Teaching The Young Brat Ch. 01

Amarna Sparrow

“Oh, come on Kiran! Don’t be ridiculous. That uncle of mine is so old, I doubt whether he hears himself fart! Come on now, and lets do it now!”

“What about your aunt, Bobby?”

“You always say she looks awfully young. But come on, she’s almost fifty, just an old hag. Besides, she works like a fucking donkey the whole day while the old geezer is always napping. I bet she must be getting so tired, she would be snoring by the time she hits the bed. Now, enough talk, come on. Give me a kiss.”

The old “geezer”, Kishore, and his “old hag” wife, Varsha stood silently in the darkness of the common bathroom that was between the two guest bedrooms, watching their luscious and aggressive teenaged niece with her boyfriend.

It was past eleven in the night; and in one way, Bobby was right. They should have been in bed and snoring by now. But Kishore had overheard Bobby fixing up the date on telephone and was curious.

She was barely nineteen and his brother had asked him to take her in so she could attend the management course not available where she had finished her pre-qualifications.

They hadn’t seen her for over eight years and when they first saw her at the airport where they had drove over to pick her up, they were surprised. Bobby had grown into a very beautiful girl indeed. In a way, she was lot like her mother: tall and willowy.

What had bothered them however was her attitude. She seemed to be a bit of a hothead and had this tendency of looking down at others.

They watched now as Kiran took her in his arms and lowered his mouth onto hers. She moaned, pressing her body against his, her arms going around his shoulders.

Kiran was aware of her firm tits pushing against his chest and even through her blouse and his shirt he could feel those pointed nipples. He slid his hands down and cupped her buttocks, pushing his groin into her and letting her feel his hard on against her belly.

She moaned and as though in a hurry, she brought her hands down between their bodies, fumbling for his belt.

He pulled his mouth away.

“Easy, baby, easy,” he whispered, still not sure whether this was safe. Damn it, her uncle could walk in any time and he would be fucked!

“I want to feel your cock in my hands, lover boy,” she breathed, looking down with glassy eyes at her hands now pulling down the zipper. Urgently, she pushed down his trousers and then his shorts to free his erect cock.

She grabbed it in her fist. “Oh god, Kiran, you have such a lovely cock!” she told him, beginning to jerk the shaft up and down.

He groaned and just as urgently as her, he unbuttoned the front of her blouse. She wriggled her shoulders to allow him to pull it open. Clumsily, he tried to unhook her bra.

She giggled. “Wait, you idiot. Not that way. You are hurting my tits.” She expertly unhooked the bra with one hand, still jerking on his shaft with the other.

Blouse and bra open and hanging around her shoulders, he groaned as he cupped her naked conical tits in his hands, squeezing them.

They kissed again and this time she sucked on his tongue. She kept up the rhythm with which she was jerking his throbbing cock as he caressed her naked tits beginning from the bottom and squeezing up till he was pulling her nipples.

She pulled her mouth away and they looked down, past her tits to where her hand was moving up and down over his cock.

He grunted. “Hot damn, baby! You’re going to make me cream!”

She giggled, rubbing the tip of his cock against her thighs. “I’m going to make you cream, but not now, wait…” she reached down with one hand and lifted her skirt up over her hips.

“Hold this around my waist with one hand,” she told him.

His right hand slid down from her tit and he bunched her skirt up till her panties were exposed. She pulled down her panties, letting them lie around her knees and rubbed his dick over her crotch.

“Mmmm…” she moaned, raising her face and opening her mouth to accept his tongue as he kissed her again.

Still kissing, she pushed him back till his legs came up against the bed and he had to sit down on the edge.

She went down on her knees; her lips trailing his down over his shirt till her lips were a few scant inches away from his cock, which she still was jerking.

“Ummmm, I love the smell of your cock,” she whispered, rubbing her nose over his engorged cock. His cock, at full mast was pretty impressive. It was quite long, but not so wide, so she could easily fit the width of the shaft between her lips.

He groaned as he felt her tongue licking his shaft. He thrust his hands down to cup her tits again, closing his eyes and throwing his head behind him.

She pushed back her long hair and tucked them behind her ears, leaning forward, opening her mouth wider, and trying to take in as much length of his shaft as possible. It wasn’t much because there was still enough cock left for her to wrap one fist around and jerk it as she sucked.

