbled quietly as she tried to collect her thoughts. The pain had vanished and she was practically salivating over the half-naked body so close to her. Every detail of his well trained torso highlighted by the warm light evaporating into the room.

His chest was bare, and his lower body was only covered by some washed-up jeans, hanging low on his hips and barely fastened at the front. His belt was open and simply hung from the loops in his jeans. She stared at the smooth skin on his muscled chest and watched the warm temptation disappear beneath his jeans, as she anticipating what pleasures could be found underneath the fabric. For once she longed to be a pair of well-worn jeans instead of another human being.

“What are you doing?” the god finally asked in a grumpy voice that clearly ruined the mood. “Are you trying to awaken the entire house with your slamming or have you started another fire perhaps?”

His harsh voice made her start concentrating again. He wasn’t a god. Not even a half-god. Only the bad-tempered brother-substitute who took his pleasures in plaguing her.

Her temper stirred in response to his anger and she snarled at him. “No, I’m not. But some clout laid out booby traps in the hallway, just to make sure I broke an ankle. Are you afraid of being attacked in your sleep perhaps?”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“All this stuff lying about. It wasn’t here earlier this evening, so you probably laid the traps out on purpose.”

“Ah, and then I just lay in wait for you to trample in and ruin my sleep at two in the morning? Look, Missy, some of us have regular jobs, you know, and we value our sleep. Besides, what have you been doing out at this ungodly hour?”

“Don’t even ask, Nick. It’s none of your business.”

“Sure it is.” He folded his arms over his muscled chest and put on his most haughty tone as his flexing muscles backed up his arrogance. “You’re my responsibility now that your brother is not around, and I know you have this tendency of getting into all kinds of trouble.”

“All right,” Amy glared at him, while she got up on her feet again. The creep weren’t giving her any help at all, just continued staring haughtily at her as if she was recalcitrant child that needed to be taught how to behave, or simply given a good example. Well, she was not having any more of his high-handed morality.

She put on a pout and said sweetly. “Are you sure you wantall the details, Nick?”

“Huh?” he was puzzled by her abrupt change in attitude.

“I mean, absolutelyall the gory details?”

“What have you been up to?” he said icily.

“Nick, dearest, just remember to keep calm. We can’t have that blood pressure boiling off the top all the time. It simply isn’t good for your health, you know.”

He just glared at her.

“All right, so I was at this bar, and there I noticed these hotties.”


“Yes, you know, some really hot men with their cocks on display. Oh, you know the kind.”

“Whatare you talking about?

“You wanted to know what I’ve been doing, wasn’t that so? Anyway,” she droned İstanbul Escort on, “we had some dances and some drinks and since one thing generally leads to another, we finished off by having some really wild sex in the backroom.”


“Yes, of course. I always have sex on the first date.”

“You and the hottie?” Nick asked slowly.

“But, Nick? Are you paying attention or not? I said hotties, didn’t I? Of course there was more than one. I always go for group sex, that’s my favourite position. And these two men were so irresistible I simply couldn’t help myself.”

Nick just gulped as he stared at her in bewilderment.

Success, Amy thought. Now she was ready for the kill. “Oh yes. And we tried out several positions but I thought the ass man was a bit quick so I dumped them both after a few fucks and went home.”

“What?” Nick shouted loudly. “Are you joking or something?”

“No, of course not. But don’t worry, we did use condoms. Even worked our way through an entire package, we did. So, you just be a good sport and remind me to buy some new ones in the morning, will you?” She gave up a big yawn, before continuing. “Oh well, right now I need a quick snack and then I’m off to bed. I’m really tired. It’s nothing like some good and hard sex to make you feel sleepy, or wouldn’t you agree? Good night, Nick,” Amy concluded and went passed him into the kitchen.

That seemed to awaken him from his trance and he quickly grabbed a hold of her as she passed him and held her tightly to him as he glared at her.

“Look, Missy, we need to have a small discussion about your nightly habits.”

“What for?” She glared at his hand holding her tightly to him, making her feel his warmth seep through her clothes.” Let go of me, you creep,” she snarled at him.

Instead he pushed her backwards and she could feel her back hit the wall behind her. He still kept coming closer, forcing her to lift her head as he towered above her. He moved his foot slightly forward and pushed his leg between hers and continued lifting it toward her centre. She tried to get away but he held her tightly and continued to raise his leg between hers, trapping her efficiently.

Hitting her centre she could feel the heat from his thigh and she felt a gasp being forced from her mouth. She stood on tiptoes but still his heat came closer, closing in on her and forcing her to stand still while he raised his hands and placed them on either side of her head against the wall.

