Sweet Georgia Peaches Pt. 01


Everybody loves Georgia Peaches.

Birdie wanted to get away from Georgia and spend a weekend in Key West. Her hubby couldn’t go, so Birdie invited her bosom buddy, Trixie. Trixie was a platinum blond, while Birdie had fiery red hair.

Both girls were definitely Georgia Peaches.

That Friday, Trixie drove down the Keys, and before finding a hotel, they spotted a sandy beach—and couldn’t wait to swim. In the backseat, the naked girls slipped into their new, string bikinis.

“Oh my, I guess I should’ve tried it on first.” Trixie laughed. “This bikini bra is so small, just two-inch triangles of fabric that barely cover my jutting nipples.”

Birdie laughed. “It’s not a bra, it’s nipple holsters. And the bikini bottoms are so skimpy my red pubes poke out all over. Gosh, it looks like my pussy’s on fire.”

“Hell Birdie, your twat’s always on fire.”

They jumped into the ocean, and the cold water made their puffy nipples puff out even more. Two black lifeguards, Dante and Marcus, swam up.

“Hey ladies, nice Torpedo Tits. But this is a topless beach.” Dante winked. “Lose the tops or we’ll have to ticket your titties.”

“Bombs away!” Trixie goggled and tossed her bikini top, releasing her torpedoes. Birdie tossed hers too. Their buoyant tits bounced in the water.

After a titty inspection—and some groping— the lifeguards swam away.

Birdie and Trixie finished their swim and tanned topless. Then they walked back to their car and… It wasn’t there! Stolen. Everything was gone. All their clothes, money, and credit cards. Shit.

Marcus called the cops. Trixie texted her husband to send money.

When the cops left, Dante rubbed Birdie’s round ass. “The money won’t be here until Monday. Why don’t you babes stay with me and Marcus at our bungalow?”

The stunned women stared at the lifeguards. “Ladies, it’s the least we can do for stranded tourists. Jamal’s our other roommate, but he’s a bartender and won’t be home until late.”

Trixie bit her lip. Her husband would have a frickin’ stroke if he knew she’d shared a house with three muscular black guys. Trixie started to say no when Birdie yelled, “SURE! We’ll take it!”

“Excellent, we’ll meet at the bar later. Oh, naked boobs aren’t allowed in town.” Dante laughed. “I ain’t complaining but here’s some t-shirts.” He tossed the shirts at their tits.

Birdie giggled. “Now we’ll have something to wear besides our bush-covers.”

Trixie held up her new shirt. “It’s only a half shirt. The thing barely covers my jugs.”

Birdie giggled. “And it has the word ‘BOBBER.’ Whatever the fuck that means.”

The sweaty girls ran to the showers, but only one stall was open, so both women crowded into it. Pulling off their thongs. The naked girls squeezed under the showerhead, their plump boobs pressing together as they washed.

Trixie and Birdie always showered together in college, and they didn’t think twice about sharing a shower or having their lusty, nude bodies rubbing together. Or sucking each other’s nipples.

Afterall they were Bosom Buddies. They laughed and soaped up each other’s tits.

With no towels, the girls pulled on the new shirts while their tits were still wet. The too-tight shirt clung Bostancı Escort to their bulging breasts. And their long nipples and wrinkly areolas stuck out through the wet shirts.

The word ‘BOBBER’ ran across the tops of their boobs.

After slipping on their bikini bottoms, the girls went into the bar. Everyone whistled at them like it was Wet T-shirt Night. Dante yelled, “Wow, I be craving some sweet Georgia peaches.”

Birdie giggled and pointed to her shirt. “Anyone know what BOBBER means?”

The guys laughed, and Dante walked up. “Tonight is Ladies Night, free drinks for the ladies. Are you two Ladies?”

“Sometimes,” laughed Birdie. “You guys are too good to be true.”

“Of course. We’re always friendly to big-titted tourists.” Dante yelled. “Hey Jamal, hook these babes up with some beers and Bacardi shots.”

“Ya’ll are knights in shining armor coming to the aid of us southern damsels.”

“Yes Trix, black knights with extra-long lances.” Dante winked at Trixie, and everyone chuckled. Jamal set up five shots. “To Big boobs and Big Fun!”

Marcus, Dante, Jamal, Birdie, and Trixie clinked their shot glasses. The girls spent the night drinking. By closing time, the Georgia Peaches were so drunk they couldn’t find the floor with both hands.

