Surreptitious Love Ch. 75



My brief visit in Mira’s chambers last week had been rather refreshing, but now I was again thinking about where to go with Nguyet and Vu for our first threesome. My long-time affair Nguyet had fallen in love with my former student Vu and had proposed that he and I bang her once ‚until none of us could stand up anymore’. Nguyet und Vu apparently had started a romantic affair, but it had been much more gentle than she had had anticipated, she told me. But since I, in turn, had kinda fallen in love with Mrs. Yen in the meantime, I didn’t mind putting Nguyet on the backburner for now.

And, sure enough, Mrs. Yen asked me to visit her again, but there was a catch: We couldn’t indulge completely during our next meeting, as she was ovulating. In her inimitable way, she actually said ‚An egg is available at the moment.’ When I suggested postponing our rumpus, however, she told me that that week her husband was working afternoon shift and wouldn’t be back before 8 in the evening. And her younger daughter was going to be at grandma’s again. Sticking to her poetic vein, she added that ‘she desperately wanted her gentle hands to reconnoiter the landscape of my skin and see the snowflakes dance out of my bird’s maw.’ Goodness gracious!

That little bird was, of course, my penis, and Mrs. Yen’s pendant was the ‘butterfly’ here in Vietnam. I liked Yen’s panache for poetry, however, as it didn’t have any trace of sexual repression: That was just the way she communicated, even on Facebook, as my keen eye had seen during the last three weeks. And, also, she was an honorable and thoroughly decent 47-year-old woman, who worked for the registry office in town and may have felt bad that she was arranging debauchery in the first place. But, at least, if she did concert measures to fornicate or like matters of moral turpitude, she would do it in graceful, lyrical ways. I immediately visualized how she would assist me in coming on her gorgeous body after a splendid massage, and my joy knew no boundaries.

What I didn’t know was, however, how she would carry herself in the absence of Linh, her daughter. Would she have no moral inhibitions whatsoever, as no one would be watching, or had she gotten carried away during our last two meetings, during which her daughter had been at the house, and now would be more conservative? Would she think up tantalizing little games, or was she just after a rhythmical satisfaction of her natural needs and wants? I didn’t know much about her soul or any other aspect of her inner life; all I could gather from her Facebook profile was that she was a leisure-time Buddhist, that she was trying to live healthily, and that she liked contemplation, meditation, and strived to achieve inner peace.

A day before we were supposed to meet, she canceled our meeting, however, as her husband had changed shifts. So, no egg would be available, but what was available again the following week was a wider range of sexual practices. The day before we met, she gave me detailed instructions on how and where to meet her: I was supposed to wait for her at the corner of the little alley where she was living, and as soon as I saw her pass me, I was to follow her. Or, better, since her house was just 40 yards away from that corner, wait until she had opened the gate to her house, after which I was going to ‘roll in swiftly’.

And now, just like we had planned, she rolled past me as I was waiting at said corner. I let 30 seconds pass, until she had disappeared inside her front yard, and then followed her in. She closed the gate behind me, and we both took our helmets off. She unlocked the front door, and we went in quickly. Everything was quiet inside her house, as we walked through the living room near the entrance back to the kitchen. She asked me to sit down and took off her coat. It was a little nippy in early January. She took something out of the fridge and then pointed, first, at her chest and then up the stairs; perhaps she wanted to go change and powder her nose? I asked myself briefly if she wanted me to join her, but decided to wait down here and let our desire develop a little. After all, I had just arrived.

While I was waiting, I looked around a bit. The family had—unlike most Vietnamese households—a kitchen where they could eat. And also fuck, like Mrs. Yen and I had demonstrated her daughter Linh two weeks ago. To fornicate, lovely, upright Yen had kneeled on a chair, in a dress but without panties, and then polished my rod thrusting backwards with her velvety sheath. Her daughter had found everything so rousing that she had masturbated fiercely to the rhythm of our loveplay. At some point, Linh’s and her mother’s panties had been lying next to each other on the kitchen table, which was a sight I would never forget. After our lunch, we had gone upstairs for a sensual massage, after which I had, first, fucked Yen from behind, right above her daughters face, while Yen had been eating Linh’s pussy, before it had been the latter’s turn.

