Taking Katie To Make Dawn (Chap 3 Waking Dawn)


Amanda stood beside the tub, the air of the pristine white bathroom filling with steam and the scent of jasmine and rosemary. She had smiled as she poured in the aromatic oil as she recalled, ‘rosemary for remembrance’. The suds threatened to overwhelm the sides of the freestanding antique bathtub even before Amanda let the flowery cotton dress fall from her shoulders to pile in a discarded heap around her feet, probably never to be worn again. With deliberate slowness Amanda peeled down her stockings then stepped into the warm embrace of the bath, sinking slowly beneath it’s calming waters, oblivious of, and unconcerned for, the avalanche of foam and water that cascaded on to the tiled floor. With a sigh she inhaled the relaxing and invigorating aroma and thought of her little baby girl, tied and asleep in the next room, her mind confused and aroused as dreams swam through her mind. Amanda knew that the transformation was nearly complete, that she would soon supplant Katie’s mom in the girls fantasies and desires, Katie would still exist but she would be Dawn whenever she was with Amanda, a sweet loving little girl for Amanda to dress up and fuck whenever, wherever and however she chose. An involuntary moan escaped from Amanda’s throat as she planned the rest of the evening, with its preordained climax. Eager to finish her latest project, but careful not to rush so that the dreams her baby girl was having would have chance to ripen and mature to produce a fine wine of desire, Amanda rose from the steaming waters. Foam slipped slowly down her milky skin that glowed a healthy pink from the warmth of her spa. Anyone lucky Ümraniye Escort enough to see her would have instantly thought of Venus rising, fully formed, from the foam of the sea. Adjusting the taps Amanda stood beneath the large round showerhead and let the fresh water rinse away all traces of soap before retrieving a bottle of shampoo and starting to lather her long red hair. The scent of lavender joined the air and seemed to hover around her like a purple aura. With her ablutions complete and her arousal plain for anyone to see Amanda climbed out of the tub, wrapped a large white bath sheet around her and turbaned her hair before padding on damp feet out into the hall. As she passed her bedroom she couldn’t resist looking inside at the latest object of her desire. Dawn was obviously still asleep, her arms and legs pulling lightly against her silken bonds as her hips swayed, grinding her buttocks against the satin sheets. Kneeling beside the bound beauty Amanda whispered close to Dawn’s ear, “Mommy loves her baby girl so very much, sweetheart, be a good girl for Mommy and she will let you cum to remember.” Dawn whimpered and would, had she not been so elegantly restrained, been playing with herself in her sleep. “Dream of Mommy, my darling little girl, dream of my luscious red lips and deep green eyes. Dream of suckling my breast as I stroke your lovely blonde hair and let my fingers slip softly inside you.” Amanda cooed, knowing her words were fanning the already glowing embers of Dawn’s redirected passion. Amanda slipped out of the room quietly leaving Dawn to her dreams and entered Ümraniye Escort Bayan her dressing / play room. She settled herself in front of the dressing table and towel dried her lovely red locks, finger combing the natural corkscrew curls before setting about her makeup. Not this time the homespun plainness of Lucia, no this time Dawn would wake to the elegant desirable Amanda in all her beauty. When she was satisfied that her makeup was perfect, the light purple eye shadow accentuating her green eyes and the almost liquid red lips glowing and just asking to be kissed, she slipped into her new teddy and pulled on a white satin dressing gown. A pair of white, heeled mules completed her attire and, with a final glance in the full-length mirror, she returned to her task. As soon as Amanda opened the door, the scent of sex and sweat greeted her and the previously clean sheet bore the blotchy hallmarks of the young woman’s passionate dream. Standing at the bottom of the bed, her heeled slippers adding to her already impressive height Amanda called softly and lyrically, “Dawn, Dawn. Its time to wake up, sweetheart.” Dawn whimpered as she returned to the real world, still unfulfilled despite the intensity of her dreams, but smiled as she look at her Mommy standing at the foot of her bed. “You look beautiful, Mommy.” Dawn said, the awe in her voice evident and pleasing to Amanda. “Do you like Mommy’s gown, princess?” Amanda asked as her newly varnished nails of her left hand stroked her firm bosom through the silky material, their redness standing out sharply against the incongruously virgin Escort Ümraniye whiteness of her wrap. Her right hand toyed with the tail of the belt’s bow, threatening, promising, teasing to release its firm cinching grip and reveal what was hidden beneath. “Its lovely, Mommy. Just like you.” Dawn said sheepishly as a blush rose on her cheeks. ‘So close now, I can almost taste it’ Amanda thought to herself as she moved around the bed and sat beside the still restrained Dawn. “Should Mommy untie you now, my Angel?” Amanda asked looking deep into her baby girl’s eyes, noting for the first time just how bright and clear they were, like two Sri Lankan sapphires. “If you want to, Mommy.” Dawn said softly Such deference touched even Amanda’s heart, for she knew that the transformation was not yet complete, but such acceptance could not go unrewarded and so, without a word, Amanda bent her head and pressed her lips against those of her captive. She sensed the slightest resistance before Dawns lips parted allowing Amanda’s expert tongue to slip inside the young woman’s warm mouth, exploring in a way that presaged the culmination to come. As quickly as she had started Amanda stopped and sat up straight, once more locking her deep green eyes to the trusting, wanting orbs before her. “Do you want to cum to remember, sweet baby? To cum to remember who your Mommy wants you to be? To cum to remember who you need to be to make your Mommy happy?” At that very moment, with the taste of Amanda still in her mouth, the creamy lipstick smeared on her lips and the scent of Lavender on Amanda’s hair only just discernable above her own aroma of need, Katie realised that she did want to remember, to become Dawn or whoever this wonderful, beautiful, desirable creature wanted her to be. Right now she wanted it more than life itself and the realisation sent sparks flying between her nipples and pussy threatening the release she so desired.

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