Marcus helped Birdie stumble to the door. Dante had to carry Trixie. His strong hands lifted her up, gripping the bottom of her bulging tits.

Trixie looked down, embarrassed to see her nipples poke up. She watched them harden, with her entire areola puffing out.

Dante yelled out. “Now ladies, make yourselves at home. Me cerveza, es su cerveza.” He went to the fridge and returned with four bottles of Red Stripe.

Trixie took a big gulp of beer and had to pee. “Excuse me, where’s the bathroom?” Dante pointed upstairs. “But, isn’t Marcus in there?”

“Yeah, you’ll just have to hold it.”

Trixie crossed her legs and did the pee-pee dance. “I can’t hold it!”

Dante laughed. “Run upstairs before you piss your panties.”


Trixie knocked on the bathroom door and nothing. Steam rolled out as she pushed it open and heard the shower. “Psst Marcus, I need to pee.”

“Sure come on in, honey pie.”

“Thanks, I gotta go bad.” Trixie raced to the toilet and tinkled.

And to her shock, she could see into the shower. The glass was steamy, but she saw Marcus’s nude body. Trixie couldn’t help but stare at the long, dark log hanging between his legs.

Marcus opened the door and stepped out naked, his erect shaft pointing at her face. “Jezus.” She came eye to eye with his prick.

“Sorry babe, I thought you done finished peeing.” Marcus made no move to cover himself. As she sat on the toilet, the man moved the prick closer to her shocked face.

Trixie was mesmerized by Marcus’s girth.

“Never seen a big one before?”

“No… n-never.” Trixie bit her lip. “I didn’t know penises got that big.”

“Penises don’t—but black PRICKS do. What’s your hubby’s, half as big? Smaller?”

“Um…smaller. A lot.”

“Yep, I can always spot an under-fucked twat. Women cum like crazy when they get boned by the BIG ONE. You wanna touch it?”

“No, I shouldn’t but…” Trixie carefully Erenköy Escort touched the cock like she was petting a snake. And the thing grew even larger. Trixie grew bold and gripped the thick shaft. “Wow Marcus, it’s so long and rigid!”

“It does that when a sexy girl rubs it.”

“Wow, it’s throbbing and feels so naughty. Can I feel your balls?” Dante nodded, and Trixie lifted up the colossal cock and tugged on his hairy balls… balls as big as her fist.

“Gosh, I can’t get over the size of your junk.”

Trixie stroked his wet shaft and felt her pussy moisten, and her nipples got so hard they hurt. They made nipple-tepees in her t-shirt. Marcus noticed.

“I like the bumps in your BOBBER t-shirt.” He laughed. “Girl do you even know what BOBBER means?”

“Um, it’s a fishing thing…?”

“No, it’s a blowjob thing. BOBBER is a girl who bobs her mouth up and down on a guy’s cock.” He smiled and moved his prick up. “You ever BOBBER a black one?”

She shook her head. “Good. Open wide honey.” Marcus moved his prick to her lips.

Trixie tried to speak but Marcus’s cock gagged her, “Mmfff!” She had to open her mouth wide as she could, already gagging on his huge prick.


Birdie waited downstairs for her friend and noticed Dante checking out her hot body. She liked feeling almost nude, wearing only a string bikini and a too-tight t-shirt.

“Dante, what’s taking Trixie so long?” Dante shrugged and chugged down his beer. Birdie went up the stairs and tapped the bathroom door. “Trixie, you okay?”

No answer, just moaning. Birdie opened the door a crack and gasped at the sight of her best friend slurping on the Biggest Goddam Prick she’d ever seen!

Dante grabbed her from behind. “Quite Birdie, they’ll hear us.”

Birdie watched inch after inch of hard cock, shove down her friend’s throat like she was a sword swallower. And Birdie could feel the long cock inside her own throat.

Then Marcus pulled out, grabbed Trixie’s head, and pushed her face into his balls.

“Gross!” Birdie watched Trixie’s tongue lap at his giant, black nut sack. “Double gross!” Trixie soon pulled back, bent Marcus’s prick down, and sucked it again.

Birdie accidentally moaned but was soon muzzled by Dante’s hand. “It’s okay,” whispered Dante. “I know horny white girls love to suck black dick.