He began to move his hips up gaziantep escort and down in time with the bobbing movements of her head. She used her tongue well, sliding it over the flesh of his cock even as she continued to suck on him.

“Oh god, baby, slow down, baby, slow down, or I won’t be able to hold back,” he muttered.

She pulled her mouth away and squeezed the base of his cock, rubbing the fiery red tip over her lips.

She rose off the floor and slipped onto the bed, lying on her back, her legs opening. “Eat me, lover boy,” she whispered, raising her legs up till her knees were bent and spread wide apart. She had divested herself off her panties and her cunt glistened between her legs, proof enough for him that she was feeling very horny indeed.

It was his time to kneel on the floor and he grabbed her waist and pulled her so that her buttocks were resting on the edge of the bed. He bent down and plunged his mouth over her cunt.

“Ugghhh! Ah, yes, suck my cunt, oh god, put your finger inside, hurry up, lover, quick,” she moaned.

Sucking on her cunt lips, he forced one finger inside her hot pussy and started sliding it in and out.

“Lick my clit, oh god, lick it!” she commanded.

He did. Fucking her cunt with one finger, he licked the erect clit with fast and furious strokes of his tongue. His cock had deflated considerably, so he grabbed it in one hand and began to jerk it to and fro. He probed the inside of her cunt with his tongue and then slipped it into the opening alongside his finger.

She cupped her tits, her eyes closed and mouth open. She lifted her hips to mash her cunt deeper into his face. He now licked her cunt from the bottom to the top, jabbing at her clit after each swipe.

She stifled a scream, then in a harsh voice said, “C’mon Kiran, put that cock inside that cunt.”

He slid up her body till her tits were pressing against his chest and kissed her mouth. Their tongues explored each other, tasting themselves. She reached down with one hand and grabbing his cock, began to jerk on it furiously.

“Give it a suck, baby, get it hard again,” he gasped, lifting himself up over her body and positioning his cock over her mouth. He placed his palms flat on the bed and knelt over her, his cock dangling down between his legs and hovering over her face.

She raised her head and took him in sucking him furiously. He raised and lowered his hips, fucking her face gently at first, and then, more insistently. It took less than a few seconds and he was sliding back to lie on top of her. She reached down to take his cock in her hand and guided it to her sopping pussy.

He slammed inside her, grunting as he did so. She wrapped her legs around his buttocks and pushed her cunt against him, taking him deeper inside her.

They kissed as they began to fuck. It was hard, fast and furious. Their bodies slapped each other and the bed rocked.

Just as suddenly, he was groaning, increasing the pace. He pulled his lips away from hers and croaked, “I am coming, baby, I’m coming!”

She clutched him to her, raising and lowering her hips as fast as she could, hurrying along with him.

And then, he was puling out of her cunt, grabbing his cock and shuddering as his juice shot out from the tip of his cock, spraying her belly, just beneath the bunched up skirt.

He collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily. “Oh god, Bobby, you are something!”

There was no point in telling him that she had not made it.


Kishore followed his wife silently. He had to take long steps to keep up with her because she was in a hurry. They climbed the stairs in a jiffy and she was pulling him inside the bedroom.

Even as he closed the door behind him, Varsha pushed him back against the wall and pressed herself against his body. She was breathing hard and when her mouth fastened on his, she pushed her tongue inside.

They were aroused like never before. And all because of that little slut of their niece. As they kissed hotly, her hands were pulling his pajamas down over his hips and he was pulling down the front of her skimpy gown.

Both wore no underwear and when she grasped his cock, he groaned. He cupped her large naked tits in his hands and squeezed them, pinching her nipples as she began to jerk his cock up and down.

She pulled her mouth away from his. “Oh god, I am hot; that bitch has got me all hot and bothered, oh god, yes, you have to fuck me, oh god, I need that big cock inside my pussy.”

“Hop on, baby,” he muttered hoarsely, putting his hands behind her. She gave a slight hop and soon her buttocks were resting on his large calloused hands.

He backed further against the wall as he took her weight in his hands. He lifted her up and walked one step away from the wall so that she could wrap her strong thighs around his back.

He could see their reflection in the large mirror. She looked like a monkey climbing a tree; her hands around his shoulders and legs gaziantep escort haberleri around his hips.