Linh Şerifali Escort had since gone back to Hanoi, where she was studying Medicine, and I began to envision our day today here at Yen’s house: Frankly, it felt a little too nippy to lie down on the cold massage mattress upstairs: On this early January late morning, there were perhaps only 70 degrees outside. Of course, Yen’s house didn’t have any heating system, as it was warm ten months out of the year. Three days per year it was maybe only 63 but the rest was fine, even during the cold season. I now saw what Yen had put on the counter: it looked like spring rolls, which she would probably fry in a minute. Next to me on the window sill were plants and a few knick-knacks. And two cook books. Overall, Yen’s house had a warm and welcoming feel to it.

When I heard her steps coming down the stairs, I turned my head and was mesmerized: She was wearing a long, black robe with dark-red roses printed on it. She exuded calmness, the way she was slowly coming down the stairs. She smiled at me and was holding the bottle with the massage oil in one hand. When she had come closer, I saw that the roses’ stems and leaves were printed in thin white lines, and when she put the bottle on the table right in front of me, I felt challenged by the look she was giving me. She nodded towards the counter where the plate with the rolls was, like she was asking ‘Are you hungry already?’ Anticipating a more rousing alternative, I shook my head and told her in my clumsy Vietnamese that the food could wait.

On the table was a closed laptop; perhaps she thought that we may have to resort to some online translation program, in case there were misunderstandings. I wasn’t worried, though, since it was obvious what we were meeting for. And typing with oily fingertips during a massage wasn’t such a great idea, anyway. When she looked at my crotch and then again at the oil bottle, I just got up, and she nodded approvingly. She sat down on another chair and nodded again when I opened my pants. I received a third subtle nod when I pulled them down together with my underwear. My dick wasn’t even half-erect yet, but I knew how much she liked it and, kinda, what she wanted to try today.

Now, Mrs. Yen got up again and went towards the living room, while I sat down. She brought back a small stool that was less than ten inches high and sat down on it between my legs. She looked at my slightly twitching dick, threw her head back, and closed her eyes. She was holding on to my thighs, and I laid my cock on her face, parallel to her nose, like a large, muscular slug. She grinned ever so slightly, and I wondered what exactly she wanted to do. Did she want me to jerk off and come on her face? When my rod had grown longer and stiffer, I pulled my pelvis back, and my glans landed on her lips. She opened her mouth and flickered her tongue through the small opening in my foreskin.

After a while, she opened her eyes again and sat up. She took my dick in her right hand and pulled the foreskin back fully, before she circled my whole glans with her rough tongue, like she was licking an ice-cream cone. Then she explored the groove between glans and shaft, like she wanted to clean it, watching in amazement how my cock was growing quickly. While she was now kissing my shaft lengthwise, she fluttered her eyelashes and then discovered my balls. I melted when I saw how her dimples were dancing in time with her nimble treatment. Once in a while, I could feel her warm breath on my glans.

Now, there was the first droplet of precum on my urethra, which she noticed and then distributed evenly on my glans, as she knew there was more to follow. To boost my desire, she opened the belt of her robe and pulled the sides back, like the drapes in the morning. Her immaculate breasts appeared on stage, which I couldn’t help touching right away. One of them filled a hand nicely, and I liked the fresh vermillion color of her nipples. When we looked at each other, I saw nothing but joy and a deep connection between our two desiring bodies. I caressed her hair and cheeks, and after a few grateful nods and smiles, she took my glans in her mouth and began to suck my dick, bobbing her head up and down.

Of course, we both were being carried away by our lust. Mrs. Yen’s mouth was pumping faster and stronger now, and at some point, she had my dick almost completely in her mouth. She was really trying hard to please me but, at some point, she choked and let my rod snap out of her warm cavity. Nguyet or Tina I probably would have fucked in the mouth now, but my new friend Yen was a little inexperienced in these matters, and the last thing I wanted was to upset or force her to do anything she didn’t like or didn’t approve of.

