Sweet Dreams


Lukie…this morning was so much fun. At first I was a little taken aback, but once I told you everything that was on my mind, I felt much more comfortable. Obviously. And you…you bad boy, just don’t stop do you? Trust me…that was a good thing this morning.

God, when you kept pushing my buttons, I had this inner turmoil going on inside my head. “Should I just say no, but thanks and ignore how hot I am? Or should I just give in?”

You got me so wet. Wet, wet, wet…the word is an injustice to what you made happen between my legs. While we were talking, my mind was going on uncontrollably, and my juices kept getting squished out between my puffy lips with every squeeze I gave. While I sat there, I kept squeezing my muscles, imagining your thick cock deep inside me.

And then you went on about eating me out…sucking and nibbling my clit. Oh god, again that gets me so hot. I love when someone pays extra special attention to my clit.

I can feel the heat from your mouth on my lips as you get close to my pussy. Can you smell me? My smell is divine…and oh god, I taste delicious. I can’t help but rub my index finger around my clit a few times then dip it down into my dampness. I bring my finger up to my face, inhale deeply then suck the juice off completely. Then, I twirl my clit again and renew the moisture on my finger, and give you a taste.

Your tongue reaches out of your mouth, and you lick my clit in short strokes from the bottom to the top. I moan softly. Then you make your tongue pointy, and you go in all different directions all over my clit. I squirm and moan and ahhh at the sensations. Suddenly you flatten your tongue and take a long, wide lick up my clit. I can feel your taste buds, rough against my most sensitive spot, and I cry out loudly.

As you expertly work your tongue on my clit, you knead the cheeks of my ass with the same rhythm I’m using to rock against your face. With one hand you caress my lips, and gently tug and play with them. You use your index and middle fingers to spread my lips apart, and suddenly suck on my clit. I reel from the pleasure, sitting up part way, only to fall back in bliss. With your thumb, you apply pressure to the spot where my juices come from. Your thumb is slick and soaked, and you enter me about an inch with it…god it feels so good.

I’m rocking back and forth, fucking your digit, moaning with my eyes shut in delight. While you get me off, I taste myself on my fingers. I have had enough Luke. I want to taste myself on your cock. Will you let me? Will you promise to only stroke yourself inside my hot cunt a few times, and then pull out? I promise you’ll enjoy it. I knew I wouldn’t have to twist your arm that hard.

We trade positions. You sit back in the chair, and relax while I straddle you. This way I can handle everything: the angle, the speed, the position, and the length of time. As I slowly sink on your cock, I suddenly realize that it’s me I have to worry about. Will I be able to keep my end of şişli escort the deal and jump off your cock when it’s nice and wet? Your hands come to my hips and slowly make their way up my sides, and you rest them right under my tits. I’m forgetting about hopping off you, and more about fucking you in earnest. As my tits bounce on the backs of your hands, you suck one into your mouth hard. Yes, that’s it. Sucking. That’s exactly why I’m in this position right now. As soon as my hard, wet nipple escapes your teeth and lips, I slowly rise.

I make sure that you see I’m looking down as I slowly expose you. With my hair down in my face, I glance up to make sure you’re watching your cock come into view. As it pops out of me, we both gasp, but then you see the silvery string that is connecting between your wet dick, and my soaked pussy lips. Right as I stand up straight, it breaks.

The look on your face is utter surprise, until I begin to kneel in front of you. Never breaking eye contact, I reach for your cock, and lower my head to it. Before I lick it, I stare deeply into your eyes. I reach my tongue out, and lick up from the base to the tip on the underside of your tool, and lick those first drops of precum.

As soon as I taste myself, my enthusiasm returns, and I snap back into action. Just licking your shaft is not enough; I need it to fill my mouth. However, I know I need to pace myself. You’ve already shut your eyes, and every time I hit that sweet spot on the underside of your cock, you make a delightful noise. God that sound turns me on.

I come up to the top of your beautiful dick, and admire what a fine instrument is before me. I love seeing all the different veins, the way your cock literally throbs in front of my eyes, and the way it twitches. I love when you do that, by the way.

My tongue starts at that delightful spot, and slowly follows the ridge of your head, until I’m back in the start position. I repeat, gaining speed, and moving my head all over your lap. When I lick up the head of your cock, I feel you jump and move your hand to my head, caressing it.

Knowing that you are loving just this simple teasing, I want to pleasure you even more. Once more I lick and kiss up and down your shaft, while pumping the base with my right hand.

Your penis is so hard and heavy I can’t wait to feel you pump yourself into me. But first things first: I need to please you. Suddenly, with a breath of warm air, I take your head into my mouth and suck it in, taking it in deeper and deeper. God, yes! That noise you just made was incredible. I don’t want you to stop, so I don’t.

The sensation of your cock sliding in and out of my mouth, over my tongue, and to the back of my throat is tormenting me. I need you so badly, that my pussy is aching as I work your thick member deeper into my wet mouth. I suck faster and harder, increasing the suction to please you the best I can.

I love the way your hands are holding my head. It’s so affectionate escort bayan merter that my heart melts for you, and besides the intense cocksucking, this has become a tender moment for me. I’ve satisfied my craving for my pussy juices on your prick, and suddenly my mood is no longer intense and urgent. Now I want to make love to you.