He reached down with one hand and grabbed his cock, guiding it into her hot wet pussy. She moaned when he slammed inside her, almost pushing her off his body. He brought his hands back to her tits as she settled down on him, his cock buried to its hilt inside her.

As he began to fuck her powerfully, she raised her face to his. “Kiss me, darling, let me suck your tongue.”

He bent down, mashing his mouth over hers, all the while moving his hips to and fro, slamming his cock in and out of her cunt. He grunted and she groaned as their desire built up. She was on the edge.

Still fucking her, he walked further into the room so that they were standing barely a foot away from the mirror. He positioned their bodies so that they could see themselves in the mirror.

She had her first orgasm when she glanced into the mirror; and then he was crawling back, his cock still inside her cunt till he fell onto his back on the bed.

On top of him now, her head went back exposing her long and slender throat. Her long hair was hanging down her back. Her tits lifted upwards when she did so and he caught hold of them, kneading them. She gasped as he began to start fucking her again. His cock was still lusciously hard, squeezing her out, making her feel tight and hot just how she liked it.

They were on one side of the bed and above her were the sloping roof beams. She reached up and grabbed them. She now began to lift herself in measured distances, controlling the amount of his cock impaling her cunt. He began to thrust upwards even as she came down heavily on him.

“My god, Kishore, oh my god, you never stop, oh yes, don’t stop now, fuck me, fuck me harder, yes, deeper and faster, oh yes.”

“Take that baby,” he grunted. “You want more cock? Take this, oh yes, your cunt feels so hot and wet, oh yes, swing baby, swing, ride my cock, c’mon, ride me.”

He was fucking her like a maniac now, holding the cheeks of her ass. She bent over him and he took her swinging tits one by one into his mouth, suckling on them and licking them.

He kept up the relentless pace and she was suddenly crying out, her juices running down her thighs. They could hear the wet and squishy rhythmic slaps as she slammed down harder and harder on his cock.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” she chanted, now unable to control the convulsions of her cunt. She was coming again.

The contractions of the walls of her cunt against the flesh of his cock were sucking him up and swallowing him up and he knew he too had reached the point of no return. Clutching her large tits as though he wanted to wrench them off her body, he thrust upwards one last time.

“Here it comes, baby, here it comes, bitch, here it is…”

She clamped her knees around his thighs and collapsed on him, still shivering with the release of her tension. Her tits surrounded his face and he began to suck on her nipples, still moving ever so slightly inside her. She kept squeezing her cunt, feeling herself wet all around his softened sliding cock.

“Aahhhh…” he breathed, “You are one hell of a fuck, honey.”

She rolled off him and they could see their reflection in the mirror. His cock, big and soft, gleaming with their combined juices was lying to one side where she had slid off it. Her big tits were heaving with the exertion and they were panting, their bodies wet with sweat.

“Lick my cock, honey, I want to watch you doing it in the mirror,” he ordered.

She turned around and bent over his body. She was able to take the whole of it in her mouth, now that it was soft and limp. She ran her tongue round and round it, licking off the juices. She licked it up all the way, and then, down all the way, pulling the foreskin down to reveal the glowing head.

He looked down at her and noticed that she was looking into the mirror. He knew she like to watch herself sucking his cock. He took her tits back in his hands and kneaded them, rising up so he could sit on the bed, hunched over her.

And then, they were lying back on the bed beside each other, caressing each other in the aftermath of the orgasm.

“That bitch said I couldn’t hear myself fart,” he said.

“And she called me a hag.”

“We got to teach her a thing or two.”

“About what?”

“For one thing, her manners. After all I am her uncle and you are her aunt. The bitch doesn’t even know that you are hardly forty-five. She told him that you were fifty.”

“And maybe she doesn’t know that this old man’s cock can fuck a hundred times better than her boy friend’s cock,” she replied.

“That’s the other thing that I reckon we got to teach her,” he began to smile, fondling her tits and then reaching down to cup one palm over her wet crotch.

She whimpered, bringing her legs together to trap his hand there.

“Are we going to fuck her?” she asked.

“You bet gaziantep escort hikayeleri we are. She’s a horny bitch. And what her boy gave to her today was hardly what she really wanted. I could see that she hadn’t come. It’s bad manners to leave a lady unsatisfied.”

“That boy’s got possibilities,” she giggled.

“Maybe. But first, let’s get her. We got to get a plan going.”

