Susie’s Missing Chapter


A week after her office tryst with Dean Langdon, Susie Brock decided to seduce one of her roommates. This girl was a junior named Amelia More from South Carolina. She had a rather earthy and sensual complexion. Susie guessed that she had both Caucasian and Afro-American ancestors. In fact, there was even a slight hint of Creek Indian.

Susie had thoughts of possibly engaging in a threesome with Amelia and the Dean. After all, her personal preference for an exclusive relationship was not at stake, since she was not Dr. Langdon’s girlfriend. She also wondered if Amelia was dating someone. If so, she didn’t mind an orgy with someone else’s boyfriend. That was the other woman’s relationship and her business. She had to be somewhat flexible, as she wasn’t in love with a guy right then.

Naturally, that didn’t mean going behind anyone’s back. She couldn’t help Amelia cheat on her boyfriend. That would be despicable. What she would do was get closer to her roommate and find out things about her that could improve her chances of seduction. She would also tease the girl a bit by showing off her body. It wouldn’t be too obvious, but enough to attract the woman if she had any interest in her own sex.

Since she had already been friendly to Susie, the Englishwoman knew that she had an opening with Amelia. She just had to seize it by hanging out with the Southerner. She might even suggest they study together, since they shared one class: Psychology 101. She wanted an excuse to spend time with her roommate when she was off-guard.

As it happened that Monday night, Ms. More had broken off plans for a date and was very bored. Susie walked into the dorm room and saw her opportunity. The girl was not crying, but she was looking for something to do with her time. She was also planning to order some pizza for food, as she wasn’t eating out.

“Hey, Amy, what gives? You look like you suddenly don’t know what to do. Did you have to cancel a date or something?” she probed.

“Exactly. I found out that the asshole considered me ‘Plan B’. He was only going to date me if he couldn’t win his girlfriend back. Why the hell did he agree to a date, if he didn’t plan to carry it out? What a damn bastard! I actually liked him!” she exclaimed angrily.

“You like me, too, but I haven’t gotten any time with you. Until tonight, that is. Mind if I chip in on the pizza and we have a little dorm room slumber party? I know I’m not a cute guy, but I won’t play sick games with you. What do you think? Just us girls?” Susie suggested.

“Damn, that sounds like an idea! Not as much fun as a date with a hunk, but at least there will be no lies. You have to admit that most dates are lying matches,” bostancı escort Amy snorted.

“Very true, so we should have a lot better time eating pizza and swapping stories. Do you like sausage on your pie?” she winked. “On my pie and in my pie, too, if you get my drift! I’ll go for sausage, if you’ll agree to black olives and bell peppers. I feel like we’ll get along this semester. We can talk about guys and stuff,” she answered.

“Indeed. We can discuss a lot of things, love. For instance, have you ever thought about girls? You know, in a physical sense?” Susie inquired.

“A few times, but nothing happened. There was a Latin girl, a Cuban exile, in my freshman class. She sort of turned down my advances when I approached her. Got incensed at the very idea. Said that I was sick and perverted, that she was a good Catholic girl, and never wanted to speak to me again. She got her wish. She still avoids me when we pass each other. I guess that she thinks I’m gay. I got scared and never made a move on a woman again,” Amy told her after ordering the pizza.

“Well, you’re clearly not gay. So, what made you suggest anything to her?” she asked.

“She was just that sultry! I still regret that I lost my nerve and never tried again. I’ve only dated men since then. Not that I have too many complaints. I love to ride a man. However, I would like to try it with a girl for a change,” she explained.

“Then would it be too forward for me to proposition you? There would only be one catch,” Susie urged her.

“What’s that? I never took you for a bi girl. Was this all about getting me into the sack?” Amy demanded.

“Well, yes. But is that really so bad?” the Englishwoman questioned her.

“No, but what’s your catch?” she asked, nearly out of her mind with curiosity.

“You have to take control. I like to submit. Would that interest you?” she clarified.

“Hmm… I’ve got to admit that I tend to be the bossy type. I can’t help that. I know that a lot of guys aren’t into that, so I can’t blame them for rejecting me. I just prefer more honesty. You’re sneaky, but you haven’t exactly lied to me. Would you be willing to eat some pizza off of me? I happen to enjoy food play and have been curious about using something other than dessert for it,” Amy proposed.

“You mean directly off your skin? Sounds delicious! What part of your anatomy?” Susie wondered.

“All over me, of course. I wax my entire body, in case you’re worried about that. I’ll return the favor too. I would just like to try tasting some food from a woman’s body and having her taste it off me. Plus, pizza is less cliché than chocolate and büyükçekmece escort strawberries. I think that we can be fuck buddies if you go along with this. Just imagine someone to screw you between boyfriends or girlfriends, for that matter,” she encouraged her new British friend.