Her breath hitched as she felt his face coming nearer, his stubble scratching against her cheek as he rubbed his cheek slowly against hers. She held her breath as in anticipation of what he would do next. This man was nowhere near the usual calm facade of the Nick she knew. Now he resembled more the policeman she had often been unnerved by.

“Tell me about this orgy of yours again?” Nick asked smoothly as he slowly rubbed his thigh against her vee of her thighs. She felt her body slowly moisten to his touch and the dominance he was displaying so efficiently and she started to worry that he might notice how moist she was getting.

“There weren’t any orgy,” Amy admitted.

“No? But you just gave me graphic details about it.”

“Do I smell as if I’ve been in an orgy, perhaps?” Amy asked icily.

He bent his head closer to her breast and inhaled her scent. Her heartbeat jumped at the sound of his breath against her throat. If only he would kiss her right there instead of playing this strange game. She felt her body moisten more by the sheer fantasy of him kissing her into submission.

“No, you smell of roses, not male sweat or semen. But one can never be sure. I think I need to verify this with more certainty.”

“Hmm?” she murmured as she was lost in looking at his warm skin so close to her own. His powerful chest was right in front of her lips. If she only bent a little forward she could taste him, she thought. She smelled his cologne singing in her brain. A manly scent but filled with freshness.

An attractive male’s scent. She wondered if he would taste the same of she kissed his skin. What would the texture of his skin be? He looked smooth, but the hard muscles would probably feel hard to her touch.

She felt as if she was trapped in a daze, and was softly directed to some unknown pleasure she had only experienced in dreams. She inhaled deeply and she was practically salivating and was ready to jump him as he suddenly moved away and quickly turned her around and had her facing the wall instead. He kicked her feet apart and bent her arms above her head and against the wall Anadolu Yakası Escort as if she was a common criminal he was arresting.

“What are you doing?” she gasped at the sudden change of events. She felt his hands move methodically around her upper body before venturing downwards, moving his hands into all the folds in her clothes before moving down her body. Groping between her legs, she gasped, but he quickly moved further down her legs, feeling her legs down to her ankle before doing the same to her other leg.

“Nick!” she protested.

“No, you’re clean,” he said with professionalism she longed to trample on. He was treating her as one of his common criminals. The creep.

He scammed through the contents of her pockets. “No condoms here,” he concluded.

“Of course not. I did say we used them all, didn’t I?” Amy said in a seething voice.

“No, you didn’t,” he replied.

“What do you know about these things? Of course we did. I know this might be hard to understand for someone as old and rheumatic as you,” she continued with the bitchiest voice she could assemble, “but some of uscan actually fuck several times in a row.”

He resolutely moved his hand around her waist and gripped her cunt through her clothes. She gasped loudly at the sudden impact of his warm hand against her aching centre. “Then how come your panties are still dry then?”


“If these guys were as hot as you say they were, your panties would be soaked through and your come would coat my fingers.” Through her clothes she felt him stroke her clit in a slow and circular motion that made her catch her breath in several gulps. If he kept this up he would surely feel her panties getting wet, she thought as she felt her body heating to his touch — even though her mind tried to conquer the feeling. She could not think this creep to be sexually interesting, but her body didn’t seem to grasp the logic of that assessment.

“All right, all right. I lied to you, Nick. There never was any orgy. I went to a coffee shop with Zelma and Tess, and all we did was talk.”

“Sure, so the orgy talk was just to ruin my sleep, right?” he asked as he continued stroking her clit through her clothes. Her breath was becoming more erratic. He sounded as calm as ever as if he wasn’t even aware of fondling her body so intimately.

“Nick,” she gasped. “You need to stop this.”

“Hmm, why? You mean you don’t like it?”

She blushed as she felt another load of moistness creating in her cunt and feeling her panties getting wetter. That meant his fingers must be coated, as well. Oh god, how embarrassing, she thought and she tried to wiggle her body away from his grip. His response was to tighten his grip even further and she felt deliciously helpless as he continued stroking her hungry flesh.

She felt her body starting to float, held up by the sheer pleasure surging through her veins, aching for him to touch her harder. To stroke her clit with more determination. She spread her legs a little further in order to allow him better access, before arching her back slightly.

Suddenly she noticed a hard presence pushing into her back. His cock, she thought. He was aroused, it seemed. She felt his cock make a small jerking motion as a response to her gasp. She felt the hard presence increase even further and she longed to touch him more intimately.

She wondered how large he had become and if he would push his cock inside of her and douse the flames that were invading her body. But still he held her arms against the wall as she enveloped in the feeling of helplessness and she found herself feeling aroused by the knowledge of not being able to stop him from pleasuring her.