We looked at each other, but neither of us seemed to mind that our rhythmic dance had been interrupted. Apparently, she already had a new idea, since she was reaching for the oil bottle. And, yes, as rousing as a blowjob can be, she probably wanted to see Üsküdar Escort me come once. So, she got up and pushed the stool to the side with one foot. Her robe was now completely open, and I saw that she was wearing cream-colored panties. Well, not anymore, as she pushed them down as soon as I had been looking at them. I noticed that the lowest quarter of her pubic hair was already sticky with whitish foam, when she pulled the other chair closer, sat down directly in front of me, and opened her legs.

But after I had gotten a glimpse of her glorious center, she leaned forward and thus covered herself again. As I was sitting close enough to reach all the way, though, I began to caress her labia without being able to see them, twisting her wet pubic hair and twiddling her clit along the way. This tender treatment relaxed her, and so she leaned back again. I moved my chair a few inches closer and watched myself enjoying my favorite pastime. Yen was heaving and moaning considerably and, once in a while, she let out an excited shriek. Her tits seemed larger than before, which was perhaps the result of our prolonged love-play.

Now, she took a large drop of oil from the bottle, warmed it in her hand, and then dumped it on my glans, which she then kneaded in her hands. I licked her nectar off my fingers to taste it but then applied the next load onto her nipples. When my greasy fingers were making their rounds around her areolas, the base of her pelvis and then her whole body began to convulse. She probably climaxed right there and then.

Yet, she still kept massaging my cock, and I was mesmerized by her harmonious, slim yet lush body, which would have made most teenagers around the world envious. Like I said before, she was still stunning, even though was closer to her 50th than her 40th birthday. Her skin was smooth, too, and without any blemishes, while her features looked positively chiseled. And now she had reached a degree of honest, genuine lustfulness that I had never seen in a middle-aged woman before. She was completely in trance; unlike the previous two times I had been here. She had never communicated that she was ready to do anything—but now she looked like it. Of course, I wasn’t sure what exactly she wanted, but when I felt my sperm rising inside my lower pelvis, when my glans started to itch, and warm shivers were spreading under my skin, I got up and she was looking at the loaded gun.

Since we, initially, had planned to meet during her ovulation, we both still seemed in that mindset. Yes, we could have fucked but that, somehow, didn’t seem the point at that moment, my inner voice was telling me. Perhaps after lunch. Still looking at my cannon, Yen stopped her stroking, and I straightened my back. I heard a drum roll in my mind and then splashed directly at her. The first drop hit her chin but then I aimed lower to grace her fabulous breasts with my white gold. Concurrently, we both let out relieved shrieks and moans, while the cum was running downward on her immaculate skin. One splash that had hit her left breast and nipple was now dripping into her groin. I briefly thought about pissing on her right then—which would have been incredibly hot—but refrained. I wasn’t sure if she was willing to go that far, here in the kitchen. And she probably wanted to admire the new semen collection that she was wearing.

So, I sat down again and worshipped the, by far, most attractive human being in her mid-forties. She looked divine, with her crossed legs and the cum melting downward from her perfect tits. Under her left thigh, which she had crossed over the other, I saw a small puddle of viscous liquid that her body was discharging. I dipped my fingertips in it and tasted Yen’s sourish, salty, and slightly metallic nectar, before I gently unknotted her legs and reached between them, only to find more of the manna. Her inner labia felt like two slim slugs after the rain. I diddled her clit for a little while and then gently pushed my middle finger in to polish her G-spot. My nectar came oozing out of her, but eventually she took my wrist and pushed my hand away.

When she began to rub my cum into her skin like ointment, I assisted her, and we both giggled when we saw the whitish foam we were producing. I wasn’t sure if she had already had a man come on her in the past; maybe not. When I got some of her own juice to spread on her breasts, she hesitated for some reason, but was surely glad to experience that detail of debauchery as well. Our panting had somewhat subsided; in the end, she dried her hands on her panties, which had been on the table the whole time, and closed her robe. ‘Let’s eat lunch, Mr. Ben!’ she probably said then.

So, I got dressed, washed my hands and went to pee—rather prosaic, just by myself. Back in the kitchen, I sat back down on the same chair, turned it slightly, and watched her prepare the food. I liked that she was naked under her robe and that she still had my sperm on her skin. But, frankly, I was too exhausted to get up and caress Ümraniye Escort her butt at that moment. She was frying the rolls in a pan and periodically replaced then ones that were done with fresh ones. While she was waiting, she brought a small bowl with tomato-chili sauce to the table, together with some semi-translucent rice paper and various greens, in which we would wrap the rolls.