When I begin to stand, you look at me with adoration in your eyes. I take your hand while you rise from the chair, and I hug you tightly to me. I look up at you while you look at me, and we share a loving kiss. I lead us to the bed, and lean back against the pillows. I murmur for you to come near me, and love me.

With those instructions you crawl up towards me, running your tongue up my slit one more time, before slowly positioning yourself at my entrance. I lift myself up so that I have a good view of you entering me, then I look at you as you enter me leisurely. When you are fully inside, I kiss you, and you embrace me, knowing I want to feel your weight on me. We unhurriedly love each other, enjoying the slightest movements and sensations.

While we kiss, I squeeze myself, rippling down your shaft. I smile as I feel your cock harden even more. At this slow pace we could last forever, but my hips suddenly jolt forward, and I can feel you smile. As you begin to thrust harder into me, I stretch my head up and breathe deeply. When I feel the heat of your breath on my neck, I know what you’re about to do, and I sigh.

The moment your sizzling tongue touches my neck, goose bumps cover me from head to toe. Your tongue traces the valley of it, from just below my ear down to my clavicle, and then stops back at that one spot you know makes me weak. Your thrusting increases, as my moaning gets louder. You grind your tongue into that spot, suck hard, and I buck my hips in earnest.

As slow as our lovemaking was, we’re quickly gaining speed. Your long thrusts are now replaced by half-strokes, and whilst stroking, my clit is getting some much needed attention. The speed with which your cock is rubbing my clit is making me tingle as I near climax. The closer I get, the more I feel. A ball of energy is building inside my lower abdomen, and as it gets bigger and bigger, my extra senses like sight and sound are forgotten. I can no longer hear myself, but I know I’m making plenty of noise.

Your tongue leaves my neck, and I sigh sadly. My disappointment disappears as soon as you lick my earlobe. God yes, the pleasure bolts through my body as you gently tug on my earlobe, and trace my ear with your tongue. They’re so sensitive, and just the slightest of touches and caresses is pushing me quickly.

At the moment my orgasm crashes through my body, I tense up all over and reach to your face so we can stare into one another’s eyes. The simple act of that look, the soul searching, makes me climax again, harder than before. You ride both orgasms like a pro, making the most wonderful noises I’ve ever heard. You speak istanbul escort bayan to me then; I love when you tell me how tight my pussy squeezes you.

Once my breathing calms down, I tell you to lie on your back. You smile at me, because we both know this is your favorite. As soon as you are comfy, I sit with both legs on either side of you, with my feet towards your arms, and thrust down all the way. I place my hands on the bed behind me, and I begin. There is no time to build up again, we both need release, and this is the fastest way. I move up and down, enveloping your cock in my warmth and wetness. I begin to grind down on you on the down stroke, rubbing my engorged clit on your pubic bone.

You lift yourself forward, playing with my heavy tits, squeezing them hard, and flicking my nipples. As I continue to pound you, I increase my speed, and bite my lower lip. I’m getting close, but I need to wait for you. I fold my legs toward me so I’m kneeling on top of you. Then I lean forward so you can suck my tits, and I can rub them all over your face. While you bite my nipples the way I like, I hump you harder and more rapidly. I lean back up, and listen to your labored breathing.

I can tell you’re getting close because you keep saying, “oh fuck,” “oh yeah,” and “oh shit.” As I grind myself even harder against you, pumping up and down on your meaty cock, I grab my tits, and hold them against my chest with one arm while I balance against your chest with the other arm.

The faster I fuck you, the more you moan. I squeeze you harder as you pump back with every ounce of energy you have left in your body. Your “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” get higher in pitch, just like mine, as you begin to whisper dirty things you want to do to me. You keep mmmming and ohhhhing. Your fingers reach up and pinch my exposed nipples hard, and I yelp.

Your breathing is so strenuous by now that it sounds like you’ve been running a race. I know you’re about to cum., and I can’t wait for it. The stream of verbiage that is coming out of your mouth is nearly incomprehensible, but I love every single utterance. “Oh god, oh shit…mmmm…ohhh god Chris, fuck, my cock is so hard.” I pound you faster and faster.

My cunt clutches your substantial appendage, and you vocalize your arrival, “Ahhh, oh god, mmmm…mmmm…mmmm…ah, ah, oh…mmmm…yeah.” As you issue your next few spurts of spunk you pronounce, “Oh god, fuck, fuck, oh god…ah ah, oh oh holy shit, god damn it, ah, ah oh holy fuck, ahhh, ahh, oohh.” You grab my hips even harder, and thrust up one last time, “god…mmmm…mmmm…ahh…ohh…holy shit Chris…” and then you pause, catch your breath, and chuckle as you realize what great orgasms we just had.

I lean down to you, pressing myself into you hard. We kiss, just lips pressing together, mashing together with the thought that the more pressure behind the kiss, the greater we understand our intensity of the moment. While keeping you inside me, I relax my legs and move them down to a more comfy position, keeping most of my weight on you. My head naturally rests right below yours on you chest, and while I snuggle in, I hug you. As I drift off to sleep, I vaguely recall you pulling a sheet over us, and wrapping your devoted arms around me. Sweet dreams honey.

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