Unable to resist any longer, she pushed her cunt against his fingers, trying to make him touch her harder, to make her come in his hand. She felt his body coming closer and her entire back was warmed by his warm and half-naked body surrounding hers with his heat and male cologne.

“You like it, don’t you?” he murmured silkily into her ear. She dared not respond, else the magic would disappear and she would awaken in her lonely bed. All she could do was arch her body against his, trying to feel him as close as possible without having him inside of her.

Suddenly he stopped stroking her cunt. Just stood completely still. His hard cock still felt as insistently as ever against her backside but his large hands held immobile against her cunt.

“What?” she groaned. Half awakening from the trance he had put her in. “Don’t stop now,” she begged.

He chuckled in her ear. “So you do like Üsküdar Escort it? Well, say what you want out loud and I’ll give it to you. Otherwise this is where we leave off.”

“What?” He couldn’t leave her hanging like this, she thought. He would never be that evil, could he? But she felt her panic arisen as he eased his grip around her cunt and started to move away from her.

“Stop,” she said panicky. “Don’t go. I want you to continue.”

“Continue what? Say it and you’ll get it.”

“I want you to rub my clit,” she said heatedly. He came closer and his hand moved around her hip again and circled her clit one more time, before continuing stroking her very centre. She moaned as he hit the right spot and she spread her legs to give him easier access. He chuckled but she didn’t care what he thought or said as long as he didn’t stop. Arching her back she leaned against his naked chest, trying to keep him as close as possible as he continued his slow stroking of her aching clit.

As she felt her release coming on, her breathing increased and she felt herself coming closer and closer.

She moaned aloud as he continued stroking her, before moving his hands away from her clit, and stroking her thighs instead.

“More,” she gasped. “Give me more.”

“My pleasure,” Nick replied and moved his hand back to her clit. Her panties were completely soaked in her own juices and she wanted to rip off her clothes and let him pleasure her naked flesh instead. But the effort of moving right now was too much. Instead she grabbed a hold of his hand that was pleasuring her and held on tightly to him as he suddenly started to rub her harder and with more accuracy.

Very soon she was screaming out her pleasure as release poured through her body and every part of her body felt like singing in joy as she felt her body getting limp. She held on to Nick’s arm and sagged against the wall. Her legs unable to keep her standing any longer.

Nick placed one arm behind her knees and lifted her up.

“What?” she asked in a daze. “Where are you taking me?”

“To bed,” Nick whispered, and she mumbled her thanks.

Little did she realise it was her own bed he meant, before he carried her to her temporary bed and covered her limp body with blankets and returning to his own bedroom. But in her present dazed state all she did was make a frown before falling into a deep and reviving sleep.


The next morning, Nick had already left the apartment when Amy awoke. Damn the man. What was going on here? Not that she didn’t feel awkward about seeing him after their sexual encounter last night. In fact, she had been worried sick about how she should appear in front of him, and finally concluded that she would try to act as if it had never happened. And now the man had vanished into thin air, leaving her thinking only about him and what he thought about her. Maybe he thought she was too easy, too forward. Naw, that couldn’t be it. Or could it?

“Argh,” she groaned aloud. This was not working out. She was not going to let this irritating ‘gentleman’ get away with this. Why couldn’t he simply have gotten his own release as well, not just concentrated on giving her one of the best masturbation session of her life? He was far too noble for her taste. And now she spent too much time thinking about him, and he wasn’t around to appreciate her effort either.

Maybe he just wasn’t interested? Sure, and that hard-on had been a fantasy, right? No, he was definitely interested. At least, he was sort of interested, but perhaps not enough. She spilled her coffee onto the floor.

“Damn it. Not again,” she groaned. Nick would start thinking she was always this clumsy if she continued spilling food on his floor every time she had her breakfast.

No, it was time for some serious reconsideration. He had pleasured her against a wall at 2 on the morning, and she had enjoyed it immensely. Now she just had to figure out what to do now?

First, did she want him? Yes, definitely. If only for a few nights of hot and sweaty mad core sex. Secondly, how did she want him? Naked, stretched out on his bed, preferably, but naked would do just fine. Oh well, perhaps aroused, as well, if she had the opportunity to choose from the top shelf. Yes, he would definitely have to be aroused, or quickly get to that state.

She looked down and noticed that the spoons of sugar she had poured had simply missed her coffee and landed on the table instead. Oh, for god’s sake. When did she become this clumsy new person? It was Nick’s fault altogether. Him and that broadly muscled chest of his. His tanned arms and inviting smile, and….crash…she looked down to see the entire mug had gone crashing to the floor.

Oops, Amy thought as she stared down at the pieces. That settled it. No more food before she had her plan set. And she knew just the way to do it.

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