Swinging – My Introductory Experiences


My husband and I have been married a little over ten years and, while our sex life has, at times, been off the wall wild, it has waned in frequency and wildness over the past few years. I have tried my best to keep my college-girl figure. I workout every day and run two miles twice weekly. I still wear size three pants and have managed to keep my girlish figure in proportion through both diet and exercise. I know I am succeeding, because I see the jealous looks from both guys and girls whenever I go out. I love to wear skintight sexy outfits that show off my best assets. It’s a huge confidence booster and, quite honestly, it motivates me to stay in shape. I don’t know exactly where Don and I fell off the wagon. He is a strikingly good looking man. Any woman would probably faint to see him shirtless and sweating. He has managed to stay just as physically fit as I have and he does it so effortlessly. I guess the good looks and good physique genes are dominant on his side of the family. Don’s younger brother is the very same way. One night not too long ago, Don and I had a great love-making session but, as great as it was, it didn’t really measure up to either of our expectations. “Remember when we used to spontaneously combust?” Don said as we lay naked in bed. “Yes, I do,” I admitted. I missed those days. Don said he felt the same way and he thought it was time for us to try and spice things up. Don’s idea Ümraniye Escort was to swing. I was not a swinger. “My love can’t be shared,” I remember telling Don. “I’m not asking you to love someone else,” Don replied, “just make love with someone else.” I had trouble separating emotional and physical needs. To me, they were connected and couldn’t be separated. Don didn’t push the subject, but it ignited a thought process that haunted me for weeks. I battled over where our marriage might go should either of us allow another person into our intimate sanctuary. Don assured me, his feelings for me would never change. His assurances were heartening but I couldn’t handle the thought of either of us sharing a romantic and intimate moment with anyone else. Then, one day, I saw Bob, our next door neighbor, mowing his yard. Don was away on a business trip and I was missing his companionship, immensely. Seeing Bob shirtless and working in his yard, reminded me of my attraction to Don. I phoned Don to confess my mistake in admiring Bob from a distance. All I got was Don’s voice mail, so I hung up and returned to watching Bob from our dining room window. The more I watched Bob, the more interested I became. I slipped on my skimpiest pair of running shorts, sans underwear, and a form fitting sports bra. I pulled my hair back into a pony tail, tied my running shoe laces tight and headed out Ümraniye Escort Bayan the back door. I figured that I might as well run off my frustrations. As I ran past Bob emptying his grass catcher into an alley garbage bin, he looked my way and smiled. I gave him a quick wink and a smile and headed off down the alley. I did a loop around the school and the park. I headed back down the alley and towards our back door. Sweat poured off me as I slowed to a fast walk to cool down. I stopped on the drive and did some stretching exercises to ensure I didn’t have any muscle lockups. As I bent over at the waist and gripped my ankles, I suddenly became acutely aware of an extra set of eyes watching me. I looked up and Bob was standing behind his privacy fence, peering over it and right at me. “Nice,” Bob remarked. “Really nice.” Bob’s comments were not, of themselves, provocative or untoward. In fact, I found them complimentary in nature. I knew I’d probably given him quite a show, since my ass was towards him and I wasn’t wearing panties. The thought of him see something he couldn’t have, was exciting for me. I stretched one leg out to my side and nonchalantly asked, “Whatcha doing?” “Enjoying the view down the alley.”  I liked Bob’s response. In fact, if I were pressed, I’d have to say it turned me on. I stretched an arm over my head and grabbed it with my free hand, as Escort Ümraniye I leaned in towards my outstretched leg. My tight little shorts stretched as I leaned to my side and my 38DD breasts strained at the spandex covering my chest. I pulled at the scrunchie that held my hair in a ponytail and I shook my head, allowing my hair to fall on to my shoulders.  “You’re more than welcome to join me,” I said. “I don’t know anything about physical exercise.”  “I can teach you.”  To my surprise, Bob stepped from his perch looking over the fence and exited the gate from his back yard. He was still shirtless and dressed in his golf shorts. I took a deep breath and exhaled as he approached. “Okay,” Bob said. “You’re going to have to show me.” “Where is Bettie?” I inquired. Bettie was Bob’s wife. “She’s out shopping and won’t be back until much later.”  “Okay,” I replied. I placed my hands on the six foot high wooden fence that ran along the driveway and stepped back, my buttocks prominently on display, my shorts riding up my ass. I kicked one leg up and asked Bob to grab my ankle, which he dutifully did. “Hold it,” I instructed. I knew Bob was getting more than an eyeful of my ass. After I counted to ten, I asked him to let go. We repeated the process for my other leg. Then, I lay on my back on the grass and thrust my ankles upward, instructing Bob to grab them and push down. I looked directly up at Bob as he held on to my ankles and pushed down. Oh my! He had the bluest of blue eyes. I was mesmerized. I counted to ten and asked him to let go of my ankles. I lowered my feet and rested, then we repeated the stretching exercise. Next, I instructed Bob to kneel between my legs as I spread my legs into a V position.

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