Birdie shook her head and hissed. “Trixie doesn’t even like blowjobs.”

“She do now, honey.” Dante laughed. “You think her hubby has a boner that big?”

“No way,” Birdie hissed. “But she’d never cheat on him.”

“Hell, she wouldn’t! Trixie’s on vacation, and this place is the Disneyland of Dicks. Soon she’ll be getting an E-ticket ride on his Matterhorn.”

Birdie’s mouth dropped, and she couldn’t look away from Trixie, deep throating the jet black cock. Trixie’s blond head bobbed rapidly, taking more and more of his shaft.

Her friend gagged as she tried to take Marcus’s entire boner down her gullet. Birdie could see the outline of Marcus’s cock jamming down Trixie’s throat. Wow.

Dante squeezed Birdie’s ass. “Come on Birdie, admit it. Admit that it arouses you to watch your friend suck black dick.”

Then Marcus grunted, loud. Trixie gagged and Göztepe Escort gulped, her cheeks bulging with each swallow of cum. More cum dribbled out from her lips and down her chin.

Marcus pulled out and blasted a massive line of jism across Trixie’s face. And the next blast struck the BOBBER letters on her t-shirt.

Birdie saw Marcus pull Trixie to her feet. Her panties were still around her ankles from going pee. Marcus yanked them off and yanked off her t-shirt.

Her friend stood totally naked before the muscular black man, her plump boobs and pointy nipples on display, and her blond pubes glistened with pussy juice.

Marcus yanked Trixie into the shower, shutting the glass door. Birdie and Dante snuck closer. They saw the blond outline of Trixie, leaning spread-eagled against the wall, while a black spear aimed at her pussy.

“OH! It’s so long!” Birdie jumped when the spear-prick thrust into her friend’s hole.

Trixie screamed. “FUCK ME MARCUS! Fuck me with your POLE! OOH YESS!”

“My gawd,” Birdie whispered. “Let’s fucking get out of here.” Birdie stepped out of the steamy bathroom. “I can’t believe she’s doing that.”

Dante gave a smug laugh. “Told you they’d be screwing.”

Birdie turned in the hall but tripped and fell back, right into Dante’s strong arms. “Hey baby, let’s go cuddle and see what pops up.”

“Oh gawd, I’m… Aaaah!” Trixie’s roared through the hall.

Her friend’s screams made Birdie’s pussy shiver as Dante tugged her to his room. He opened the door and goosed Birdie’s butt. She jumped inside.


“Fuck me Marcus. Fuck me. I love it. I love it,” grunted Trixie with each thrust of Marcus’s powerful cock. In the shower, Trixie just had the most incredible-ist orgasm of her life… with a complete stranger.

“Trix, I told you your pussy needed speared.” They both watched his fat cock-head spread her pussy lips open. Marcus grabbed her waist and pulled her into his thrusting cock.

He fed her an inch of cock, then another inch and another. Trixie had never-ever been fucked like this, fucked like a filthy whore. “Ouch,” she grunted when his cock hammered her hole.

“Oh Marcus, you done filled me with cock.”

“Not yet, honey.” His cockhead pressed into her and started fucking. “Gotta stretch this white-girl twat” Marcus growled, pounding the very bottom of her cunt.

“Oooh!” Trixie moaned, taking every inch of his man-meat. His heavy balls slapped against her crack, and Trixie jolted up in another orgasm.

Now Marcus fucked Trixie so hard her ass bounced off the shower wall. “It’s so… so …enormous,” Trixie moaned as the fat cock pounded deeper. “Stop!”

“No stopping. You want all my cock, don’t you slut?”

“Oh yes,” moaned Trixie, almost crying in pleasure. “YES!” she screamed as Marcus slammed his steel prick back into her burning pussy.

Marcus grabbed her hips, pulling her back, impaling Trixie on his fleshy spear. “Oh yes, keep fucking… oh my god… Fuck me Marcus!”

Marcus shoved in balls deep and spewed.

Trixie arched up as jet after jet of semen spewed into her cunt. She quivered as hot cum flowed out of her pussy and down her legs. After a minute, Marcus pulled out, panting.

“Wow, that was great, babycakes.”

“Ohmygod yes.” Trixie sat up, and Marcus pulled her close. She felt her white body melt into his black muscles. “Hey Big Boy… You wanna come to my room for a slice of my sweet, Georgia Peach pie?”

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