“Alright. Listen, this is what we will do…”


“Bobby, dear, I’ve got to go to Prachi’s place. I’m running ten minutes late. Do me a favor, will you?”

“Sure, Aunt. No problem.”

“That’s sweet of you. Your uncle’s having his bath. Just hand over this towel to him, will you?”

“Oh sure,” Bobby took the towel from Varsha and watched her aunt hurry out to her car.

Bobby had an hour to kill; the first two classes had been cancelled that morning. Kiran had called up from the college to give her the news.

“Oh well,” she sighed, beginning to walk up the staircase, towel in hand. She walked into the bedroom. She couldn’t hear anything from behind the bathroom door, which, she noticed was ajar.

She opened her mouth and was about to call out for her uncle, when she heard him groan. She froze, looking at the half-closed doors of the bathroom.

Her heart thumped when she heard it again, this time followed by heavy breathing. There was no doubt in her mind that her uncle was up to something quite unusual indeed. The noises were unmistakably those that she associated with sex.

But her uncle? That old fart? She was suddenly curious. Did that old asshole really have somebody in there? But her aunt was out and the maid had taken a day off. So what the hell was her old uncle doing in there, breathing heavily and grunting like he was in heat?

She tiptoed over to the bathroom and gently swung open one door. She peered through the crack. What she saw brought an involuntary gasp out of her and her blood raced to her head.

Her uncle was seated on the bathing stool, flipping through a magazine she couldn’t clearly see. What she could clearly see was that he was jacking off! And his cock was enormous!

The noise of the water filling up the bucket at his feet obviously was louder than the noise she had made so far because he didn’t seem to have noticed her. So she could stand there and gaze at his nakedness.

He was a slim man. Quite tall, almost six feet, but nothing that would suggest that he had such an impressive cock. She had always thought of him as an old and ancient man, orthodox, mean and old fashioned.

Looking at him, naked and wet with water, jerking his amazing cock with one fist as he sat on the stool, magazine in hand, shocked her. That this ancient heap of a man still had the urge in him stunned her.

His fist was a blur and he had hunched forward on the stool. She craned her neck to see what he was reading. When she saw that it was a glossy pornographic picture magazine, she gasped again.

He suddenly became aware of her presence and swung his head around. She flushed when she realized that he had seen her but was surprised when all he did was stop jerking his cock to and fro.

“Oh, hello, Bobby. What are you doing here?” He continued to caress his huge cock though.

“I-I er, I j-just came h-here t-to g-give…” her voice trailed off.

He smiled, stroking his cock. Her eyes were riveted on it.

“Give what?”

“Oh, er, sorry, the towel,” she blushed again.

“Oh,” he seemed to be disappointed with her reply. “That, huh?”

She was surprised. “What were you expecting?”

He laughed gently, spreading his legs apart, allowing her to see his naked throbbing cock. “Well, in the first place, I wasn’t expecting you. I thought maybe Varsha was going to give me the towel. Which explains why the door is open.”

She blushed. “I-I don’t u-understand.”

“Oh come on, Bobby,” he chided, “You aren’t exactly a small kid. I woke up with a hard on and figured that maybe Varsha and me would have a quick one.”

She was stunned. She wanted to run away; be at some other place, anywhere but here. But she remained rooted to the spot, unable to tear her eyes away from his cock that was thrusting up from between his legs.

“I-I am sorry, uncle, here, here is the towel,” she stammered.

He shut the tap and suddenly the bathroom seemed to be terribly silent.

“Surprised?” he asked her softly. She felt as though she was on fire and her heart leaped to her mouth when he rose from the stool. He tossed the magazine to the dressing table at the far end and turned to her.

Her jaw dropped. Standing naked, his cock was so long, it hung half way down to his knees. She had never seen such a large cock in her life and she was astonished.

His pubic hair seemed to be like a jungle, thick and unkempt, though at the moment it was plastered all over his balls with the water dripping off it.

“Well,” he continued in a soft voice, “us old geezers need to get off once in a while. Only, in my case, I seem to be a randy old man. I need to get off many, many times and sometimes I think your aunt gets a bit sore.” He laughed.

Her heart almost did a somersault when he walked slowly to her and took the towel from her hands. She was aware that her panties were now wet, and her nipples felt super sensitive against her bra.

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