When they were done, she put the plate with the fried rolls in front of me, and we both started wrapping them. While I had been to the bathroom, her panties had disappeared; perhaps she had put them back on as I couldn’t see them anywhere. While she was redoing her ponytail, she flashed me a smile that seemed to be saying ‘We might as well eat naked’, but as I knew we would go for seconds after lunch, I didn’t make a move to undress again. The heat would turn up almost automatically in about ten minutes anyway, I was certain. So, instead, we talked a little about her daughter, who had been my student for a year or two, and how well she was doing at university.

Like any Vietnamese woman, Yen was very good at wrapping the rolls in greens and then said rice paper. She was as good at it as I was at rolling cigarettes, and she liked it so much that, now, she even started to wrap rolls for me, which she then put in my bowl. She seemed to have recovered well from our rumpus half-an-hour ago and was probably planning the next hour behind her forehead. She was panting slightly—still? Or again?—like her level of arousal had never actually really come down. Attractive as she was, I pulled my chair closer towards her.

She poured me a glass of tea and put an ashtray on the table, when we were done eating. She knew I smoked, just like her husband; actually, pretty much any man my generation did. So I lit a ciggie, while she was clearing the table. The window here right behind me was always open, so the smoke could easily escape. At some point, she took a big gulp from her tea and nonchalantly opened the belt of her robe again, so that I could see the onset of her breasts. Apparently, we were starting the next round.

She sat down again, however, and opened her laptop. I could now see one of her breasts, while she was typing, but she grew frustrated and deleted what she had typed in Google Translate. She was going to tell me something but the program wasn’t giving her what she wanted. I didn’t think that was going to be a problem and got up, pointing at the stairs. She also got up, but before she turned towards the staircase, she pointed at the screen, where I could see ‘tieu’ being translated to ‘pepper’. Which was true, but ‘tieu’ also meant ‘piss’. The difference between the two ‘tieus’ was that ‘to pee’ had a small ‘question mark’ above the last vowel. Yen apparently knew that ‘pepper’ wasn’t what she was requesting.

Upstairs in the large bath-/massage room, I watched what she was going to do. We would probably shower after the massage and the fuck, but naturally I got undressed, as that was certainly needed, regardless of what we were to do. Mrs. Yen left the room briefly to fetch a small radiator from Linh’s bedroom and pointed at the mat on the floor. Yes, it was a little uncomfortable, as it was only 72 degrees or so in the room but I didn’t want to be a wimp and spoil the whole thing. She knelt down next to me and poured some oil in the palm of her hand. When it had warmed up a bit, she applied it to my thighs and began her massage.

If it had been warmer here in the bathroom and if we had had more time, I would have turned and laid on my belly, so that she could massage my back. But the massage was just a pretext today, as we both knew. Mrs. Yen probably also wanted to see my dick, of which she was very fond, the whole time. Since her robe was still open in the front, I could see one of her breast dangling but, by and large, this scene here and now didn’t have anything outlandishly sexual.

After a while, she went to the other side and started to massage my other leg, so that I now could see her other breast, which seemed bigger somehow. Perhaps the wish was the father of the thought here. Anyway, she spared my rod and balls deliberately, it seemed, to notch up the tension, and I didn’t really see a change to caress her, as she was too far away. So I just closed my eyes and relaxed, and since my body had warmed the mattress, the whole treatment was exceedingly pleasant. I felt how she was pulling and pressing my toes and folded my arms behind my head.

At some point, I felt her hands coming upward again and pressing my thighs once more. My cock was still resting close to my belly button but twitched once in a while. When I felt that she had kneeled down between my knees, I opened my eyes. Her massage movements came closer and closer to my balls, but she still avoided touching them. She was marvelously nonchalant about everything, as if my cock wasn’t right in front of her or as if she was blind. Naked as she was under her robe, she acted pretty nonchalant and immersed herself back in her work. I saw that she had the tip of her tongue between her teeth, while her breasts were dangling dangerously close to my glans. When she threw the tails of her robe over my thighs, however, like Dracula or Batman, I knew we were shifting gears.

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