“What do we do in the meantime? The pizza doesn’t get here for about 30 minutes from now,” Susie asked.

“You can practice by trying a sixty-nine with me. Come on. Drop your pants and I’ll get out of my skirt. If the pizza guy catches us, I doubt he’ll complain,” Amy instructed.

Amelia’s cunt and butt were very much as tempting as Susie hoped. Her light brown complexion made the sweat pouring down her skin seem quite sexy. Evidently, she found Ms. Brock’s pale pussy and ass just as delightful.

Instinctively, Susie lay on her back and let Amy sit on her face. She started kissing and sucking her friend’s outer lips. Her clit didn’t wait long for some attention, either. As hard as it proved to be, she focused on servicing her roommate’s womanhood.

Nevertheless, it was so difficult to concentrate on such things when this biracial siren did so well at applying her tongue to her sex. Ms. More seemed to locate her most sensitive areas with incredible speed, greedily sucking on her private parts. Her tongue even lingered near the Brit’s backdoor, tantalizing her with the notion of anilingus.

This kind of oral pleasure prompted Susie to reciprocate. Such a delectable butt-crack deserved to be rimmed, anyway. She moved her tongue and mouth toward Amy’s sphincter, causing the girl to dampen a lot. She found herself completely absorbed in this act for several minutes.

The two of them were so caught up in eating each other, that they didn’t realize that the delivery man had shown up early for a change. After he knocked on the dorm door a bit, though, they noticed and scurried to keep him from giving up.

He just gave them a “gotcha” grin, took his money, and handed them the pizza. When they had closed the door, they ran back to the room and began to chow down. The pie was extremely good, of course, but Amy wanted to add it to their previous fun.

“Don’t forget. We’re doing food play, girlfriend. I want to eat some sausage from your pie, baby! Not to mention cheese, black olives, and bell peppers. Plus, I would like you to eat them from mine. They’ll be a little, I suspect, but a masochist like you should have no problem with it. Also, we’ll get it off each other quickly. Here, you take off the toppings of this slice and place them on my breasts,” she commanded.

Susie did as she was told, placing the sausage, çekmeköy escort cheese, olives, and peppers on Amy’s bosom. She even put some tomato sauce on her, licking it off her tits. The combined taste of the toppings and Ms. More’s flesh was incredible. She savored both very much, as the girl did the feeling of her mouth and tongue on her breasts.

“Eat the crust now,” Amy ordered her.

“Yes, Mistress,” Susie obeyed, finishing off the bread.

“I like to hear that! You’ll call me that whenever we fuck, right?” she demanded.

“But, of course. I enjoy saying it,” the English girl agreed.

“Good. Now, put some more toppings on my pussy and clean them off. I want you to lick everything off, including my juices,” she instructed her.

Susie complied with that command as well. She found that Amy’s cunt tasted even better with the additional flavors and textures of sausage, peppers, olives, cheese and sauce. The fluids from her roommate’s orgasmic reaction didn’t hurt, either. She swallowed all of it and relished the taste.

“Now, put the crust between my cheeks and eat it directly from my crack,” Ms. More told her.

Susie promptly devoured the bread from Amy’s ass, getting the flavor of her bottom as well. Her sweat, mixed with the grease from the crust, was a potent compound. It excited and aroused her, as well as being a culinary pleasure. She caught herself rimming Amelia’s butt after consuming the bread, which caused her new friend to climax again.

“My turn, slave,” Amy commanded her, spreading some garlic sauce and pizza toppings all over Susie.

It was hot, just as her roommate had warned her, but Ms. Brock hardly minded that. She felt even hotter from the sensation of her friend’s mouth and tongue on her body. The idea of someone using her skin as a dinner plate stimulated her beyond her expectation.

Things steamed up even more when Amy put a jalapeno pepper between Susie’s ass cheeks and wolfed it down directly from her butt. Then, she poured some soda along the same path and drank it from her crack. This act pushed her past the edge and she climaxed at last.

“Oh, FUUUUCK my ASSSS! That was amazing!” she screamed.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get to taking that hole soon enough,” her roommate teased her.

Susie just giggled and Amy stopped her by planting a kiss on her mouth. Ms. Brock slipped some tongue in there, tangling it with hers. Then they agreed to eat the rest of the pizza before it went cold on them. They also thought of some more things to do in the future.

“Would you be interested in a threesome, by any chance?” Susie broached the idea later in the evening.

“Sure, that sounds exciting! Who’s the lucky guy?” Amy asked.

“Actually, it’s more a matter of a lucky gal. I was thinking of an all-girl threesome,” she informed her roommate.

“Intriguing, but with whom?” she wondered.

Susie giggled again, before bracing herself to tell her new “friend with benefits” about her plans for them and the Dean of Women.

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